Customer Reviews: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception - Playstation 3
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on November 1, 2011
Greatness is a word I want to stress regarding this game. Drake's Fortune was great fun, a welcome departure from the end of the world/futuristic shooters predominating at the time. Among Thieves was the ultimate sequel and built wonderfully on all aspects of the first. Drake's Deception, the third entry in the series, is something else altogether. This game sets a new precedent for how inclusive and engaging video games can be. There will be some who won't feel so strongly but most anybody who loved the first two is going to LOVE this.

>Graphics 5/5 - As always, fantastic! They have managed to improve on the sequel. While the game still looks the same overall it is the details that ND continues to add that makes each game an improvement over the previous one. This entry specifically seems to push the already present cinematic feel - as evidenced brilliantly by its opening scene and chapter as well as numerous times during the game in cutscenes and gameplay.

They show off their abilities by purposely trying to show us different settings than the previous games. The London Underground is wonderfully designed, the Colombia streets are populated and lively, a temple found in Syria has a wonderfully cinematic design, etc. They also show off their ability to render fire, sand, some excitingly trippy hallucination style sequences where everything is warped, and a fantastic (if slightly out of place in the overarching story) swaying environment on a ship. Another nice touch is some levels occurring during day and others at night.

Character acting has again improved as much between this and the last game as the last game did over the original. Faces are fuller and more expressive (Chloe's face is major evidence of this). This game looks so good family members will stop to see what I am watching and so entertaining they then wind up sitting down to watch me play.

>Gameplay 4.5/5 - Drake's Deception has everything you loved about the first two games, only more finessed and perfected. Enemies are now slightly smarter and diverge on your position quicker (though in some ways I'd argue this makes them easier to take down, no more pin downs). The weapons system has been updated and tweaked (anyone who played the beta knows aiming is more particular, but you quickly adapt). Drake now grabs weapons automatically when out of ammo, another nice added detail.

The best new feature seems to be the updated brawling system. In what reminds me of the recent Batman Arkham games, Nate can now evade, counter and take on multiple opponents. It's all great fun and plays well. The ability to dive underwater becomes well utilized in later chapters. The new ability to ride a horse is simple but works well, think of the jet ski from the first game only updated, you sort of just steer and shoot. Another nifty new detail is the ability to throw back grenades, though you have to time it well.

Having finished the game I will say objectively that any faults to be found are in gameplay pacing/mechanics. All games I've experienced have a sometimes clumsy quality to gameplay. On occasion you press a button and it doesn't do what you want, that's just part of gaming. In Uncharted this manifests itself when sometimes trying to reach for a specific ledge, it can look like Drake is doing calisthenics.

The other issue is more subjective but this game seems to have less prolonged gun fights (which I always enjoyed) and more of the game plays itself in a sense. Another reviewer said it best noting that the game holds the players hand more this go around (press square now, circle now, etc), this may please some but will definitely aggravate others looking for more challenge. Though this may be due to my having a better handle on the gameplay by this third installment it would still be nice if some new/larger challenges were added to compensate for those who have learned from the previous entries.

>The story 5/5 - I won't give anything away but well crafted stories are a key reason for the popularity of this franchise, this entry doesn't disappoint in that regard. The actors perform great as always, so many nuances brought to the characters. This game takes the world of the previous games and expands on it. If the second game was a continuation of the story from the first then this game is an opening up of the characters, their world and the story being told.

A wonderful backstory for Nate and Sully is crafted and played out and a flashback of sorts is handled in a respectful way when it could've felt cheap or forced. There is a very Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade feeling here. This game has the mix of action, humor and romance that previous games had with strong emphasis on emotion in some key scenes (and for those concerned I felt Elena and Chloe's respective returns were well handled and logical continuations).

