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on March 6, 2013
I initially had a Logitech harmony one remote for about a year and I was pretty satisfied with that. That literally dropped 2 1/2 feet onto the carpeted ground and the screen shattered (see pictures above) and I was extremely mad. After I got over that, I started to look for a new remote but I wanted one with more customization.

I decided i would give the harmony touch (the newest model) a try and i absolutely hated it! I returned that remote after one day and i was still searching for a remote.....

After that, one of my friends recommended the urc mx450 so I gave it a glance. I found a lot of reviews online saying its an amazing remote but is hard to get used to programming it. I decided to give it a shot.

First impressions (BUT PLEASE CONTINUE TO READ!):
When I first started using the remote, I went through the initial setup and all my devices were easily found! But, I started to program macros and stuff and I was completely lost. I began to think about returning the remote. I spent a good 3-4 hours before the lightbulb came on and I finally figured the remote out. After the lightbulb, this thing is a piece of cake and I'm completely in love. It makes me harmony one remote seem like a complete joke.

Feel solid in your hand
A ridiculous amount of customization
Gorgeous LCD screen (much higher resolution than the harmony one)

learning curve
Lack of instructions
No computer assistance with a harmony-like computer program

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this remote and I highly recommended it. Keep in mind, there is a small learning curve but I promise that once "your lightbulb" turns on, you will love this thing as much as I do. My girlfriend says its much easier to use than the harmony. Also, we have both noticed when clicking through the guide on the cable box, the mx450 responds about twice as fast as the harmony did. Do yourself a favor and purchase the remote. With a little patience you can have yourself and incredible piece of electronics to center your house around and allow everyone in your life to easily enjoy your home theatre.

Update: March 25th, 2013 (1 month of ownership)

After having this remote for over a month, I have really learned to love this remote. After the initial programming, i have found ways to improve my macro commands to better suit my needs. Also, i have since added the Lutron IR Dimmer Switch to my basement so i can control the light without getting up. This remote controls the lights beautifully. I have it set so when i press "watch dvd" it also turns off the lights.

Overall, this is a great remote and i highly recommend it. There is a small bit of patience required but it is much worth it!
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on December 23, 2015
First, let me say that this is my first universal remote EVER so I was really nervous about making this purchase, particularly when I read the reviews and manuals about how complicated it can be to program. BUT, we've had a home theater for 2 years now and I was absolutely sick and tired of having to juggle 5 different remotes.

After about an hour of reading online reviews, forums and whatever manuals I could find, it took me about 4 hours to program 3 devices (Denon receiver, Directv, and Epson projector) and 2 macros (Power All On, and Power All Off). The reason it took so long is because I deleted everything and started fresh twice.

In short, I would definitely recommend this remote but here are a few suggestions:
1-Read ALL the reviews, online forums and manuals before you start programming the remote, especially if you're a first-timer. I even found a YouTube video!
2-Be patient and be prepared to delete and start over as you learn through trial and error. You don't have to be an expert AV technician nor a computer programmer; however, you do have to be patient and have a general understanding of how to work your AV devices.
3-If your remote isn't picking up the proper codes for your devices, upgrade the firmware. I will be doing this next so I can setup our Xbox
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on August 29, 2015
Pros: Do it yourself setup; most high-end URC remotes require professional setup. Codes for devices were already in the software: DirecTV, Audio receiver, DVD/BD. Macros allow recording any steps such as turn on TV, Sat Receiver, Audio receiver, and change Audio output with single ON button. Control hidden devices with additional base unit (MFR260 or MFR350). You can rename any text for any menu.
Cons: Heavy (4 AA batteries), The screen with icons is off until you push a button (so one more click). Need additional base station to control devices behind cabinets. It is a bit dated; example it doesn't have BD, only DVD.
Tip: Download the "Archiver" software from URC in order to update the remote. You need a specific cable to connect to computer (we had one from a camera card reader). When you run the software, you must right-click and "run as administrator" for the update to work.
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on September 24, 2013
I bought this remote to replace the R50 which had worked great until my daughter dropped it into the cat's water bowl. Since the r50 is no longer available I decided to get the MX-450 to replace it.

