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on November 25, 2015
Bought these because a lot of my shirts (especially ones from American Apparel) are tight and thin and would always show more detail than I wanted them to. Unfortunately these show through just as much and look ridiculous.
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on July 7, 2016
I have used these three times so far and they seem to still be working great! As long as you handle them gently while applying and taking them off they should last. And also by lightly rinsing them with water and letting them air dry. That's how they keep their stickiness. I will recommend not using Lotion or powders on your breast before wearing them. This will cause them to not stick! I'm happy they held up even on the hottest days. I've tried a few brands and a lot of them don't seem to stick when it's too hot and your sweating a lot, they've fallen off! And that can be embarrassing lol
I will buy this product again in the future. I also want to mention that these in no way will lift your breast. It's just to cover up your nipples if your wearing a backless dress or shirt or thin materials. I really love these BC they don't give you the god awful back bulge or side bulge from a bra.
I will update my review if I feel like there's any changes in the future. I don't wear them all the time so that's probably why they lasted as long as they did. One more thing is save the plastic wrap they come with that they stick too!!! You must put them back on them in between uses. If you have any questions please contact me. I believe in giving as much info as I can on a product to help others who are interested in buying a product. I myself rely on reviews to decide if I want to purchase a product, wheather it's good or bad.
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on November 3, 2017
Thank goodness for these. I can wear sundresses and tank tops with built-in soft shelf bras and not have my nipples saying hello to the world.

They get itchy if they get too sweaty, just like bra straps. Giving them a thorough rinsing in warm water helps, but don't scrub them. Avoid letting them touch things like baby powder - you'll never get it off.

They're a bit annoying when first applied, but after a short time, just like with a band-aid, you forget they're there.
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on October 10, 2016
These gel petals are wonderful. They stay in place unlike another brand I purchased previously. Nothing like walking around and looking down on the floor to see one of the nipple covers laying there. lol. I did not have that problem with these nipple covers. I have been able to use them over and over again, thus saving on having to replace them after each use. I was pleasantly surprised and highly recommend them. Can be kinda hard to remove as they stick fast to the nipple area. No unsightly outline of the nipple cover shows when you wear blouse/sweater. Oh, one other note, the nipple covers I received were perfectly round and were not petal shaped. That did not bother me in the least. They do what they are made to do and work great. Each nipple petal comes with a cellophane-like pull off cover. When I am done using the nipple petal, I place it right back on the cellophane-like cover/film to keep it clean and ready to use next time.
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on November 19, 2014
These are great if you are wearing a spaghetti string dress or blouse and don't want to wear a bra. They stick wonderfully and don't fall off and you can rinse and re-apply them. I hate wearing bras but I hate when the nipple is perturding thru the blouse. It looks so tacking when that happens. So if you have perkiy breast or even if you are sagging just a bit, these nipple covers work wonders. I love them. I purchased mine (Ten sets total) thru Amazon for about a buck a set for a total of $10 bucks. The shipper was located overseas and I had to wait 45 days for their delivery. In the interim I purchased just one set for about $5 from another shipper here in the U.S. and got them in 3 days. You will be very happy you purchased these. Just shop around some will try to charge up to $15 bucks for just one pair. Keep looking you will find they are not that expensive but do last a long time.
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on October 20, 2015
Was looking around for something to cover my nips and go bra less in Mexico. These had mixed reviews so I bought some back up sticker type ones. These worked so perfect for me. I could wear a super sheer shirt and these bad boys stayed on all night. I was worried about the adhesive not being so adhesive in the humidity or shining through. Unfortunately they did not make it back home with me..... That tequila will getcha!!

Every time I want to go bra less now I always wish I had these. so I just ordered more. Seriously these are the best nip covers. Even if your a dude and shy about your hard nipples, I'm telling ya you won't regret these
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on April 21, 2016
I LOVE these. I use them almost every day and highly recommend them over a bra. I am between a AA and an A cup which means I really don't need a bra at all and these do the job perfectly of hiding my nipples. They work great for wearing semi translucent shirts, strapless clothes, or anytime you just don't need the support of a typical bra. I reuse a single pair of these cups day after day for 3+ months and they retain their stickiness. The edges do tend to pucker up after a couple of uses, but I have never been able to see this through a shirt or even a light tank top. I have not found any difference between the flower shape or the round shape for usefulness, but I typically use the flower shape as they are just plain cute! I have bought several pairs of these over the years and have shared a few with friends. I would definitely recommend.
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on April 24, 2014
I have issues with show through even with a padded bra. I can use these with a thin light weight bra ( so much nicer to wear in hot weather) and have absolutely no showing. I have several times forgotten that I was using them and stepped into the shower only to find them on the shower floor. But after drying them they were as good as new. Keep them in their protective packaging, or in something similar when not using them, don't just throw them into a drawer to gather dust. They will stay in place as long as you are wearing some light, stretchy layer over them...( bathing suit, shelf bra...) to keep them from being rubbed off and will perform better if you keep them clean of dust so that they stay sticky. At the price, buy several pair.
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on October 30, 2013
A year ago, I bought a pair of pasties from uxcell, and this time around I was too lazy to check who I specifically had bought from. I figured that a product like this would generally be comparable between different distributors--wrong. These nipple covers constantly unstick, have an excess amount of non-stick edging that makes it even easier to fall off, and also smelled very strongly of some kind of chemical when I took them out of the package. The smell went away after they aired out, but they haven't improved in their ability to actually stay on my boobs. When I wear a very tight shirt it's less of a problem, but forget about anything less than completely form-fitting, which is pretty ridiculous. Shipping was very long with the other company as well, but the price was the same and they worked a lot better (also came in better packaging). All in all: these were pretty disappointing.
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on December 28, 2017
These are inexpensive and took awhile to arrive. They are very well coated with sticky and stay on even without additional flash tape. Highly recommended. I will order several more since these make it easy to dispense with the bra!
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