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4.5 out of 5 stars
Uninformed Consent : The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care
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on May 16, 2015
The many past reviews of this book cover most of the main points. I, too, have found the book very convincingly written and argued, well worth serious consideration for those seeking optimal health and wellness. However, there are some points that lead me to hesitate in my own case. First, the book describes "total dental revision" (TDR), which is a fairly major, drastic intervention going far beyond merely replacing amalgam fillings with composite ones. What is the success rate of TDR? The book doesn't provide any statistics that I could find, but court information from Dr. Huggins' license revocation indicates a success rate of 85%. Is that fully disclosed to TDR patients? And what happens in the other 15% of cases? The book doesn't say, except to emphasize that the "dental revision" needs to be "total" in order to have any chance (though still not necessarily 100%) of producing significant positive long-term health benefits. For those who are already seriously ill, 85% may be a very attractive opportunity, and I completely concur that such treatment decisions ultimately should remain with the patients, with access to all the essential information they need to be fully informed ("informed consent"). I also agree that the current licensing system goes too far in penalizing innovators in medicine and dentistry, and that individual patients *can* make their own decisions about their own level of treatment as long as they have the necessary information -- especially if mainstream doctors are permitted to discuss alternative treatment possibilities freely with their patients without fear of losing their licenses to practice.

The book also fails to mention (as far as I noticed) what should be done to fill the gap between teeth when a tooth is extracted, other than making sure the extraction site is thoroughly cleaned out to prevent "cavitations" where anaerobic bacteria can hide and produce extremely harmful toxins. I noticed another Amazon review by a dentist explaining that implants are the only way to prevent bone loss and eventual loss of additional teeth. Yet Dr. Huggins strongly opposes implants and advocates removing them as part of a TDR. Furthermore, a mainstream oral surgeon told me once that implants don't have very good life expectancy; he said five years is considered a "good outcome" for implants. He also said there is no problem in not having an implant in place of the farthest back molar after the molar is extracted. A mainstream dentist also told me that 5 years is the best minimum life expectancy for crowns, too, although my own crowns have lasted far longer. Fortunately, I've always insisted on gold for my crowns (for durability), which apparently is far less toxic than nickel-ceramic crowns, according to Dr. Huggins (because of the nickel content, even in "stainless steel" form).

For additional perspective on Dr. Huggins, there is a very informative article about him on Wikipedia, titled "Hal Huggins." The article seems to present a balanced and objective picture of his views, criticisms, successes and failures, with many references, including links to the court documents relating to Dr. Huggins' 1996 license revocation in Colorado.

I came to this book myself primarily out of curiosity about the professional association between Dr. Huggins and Dr. Thomas E. Levy, since I have long been highly interested in Dr. Levy's views regarding high-dose vitamin C and its use (in IV form) in Dr. Huggins' TDR procedures. The book provides excellent additional background on how Dr. Levy met Dr. Huggins and how Dr. Levy's own health improved greatly after a TDR by Dr. Huggins.
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on December 27, 2013
When I write that we by reading this book at least start speculating about our actual health, we among other can put this parallel to the content of the personally story by Thomas E. Levy, which start on the side 15. Because here he tells us that before he met Hal A. Huggins, he sought that his health was as good at it could be, but after he then had some of his tooth fillings changed, unexpected to him, his energy started to increase.

But to me it’s especially choking to read Huggins telling about how he during a lecture he made, back in 1973, then by one of the listeners, Dr. Olympio Pinto, was learning about a connection between leukemia and the mercury fillings in the gums. Because Pintos then told him about how his dentist father, way back in 1920s, nearly by and “accident”, discovered this connection on a boy both suffering of leukemia and of pain in the gum. Shocking for me to learn that even though this connection now have been known for around 90 years, but nearly nobody knows anything about it.

And it’s also choking when we for example on the side 183 are reading that in 1996, in the state of Colorado, the Judge Nance Connick then ruled that patients were not allowed to ask dentists to remove their fillings for toxic reasons!

