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on February 10, 2013
After reading some of the less than glowing reviews I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing this system but did anyway knowing I could always return it.

We live in a nice neighborhood that, lately has been attracting opportunist, petty thief's. I just wanted to know what went on while I was sleeping or away.

I am fairly technically inclined so setup worked out without a hitch. I experimented with temporary camera mounting locations outside for about a week to get an idea of the limitations of the system.

The system works well. Daylight video quality is good, night time is ok but you are not going to recognize a face on a moving person even with the adequate IR lighting. Also note that the IR lighting is pretty focused and if there is an object lit up closer than what you are trying to see (say, a shrub) the brightness of the background image will be dark @ night. Regardless, you will at least see what is going on.

Regarding the video quality, this is not the free flowing video you see from a camcorder/Youtube/cell phone video camera. It is much more coarse. 3-10 images a second depending on signal strength. It is adequate for the purpose.

I ended up purchasing 2 systems + an extra camera. 5 cameras total. Note that a camera can only sync to 1 screen.

The internet viewing of live video is ok from my galaxy tablet or work PC. No audio is transmitted thru web access.

I really like the "tablet style" interface. Carry it anywhere within camera range for viewing and makes camera aiming a breeze. Viewing, sorting (by camera) and deleting video recordings is pretty easy.

The motion detection/recording works pretty well. Fast changes in lighting will trigger it as will a bug flying in front within 4' on low setting @ night (snow and rain will trigger it too). Reflections of car headlights on windows or surfaces will trigger it along with moving branches....but so will something like a cat in the dark.

I have had 2 screen lockups that required a 3sec pin hold in the reset button.

Wish list:
Wider range of motion detection, not just hi-lo-off. 5 steps would be nice.

An actual alarm that would sound if motion was detected. The thing has an alarm clock built in but no alarm for motion...silly. Maybe a FW update will fix this in the future. The only really stupid omission...

Would like to see the same camera on 2 screens.

The audio is choppy at best and generally unusable. Oh well, bonus "non-feature".

As the title says, you get what you pay for.
I have about 800 into my system(s) and am happy.

You must recognize the limitations of the wifi-ish transmission method. You need to pay attention to how much structure you are transmitting thru. 3 walls is about the max @ 50', I have ordered a higher gain antenna for 1 camera that is quite obstructed, 2 bars works ok but more gain is needed for a higher frame rate.

This is not a $3000 hardwired system with all the bells and whistles but it might just fit your needs like it has mine if you understand the limitations and work within them.

Aug-2013 update. Still happy with the system. I have 6 cameras now. The phone app was recently updated and is more stable now. Bought bigger memory cards for both bases. The summer bugs continue to be drawn to the IR @ night. Minor annoyance but I rarely watch every recording for a day unless there is good reason.

