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on April 24, 2015
System works great. Very easy to install. Connected easily to my satellite internet service and I have been able to view all cameras everytime I have gone online to look at my property. No disconnect problems as mentioned on other reviews. The cameras are a little more sensative in the "low" motion detection mode then I would like, but I would rather have it that way instead of not sensative enough. Overall a fine product.
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on December 27, 2015
First off, I have not used this connected to the internet for remote viewing so my rating does not include that aspect. I have 2 of these systems each with 4 cameras operating. Here is my take on the Uniden G9555.
The good:
-Set up is easy provided you have power supplies already located where you plan to place the cameras. I did this when I rewired my home so power was not an issue.
-Everything is provided right out of the box, I screwed mine to the soffits so I purchased some tek screws.
-No cumbersome wires inside or out.
-Set up is simple especially if you are accustomed to a touchpad and have some good ole common sense.
-Paring cameras is easy with the touch of a button or two. Do this before installing.
-Zoom. You can zoom in on 5 areas of the area being monitored.
-A good basic system for the price.
-Night vision is quite good. Adequate lighting is advised still (I have floodlight perimeter lighting which helps a lot).

The bad:
-Lag. Based on location and the materials your house is built with plus distance from the monitor to the camera(s) the video can be choppy and will have lag. In other words, if someone I walking by, the image may run normal, freeze a bit, then speed up as the transmission is received. This can be a bit of an issue.
-Hunting. Sometimes the cameras lose connectivity and hunt for the signal to reconnect leaving you blind.
-Daytime shadows. Based on the sun’s location and the shadows cast, an area can be technically blacked out for a few minutes.
-Sensitivity of motion detection. Set on low, my banana leaves set recording to occur, even cobwebs on the camera lens.
-Clarity. Facial recognition is not a strong point and the same goes for vehicle plates.
-Glare. Do not let lights hit the camera lens directly.

My home is made from concrete blocks with metal roofing. Signal reception is good at all four corners once the monitors are located at the centre of the home.
For the price and convenience, expect some trade-offs. In my opinion, this system despite its drawbacks allows one to monitor their surroundings quite easily before exiting and to track movement without the need for a more expensive system: a separate monitor, DVD-R, Hardrive power and data cables etc. For me, I just want to have a simple view from a secure place inside should I hear something and I want to investigate without placing my bighead near a window. This system can be a DIY and save you a lot of cash. Use a 32gb memory card. I would further add that this should be used alongside an alarm system since you will not be glued to the security monitor at all times.
However, I would recommend if you are in an area prone to crime or with heavy traffic (pedestrian/automotive) then a more advanced system is a better investment.

I will edit this review should the need arise.
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on March 22, 2015
I had a previous security system. This system is far better. The clarity of the pictures (day and night) are superior to my other system. I also have more capabilities that my other system. First impressions is important. Right out of the box I was impressed. Assembly and set up was so easy. After charging the battery, I took it downstairs and then into my basement to see if I would still pick up a signal. Not once did it falter. The only thing I don't like is on the monitor when you review video it does not give you date and time. It does when you go through the internet. However, all of the other features outweigh this.
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on October 19, 2015
This system is great. Its easy to set up, manage, view from my iPhone. It's clear day and night and you are able To hear what's going on.
It can record with motion or at set times, the frame rate is quick. You can see everything happening. If you upgrade the sd card. it can record for up to 5 days straight on all 4 cameras, if you buy the special extensions cords the cameras can be put any and everywhere.

This system is amazing right out of the box, great for home security.

One day I got a box delierved from ups, the box was larger, damaged and upside down, needless to say the item was broken. I was able to go back and find when it was delivered. The ups man walked halfway up my driveway then threw the box the rest of the way. I called ups and sent them the video and the person was fired and a new ups driver next day.
The cameras were also able to easily pick up raccoons in the back yard, and see what my dogs were doing when outside.