And furthermore we on the side 199 are reading that back in the 1980s when it was planned for Huggins to hold a lecture about the potential hazards of nickel, but when it then was discovered what would be told, then the dentist was not allowed to come to this lecture, and if they did, they then would lose their licenses! So Huggins, naturally, then canceled the lecture.

But the book is extremely good and important by informing us about the possibly connections between what people now during more than 150 year by amalgam have been getting into their teeth, and the thereby increased chances in being hit by sicknesses among other as Alzheimer, AIDS, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, headaches, and ringing in the ears,

And the book finish with an interesting observation about how we mostly are having our dreaming in black and white, but after the bad fillings in the teeth have been removed then many persons are starting dreaming in color! That is getting back to the original.

But even though the book is concerning our teeth, we also learn that the cholesterol and the fats really aren’t as bad as we until presently have been told. So concerning this point the book has also been in front of the official statements.

But it’s a highly important book, and next time I visit my dentist, who to me look like a dentist interesting I knowledge, I show him the book, and ask if I shall by a copy to him.
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on April 24, 2014
I had my 14 yr old son's braces removed due to the possibility of nickel toxicity after reading Dr. Huggins work and studing Dr Levy. During braces my son went into a dark depression, lost interest in sports, life, school, etc. He had an overdose suicide attempt and failed 2 classes. A month prior to removal I started him on lipo-C, vitamins, and minerals. I saw improvements, but they were not stable. He had a particularly bad breakdown after starting to use a waterpik to clean his braces. So after much thought, off came the braces. We are only two weeks in after braces removal (with continuing supplementation) and he has -completely- turned around. He is bright, dresses better, doing his homework, back in sports and started his own business with a friend. And he smiles all of the time. He is hardly recognizable as the same person. Dr. Thomas Levy continued the work on this subject and Vitamin C. I can not recommend his books enough. They are fabulous life savers. It is real medicine. It is inexpensive and easy as well.
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on January 4, 2009
Before you have a root canal or mercury filling placed in your mouth, you owe it to yourself to read this book. If you already have one or more root canals, mercury (amalgam) fillings in your mouth and are endeavoring to gain back your lost health, you will find this book a God send. The book gives specifics about various illnesses caused by toxins in your mouth, which act as systemic poisons.

In this well written, thorough, but easy to understand book, "Uninformed Consent: The Hidden Dangers In Dental Care", Dr. Huggins doesn't very often quote from other people's dental research, he quotes from his own! Just like our mutual health hero, Weston A. Price, Dr. Huggins is an outstanding researcher and pioneer in the field of dentistry. He cares about people enough to buck the dental establishment, which has reaped him much disdain and some negative consequences. The many people helped by him sing Dr. Huggins praises, while those threatened by the truth malign him. Doing root canals is a lucrative business for oral surgeons and the loss of revenue is a war cry.

I very much appreciated the chapter on nickel, which Huggins says is the most cancer causing substance around. It isn't just mercury that is extremely toxic, but other metals, such as copper, lead, and nickel are also extremely toxic. You don't want any of these metals in your mouth.

Although not mentioned in the book, fluoride is one of the most toxic substances known to man. Before WWII it was used as rat and roach poison, but since it is the only gas reactive enough to split uranium atoms in two, it enabled us to produce atomic energy during the second world war. During the cold war with the Russians, totally flawed research showed that it supposedly prevented tooth decay, and the push was on to make fluoride look healthy and not the roach poison that it is. For more on this important subject go to the Fluoride Action Network and also read Christopher Bryson's well written book, "The Fluoride Conspiracy."

I also appreciated the chapters in Hguggin's book on root canals, cavitations, and also the one on proper dental detoxification. As it did me, it will undoubtedly surprise you to learn that research has shown that the toxins in the dentin tubules of root canaled teeth and cavitation sites are way more toxic than even mercury. They are the most toxic substance yet discovered. I also highly recommend that you read the best book ever written on nutrition, "Nutrition & Physical Degeneration, by Dr. Weston A. Price. The fabulous pictures of helathy verses unhealthy faces is worth the price of the book.
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on March 4, 2012
A life-transforming sequence of events began for Dr. Levy when he met Dr. Huggins in 1993, at the Extraordinary Science Conference, sponsored by the International Tesla Society in Colorado Springs, He tells about it in his telltale story "Personally Speaking: the Medical Aspects of Dental Toxicity," at the beginning of the book. How his health began deteriorating in his early forties, and the positive impact that going through Huggins' Total Dental Revision (TDR) program had on him are the subject of the piece.

