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on June 23, 2013
Is it obvious what attracted me to this book besides the lack of cost? Unglued is easily a word I can use to describe myself. Being an organized, detailed person, who thinks ahead and puts much thought into everything, the littlest things will tick me off. And I don't mean, oh I'm getting mad. It's more like instant boiling anger in the form of yelling and iffy language. Yes, everyone has their moments, but mine were daily and concentrated on my husband and kids. For a long time I just did what I could because it didn't seem there was anything I could do, the raw emotion was so instantaneous.

Then I read Unglued and TerKeurst's explanations of how people's emotions work stuck with me. I have a combination of two types she discusses. With my family I am what she calls an exploder. Exploders hold nothing back. But, I knew that wasn't all of it because with friends, even if I do get mad, I don't explode on them. The other half of my personality is what TerKeurst calls stuffer. I stuff all negative emotions when dealing with friends and acquaintances and ignore them for as long as possible. Eventually a stuffer's feelings will explode, but it usually takes time. I found that I would take my stuffed feelings home and explode there. Why we take advantage of the ones we love most is beyond me.

Unglued talks about other types of people as well as the negative consequences of raw emotion that you might not see coming. It really opened my eyes and although I don't always think in time to stop myself, I realize as I begin to rant or stuff that I need to stop and think. This is absolutely progress for me - "imperfect progress" as TerKeurst would say, but still progress.
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on August 10, 2016
This book really got me to thinking I am nearly 70 years old, and I am still becoming unglued...a lot. This book has given me the "vehicle to ride in" toward being my best honor God with EVERYTHING I say and do. Also to accept the free gifts of grace and forgiveness that are promised to me. I wish I could have had this book as a young mother ! I gave a copy to my daughter hopes she can avoid the slippery slope I have as much as on.
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on March 12, 2015
I must admit, the only reason I bought this book was because it was .99 on Kindle. At the time of purchasing, I had just started reading The Best Yes. Typically, I have a few books going at one time with several on my nightstand and hundreds on my “to read” list. I began Unglued and was very eager to relate with Lysa like I had while devouring The Best Yes. Yes, Unglued was a great read, and I found myself relating to many of the circumstances that TerKeust describes; however, the book was full of her being angry at friends, family members, strangers, etc., with no actual solutions to managing meltdowns.

I continued to read, because if I start something, especially if I pay for it, I will finish it. I even sat it down for a couple weeks. Finally, I picked it back up and continued to read. Perhaps it was because I needed a Lysa break or maybe the second part of the book is better, but when I began reading for the second time, I quickly finished the book in two settings.

My biggest takeaway from Unglued is that these moments are opportunities to expand, grow, and extend our grace toward others. In addition, it is okay to be broken as long as we turn toward scripture and lean on God’s promises.
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on June 3, 2016
This book is not just good, it's LIFE CHANGING fantastic. She hits the nail on the head and it's such a relief to know that someone else totally gets it. It's not about being perfect overnight or even at all, it's about making imperfect progress. Love.
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VINE VOICEon April 15, 2013
A couple of years ago, I read and loved TerKeurst's Made to Crave. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Unglued, too. I really connect with Terkeurst, both in Unglued and Made to Crave. I found myself laughing as she described her thoughts or actions and related a little too much. Plus, she's very open and honest about her imperfections, which I always appreciate.

"All these reactions I've described are not things I'm proud of. Yuck, right? Yes, but these aren't labels I carry around with me. These are things I'm identifying about myself so I can bring my raw emotions and unglued reactions under the healing authority of Jesus. And it's also important to clarify that I'm only talking about my unglued reactions here. When my emotions are level, I am like the little girl in that movie, The Help, to whom the beloved Aibileen leans down and whispers, "You is kind. You is smart. You is important."
Jesus has made me a kind-hearted person, full of encouragement and eager to inspire any person who gets within ten feet of me. Jesus has made me smart enough to know that I need Him-desperately and fully. And Jesus has assigned all of us the important job of representing Him to this world, which means we re-present Him everywhere we go."

Becoming "unglued" doesn't necessarily involve raising one's voice! (Although, I do dream of one day being like Michelle Duggar in the fact that the madder she gets the lower her voice gets. Can't say I've achieved that yet). It could mean stuffing those feelings deep down inside, causing negativity to grow more and more. It could mean that negative thoughts and constant blaming are going on inside your head. It could mean taking these kinds of things(whether thoughts or actions) out on family/friends or strangers. We're all different! Terkeurst has a chapter explaining different kinds of "unglued" reactions and you can decide which one(s) most resemble you.

