Customer Reviews: Under the Blade
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on June 3, 2011
Let's clear a couple of things up first. For starters, the artwork associated with this release shows the 1985 US remix version artwork. The artwork that is actually on the package is, in fact, the original artwork used (blue Twisted Sister logo) for the original UK Secret Records release from 1981. This is also the re-mastered version of that same original Secret Records mix so for those of you that never cared for the US remix (like me), then you're in luck!

OK. Now down to business. "Under the Blade" has never been known for its great production values. It's more about the energy and the rawness of the music. This album always has had and still does have a very New Wave of British Heavy Metal sound and feel to it. If you love the first Iron Maiden album or that first Def Leppard record or some of those Saxon albums, then this one will fit right in with your collection. The re-mastering brings out more low-end than the original version and it sounds a bit more full. The drums really benefit as they sound more powerful and the sound overall has a little more "beef" to it. Short of the band going back in and re-recording this album, this is probably about as good as it's going to get. And even if they did re-record it, I highly doubt that they would be able to re-capture the energy that they had during the original recording. And I can't see how Dee would ever re-create those screams he lets out during the title track. The second one has to be one of the greatest screams in rock and roll history! I'm not going to go thru a track by track review because if you've gotten to this point, you're already familiar with them. But if you've got a nice sounding system and a subwoofer, "Destroyer" will rattle your windows and piss off the neighbors!

The re-mastering alone is worth picking this one up for true SMF's but let's be honest. If you're a true SMF, you're here for the extras and they are definitely worth the price of admission! Having the original "Ruff Cutts" recordings included as bonus cuts is a great addition! The "Ruff Cutts" versions of "What You Don't Know" and "Under the Blade" might even be better than the album versions depending on your point of view. Then for good measure, they throw in a live version of "Shoot `Em Down" from Reading. Now this is not the same version that was originally included on a 2 album collection of songs by all of the bands from Reading 1982 but it's still great just the same and a nice bonus.

But if you're a lifelong SMF, let's face it. You've already got "Ruff Cutts" as well, right? Well, you're in luck!! The 2nd disc is a DVD of the entire Reading performance from 1982. If the re-mastering and bonus tracks weren't enough, this disc is definitely the deal breaker! Nobody had this prior to this release! To watch professionally recorded footage of Twisted Sister prior to the release of their first album is more than worth the price of admission! To top it off, this is the show that Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke, and Pete Way join Twisted on stage for their version of "It's Only Rock `n Roll (But I Like It)". There have been bootlegged audio recordings of this show around for years but to finally see the video is pure magic! And to watch Twisted Sister take on a hostile crowd that did not know them and still win them over is great to watch! The band was full of energy and aggression on this performance and showed that "take on the world" attitude that they had before breaking it big with "Stay Hungry". To top it off, there are some great current interviews at the end of the DVD with all band members about their memories from this Reading show and the recording of the "Under the Blade" album.

