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on April 21, 2016
The UDR 744 wouldn't record after midnight so I decided to try to have it repaired. It was still under warranty and yet you have to pay to ship it. So I did. Meanwhile I ordered another UDR 744 so I could have surveillance since I was told it could take two weeks or more plus the week it took to get to the facility. The second unit came and that doesn't record during the night. All four cameras (2 with each monitor) show the red infrared light on and working. If I go out and wave my hand in front of the camera during the time they don't detect motion, it will record my hand. I have tried cleaning them and they installed under the window soffit which protects them from the elements.
Shipping cost $12.00. I shipped one and that needs to go back and I have another one waiting to go back. That's $36.00. How many times before they get it right. I need to keep one system which will record on continuous through the night, not set on motion sensor. Who wants to spend hours watching recorded video of the entire night?
What are the chances of ordering two of the same system from different companies, that have the same exact problems???
For another $200.00, I could have purchased a much better quality system from Sam's Club which included six cameras.
There is only 90 days to return it to the store for a refund. That time has passed. What a BIG MISTAKE.
Before I decided to buy the system, I looked at the reviews. Not sure who wrote those but, they were far from the truth.
I did have the Uniden 766 which never gave me a problem. The only difference is the recording times. The 766 only records motion for 2 minutes. The 744 gives you a choice between 15 sec, 30 sec. and 1 minute. Great if you only need to record during day light hours. Not so good during the night when people might want to break into your car or home.
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on July 8, 2015
This system is only good for daytime use. In daylight the cameras are triggered by small birds flying by. At night the range of the motion detectors drops to nothing despite the fact that the infrared emitters do a fair job of night time illumination. I can drive a car in front of the camera at night and not trigger the motion sensor. That is a disappointment. Daylight images are very good, but I really bought this system for tracking what happens in my driveway at night.

Installation was very easy. The camera mounting brackets are fragile. Be careful with over tightening the adjustment bolt. I've had no issues with the range of the wireless. The cameras synced to the viewer immediately and have stayed connected for several weeks.

Others have mentioned the lack of a date stamp on the videos. That makes this system useless for event documentation. There is no way to know the exact time the video was recorded.

In summary, the system fails on one of the mission critical tasks I needed.
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on December 29, 2015
I suggestion, look for a different brand!!

Update as of January 6, 2016. As I stated in my original post, I gave it a second try with a brand-new system. To save myself some work I set the camera up on a flat surfaces and turn them on and then turn the monitor on. Of course the viewing wasn't the greatest because of the levels where the cameras were. But they worked very well in daylight. At night time the auto sequencing was screwed up because only one camera would load long enough to really view. The other camera would only flick on for a second or two and then went to a blank screen. I figured this had something to do with the IR mode. Feeling I could live with that I decided to permanently mount and I mounted the cameras where I wanted them. After mounting one of the cameras started giving false signals and would beep three times every 10 seconds. I worked with the settings and rebooted the monitor. I even unplugged the SD card. In order to sleep I had to turn that camera off during the night. This time I called Uniden and spoke with the tech In-depth. She told me to reset the cameras and the monitor. All to no avail. I called Uniden back and she told me I needed to send it in for repairs. The system is now packed up and waiting for Amazon to pick it up. So as the saying goes, once bit twice shy!

The monitor worked for only an hour and then died. I returned the original and will give unit in a second shot. We'll see how this second product will work. Will keep you posted
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on September 30, 2017
I've had the UDR744HD for about 2 years. It's not very good.
- The monitor interface is clunky, the wireless range isn't very robust, and the monitor itself will occasionally become unresponsive and restart itself, and when it does work it's intermittently slow to respond to touch inputs.
- Firmware updates are rare and often you have to tell the device to recheck multiple times before it'll see one, it'll just say it's up to date regardless of if that's true. So you perpetually don't know if there's an update out there to make it better.
- I don't have reason to check it much, so one time I went to check it for an incident outside and it had shut down and not recorded anything for like 3 months. When you do want to playback security footage it's hard to figure out the timestamps.
- The footage it does record will only play in VLC, and even then not very well, forget about Quicktime. They're ASF Files.
- On Setup: The ability to point the cameras is limited in range, as in it basically only goes side to side, not up and down or diagonal, so keep an eye on the mounts for any security camera you buy. Maybe Uniden's other camera setups are better, but I'll never know because this is it for me.
I try to stay open minded about electronics companies, like I gave Panasonic TV's and cameras a try after years of not thinking much of them and now I'm a fan. But Uniden... this should not have made it out the door.
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on June 24, 2015
Worked for a 1month and 24 days and now I have a non working unit and no recourse. I picked it up to turn on recording and when I pressed the button this is what happened and it has been this way for 6hrs. Don't waste your money.
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on January 16, 2016
Bought in October. Now January, so of course the return window through Amazon is null and void. And of course it's not offered with any sort of warranty when you buy it, as an add on. Thing is, the audio is entirely gone. The outbound speaker system works since I can hear my voice outside, but the usefulness of the UDR744 is now nihil, since I can't hear anything on either camera. When pressing the volume button up and down there's a staticy 'fzzt' for a split second, each time the volume buttons are hit, which leads me to believe the speakers have been blown. I never turned the volume up above the halfway point, so it shouldn't have fizzled out. I'll need a whole new monitor now, if the speaker's not working. Of course, via Uniden's website: "To return or to receive a refund for a product purchased from a retailer you must contact that retailer for their return or refund policy." And since it's outside of Amazon's 30 day return window, there you are, stuck with a useless hunk of junk.