April-2015 Still going strong. No failures or further complaints/observations. It just works...
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on January 28, 2016
I am absolutely stunned at how easy it was to setup this entire system including mounting the cameras! I previously had Foscam and it was extremely difficult to install need an ethernet and power cords, not this bad boy. The other IP cams I had to register online, go into my router interface and program it in, etc.... But this is truly plug and play. Installed the cameras in no time, connected the dock and touchpad to the internet via ethernet cable and I was immediately connected to the internet without any passwords or usernames for my router/wifi. I love the phone app and the ability to view, record and take photos(that are stored right on my phone) whenever I'd like. My only complaint is that their online site for viewing the cam requires browser specific types and settings otherwise you can't view your cameras online. I had to install Internet Explorer back onto my laptop then reinstall the 32 bit version, then download plugins, etc... and still had trouble viewing it. Had it not been for the 7 inch touchpad allowing me to view without needing my laptop I would've have sent this back right away based on that experience. But, overall it is a very durable solid system throughout and not made of cheap materials and the quality of the video is a amazing even in the middle of the night as well as the clarity and build of the touchpad for remote viewing. Also, I found out by playing around with it a bit that you can zoom in during live view for a closer look on different areas of the viewing angle and that is a superb feature in itself. Great system minus their website only supporting specific browsers to view your cams.
review image review image review image
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on September 1, 2016
Keep getting "record file error" and "invalid data content" and its not recording. I've reset it, tried new memory cards, still does it. I contacted Uniden a week ago and no response.
It does not record 24/7 on a loop like I thought it would, it only records when it senses motion, and it only senses motion on low if its up close to the camera, and on high it records pretty much non stop for every bug and blowing leaf which takes up needless space and records over the older videos too quickly so that you'd have to spend hours a day viewing all the recorded videos triggering it to find what you needed. So its useless unless your only recording on a porch up close facing your door or something. If your trying to record a driveway or your property its not useful for that. I am considering returning this unit if I dont hear back soon, I've drilled holes in my house and wired 4 cameras and would be a shame to have to tear it all out and patch it all up!
The interface is awkward as you cannot change any settings if the internet is connected to it. You must disconnect first.
The directions for viewing remotely are complicated, incorrect and outdated and I finally figured it out after watching youtube videos
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on June 7, 2016
Not at all satisfied. Constantly drops signal, camera resolution is poor at best, narrow field of vision, base unit must have horrible battery life (cannot leave off cradle for any length of time without it shutting down), phone app is inop at that point, phone app has not been updated since 2014. Oh yes, and my favorite... The power plug will not fit into a weatherproof outlet enclosure, the power inverter (plug in) is oriented 90 degrees in the wrong direction and cannot close weatherproof door when plugged in. Move on to a different brand, do not buy.
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on January 21, 2013
I purchased this system along with two extra cameras to monitor the outside of my home. Amazon gives the best price but you cant count on their estimated shipping time. I cant say that the system was easy to set up because there was absolutely nothing to do. You just plug in the cameras and monitor and its up and running. Pairing the other two cameras was also simple and easy. I drilled through the interior and exterior walls in the desired locations, and fished through the power cables sealing the holes with plastic cable bushings and caulk. There was no need for the long power extension cables that came with the cameras, I plugged the cameras into nearby outlets which i previously installed plug in surge protectors. The cameras cover a large area and the resolution is very good. I have high speed internet so there are very few signal interuptions, but the signal range on the camera is nowhere near whats cited on the package, my furtherest camera is 80 feet from the base staion with only two walls (one interior and one exterior) and the signal is 1 to 2 bars at best. if you have a slow network, the distance from your furtherest camera is over 100 feet, or if your has to penetrate several structural features; this might not be the system for you. The motion detection and email alert works all to well. At the low setting it picks up the slightest movement. between camera adjustments, triming trees and bushes, and discouraging spiders from building webs around the camera at night for warmth; I got the nightly email alerts down from 49 to 8 or 12. The change from night to day and day to night activates the motion detection on all four cameras. The Iphone Camera App works well, but there is a lag time switching between cameras. As stated by just about ever reviewer of this product, its a shame that you cant access the recordings remotely. All my computers are Apple products. What sense did it make to be able to use an apple iphone with this product, but not an Apple computer. So Far I am very satified with my purchase and would recommend this product.
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on October 11, 2017
I purchased this in 2013. It was easy to set up and has worked great since then. Only issue is when the display is out of it's dock it will sometimes lock up and require a restart to get the functions to work again. Also, none of the administrative functions work while it is in the dock, have to remove from dock to do anything.
Now, here we are in the latter part of 2017 and I can no longer access the system on my iPhone because Uniden had not issued any upgrades that will allow their system to work with IOS 11. Trying to contact Uniden but like so many companies these days they hide their contact information so that you either spend way too much time to find it, or you never find it, which means they don't have to help many people, just sell a product and write it off.
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on December 26, 2015
I found this exceptionally easy to set-up as far as making it work with the cameras and the base unit and the internet connection and access. Please see the note at the end of this review on mounting the cameras, this is an exceptionally difficult task if you have not done that kind of work before, like running wire through and up wall. While the cams are wireless for the video feed but they still require a power cable run to each camera. (Note: Amazon offers professional installation, it runs about 100 dollars a camera, so that will give you an idea that this is not easy.) This is not a complaint and the same thing applies for any camera system you buy.