This remote works exactly like the R50 with the exception that it allows on-screen macro editing and you can use it to send RF signals with the optional base. I have not used the RF as I really don't have much need for it with my set-up but the on screen macros are a godsend. With the R50, if you made a mistake you would have to completely rerecord your macro. With this remote you simply go to the edit screen and delete, add or move steps around to your heart's content.

The ease of macro editing has allowed me to get a little more creative when setting-up the remote. Which allowed me to add some Harmony-like features such as a help screen if the tv or the stereo is on the wrong input and create action buttons ("watch tv", "play x-box", etc...).

That being said, this remote probably isn't for everybody. If you want an easy computer-guided set-up then you should probably go with a Harmony. I set-up a Harmony remote for my mom and I personally didn't like it because it limited me to what I could tell it to do. This remote, on the other hand, allows me to customize just about any way that I like. Plus since I am a geek who loves creating macros, this remote is perfect for me.
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on November 8, 2011
This is a great remote. Couple it with the MRF-260 base station (see my review) and it is the most affordable RF control system on the market. The only complaint I have what so ever about the remote is that you cannot learn commands for the hard buttons. I understand this is what sets apart the next model up but nothing goes without a critique. The instructions are not user friendly in the sense that all they say is these are the buttons put in the batteries and program remote then poof done! Here is a quick and dirty tutorial for anyone who wants to buy the remote but is afraid of programming.

Go through basic setup. This entails telling the remote what brand of tv,reciever,cablebox, bluray etc you have and testing the code set. It is important that all the functions you will need work in that basic testing or more advanced macros will have nothing to work from. The most important functions to test on your tv are usually power,input,aspect ratio. On a receiver it's all inputs you are using regardless of naming convention and volume.Blu ray and dvd players are usually in the remote already. If you do need to learn a specific button do so in the Learn section of basic setup. There are instructions on screen describing the process. This is necessary if you find a code set that works power but not say input just teach it the input button from your original tv/receiver remote. Make sure to check that the button/function you are looking for isn't a soft button on the 2nd or 3rd page of the remote screen. When adding devices put the tv and receiver on the left hand side of the remote screen. Add all devices including game systems even if you don't have the adapter to actually control the device with the remote say an xbox or wii still add the device so you can program it as a macro button to say switch the tv or receiver to the proper input to play said device. I put my cable/sat top right of the screen then dvd/bluray then game systems. The reason behind putting the tv and receiver on the left is so that after we use them to program macros we can hide them since we don't actually ever choose to watch tv it's more like watch verizon or comcast cable box, Play Wii etc. When naming a device add either Watch or Play to the device name so that you can do an event like adding a comcast cablebox I would name it Watch Comcast as the device name.

Copy and Paste volume. What this means is volume is always controlled either on the tv or at the receiver so when you are in Watch Cable or Play wii when you hit the volume it will control the proper device. The process is hit copy and paste from the menu select volume, all devices then FROM which ever you use TV speakers or av receiver.

Advanced setup/Macros

Master on/off for all devices from the Main Screen. Basically the first 2 macros to program is all the devices to the on and off hard buttons. They are located on the remote in the top left and right. Go to the macro menu and it will say start macro press done (located at bottom of screen) when complete. You will also notice a flashing red dot like the rec button at the top of the screen when you are in learn mode. Learning a macro is just the remote remembering the multiple steps you just took to complete a task and making it repeat upon a specific button press. Go to the Macro section and start recording by pressing the On hard button (located at top left of remote) now go through all the devices you added by selecting them one by one and hitting the on button once you are in the device menu then Main to get back to the main menu. Devices that should be added to this All On command are essential devices your ie. tv,projector,cable box,reciever. I usually leave bluray/dvd On command to the macro I make when I select to watch that device. Leaving your cablebox on won't hurt it but leaving a dvd player on and spinning a disc to keep it at the menu for hours and hours(while you watch cable) will kill it prematurely. Repeat the process for the Off button. The same exception applies to the dvd on the off macro I make the off command for the dvd inside the device menu when you hit Menu to go back to the main menu on the remote from watch dvd it shuts off the dvd player. Test and tune it so it turns all your essential devices on and off how you want. Now that we can press ON from the main menu and get say the tv, cablebox and receiver on we can move on to event macro programming.