Another possible criticism though, the villain in this entry is formidable and compelling but when you finally reach the ending I don't feel she is as well utilized a final boss as either Navaro or Lazarvic. The villains overall are also not well explained, not that they have to be, some mystery is always nice, but how this one guy appears and vanishes almost magically at several points I'll never know. Then there is no real boss showdown. There is also a character, Charlie, who is fun but severly underdeveloped and largely used only for story purposes. These don't detract from the game at large but I mention them as I hope they aren't issues that will magnify as further installments are released.

>Online Content 5/5- It was adding the online content to the sequel that propelled this series to a new status within the gaming world and here it looks like they aim to keep that status. So far it looks like all the fun of the Beta without most of the bugs or any of the restraints. Everything seems to run smoother and it feels more like playing Uncharted 2's online content, though perhaps this is because I'm more used to the updated mechanics after playing the full campaign? Anyway, you get more customization, more options, more everything.

>Conclusion > Game of the year? You better believe it. Certainly if you are new to PS3 or debating the commitment this game makes it well worth it. You don't have to have played the first two for this to be enjoyable (though I suggest both based on their own merits and to make this story even more enjoyable). While some game studios dream in the recesses of their mind only to wake and find it vanity, Naughty Dog are dreamers of the day. They act their dreams with open eyes to make it possible, and in making Drake's Deception, this they did.

The game is 22 chapters of greatness and should be a good 8-10 hours on the main story depending on player ability. Then there is the treasure hunting/trophies and acclaimed multiplayer to ensure you get well worth the $60 price tag. Overall I'd say this game could be critically rated at the worst 4.5/5 but as a fan I'll say anyone else who enjoys these games is going to rate it 5/5, no doubt.
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on December 29, 2011
I loved Uncharted 1, and despite it's few shortcomings I thought Uncharted 2 has near-perfect gameplay. And now Uncharted 3 has thrown that completely out the window.

PROS: I will say this first, however: Uncharted 3 has some awesome environments. Real works of art. From a derelict ship graveyard, to the streets of Yemen, to a chateau in France, Uncharted 3 takes you to some beautiful, well-detailed locales. The puzzles are also much improved from previous games, and some of them feel like they spent a lot of time developing.

CONS: Pretty much everything else. Let's go down this list:

Gameplay: I still can't quite figure this out. They had gameplay in Uncharted 2 that was absolutely wonderful, probably as near-perfect as can be, and for 3 they didn't even need to change it to come up with a great experience. Yet change it they did.

-Combat design: You know how in U2 enemies would flinch when you shot them? Yeah, in 3 it's all but gone: you'll shoot enemies and most of the time they wont even respond, just stand there and take it, maybe stumbling once when they near death. While it changes the gameplay quite a bit, it also removes a lot of the immersion as you don't actually feel like they are getting shot. The way guns work in U3 also feel changed from U2. I can't elaborate much more than that, however: just that they don't "feel" right. I've read somewhere that they've changed stuff like "the angle at which bullets come out of the gun" but my personal experience can only be summed up by "it doesn't feel right."

-Melee: Uncharted 3 has added some more stuff to its melee system, making for some interesting gameplay changes when you have a scene that is a melee-only brawl. The problem is, now melee is absolutely useless in a gunfight. Whereas in 2 you would only have a simple PUNCH-PUNCH-DODGE-PUNCH and that would be it, in 3 you have PUNCH-PUNCH-DODGE-PUNCH-PUNCH-PUNCH-ESCAPE FROM GRAB-ENTER BACK INTO MELEE-PUNCH-PUNCH. And all the while you are getting shot at from all the other enemies. And no, that isn't hyperbole, I actually counted those steps. So it would seem the best idea would be to avoid melee altogether in a gunfight, except some enemies absolutely insist on entering into melee with you, and if you try to use your gun they will just kick you. And so you end up in situations where you're screwed-if-ya-do, screwed-if-ya-don't.

-Enemy AI: Enemies will run right past Drake to get to "cover", which of course does them no good when you're already on the other side of that cover. I also seemed to overhear enemies throwing grenades at themselves a lot. And no, I don't mean I shot them and they dropped a grenade at their feet; I mean I'm just crouching behind cover, trying to regain health, when I hear somewhere off in the distance an enemy saying "uh oh" followed by a blast and them grunting.