Of course, for sure not everybody undergoing it may have so complete a success as his, but he was lucky enough, and that's the crucial point: that it can be. Most illuminating is the intellectual and emotional transformation he underwent as a genuine, knowledgeable and caring professional began re-examining the nuts and bolts of his career. He earned a law degree, became a diplomate of the American College of Forensic Examiners, gave up his medical practice, and started a different life, lecturing and writing books as a crusader of a new kind of Medicine that is emerging.

With plenty of clinical observations and wisdom, Uninformed Consent is a shaking of hands of Medicine and Dentistry for the patients' sake. Its main topics are I-The Metabolic Consequences of Dental Toxicity (autoimmune diseases, birth defects, chronic fatigue, indigestion, leukemia, and the results of interference with hormones). II-Disease responses seen after dental revision: observations of the incurable. III-Sources of Dental Toxicity: Mercury amalgam, nickel, root canals, and cavitations. IV-Post-dental revision: The recovery process is only beginning. A brief conclusion addresses the attitudes and responsibilities of the health care providers, those in power and the courts, in a situation that should never have come to be, because so many people are needlessly suffering and dying due to it.

(This is the review that appears in my article Death is Lurking in Your Mouth (Kindle Edition), which is an overview of amalgam, root canals and cavitations.)
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on January 14, 2013
It seems that as I attempt to get healthier, I found out just how much the medical arena continues to take my money but fail to tell me the truth. Somewhere, someone must have a conscience that means more than loyalty to an agency or degree. I am angry that I have so much toxicity in my body that has kept me from living life as God intended. So now armed with info I will get some help I should have gotten in the first place.Good book and while I don't agree 100 percent with everything, it is clear I have been poisoned by a spirit of deception. It takes guts to write something like this! My deepest and heartfelt appreciation.
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on November 13, 2013
I greatly admire Hal A Huggins. He is a very courageous dentist and very wonderful caring man who dared to stand up for what he believed in. He was and still is attacked by many people in his profession, and the ADA It is only greed and
fear of being sued that they deny what damage usually happens because of these old practices. Most of the my generation were brought up to believe that the Medical Doctors and Dentists really cared about their patients, and would not intend do any harm. Hopefully the younger generation are a little smarter than that. We all need to be smart enough to realize that Doctor's in our country have to offer us the Standard's of Care, or they can loose their license. NOW, we need to research for ourselves, what is in our own best interests especially where it comes to our health. If you do not realize this you need to READ " UNIFORMED CONSENT" and "LET THE TOOTH BE KNOWN" Huggins explains in detail how and why Root Canals, Mercury, Nickel and many metals can cause great damage to our health. Their is a lot of good information in this book. I only wish I could could find a dentist exactly like Hal A. Huggins!
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on June 18, 2016
I am so shocked and angry that my dentist(s) never informed me of the dangers of the root canals and toxic mercury laden fillings called amalgams they were putting in my mouth may cause adverse health issues. Boy am I ruined
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on April 15, 2014
If you're struggling with an undiagnosed illness and have been down the medical path with no results then you should read this book. It might provide a lot of answers to your particular problems. This is one of a number of books I've read that have confirmed the dangers of mercury toxicity. It's good to read one by the well known dentist Huggins, with his medical associate Levy. It's refreshing to read material from a doctor who actually gets it and isn't stuck in the mould of believing mercury does no harm.
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on December 6, 2013
Just as title says there is a wealth of information about the hidden dangers of you dental care. I used his protocol for the removal of my amalgam fillings and one root canal. Feeling much better.
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