I bought the e-book version of the book Unglued, but I was provided a review copy of the Unglued Devotional. I learned that the Unglued Devotional is pretty much the book broken up into 60 bite-sized pieces. Which one I recommend to you depends on what type of reader you are. I preferred the book. If you like doing little devotionals here and there or at a certain time each day, then the devotional might be best for you. I like devotionals fine, but I prefer sitting down with a book and reading as long as time will allow me. Plus, I'm not the best at reading a chapter a day kind of thing. I wish I was sometimes, and I do try it quite often. "Try" is the key word there!

Unglued was a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it. I think *most* of us come "unglued" in some way or another. ;)

"Some moms are equipped by the hand of God to be "that mom." They have been formed with the three-C gene - Cooking, Crafting, and Cleaning come easily and naturally to them.
Others of us have been delightfully chosen to provide the comic relief necessary to keep the world entertained. And to keep future therapists in business."

*As I mentioned above, I bought the book, but I was provided a review copy of the devotional in exchange for my honest opinion.
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on December 19, 2012
So many books I've read are superficial in their writing about topics such as this (being unglued). I've felt, at times, like an author was upset about things (s)he saw in others and wrote a book to help everyone fix their problems, without any genuine understanding of the circumstances about which they were writing.

Not so with Lysa!

Unglued is full of personal revelations about how Lysa isn't perfect, has a messy house sometimes, blows up at her kids, and feels overwhelmed. I think, even if you are not someone who regularly feels like pitching a fit because of how your day is going, you can relate to the things she writes. In fact, I was so moved by her honesty and how I felt connected with her that I teared up at several of her stories thinking, "I'm not alone! I'm not crazy!"

If you want to grow in grace and learn some helpful, biblical advice for not having a meltdown and coming unglued, this is a wonderful book to read. Lysa writes in an easy, friendly manner and really does a great job of putting those "thoughts" we have into print.

The only negative comment I have is regarding her phrase about people "bumping into her happy." This reads a little awkward, and in the reviews I see that it has caused some confusion. It is obvious to me that she's using "happy" as a noun instead of an adjective, and I get it. But there was a big discussion in the reviews here about how someone thought Lysa meant that happy people made her come unglued, and how the reviewer was offended at Lysa's supposed generalization of most women having fits when others are happy. That is not what Lysa meant, and anyone who actually reads the book would realize that.
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on November 7, 2015
I just finished Lysa's book. I stumbled upon it and glad I did. After my wife and I separated this summer I began seeking advice of a Christian counselor. I have since opened my heart to God and have gotten to know Him in ways I never imagined. Although my marriage is still not reconciled, I have seen God work in my life and it is amazing. He has taught me what His grace is like, taught me I be patient, calm, and still. For the first time ever I have learned what it is like to hear His voice. I've been focusing a lot on capturing my thoughts and processing them through God's word. I've learned to squash my automatic negative thinking! Lysa's book reinforces everything I've learned over the past few months. I'll continue to allow God to work on me and will continue to pray that my wife will choose to come back to me some day.
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on October 2, 2012
I'm just over half way done reading this book & have found it very insightful. I'm a better person now just for developing an understanding of how we react to people & things. Lysa uses everyday circumstances from her own life that I can relate to. We all have swallowed our comments to use later against someone. We all have stuck our foot in our mouth by yelling and coming 'unglued' about a situation. These things are destructive. Lysa shows that we are normal in this, but that we can make things better. We can realize how we are wanting to respond and take it to God first. She also gives us some useful tools to help us reroute our thinking and reactions. I was able to stop my unglued reaction in a nasty situation just the other day by stopping, realizing that the other person is not the enemy and pray about what to do. It ended up me removing myself from being near this other person to stop the attack from them, but also to pray for them because I was able to find compassion for them. I feel so much better about the situation- at peace. It's all because Lysa helped me find the tools to do the right thing instead of a reaction. Thanks Lysa for being a person I can relate to & for helping me grow to be a better person.
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on June 20, 2016
I did this study when it came out in 2012 and reread it while going through a trying time. We purchased this copy for a young friend who was struggling. If you've ever wondered why you react the way you do, this book will help explain that. If you've ever wanted a better way of dealing with situations that take you to the edge, this book will help draw the road map. This book helped solidify in me something God had been showing me for many years. I am very passionate about Him, my husband, and my children. He gave me that passion so I could live the life I lead and it is a good thing. However, I can glorify Him with it, or I can misrepresent Him. This book helps you learn how to control your reactions while responding to situation in a way that brings God glory.
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on April 9, 2017
This book was just what I needed to read. I have a tendency to turn a small issue into a big mess just because of the way I react to things. This book shows me I'm not alone and that thru Christ and reading my Bible for truth, I can get better. It's a choice and I must remember who I am and who I represent and belong to.
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