Set-Up Installation (minus camera mounting)

The base unit console is completely self-contained and allows you to do every function possible with the system, there is no need for a computer or internet connection if you don’t want the remote viewing over the internet option or email alerts. The console will find and configure the cams automatically when it is all powered up. The only adjustment you really need to make is the brightness and the motion sensitivity, both are very easy to set through the console touch screen.

The battery back-up in the console lasts a little over an hour so you can walk around the house with it unplugged. The cameras on the other hand lasts only a few seconds without power so you might consider an inexpensive UPS if you have concerns about power outages. Amazon has a very good APC UPS for 30 bucks that is just right for this, I had only one cam I cared about never losing power so I got one for that cam.

Operating the System

The console is a touch screen and allows you to pick one or up to 4 cams to view at once, if you have more than one camera activated then you are forced into the “Quad” view if you want it to record, by touching the screen for any given camera it will go full screen for that cam but when you are in that mode it does not allow recording, this is not a big deal.

Out of the box it is set-up to record on motion and it does this very well, because the picture you are looking at is delayed by about 1 second, when the cam senses motion it actually captures to the SD card just slightly before whatever triggered it which is really nice because you can always see exactly what triggered it.

You can also set up scheduled recordings all through very easy to follow touch screen operations, you pick the date, start time, and end time and off it goes. If it is on scheduled record for one cam and another cam is triggered by motion it will record the motion triggered cam as well as the scheduled record cam at the same time.

To view and delete recordings you again just tap the touch screen and pick the recording you want to view, it records motion based activation in 2 minute segments and if you use scheduled recording it makes the files in 15 minute segments, so if you record for 1 hour from the schedule it will have 4 fifteen minute video files to view. You can also easily remove the SD card and put it in your computer for viewing, it makes standard MP4 video files that play on viewers included in Windows, Apple iOS, and Android devices, no additional software is needed.

While you are looking a specific cam you also get one-way audio from the cam, so you can hear what is happening but you can’t talk back like an intercom and it does not record the video.

Remote Access and Email Alerts (Internet access)

If you want to remote view you’ll need to plug the docking station (included) for the base unit into your router (cable included) and configure it per the manual, which is well written and very clear, some folks may need help with this step and it says on the support site Uniden is all set to help people with this part, I did not try it was pretty straight forward. Part of this process includes setting up your free Portal Account on Uniden’s web site, this is one of the ways to remote view it, or you can download the free Uniden app for your phone, pad, or tablet, they have both Android and iOS (iPhone) for free, they do not have Amazon Fire or Blackberry versions.

Emailing alerts is also very easy and they suggest using a free gmail (google) account for this but it works with any email provider. The email only tells you that you have an alert on camera x, it does not send a segment of video to see from the email, you have to go to your Uniden Portal Web site or use the phone app.

Privacy Note: Please keep in mind that while this has reasonable security both on the wireless video/audio signal and the Internet connection, nothing is 100% secure so pick your camera field of view with this in mind. My person rule of thumb is, if it is wireless or on the internet, people can get to it so I would not put a cam in a bedroom or other location that would not want to find on YouTube the next day. This applies to all brands that have wireless cams and internet access. Also because it streams through Uniden and they have not disclosed their security architecture it is impossible to know if their tech can view everything from anyone. Again, choose what your cams can see with the idea that anyone can see it.