This cameras made me feel safe and feel better about my house and wife being alone when I was out of town. I would highly recommend this product. My brother who is a police officer was so impressed with my system when he came for a visit, he bought the same setup for his house.
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on September 19, 2015
We have purchased and installed two of these systems now, giving us eight cameras. Since we are both gone at different times of the day, it allows us to keep track of things on our Android phones, as well as seeing clearly what is going on when we are home. I love the uniden system, and my only criticism at all is that the range of the camera units to the base is somewhat limited. If the range of the cameras was a little bit longer, I would give the system five stars.
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on October 31, 2014
Assembly is simple. Instruction book is lengthy. Comes with 8GB MICRO SD Card and a Standard SD Adapter Card for transferring recordings to the PC. The Touch Screen Pad System took me awhile to figure out why I couldn't get it to respond. Main icons around the edge of screen works when touching at the very edges of icons and screen. Screen changes zippy then. Electrical socket availability is the key to set up cameras. My Barn is nearly 600 feet from the house, and I was able to position one camera that gives me a 3 bar signal to my living room near a window. That's great.
Sound quality is clear, but not loud. Scheduled Recordings work well, just make sure your clock is set correctly. A 2 hour schedule was segmented in 15 minute clips.
The 2 Cameras are pre-set and paired with the monitor, so they are plug and go ready.
Great live color viewing, and daytime recording. Night vision give a good view. Detection for recording is very sensitive. I get a lot of 2 min recordings at night, and don't see anything out there.
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on June 21, 2016
quick and easy way to get wireless vid monitoring and recording going. big tip if you program a single camera then screen stays full screen view full time. with the 9" screen is way more useful this way as by default if you have multiple cameras the screen will automatically switch away from single cam viewk back to tiny multiple cam view. So I just ended up buying multiple screens to keep all cams full screen on their own dedicated screens / memory cards.
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on December 14, 2014
I have two monitors and a total of eight cameras around my property. The ones that are indoors work fine, but the image is small and there's a lag in the display so it's hard to make out people's faces. The outdoor ones suffer from a halo effect sometimes. The remote access usually works okay, after long pauses to bring up the image. I can't wait for the state of the art to advance so I can pull up HD video instantly.
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on October 22, 2015
I have to say that this system is a peach, I've had another large name brand wireless system operating in my home , shop and yard for a few years 12 cameras and three separate monitors ,and I am so ticked off at how the uniden inexpensive system is simpler, and better than my other much more expensive system , cameras transmit range is almost double my shops steel frame and walls aren't the barrier that it is to the existing cams the night vision isn't as good but at the price it's not a big issue no repeaters, or booster antanis to buy extra . It works I'm happy and as my old system slowly dies an over priced death I will probably phase a Uniden system in.
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on October 26, 2015
First I rarely will give a 5 star but I may come back in a couple months and upgrade it. I knew very little of these systems in general & researched a couple of different products. I have a small area to cover - a porch and short driveway all within 50' so I looked at entry level two-camera systems. I read some mixed reviews about the uniden system but also with others. first and so far (barring it starting to fail etc. after I write this) I'm very pleased with this system G955 for the price. ( I was looking at the USD655 but it won't work with Windows 8 and they referred me to the G955 for it's online-access and recording capability). This to me was Easy Set up and install. I had some issues trying to access online on my PC - The website to go online asks you to download/upgrade some software for your PC, that seems to have a "corrupt signature" so I haven't gotten that straight yet but I have accessed from both an Android tablet and iPhone. There is a learning curve with all the features available, but I do have it working with Motion Sensor which will record when that is triggered (I set motion sensitively to low) It also has email/app alerts & remote access for reviewing recordings. Also the night vision works well as far as I'm concerned. As far as the clarity, it is analog which I guess they are phasing out for HD, so for short distances this serves my purpose. I could see if you need to make a Positive Facial ID from a longer distance for example you may need to invest in HD and pay the price. if you need to keep an eye on your place while home or away for around $200 I thought this is a good value.
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