-Enemy Design: It is probably a bad sign when the opening scene has the heroes stepping into an English pub and every single occupant appears to be the same balding middle-aged man with different clothing. You will also get into the same fist fights with the same Big Brit character about five times throughout the game. Where it gets annoying, however, is when the game throws a guy that looks like any other armored enemy, yet is apparently impervious to anything less than a grenade launcher. Of course, the only way you can figure this out is by dying over and over again trying to shoot at him. This goes completely out the window, though, when the Big Brit guy picks up a gun, and you have to find out the hard way that he is also near-impervious to bullets, not because he has any armor (he doesn't), but because he's just big. I swear, the only way I was able to take this guy down was a sniper rifle shot directly to the head, shots to the body didn't seem to even do anything. And that would be fine, if the game had maybe designed him with a bunch of body armor but left his head exposed, because that at least would properly inform me without having to rely on trial and error at my own expense.

Story: Oh boy. It starts off well enough, but by the end Uncharted 3 becomes the proverbial jumped-the-shark moment for the series. The characters don't even feign surprise when they find out that the McGuffin is evil and cursed and needs to be destroyed. Hell, you don't even know what the McGuffin is for most of the game, you're just after a long lost city without any idea what is in it. Hell, I still don't even know what the McGuffin does that can't be replicated by a tub full of LSD. It has reached the point that it would be novel if all it was was treasure.

The character of Elena has little more than a cameo appearance, and yet the story thinks it can shoehorn Elena-and-Drake's love story in. And while, as I mentioned, the set-pieces are great, for the most part it feels like the environments were thought up ahead of time and then shoved into the story with little reasoning. For instance, probably the best environment in the game is the derelict ship graveyard and resulting sinking ship, and yet the truth is that entire part of the game could have been cut without the story being any different.

And oh-my-goodness the plot holes. If you have played Uncharted 1, the first hole would probably become immediately apparent to you when you consider that like in Uncharted 1, Drake's ring is the initial clue to everything in Uncharted 3. This is the same ring that Nathan Drake tried to abandon in Uncharted 1, remember? And through marvelous flashbacks, it is revealed that Nathan knew about this second long-lost treasure way before Uncharted 1. Early on in the game, there is also some strange happenings revealed with the enemy, where they walk around a corner and disappear, and "appear" to get shot in the head but turn out to be fine, as well as some mysterious use of Tarot cards. This legitimately piqued my interests. Unfortunately it didn't pique that of the game's writers apparently, as it is never mentioned again, let alone explained. And I still haven't got an answer for this: what was Drake's motivation for chasing Talbot in Yemen? Why did that scene even happen? WHY? Now, we can all make excuses to fill these holes (Drake never thought he'd get back to the "Atlantis of the Sands" in Uncharted 1 because Marlowe had gone into hiding, and so was willing to abandon the ring; the bad guy was using parlor tricks, etc.) but the point is that they are still holes that need our filling.

Overall, I feel like the best word to describe Uncharted 3 is "sloppy". But is it a bad game? Despite all my above griping ... no, it still is a fine game. It may be that most of my disappointment stems from comparing it to the past games in the Uncharted series, which isn't entirely fair. Still, Naughty Dog has shown us that they are capable of better than this.
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Greatness from small beginnings is the phrase that starts out this story.

Uncharted 3 takes us to a whole new world of treasure hunting like never before. In this game, not only do you play as Drake, but as a young (child version) Drake as well. The story jumps back in time through out the game, where we learn how Drake and Sully met and become friends. A new woman is brought into the picture. This time, she's a former love interest of Sully and not Drake.

Rather than starting out the game in the middle of nowhere like Uncharted 2, this time you're in the heart of Europe in a British pub. But just as in past games, you are quickly jumping from location to location throughout the world. Each scene remarkably done and visually stunning.