First some basics:
Cameras Included - 2
Resolution - 320 x 240
Recorded Image -- Day / Well Lit - Color
Recorded Image --Night / Poor Lit - Black & White
Audio - Only while watching, does not record Audio
Recording Options - Record on Motion and/or Record by Schedule
Recording Format - MP4 H.264 (Plays on Windows Media Center or QuickTime and many other players)
Recording Size - 200KB - 400KB per hour (200K/Hr B&W -- 400K/Hr Color)
Record Capacity -- 32GB Max SD Card (~30 days of Color 24x7 recording, months of motion based recording)
Picture Quality - Reasonable, this mostly depends on what is in the field of view and where it is mounted
Time Stamping - Not on video, files are created in 15 minute chunks and each file is time stamped.
Base Unit Battery -- >1Hr
Camera Battery -- < 1 Minute (Consider a cheap UPS)

Overall Rating 4 Stars

- Very easy set-up (plus 1 Star)
- Encrypted Wireless Video (plus 1 Star)
- Excellent picture (plus 1 star)
- Email Alerts on Motion (plus 1 Star)
- Range for me was excellent @ 100 feet for my longest (plus 1 Star)
- Remote Access with Android and IOS (Apple)
- Manual Clear and Well written (PDF version available at Uniden Support)
- Listen to the active camera audio
- Base Unit Battery life over 1 hour

- No Alarm on Motion (I don’t need it and knew it so no points off)
- Does not record audio (I knew this before buying so no points off)
- Portal Site required for Remote Access (privacy concern but not required, no points off)
- Camera battery life (< 1 Minute battery life, good for glitch only) (minus ½ Star)
- If you are viewing a recorded video and forget to switch back to monitoring the unit does not record anything. (Minus ½ Star)

Picture Quality (4 Stars)
Providing you mounted it in a good spot and adjusted the brightness to the best picture, you get a very clear picture, more than enough to positively identify a person, in the day time uniforms are clear, mail person, UPS, FedEx and such.

Camera Battery Life Workaround
I bought a 30 buck APC UPS unit for the outside camera, this give the camera a few hours on the UPS battery.

Mounting the Camera’s (This is the hard part!)

If you want a professional looking job this is a LOT of work because the cameras need power and that part is not wireless. This means running wire up and through walls and if you have not done that kind of work before it is not for the novice. Personally I would not use the included wire inside my walls so I got some bell wire (2 conductor 18 gauge copper wire) that is rated to be put in walls. While this is all very low voltage (5VDC @ 1A) which significantly reduces the risk of a fire from a shorted cable, it does not eliminate it completely. Also note that running the existing wire through and up the inside of a wall means pulling the connector through the hole and inside the wall and there is a good probability that it will break in the process, it was not designed to be pulled through a wall.

I had one location where it was just impossible to run wire to but there was a flood light there, so I added a full height J-Box to the one that the flood light was mounted to and put the power supply in that box and mounted the stand to that box as well. The flood light has to powered all the time but I already had a motion detection flood light so there is power to it all the time and leaving it on all the time was the norm anyway. Just make sure the seal the J-Box with the power supply very well with silicon so no water can get in there.

Mounting the stand for the cams is pretty easy since the cam can be attached to it on the top, bottom, left, or right side of the cam, the only thing not adjustable is lateral movement or height, so make sure the spot you pick is exactly right as far as those dimensions go, the cam mount swivels in all angles as it is on a ball mount. If you have a brick exterior wall you may want to consider using a masonry glue to attach it if you don’t want to drill in to the brick or cinder block. If you have plastic, composite, or aluminum siding you will need a lot long screws than what is provided. I would also strongly suggest you mount the exterior cams on a ½ height exterior J-Box and weather proof it with silicon, as well as the hole leading through the wall.

Before mounting, take a cam and the console to the spot, get the field of view you want both in the Day time and Night time, I found that a good spot in the day is not always a good spot at night, so check it in both conditions. Also consider this, when using motion detection if the cam can see a road or sidewalk anyone passing by in a car or walking will trigger it, as well as things like headlights sweeping by the cam at night, it thinks that is motion. Also make sure it is not pointed directly at any lights, likes you porch light.