If not for the audio fail rendering the system USELESS, it worked well and our picture was clear, it records fine, we never had any probs with the signals, and the outbound mic works well. Just be aware that if you buy this product, it's going to fail and you'll be out a whole lot of money with nothing to show for it, and no return policy or warranty, either.
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on December 28, 2015
Uniden needs to do some research to fine tune this camera system. The problem that I had was when I power up the camera, my Wifi based internet access goes to a crawl. I have Comcast with 30 Meg down and 6 Meg Upstream. The camera signal look like killing the Wifi Signal. I have noticed that my Wifi signal will go 0.78 meg down and 0.17 Meg upstream when the camera is powered up. If I disconnect the camera, Wifi will go back to normal speed.

I have called Uniden tech support, it is the worst tech support a customer can experience, they do not have the real desire to help their customers or probably they may know of this problem and do not know a workaround. At any rate, with no help from the Uniden, I have done many steps to correct the issue.

Here are something you can do if you have one of this unit and have Wifi issues so that you can get somewhat decent speed. Move the camera and receiver to further out from the network router. This defeat the purpose in my situation, my goal was to connect this camera to the internet and to do that RJ45 cable needs to be connected from the camera receiver to the Wifi router. Wifi camera was purchased to avoid lengthier cable install to begin with. Secondly, I have changed the channel on the net router, and thirdly speed setting on the router was changed too. Now I am getting 8-10 Meg down and around 4 meg up speed which is acceptable.

I waited testing the product after 30 days return period since I was unable to get a contractor to mount the camera on the siding of my house and run the power cable which is inside the house, otherwise I should have returned the merchandise for a refund in time. I also want say Amazon support staff who I spoke to was a great person wanted to help me to resolve the issue. I am giving the vendor and this camera system only one star since I did not get the support as a customer from Uniden or seller.
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on September 22, 2015
The cameras have been installed for 7 months outside. I was very pleased when I first received them, but after a few months I realize how cheap the system is. After a month, I had to readjust one of the cameras. It will no longer hold itself upright. Though the screw is tightened all the way where you adjust your camera, it will still move. The only footage I get from this camera is the ground. Ive tried wedging different things and even tried to cover the metal joint with duct tape, but nothing will hold. The monitor wont adjust to sensitivity. If I turn it up to high or turn it off, the camera will automatically record. So I have 30 second recordings every 3 minutes, defeating the purpose of catching the people who keep on vandalizing our property, since it takes up all the memory with worthless recordings. I'm disappointed on this buy.
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on March 28, 2017
Works great outdoors
We have had ours outside 24/7 for over a year,
We live on the Oregon coast, literally on the coastline. So we get some pretty crazy weather
The video still the same
The audio is still the same
Everything works just the way we got it

Very slow programming. Lags. Glitches. Even when using it online, viewing from your phone. Takes a extremely long time to connect.
Cameras do not go far in between your interior and exterior walls
Touch screen not very accurate.
Keep having to reset date & time, even when synched and hooked up to the internet
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on February 8, 2016
Is anyone having problems with the battery? This is my second one for this system and both of them the battery wouldn't stay charged and then none of the buttons wouldn't work. it comes to find out that the battery had swollen. This is the second one that did this after over a year we brought them. We do not leave it charged all the time. We let it charge, then take it off the charger till the battery light shows red then we charge it again. I'm so disappointed with this product. They worked really well when we first got them but went down hill from there. I'm at the point that I would never buy a Uniden product again.
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