On thing I really like that's different in the Uncharted 2 storyline is this time there's less issues with your team mates turning on you. In Uncharted 2, people on your team were often taking off, and you lost your allies as quickly as they joined you. In Uncharted 3, your team of 4 sticks with you and works together. Your not getting abandoned because you partner ran off with the bad guys, even if they were just pretending to be on their side.

The story is just as compelling as it has always been. Uncharted 3 plays out like a blockbuster movie, only you get to control the moves. Climbing, running, fighting and shooting your way through everything you can imagine, Uncharted 3 has managed to even out do their last game. As usual, while playing you also look for treasures throughout the game to collect. You have your journal again to help you solve puzzles as well.

Online game play is set up by using a pass code that's included in the games case. Once set up, you have game play options such as:
Team Deathmatch
Team Objective
Three Team Deathmatch
Co-op Arena
Co-op Hunter Arena
Co-op Adventure

The online game play benefited quite a bit from the open beta testing. The online matches are smoother and have less issues than there were months ago when they first opened the testing. I played quite a bit during that first month and can definitely see much more fluidity in the online game play movement versus how it was during beta.

This is not a game you will want to rush through. There is so much to see, treasure to collect and story behind it all.
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on April 4, 2012
I have noticed anyone saying anything bad about this game is called an "xbox fanboy" or the reviewer gets insulted.

Everyone has the right to their opinion and I happen to agree with the negative reviews about this "game".

This game was recommended to me by a friend and I had never played any of the Uncharted games before, but this game just seemed like very bland and repetitive gameplay. The chases especially drove me crazy after a while, it was like enough already.

New age games have all kinds of cut-scenes and very deep storylines, but its like you watch a little and you need to play through a little bit just to get to the next part so as opposed to it being like interactive it's much more one dimensional. This is the same type of complaint from everyone who gives this game negative reviews because it's true. The difference is some people enjoy this type of gameplay, I like many others personally do not.

The story is very good and so are the scenes and at points I found myself wanting to fast forward the gameplay just to watch the rest of it as I couldn't care less about playing it and in fact preferred not to as the gameplay was not that fun and seemed more like an interruption to me.

With a story like this and the way its setup the gameplay really is not necessary.

This game is very reminiscent of Tomb Raider with the puzzles and adventure and everything which is great, although I find it to be much slower paced and I found the gameplay is too forced and as I already mentioned feels almost unnecessary. There is no strategy involved or skill really you just need to make your way through to get to the next scene.

In any regard this game is certainly not worth 1 star like others have given it, but I just found it very slow and boring to play, but the story and cut-scenes are very good and anyone who likes a game like this will certainly love it, but if you are into more fast-paced arcade style games this is definitely not the game for you.
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on November 1, 2011
Uncharted 2 ended up being a smash hit. Perhaps one of the best video games sequels ever produced. It was better than the first game in almost every conceivable way. It's hard to imagine any follow up to Uncharted 2 being half as good but rest assured, Uncharted 3 is just as good as it's predecessor. If you played the first two games and enjoyed them then you simply have to play Uncharted 3.

The story in Uncharted 3 is a bit more rich and defined than the first two games. Nathan Drake is back and this time he's searching for the Atlantis of the Sands. It has something to do with the ring he inherited from Frances Drake. But a woman by the name of Katherine Marlowe believes that ring is hers and it ultimately holds the key to finding this lost city. On paper Uncharted 3 sounds pretty basic, but watching the story in action showcases a strong character driven narrative. In particular players will learn more about the dynamic between Nathan Drake and Sully. The cast is remarkable and charming. And we learn about them not just through the cutscenes but how they interact with one another during some of the moments in between the actual cutscenes. The dialog and banter between them is charming, humorous and sometimes even heartfelt. There are also moments that can, and often do, feel as though they've been ripped from a summer blockbuster. Though some of it is definitely over the top, the character driven nature of the story is what ultimately makes it so good. Like the first two there is a distinct human element at play that makes the simple situation an interesting one.