Once you have the exact spot for the cam, leave the cam there or close to where you will mount it and then go to where you plan on keeping the console, I have 4 cams, 2 outside and 2 inside. Cam 1 is about 100 feet from the console and the signal goes through on exterior wall and two interior walls (Signal Strength show 3-4 bars of 5). Cam 2 is also outside and it is about 70 feet, it goes through one exterior wall and 2 interior (Signal Strength show 3-4 bars of 5). Cam 3 is in the basement and goes through one floor and is about 50 feet, and cam 4 is in a central hall they must be walked through to get to anything in the house, and it is 40 feet from the console and does not go through any walls if the room door is open, which it usually is, one door if not. Cams 3 and 4 have 4-5 bars of 5)


Because of the wireless video/audio and internet connection (if used), remember to carefully consider what will be on camera and if you don’t want that to end up on YouTube, don’t point the camera at it. I say YouTube just as an example, it still means some has to have the desire and tech knowledge to steal your signal and the meanness to post it on-line or send it to someone. If anything my cams pick up ended up on YouTube it would be the most boring vid on there. (I call it mom-safe, that is, if my mom saw it I would not mind :) All wireless and internet products have this concern so it has nothing to do with this particular brand.
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on July 26, 2016
My review is based on the follow requirements I had for a surveillance system. I was looking for something to primarily be my eyes on my driveway while in my office. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this system. I have been using it for over 1 month with no issues.

1) It needed to have a dedicated screen that was portable (think tablet). I dont want to buy/install a monitor. I needed to be able to take it around the house.
2) It needed to have wireless cameras. I dont mind finding power but I'm done running any other wires
3) it needed to be able to record via motion
4) it needed to have good camera quality
5) it needed to have sufficient wireless range

Based on these requirements I give it 5 stars. The user interface is nothing fancy given the standard Apple has set. However, it gets the job done and is easy to navigate. I use this to see my driveway since my office is on opposite side of house of driveway and I want know if people drive up. The wireless penetrates one brick wall, and 3 interior walls in addition to going through a massive metal shelving system in the garage that is full of cans/tools/anything a DIY/Weekend warrior might have. I have yet to see this system lag. It will if you walk out with the tablet and compare your moves, any system will, but being in the office it has not skipped.

The tablet is touch screen but is old gen touch screen. You have to press a little. Given what i paid i am satisfied with this as i do not interact much with it. Contrary to the picture there is a antenna on the tablet to flip up. Its on top, on the back, in the middle left side. It appears to add a bar of reception when flipped up versus closed. The default layout is a 4 camera view. You can click anyone of them to make them full screen but, and this is one complaint I have, is that it only stays there for a minute or two. It then goes back to 'quad' mode. I wish you could leave it full screen as i only have one of two cameras mounted b/c its all i need to see. However, It can only record in 'quad' mode. I found that odd but its true. Either mode you can see your reception for each camera. Regarding the battery I found that the battery will last about 3-4 hours. I typically leave it docked and move the dock when needed. It has both an icon for the battery and the memory card to inform you how full/empty they are.

It records to an SD card and will overwrite if you set it up to. To view recorded files you go to the calendar for each camera (or all cameras) and view the files. They are file named with the time stamp which makes going through them very nice. The screensaver turns on after two minutes BUT if motion is detected and it starts recording it will turn the screen on. This will annoy the wife if she keeps it bedside when you are traveling and a bug flies in front of it. NOTE on the SD card: The SD card is in the tablet and is VERY easy to access. If you are looking for a security system with the primary purpose to record activity I would NOT, repeat NOT, recommend this system. Someone can easily remove the SD card and walk off with the recordings. I would HIGHLY suggest looking at a dedicated hard drive that you can hide in a gun safe/fireproof safe. This is not the right tool for that job.

