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on November 26, 2012
I recently upgraded my original release day copy of Uncharted 3 to a new copy of the Game of the Year Edition, as it was much more affordable than buying all the dlc online by itself. I'm not going to comment much on the game itself, other than to echo others affinity for the Uncharted series. But, I thought it relevant to warn people that while all of the dlc (basically everything that makes the GotY version different/better than the original release) is on the disc, it requires an online access code to activate. If you already bought the original release, the codes are interchangeable, you're previous code will allow access to all the dlc on this disc itself. However, for those who aren't upgrading or aren't buying the GotY version brand new, without a valid (unused) code, you're essentially paying more for a disc that only has the functionality of the standard edition. Whether Naughty Dog will sell or somehow provide buyers of used copies of the GotY edition a working code remains to be seen, but is probably very unlikely. At present, all dlc that comes with new copies of the GotY edition will cost you another 30 to 40 bucks to download from PSN.

So, if you just want the single-player, the original release is a much better value. If you want everything - specifically the map packs which are required for most multi-player trophies and bonus skins, but also multiplayer access in general - the GotY edition is clearly the way to go, but ONLY when buying brand new (except when you already have a valid code from the previous edition) or if the reseller has confirmed that the online access code hasn't been redeemed.
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on September 10, 2016
my boys have thoroughly enjoyed these, which I knew they would. Like living in your own movie. Not gory or indecent, yet full of action and some shooting, etc.
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on July 7, 2013
I haven't played the game yet so if you're looking for a game review I apologize. There are a lot of really good ones here though. My review has to do with the Online Activation Pass Code. I purchased the game brand new, factory sealed from Amazon. It arrived brand new, factory sealed. I then went online to input the included activation code incase there was some expiration date. My included code came back as having been already used. I did a quick search here and elsewhere, and apparently this is an all too common occurrence.

So I contacted Sony via Live Help. They asked some question, gave me an email to contact. Basically, I have to send them pictures of my receipt and the front/back of the Activation Code, because they checked and mine came back as having been redeemed in January. Amazon hasn't sent me paper receipts in a long time so I hope a screen cap of the invoice will do.

Anyway I just wanted to let people know what may happen if you buy this game without any previous activation codes from Uncharted 3. You're going to have to jump through some hoops. I've even read that people have had to contact Sony numerous times because they get no response after the initial email. So I guess I have that to look forward to (hopefully not).

(The game itself may be great. I wish there was a way to rate things besides the game.)

*** Update July 14th, 2013***

Sony actually sent me a replacement code. It only took one (two really) email, which I was surprised at after reading other people's experiences with the same issue. I've adjusted the rating accordingly.
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on April 30, 2015
As an avid fan of the Uncharted series (particularly Among Thieves), I was particularly excited for this new rip-roaring adventure into Drake's Deception; even though the title doesn't make any sense. Drake is never deceived nor does he ever deceive anyone. Sure there are twists, but then that would just mean that this would mean that Uncharted 2 would be "Deception Among Thieves" and this one would be "More Deception than you can shake a stick at"!
Regardless of the title, this game really stands out and makes a really good effort in trying to live up to the action-packed masterpiece that was U3's predecessor. Though it doesn't improve on as many aspects as U2 did to Drake's Fortune, it still does manage to do a better job on a few of it's aspects, from gameplay to graphics.
Starting off this review, let's touch base on the gameplay, which of course should be the most important aspect in any video game. By god does it do the job. Absolutely every single thing that could be done in U2 is improved upon in this game. The jumping and platforming feels smoother and more refined and the gunplay feels more natural and has more weight to it. Melee deserves a special mention since, though everything was worked upon, and effort seems to have been especially made to make the melee feel more involving then it did in the previous games. The fist combat includes many more animations and interestingly now has you using the environment and tools around you (for example you can pick up a bottle if near you and smash it on an enemies head). This gives the melee much more variety, meaning that I didn't mind as much when I was thrown into it, noticeably more often then previous Uncharted titles. Overall, in terms of all you could do in gameplay, everything feels much sharper and a end result of several things that Uncharted 2 was very close to reaching.
How's the story? This would probably have to be the game's weakest point, though by no means of the word is it bad. More so it's really just confusing. After playing it for a second time and reading more about the game online, I found that there were just many plotholes that demanded attention, though I won't spoil them here. They do raise a couple of questions, not only in the story, but also about the characters and Drake himself, reminding us that he really isn't as great of a guy we always think he is. Writing this, it actually feels darker than it really is, though it's probably just me. Overall, the story nonetheless provides great writing, acting, and characters that feel, if possible, more fleshed out this time around. We also have a few newcomers such as the comedic Cutter, and the enigmatic Marlowe. When ignoring the few missteps that occur in the story, it's hard not to get sucked into the globe-trotting adventure that you have the luck to be a part of, and it is very fun.
The only other aspect before I get to another issue are the puzzles; there are more than U2, but they are actually of a greater variety resulting in me not just being tired of them.
Now, it would seem that Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception should be as good as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, having improved gameplay, graphics, set pieces, and a story almost reaching it's heights. So why isn't it as good?
For one, it feels like i've seen it before. That's not to say it's a rehash, which it certainly isn't. Instead, I felt that I wanted something other than a city we had to find in a perilous setting with natives to help me, a mystical element thrown in and ultimately a fight amidst a crumbling city. It feels exactly like Uncharted 2 in that way, only prettier. That feels like i'm putting Uncharted 3 in a very negative light, which I certainly don't mean to. Every story element that they touch upon is well executed, and I fully enjoyed my experiences.
Not to mention that these set pieces, though incredibly well-done and the most memorable of the set pieces, felt put into the game simply because there had to be exciting set pieces, rather than allowing for it to be more going with the flow. I still thought they were marvelous, but I did notice it, particularly a scene with a ship that everyone mentions shouldn't have been there, at least not in such a drastic manner; it takes place over several chapters.
So, in conclusion, is Uncharted 3 a good game? Yes. Is it a wonder to behold? Yes. If you want to push your Playstation to the limit, and you want to see all the refinement of an explosive and awe-inspiring action game, then you have to pick this up. It's not an improvement over it's predecessor, but it does a bang up job of representing Naughty Dog and the Uncharted name.
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on March 26, 2014
After being thoroughly disappointed by the first Uncharted and thoroughly impressed by the second, I was prepared for pretty Uncharted 3. What I got was far and away the best gameplay of the series, but a story that did not quite feel as epic as the second.