The cutscenes are aided by extremely good direction and motion capture as well. The characters feel human. But more than that, Uncharted 3 is simply a beautiful game. The environments the game takes place in are detailed and the animations are smooth. The Uncharted games in general are some of the prettiest you'll ever see. But it isn't just that they're visually astounding, it's that their detailed and encompassing. The environments come alive. Other details also stand out a lot. Water or sand is amazing and the way the physics work is also amazing. If there's one thing we can clearly say about Naughty Dog, it's that they'll never skimp on the presentation of a game. The voice acting is equally as good and charming. Some of the best you'll hear in the industry. As you play and watch the characters interact and hear their voices it's hard not to love them. You'll be drawn into their personal hell and anguish, but also their joy. It's all great on the eyes and ears.

Gameplay wise, Uncharted 3 hasn't changed too terribly from the first two. There is a good amount of gunplay, platforming and puzzle solving throughout the adventure and the game does a very good job of balancing them all and pacing things along. The gunplay in and of itself hasn't changed much. You'll find yourself charging from one firefight to the next, taking down the bad guys and picking up their weapons or replenishing your own supply of ammo. You'll also take cover to avoid fire and pop up to shoot when the time is right. You can also enter melee combat which is fun as well given how much it has improved over time.

The platforming sections are generally among the easiest to acquaint yourself with. You'll find yourself scaling walls or jumping from ledges or hanging off objects all in an attempt to keep yourself from falling too far. Despite all the detail, the path is usually laid out for you. This is also true throughout the entire game. You'll rarely get lost or not know where to go next. You'll also rarely find yourself backtracking as a result. Aside from a few of the hidden treasures off the beaten path, there's no reason to really deviate from your destination. And if something should happen where you find yourself stuck, the game will point you in the right direction. The puzzles are pretty creative and simple. You won't find yourself stuck for too long, given that the game will provide hints thanks to a journal that Nate carries around with him.

The game handles all of this well, rarely keeping you in any given situation for long. What is more amusing is how much adventure is truly packed into this game. The second game, in particular, had amazing moments: A helicopter chase across rooftops, an amazing train sequence, a game of cat and mouse with a large tank and a jeep chase were just some of the second game's highlights. Uncharted 3 does a little more. Without spoiling anything, you'll find some of these moments leaving you quite breathless at the spectacle. It's not the situations themselves that are amazing as it is how the game presents them. You'll even find yourself scaling and shooting at enemies firing from above and watching as they tumble forward and fall past you. It's amazing stuff.

Without a doubt the biggest overhaul is multiplayer. Before the versus primarily had you on teams but here you can do a free for all or three teams against each other at the same time. You still have other modes such as the co-op survival mode or a variation of capture the flag. You also still have tons of different boosters to equip. But you can also enter matches with temporary boosters (called kickbacks) which you can get by earning a certain number of medals. They're not permanent but they help for those who may need that small boost. Likewise, for those who want a truly hardcore experience you can always go onto the hardcore battle arena. The maps are also ingeniously designed. Not only are your opponents people you have to look out for, but so are some of the environmental effects. In one level a sand storm rolls in, for instance.

The most rewarding is the co-op experience. Sure you can still go into an arena and do a survival mode and whatnot, but there's actually a co-op campaign here as well. And it's a full blown story campaign, complete with cutscenes and everything. You can team up with two friends and go at it. It's remarkably satisfying and pretty addictive.

Uncharted 3 isn't perfect by any means. Like the first two before it, there's a lot of precision in playing. For example how the game times some of its jumps when say... platforms are falling from beneath you. Or cutscenes that run seamlessly into gameplay. If you're not on the ball you may find yourself retrying certain segments constantly. Some moments can feel like a trial and error practice simply because you don't know WHERE to go immediately and thus you fail until you figure it out. Since Uncharted 3, like the previous two, is very straightforward and linear you generally only have one option out of a situation. If you don't find it fast enough in some of the more time sensitive moments you're done for. In other situations your timing may be off by just a second. Uncharted has always been somewhat of a challenge but most of it comes from the first hand experience. When you play through a second time things tend to flow more seamlessly when you know exactly where you're going and what you're doing. The good news is that checkpoints are everywhere. If you end up failing a platforming section or a gun fight you usually tend to start right next to it. So the game won't punish you too badly.

