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on May 3, 2017
I read several reviews before I decided to purchase this device and I must admit I was very hesitant at first; however, I was very pleasantly surprised to find the excellent quality this device produces. Don't get me wrong, this is still based off of a cassette device so the quality isn't as crystal clear as it would be with a newer auxiliary port but you will be amazed with how well this device works, especially if your vehicle is like mine (old) and does not have an auxiliary port option. I am upset at myself for not getting this device over a year ago. Some reviews I read indicated a issue with clicking but I did not experience this issue. When playing podcasts there is a slight noise coming from the cassette but it is barely audible and is not bothersome at all, especially depending on the podcast. When playing music I have had no issues at all. I would definitely recommend this device. Well worth it.
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on February 4, 2017
Almost drove myself nuts reading the reviews on these things before I purchased. Look, it works fine. Sound varies sometimes it's clear, sometimes a little muffled, sometimes a little staticky. Just don't expect concert hall quality. I have a 2006 Lexus RX 330 with factory stereo system.
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on April 13, 2017
I have an old car, it pulls the ladies
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon October 31, 2017
I traded in a newer car for a 2008 Lexus, which oddly enough has Bluetooth for phone calls, but I can't get my music to play from my phone to the car. This was the easiest and cheapest solution.

I've been using this for 2 months with absolutely no issues. The sound quality is about equal to listening to the radio. I often forget to turn the power off when I unplug my phone so the tape player just keeps going for long periods of time. If I'm paying attention and listen really hard I can hear a very small, extremely quiet clicking. But, it's nothing distracting or annoying. Like I said, I have to be listening really hard for it.

Overall, I have no complaints. This was less than $6 and made me able to listen to music on my phone through my car speakers. I will update my review if I encounter any problems in the future. But so far, I can honestly say it was a great purchase and I love it.
review image
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on May 21, 2014
TL;DR: cheap is as cheap does. Or cheap does as cheap is. Or life is like a box of expired drugstore chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get. Except probably food poisoning.

This gets 3/5 stars because amazon says that means "it's okay." Even for a < $3 product, it's just "okay." At $1 it would've been a steal, and at $3.50 it would've been a rip. At $2.50-$3, it's just "okay."

*NOTE: THIS REVIEW IS ONLY FOR THE CRYSTAL CASE. I don't know what to say about the reusable screen protector, as I already had screen protectors on my screens that have done me very well, so I never installed the ones that came with this.

So I paid less than $3 for this. I bought it precisely because it was cheap, and I take good care of my electronics so I didn't quite expect to need it anyway. I just wanted a "security blanket," and I wanted a clear one so that I could continue to enjoy the lovely gold design of my LE Link Between Worlds 3DSXL.

To be honest, the case did more damage to my unit than not having a case at all.


Bear with me here.

The case is made of cheap, brittle plastic (this is like waaaay important guys). As well, the joints feel like they could give way in the slightest breeze, which is just SUCH a BOTHER. Sometimes the unit itself would kind of "slip out" of the case, as the joints turned inside-out like an Olympic power lifter's elbow during a poorly executed, overly ambitious snatch.

What's more, although the case fits, it doesn't fit *snugly*, and it allows in dust, hair, dirt, skin, Cheeto dust, fly wings… Any kind of small particle can get under this case. Hell, I only use my DS maybe once a week, and normally I keep it in a pretty little carrier, but so much ick got under this case and I kept telling myself "you need to clean that out and get a new case" but I tend to ignore myself when I talk to myself because it's not good to listen to the voices. And because of this poor fit, as well as the hardness of the plastic, the protective case wiggles and moves and rubs agains the surface of your unit (heh).

There are subtle imperfections in the item itself. Not sure if it's a problem with the mold or the packaging process, but I don't really care. Well, I *didn't* care. I mean, hey, I paid less for this case than a medium - excuse me, "grande" - shake - excuse me, "frap" - at Moonbucks, so I did not expect it to be perfect. I just expected it to keep dust and hair and fingerprints off my glorious two-tone portable joy device. It... didn't quite do that, but I was fine with it because other than being a magnet for disgustingness, at least it kept my 3DS from getting scratched, right?


The cheapness ended up damaging (very slightly) my actual 3DS (dramatic timpani).


(Again? I heard you the first time.)

See, there was a tiny, insignificant, barely noticeable little scratch/dent/crater (from the universe's tiniest meteor impact?) on the protector. The kind of thing you can barely see. The kind of thing *I* barely saw and let it be. There were actually a few such defects, but it was this *one* little jerkwad that ruined my life (and my baby's modeling future).

Recently, I decided to change my case, mostly because I was finally fed up with all the dust getting underneath this case. I wanted something with a more snug fit. I ended up buying another brand's Nintendo licensed "Duraflexi Protector" which was > 4x the cost of this one. Ouchies. But it was time to stop being selfish and start caring for my baby like a proper parent, so I made the sacrifice and exchanged money for security. (Also, prettiness. Because nothing is more important than being pretty. NOTHING.)