Bottom line, if you're a fan of early `80's NWOBHM or a true SMF that actually likes more than "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock", then buy this CD/DVD!!!
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on January 25, 2006
I was fortunate enough to buy the original Secret Records release on vinyl as an import from Italy back in the 80s and I am so happy that I still have it because I really don't like what was done to this album in the remastering process. All of the raw intensity has been stripped away in favor of way too much reverb on the drums and vocals, ostensibly to "clean up" the sound. UTB was not a clean-sounding album to begin with and that was part of why it succeeded so well. Sadly, this happens with way too many remasters -- reverb effects or drum triggers that did not exist in the original production are added supposedly to modernize the production and, in every case where this is done, it detracts from what made the album so great so many years ago. I don't know if a CD has ever been released with the original mixes of these tunes, so you may have no choice but to hear it only in its remastered form. Fortunately the tunes are great and, if you've never heard what the original mix sounded like, you won't know what you're missing anyway so definitely buy it on the strength of the tunes. Me...I'll stick to my vinyl copy thank you very much.
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on June 1, 2011
The heavy metal band from the 80s Twisted Sister has re-issued their 1982 debut album 'Under The Blade'. It's digitally well remastered plus 4 never before released tracks from the Ruff Cutts EP, namely "What You Don't Know Can Hurt You" (marginally better than the album version), "Shoot 'Em Down" (great version, wonderful guitar & melody. Much better than the album version.), "Under The Blade" (great melodical guitar, again much better than the album version. The base track of this song sounds like that of U2's "Bullet The Blue Sky" which was released only later in 1987, so may be U2 was inspired by this track) & "Leader Of The Pack" (cover version of this 60s classic). There is also "Shoot 'Em Down(Live at Reading)" (a great live version, they can really play magnificently live!). The tracklisting used in this re-issue is the UK version (Twisted Sister was for practical purposes overshadowed by the legendary heavy metal band Kiss in the US & they 'felt they had more success' in UK & Europe, hence may be this preference). The bonus DVD has 1982 live at Reading concert (they really can have fun & entertain, great perfomances considering this was at their neophyte year. This material has never been released before plus some recent interview of this band). On overall, loyal fans of Twisted Sister now have the band's debut album remastered (UK tracklisting) plus 4 previously unreleased Ruff Cutts EP tracks & a bonus DVD of their performance at Reading in 1982, a must sought after collection by all Twisted Sister fans.
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on March 17, 2015
**At the time I wrote this review this was selling for $3.99**
First of all this is NOT the Atlantic records version. This album has sold over 2 million copies. Atlantic records & Warner international are not going to turn over their master tapes to bottom feeders like Eagle Rock.
Eagle Rock obtained these tapes from Jay Jay French & French Management Enterprises then did the remastering themselves. The copyright on this copy is 1982. The Atlantic version is copyright 1982 & 1985. The reason being that Atlantic didn't release this album until after Stay Hungry.
This CD is missing the song "I'll Never Grow Up" which Atlantic shoved on the album at the last minute.
So what does all of this mean? It means this is as close to the original as you're going to get w/o shelling out a small fortune.
Anybody that claims this to be the Atlantic recordings is sadly mistaken.
Sorry to burst a few bubbles but what I speak is truth.
Now as for my 5 star rating. For $3.99 this CD not only contains the full copy of Under the Blade (minus I'll Never Grow Up). It contains the full Ruff Cuts EP as well as a DVD from the the 1982 Reading Festival.
The picture quality of the DVD is "Ruff" but the audio exceeded my expectations. The Sister is pumped up for this concert. Raw Power! With Fast Eddie Clark, Pete Way, & Lemmy coming out for the finale of the Stones cover It's Only Rock and Roll.
Like I said $3.99 for all of this? Plus Auto-Rip?
Its almost to good to be true.
So come on you SMF pinch yourself & make sure your not dreaming.
Then throw it in the basket & proceed straight to check out.
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on August 16, 2011
So, in the day I had the original vinyl of the Secret records edition, then the later the US remix. Then I bought the original CD, and then i bought the recent Spitfire remaster. Over the years you kind of forget which is which sometimes. So I bought this edition...and all I can say is WOW!!! I have never really ever did a side by side comparison of the original Secret release and the American Atlantic release, but I did an A/B test of this CD with the Spitfire edition, and what a night and day difference. THIS version is by far more twisted than the other. Raw, gutsy, all out power from TS. The other edition is sooooo different, even the guitar tone sounds higher throughout. This one has way more power and anger in it. THIS is true TS music, not that other pale comparison. And the DVD....oh my, could it be any better? Classic, early days concert, pro shot, sounding decent for the time. GREAT addition to this already amazing release. BUT WAIT...on top of all of that, we get the original four tracks from the early Ruff Cutt release, and even THEY sound amazing. I love all things twisted, but by far this album and their second are my absolute favorites. THIS IS THE VERSION YOU HAVE TO BUY, and it sucks that Amazon is displaying the wrong cover, but the right one has been loaded by someone too.
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on June 24, 2011
Finally after having to put up with the sub-par '85 Atlantic remix of Twisted Sister's debut album, Jedma and Secret Records have remastered and reissued Under The Blade in the original mix that appeared in 1982. Also included is the the Ruff Cutts E.P. which features some great early version of now classic songs. Also included is the Live At Reading performance on DVD, which really seals the deal for the hardcore SMF's. The album sounds fantastic in it's raw, unpolished state of pure metal. Dee and the guys had something to say from day one, and we can still hear them today through this classic album. Not only did this album get reissued, but the rest of the catalog as well, with the exception of Stay Hungry which got a 25th Anniversary Edition back in 2009. A great thing since the first remasters back in '99 were apparent vinyl transfers to CD and very poor sounding. I consider Twisted Sister's albums up to Stay Hungry all metal classics, the last two were good as well but just too slick for mine and many fans' tastes. Overall, if you don't have any TS albums or you're wondering if these new remasters are worth getting, they definately are and you should get them for some great classic metal. P.S. for all you House of Hair fans, if it ain't metal..IT'S CRAP!
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on May 28, 2016
The original of this album was the first cassette I bought growing up. I wore it out in my walkman playing it over, and over again. There is not a bad tune on here IMO. It sounds a little different than I remember but the bonus DVD is so cool to have. This band just rocks and kicks ass...!
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on June 10, 2011
I will keep this short & sweet. This is the ORIGINAL Under the Blade that has been out of print for decades. It is raw & in your face. Sounds a hundred times better than the 1985 remixed version (which I always thought sounded too perfect & way too polished). Bonus tracks just add to the greatness of this album. This has always been my favorite Twisted Sister album. Now it is remasterd & re-released in all it's glory. PLAY IT LOUD MUTHA!!!!!
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on June 4, 2011
I have been looking for this album to be re-released for a long time now and this version of "Under The Blade" is everything a S.M.F could want. I love the fact that Armoury Records are re-mastering and re-releasing all of Twisted Sister's back catalog. Hopfully new fans will realize that there is more to Twisted Sister than MTV hits like "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "I Wanna Rock". The sound of this album is very very RAW and unpolished as it was re-masterd after the original Secret Records version and not the US remixed verison that came out a couple years later. All of the songs on this album are awesome in my opinion, not one bad tune. Some of the heavier tunes like "Run for Your Life" "Sin After Sin" "Under The Blade" and "Destroyer" have a Judas Priest/Black Sabbath vibe to them and some of the more Rockin tunes like "Bad Boys Of Rock N' Roll" "Shoot'em Down" and "Day Of The Rocker" have a Alice Cooper,AC/DC sound. I would recomment this album to any 70's/80's Hard Rock fan or anybody that is wanting to discover Twisted Sister. Now if only Dee and the guys could get it together and record a brand new Twisted Sister album like "Under The Blade" in 2011 that would ROCK! Buy this album,support the artist \m/
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on February 12, 2015
Get this for the Reading DVD even if you already have the album. That DVD kicks major ass. Even better than North Stage '82 because they're playing in front of a hostile audience. And the ending jam with Lemmy, Fast Eddie, and Pete Way is freaking awesome.
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