Uncharted 3 is a great follow up to Uncharted 2. Whether or not the game is better is up for debate. The multiplayer suite certainly is, but for some fans who were truly blown away by Uncharted 2, they have to face the fact that the third game isn't exactly the same leap forward that the second one was. You've got new weapons, a revamped melee system and you can now toss grenades back to your enemies... but for the most part Uncharted 2 didn't have much that needed fixing to begin with. It was a near perfect game, addressing each and every issue the first game had. With not much to address there isn't much for Uncharted 3 to really improve upon. Or add, for that matter. In seems the only part that Naughty Dog strived for more with was the story. And they succeeded. You certainly get a much more emotionally involved story but the gameplay is primarily the same thing here. If you've enjoyed the gameplay of the series thus far, there's no reason not to jump into this one. The story and characters alone make this a must play for Uncharted fans.
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on November 19, 2011
This review is based on the single player only.

From the beginning with the bar fights until the end when the credits roll, it was a very enjoyable 15 hr immersive impressive and imaginable fun filled ride through the world of Nathan Drake.

Graphics - A
Story - B
Gameplay - A
Controls - C
Bonus - F
Replay Value - D

Everything else was near flawless however the biggest lack...NO bonus content aside from a few "behind the scenes" and "concept arts". Like in Uncharted 1 and 2, you were given INFINITE AMMO and CHARACTER SKINS as soon as you completed the whole game at least once on ANY difficulty, this time around...NOTHING! In this iteration, collecting all 101 treasures would be a waste of time because you are not rewarded for anything when you complete the game. Which lowers replay value greatly. Really wanted to go through the game with infinite magnum rounds and infinite sub-machine gun but NO! they took it out completely! Hoping a DLC will come out soon or Naughty Dog is a very very naughty company.

The other issue was aiming and controls which was frustrating at times and had to set the sensitivity all the way up and all the way down depending on the level.

Aside from those two, it was very fun. Played it on Hard and it wasn't all that difficult.

Worth taking a look.
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on November 4, 2011
I agree with many in UC3 being the best in the series. The developers know that they can't make everyone happy, but Naughty Dog really went above and beyond with UC3. I am into the UC series for the story moreso than the fighting, but it all comes together well.

I'll start with the areas where improvement is needed:

- More randomness in heavy mob hand-to-hand fights. I used the same routine for 100% of these fights, and the carpal-tunnel inducing process got old fast.

- The beginning was a spectacular build-up to the story, but the second half of the game left me asking more questions than discovering answers. There were few substantive answers, and some story arcs weren't revisited when so much potential was available (especially in Marlowe's cult and their history, or in Drake's name, or in the cursed artifact).

- Less mobs coming out of nowhere! This was very, very frustrating at times. Invisible spawnpoints aren't cool...seriously.

- When a mob is hit in the head, even with a helmet on, they should be knocked to the ground. If you're going for realistic fighting, I'm pretty sure that should be on your to-do list for UC4.

- If two guys are standing next to each other, and Drake says, "Let's do this quietly," you should be able to knock their heads together or something. Instead I'd kill one, the music would start up, and 15 mobs would show up out of nowhere.

Other than those points, I absolutely loved the game and hope Drake's story goes on for generations. Naughty Dog is a wonderful company, and their dedication to the game is evident in every little detail.
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on November 19, 2011

Being a proud owner of the entire Uncharted series thus far, I must say that Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has the worst storyline of them all. What exactly is he being deceived about? Maybe I missed something during the story, I don't know. The knife fight at the end was awful, and the main plot about the enemies instilling fear in people through a hallucinogen in the water is straight out of a DC comics character. Wait for it.......Batman's enemy, SCARECROW! Sorry folks, but I sincerely hope this is the end of the Uncharted series. It seems to have fallen victim to the Call of Duty Syndrome. After the third game, hang up your jock already!