When I was changing out the cases, as I was gently wiping away all the dust, I noticed one smudge would not budge. As it turned out, this unbudging smudge I could not nudge, was not a smudge at all. It was a scratch deep into the top cover of the 3DS. A permanent scar on my baby - my 8-month-old baby! The HORROR! What kind of failure of a mother was I to allow this to happen?

I looked on the protector and, lining it up against the top side of my 3DS and, sure enough, *precisely* where my baby's lifelong disfigurement now was, on the complementary area of the protector, there was some sort of manufacturing defect, some sort of jagged bubbly perversion of the surface that, from friction (again, ill-fitting case, hard plastic, etc. etc.) had dug into the smooth, supple, fragile exterior of my darling, leaving a permanent etching that reminded me why "cheap" and "high-quality" do not go hand in hand.

So, anyway.

It's not that huge of a deal. But, ultimately, price really shows in the end product. If you're trying to get something to really, *really* protect your product from daily wear and tear, you need to shell out a bit more.

What you can do to avoid damage to your 3DS:

* Go with another product - something made of a flexible polyurethane or silicone.

* *Wrap* your 3DS in some sort of skin before (or instead of) using this case.

* Forego a protective case at all and opt for a carry case instead, because most case damage comes from incidental bumps and bruises while carrying your 3DS, rather than from touching or playing it.

* Forego a protective case at all and go commando. Let your 3DS swing in the breeze like Mother Nature intended.

* Place your 3DS into an airtight display case and hire security guards to monitor it 24/7, reminding them to avoid ever touching the thing in the first place lest their filthy human oils wear away the paint.

In conclusion, as always, caveat emptor.
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on April 22, 2017
Works okay. I just got it this week, have used it maybe 3 time and the damn cord doesn't pick up all the music. I'll have some bass playing through my speakers but not the actual song. I have to sit and fiddle with the cord until it works for about 5seconds. Don't bother buying this, spend the extra money for a name brand.
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on July 31, 2017
Product/Package - Nothing flashy about it. Just contains the tape and connected aux cord inside a plastic container.

Audio - This thing worked amazing when I first got it. Crystal clear CD quality sound. I didn't get any popping or clicking that some users desribe. I was amazed at how well it worked. Then suddenly two days later, the audio got quiet. I played around with the tape trying all different positions, and I finally got the audio to play at a good volume, but now the quality has dropped dramatically. I get a drumming noise if the cable is plugged in and no audio is playing. I get a lot of static coming through when the audio is playing. It seems to me that the product is constructed with a cheap aux cable and that is the source of my problem.

I have contacted the seller about my issues and am awaiting a response.
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on November 15, 2017
I Already own the ION bluetooth cassette ... However ... after 2 or 3 hours the battery dies and needs to be recharged. So I purchased this INSTEN to use when the ION is charging back up.

Hands down the sound is louder and clear with the ION ... but for just 8 Dollars this substitute INSTEN cassette does the job well...the only thing it isn't as nice sounding or as loud as the ION. AM I Happy with this product....the answer is YES! It works well and its only 8 Dollars!

Just want others to know its not as loud as I feel it should be....and I compare to another one I already own.
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on September 18, 2017
I got one of these because I wanted to plug my cellphone into my car's speakers so I could listen to my music when driving. Other than one easily corrected issue, it's been absolutely perfect.

The issue however is twofold.
First, the cord doesn't come out of the bottom section as in the picture. It comes out at the top from the slot.
The other issue, and easily fixed, is that if your tape deck pulls the tape in, then drops it slightly onto the actual play system, the cord catches on the tape deck itself. The fix is to either cut or burn, carefully so you don't damage the cord, the flanges of the slot so the corner (Remember, upper corner, not lower where the metal part is) becomes a cutout. That solves the problem and took me about 30 seconds with a dremel and a sanding drum head.
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on November 25, 2017
When I first inserted the cassette into my truck it got stuck, also I could barely hear the music with maximum volume, but I think that had to do with my system not the cassette since I haven't used the cassette player in years. Anyways I started wiggling the cassette with a screwdriver and it just popped out one day. After that the sound started playing like it should and I have to say I'm not disappointed. It's loud and clear. Sometimes I do hear static which is very annoying, I'm not sure if it's from my system or the cassette. Either way, this cassette worked great for me. Even after yanking on the cord to try to get it out of my truck it still works. I really have no issues with it now.
Sound wise it is lacking a bit in bass. Again not sure if it's the cassette or just my crappy 1995 preinstalled speakers that are lacking, maybe both. I mean there is bass, just not as strong as I personally would like( I'm a Bass head). Volume gets very loud so no complaints there. All in all it sounds great. It gets the job done.
So in conclusion, your experience with this cassette highly depends on your sound system. If it doesn't work right a way give it some time, play around with it. I've had the cassette for a couple months and it's still works great so let's see how long it lasts, its just 7 dollars so I'm not to worried about it breaking. But yeah, it gets the job done.
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