The single best part of Uncharted 3 is the improvement to use of the platforming elements. The mantra of the first two games in this series may as well have been, "Why walk through a door when you can back-track 30 feet, drop down two levels to shimmy around the side of one building to climb up four stories to swing back down three levels just to get to the other side of said door?" It was annoying, time consuming, and greatly disrupted the flow of the game. All of the platforming seems to have a purpose in Uncharted 3. It isn't just there because it can be. You also don't have the long, boring missions where it seems like all you do is jump, climb, and shimmy for 45 minutes. I can't stress enough how much I appreciate this change.

The graphics are improved over the already impressive Uncharted 2, the weapon variety is greater, and they feel even slightly better than UC 2. The combat is improved and a bigger part of this game. This is both a good and a bad. When just fighting one person, it works pretty well. When fighting a larger group, it feels pretty ridiculous. Think the combat system from the Arkham games, but instead of being Batman with his free flow combat, gadgets, and fighting animation variety, Drake has like 3 moves that you'll see over and over through the fight.

While still solid, the story for UC 3 lacks the punch of UC 2. This could just be a matter of personal preference, but I never found myself as emotionally involved in this game as I did UC 2. The Sully-Nate origin story was interesting, but I didn't feel like it carried the middle of the game very well. Also, in UC 2, I thought I was near the end when I reached the mid-point, and I couldn't believe how much game I still ended up having left. With UC3, I couldn't believe it was over. I'm not sure if this is because the game was significantly shorter, paced that much better, or just moved so much quicker when you were not swinging around like a monkey all the time.

Overall, I would call UC3 the most fun to play of the trilogy, but the story lacked the punch of UC 2. Had the UC2 story been paired with the UC 3 gameplay, this would have moved the game from great to near perfection.
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on August 28, 2017
I knew that when I finished playing Uncharted 1 and 2 I need to get game 3. I do not know what it is about the Uncharted series, perhaps it is the characters or maybe the Indiana Jones feel to the games, all I know is that the games as well as Uncharted 3 are worth playing again and again. I will admit though the puzzle solving and game mechanics can get a little repetitive but the story always made me hunger for more.
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on December 9, 2013
This is a game that I felt immersed in and found the the gameplay mechanics worked great 90% of the time and I had a lot of fun throughout with some hilarious moments sprinkled in. The reason for the four stars out of five is because the shooting mechanics felt floaty, I do not like it when guns are inaccurate and this is what this game often does. While I have shot guns in real life and know that it is difficult to hit a target let alone a moving one. However,a pistol shot to the chest from 50 feet away should not miss. I feel like I can see where Naughty Dog wanted to take the shooting mechanics,going for the more realistic handling model but it did not click with me, especially in a game that is so full of humor it does not feel like a good match. Then there is the enemy variety, which is lacking to say the least. You will be shooting similar grunts fighting several brutes and then after a while some beefed up demon soldiers. This however made for rather dull gameplay at times with the harder portions of the game throwing numbers at you, versus different tactics from different types of AI. The enemies, however, do a great job navigating the environment and will often flank you adding to the tension, which kind of makes up for the lack luster combat. The gameplay overall, however was very satisfying, with fluid animations, and a solid melee system that encourages you to get in the middle of a group and start a brawl. The pacing of the combat/exploration/puzzles was done expertly as per Naughty Dog standards. I was also blown away by the beauty of the environment, it was rich in detail and had a fantastic art direction that feels just right. This is a great package and worth every penny, but far from perfection.
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on December 31, 2014
There's just something about Uncharted that I can't get enough of. If you haven't given this series a try as a gamer, it's a must. uncharted changed my entire view on gaming as a whole, and brought back the joy I hadn't had since I was an early teen. Drake's Deception in particular explores what exactly it is that makes lead character Nathan Drake tick, and features series favorite Victor Sullivan as well as old and new favorites. The gameplay compared to it's younger brother Among thieves in particular is honestly up to that particular players opinion. They made some great changes and some slight tweaks here and there that really worked such as grenade throwbacks and the more brutal melee combat. They wanted to give drake more lifelike movements depending on certain circumstances and most of the time it works but there are a few glitches and wobbles from time to time that makes it slightly less smooth and fluid as it's brothers The Last Of Us and Uncharted 2. However, on its own merits, UC3 has everything to offer and more for anyone looking for the most thrilling, thought out and executed action adventure series I've ever played. Once you experience the chateau, there's no going back. Extremely satisfied for this purchase and price tag
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on April 3, 2017
Bought it as part of my husband's Christmas gift. Now he's played the entire series, except the fourth installment and he's had a blast burning through them after work. Sure I watched him have a fit or two, but it was good seeing him enjoy it.
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on July 13, 2017
Great game! Easily one of the best games that I have ever played, and I have played a ton of games going back to 1986.

I received a brand new copy for a great price. I highly recommend it.
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