As far as gameplay is concerned, I felt like this game was way too much of a Hollywood blockbuster film than a game in the purest sense of the word. Uncharted 3's gameplay mechanics blended with cinematic cutscenes a little too much, and more so than the previous titles. The graphics aren't bad, but I encountered a few glitches. My game froze at the beginning of Chapter 10 "Historical Research," buildings seemed to disappear here and there depending on your manipulation of the camera, and during the knife fight, Talbot fell off the platform and I had to restart the fight all over again. Annoying!!! The camera angles were also horribly executed during the platforming sequences (i.e. when Drake was a little kid in Cartagena and at the very end of the game when the city came crumbling down).

With regard to multiplayer, I didn't bother with that since I'm a single player type of gamer. Playing the game in 3D was somewhat cool, but I wish there were more pop-out types of effects rather than depth. The only thing that seemed to pop out of the screen were the sniper lasers and bullets. Ghosting was also ridiculously high in many chapters.

I honestly can't see how this game can be a contender for Game of the Year. That should go to Batman: Arkham City or Skyrim over this one.

To sum it up, if you already have the first two games, go ahead and buy this for posterity reasons. If you don't have any of the previous two titles, do NOT buy Uncharted 3 first! If you do, it's an almost guaranteed trade-in.
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on November 16, 2011
Uncharted 3 is a solid, well-put-together first-party AAA PS3 title. However, I don't feel it's as good as Uncharted 2. That's not an entirely fair comparison, since Uncharted 2 was a masterpiece, one of the best games ever produced from a design, pacing and story standpoint.

The third Uncharted was really very fun, and one can tell the game design was absolutely top-notch. Really interesting and varied environments, can't-put-controller-down pace - it's all there. But it just failed to draw me in. Whereas Uncharted 2 had me on the edge of my seat most of the game (especially with Elena's story near the end), 3 was very good but a little predictable. I didn't really care for most of the game what happened to Sully, and frankly the small plot twists were far from unexpected.

This type of game needs, I think, solid character relationships to draw you in. Elena - Drake is a great relationship: an on-again off-again attraction of opposites. Once I had extended playtime with her by my side, I was really interested / attracted to her character. Sully? It's whatever. Somehow the character feels a bit too one-dimensional. To me, Kid Drake is a very bad design call - the sort of hokey thing a AAA title really doesn't need to have.

And Uncharted 2 was HARD. If you cranked it up to Crushing there were some parts that were nearly impossible. Even on Normal the campaign was tough and long. Uncharted 3 feels a bit short by comparison, and really quite easy overall. Only two or three times did I feel really frustrated in an encounter / gunfight.

I also thought the Tibetan / mountain art style trumped the desert. Guess that's a matter of personal preference, but it does seem as if Naughty Dog had a lot more time to flesh out the art and level design in the 3 years between Uncharted 1 and 2 than in the one and a half between 2 and 3.

Definitely a great game, probably 8.5 / 10 I think, but not a must play game of the generation.
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on November 19, 2011
I simply loved the beginning with hand fights in a bar-that part was really like a cinematic movie to me. There were particular parts in the game where my mind was a little blown away:the ship level was completely awesome. I wish some level could be longer instead of others, I believe it will make the game more memorable. With a 12 hours of gameplay, I did have some fun, I saw myself laughing at the characters quite a bunch of time and I took my time finding the treasures around me. But, the ending seems precipitated, there are many ways it could have been longer.
GRAPHIC is a solid A+++
SOUND is an amazing A (I put up my TV so loud so I could enjoy every single bit of the soundtrack).
GAMEPLAY is a B (It's quite sometimes difficult to have a steady aim throughout the game, you will find yourself doing a lot more hand fights).
REPLAY VALUE I would give it a C+
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