The cameras are pretty solid being mainly metal construction. There are mounting screw holes on the top and bottom middle of the cameras (the band thing around the middle of it is where the holes are located). The stands have a swivel head. The stand, up to the bottom of the swivel head, is approx 3". While somewhat short, if you mount under the soffet like i did and your overhang is only 1' then its too much. The camera hangs to low for weather, imo, so you'll need to work something out. I had another mount i used to give me another arm to make a "J" to keep it tight against the soffet and out of the weather. The mount has 4 holes to mount it solidly. The night vision on the cameras is good for what you paid for. I do find that the bugs that fly next to the camera will set off the motion sensor along with shadows of trees being blown in the wind. There is a green and red light on the camera that makes it stick out a little bit but the IR lights are like any other camera, fairly hard to see unless you're looking. I haven't tried covering the red/green leds so i dont know if its possible without blocking IRs/camera lens. I assume it would be though.

I did not connect to the internet and view it so i cannot speak to that. Again, like with the SD card issue, i would recommend a different setup for this. I would suggest PTZ cameras with a dedicated server. You'll want higher quality cameras since you'll likely be viewing on a smaller screen.
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on September 30, 2014
Installation was a snap. I spent more time unpackaging the cameras than I did installing them. I added a 3rd outdoor camera to the system and it took less than 5 minutes to install and connect it. You need to know what you are going to do as far as providing power for the cameras. When I built our home, I had electrical outlets added to the eves of the roof for Christmas lights so it made installation simple. My only concern on the camera is that the synch button is exposed. If anyone realizes this, they could hijack your camera signal. I only rated it 4 stars because the wireless signal is a little weak. My cameras are all within 50 feet of the receiver and only one of the 3 gets a full strength signal and the one that is watching our driveway will lose the synch every now and then. Night vision is ok for foot traffic, but cars that are in motion are impossible to identify because of the starbursts created by their lights.

I'm using the system offline. I do not have it connected to the internet or my iPhone as I don't trust the web. Maybe its from watching "Enemy of the State" one too many times.

Update as of 9/17/2015

Well, I'm revising my review and lowering my ratings for this system. I'm constantly having issues with the camera that is only 40 feet from the base station losing its signal. The night vision is grainy and the videos when you need to count on them don't help with police reports. I'm attaching video footage from my front porch where the lights were on and as you can see you can't make out the faces of the people stealing stuff from our house.
review image
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on July 9, 2014
Package arrived next day as promised, in perfect condition and was easy to set up.

I bought this because a Meth house moved in next door. ONE of the terrible things they do is stand on the front lawn and yell obscenities and threaten passing neighbors. I wanted to have evidence for the police since I've called several times and they come out, but don't arrest anyone.

Imagine my surprise when I played back the first video and it was silent. It only records and plays back the video portion, no audio. Uniden support says this is the way it's supposed to run. Doesn't work for me. I don't think a video of him gesticulating is going to do it for the police. I'm sending it back and replacing it with the Lorex LW2732 which does record audio (and has intercom on the cameras, a chime when motion is detected and an overwrite function on the SD card - Uniden doesn't have any of these).

Also, when I set the Uniden up on the internet, Norton immediately removed one of the files needed to run on the internet as very risky. I had to turn Norton off before I could install it (now I wish I hadn't).

The Lorex is actually less expensive and seems to have more of the features I want. The lower price should offset the wasted over night shipping I paid for the Uniden.

PS -

I have the Lorex now. Also easy to set up. Audio is awesome. Additionally, the Lorex lets you manually record while in single camera screen (Uniden didn't and I immediately wanted that functionality) and you can even record while in single camera zoom and the playback is zoomed. Really nice. The one thing I miss is that the monitor is not battery operated. You have to be plugged in. FYI - the monitor is not touch screen - which is a plus for me, buttons are quicker, and I hate smears on the screen.

Bottom line - while the Uniden cameras seem sturdier and the monitor can be used on battery, the Lorex has much better functionality - better thought out and easier to use. I'm keeping the Lorex, the Uniden goes back.
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