Setup for the macros is to go through your current routine to actually get say your cable or satellite box up on the screen. Write it down on a piece of paper and make sure to locate and test all buttons required for the proper code. Here is an example. Say we want to watch our Verizon Cablebox. Everything is on already so we can skip to making sure the tv is on it's proper input we'll say Input 3 we'll make sure our Denon a/v receiver is set to Input-Cable or what ever input you have it plugged into. So in the Macro section we'll start the recording by selecting the "Watch Verizon" button on the main screen then press Main to get back to the main menu then select the tv and push the corresponding button for Input 3 then hit Main then select the Denon receiver and hit the Cable input button then hit Main and hit the "Watch Verizon" button again then hit Done. This makes it so upon pressing the "Watch Verizon" button from the main menu everything will switch to the proper input and the remote will stop on the Verizon code set which will have all the features the original Verizon remote had such as Guide,Cursor funtions and Page+/Page- etc.

Repeat this process for all devices. After setting up and testing that when you hit "watch..." it goes to all proper inputs and stops on that devices original code set. The reason we don't program everything on and off independent is that if you are switching between say "Play PS3" and "Watch Verizon" everything would have to shut off wait a sec then turn back on. After you are satisfied with the macros go to the Hide/Add pages section. We want to hide the tv and the receiver from the Main Menu since people unfamiliar may choose these and get confused. "I'm pushing TV but nothing is happening" that's because this just goes to the TV's code set where as the "Watch Verizon" is what they should be pressing to watch television.
Add Aspect Ratio control to events by selecting to Learn a button inside a device. Learn the aspect ratio/size button from your tv remote to all your devices. This way if you were watching standard definition television and you had the aspect stretched so it filled the screen (ie. no black bars on the sides)then switched to something in HD you would have the Aspect/size button right there on all devices.This isn't necessary on some tv's that auto stretch automatically.

Operation is easy.
With everything off pick up the remote and press On(top left) everything should turn on (tv,receiver,cablebox etc). You will be at the Main menu on the remote. Press the corresponding button for the event you would like to do like "Watch Verizon". When you are done and want to shut the system off press Main to get to the main menu and hit Off (top right). As long as this routine is followed every time you can come into the room to watch tv and the remote should be at the main screen and the ON macro will turn everything on. If a device get's left on but everything else turns off or vice versa. Set everything to one state either on or off then just choose that event/device from the main screen and when you are at that device menu hit power on or off pending on the state of the rest of the equipment.

This is a basic example to get you started and thinking in a macro sort of way.There are websites that talk about other more advanced practices to sort stuff into locations and zones. The difference between Hard and Soft buttons is that hard buttons are fixed some examples are guide, exit, menu. Their name is printed right on them and they are considered hard buttons. Soft buttons are on the remote's screen and can be edited so they are known as soft buttons.
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on July 29, 2015
Bought this remote to replace the universal remote that came with an Integra Prepro. The buttons on the old remote were slowly dying after 5+ years. Despite some of the reviews stating this is difficult to program, it is actually fairly simple. Look up some basic videos online to program the macros and it is fairly straight forward. Setting up the "Favorite channels" is also easy and pretty much self guiding on the LCD screen. The remote is sturdy has some heft to it(compared to my old remote) and feels well built. The buttons have a soft click when you press them giving good tactile feedback. After using this, i will definitely buy another URC remote for a smaller AV setup in our room.
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on November 28, 2012
First off, I'm a true believer in the URC products. Very durable, nice looking, and they give you more options for control than a Harmony IMO.

I previously had a URC700 which is a model only custom installers are supposed to have, I was sucker punched like others when they pulled the support for the software away from any consumers and only let installers have access to it. I was ready to go back down that path trying to find someone who would sell me the 900 or 950 version and give me the software but I decided to save some money and go with the 450, for me in this situation it was clearly the right call.

Having just moved into a new home and I had to get a new TV, DVD, and Receiver (what's what you do when you move right?) our prior remote was a bit beat and sticky after serving very well through 2 babies (oldest now 8.5), my wife, and okay I dropped it too a few times on the hard wood floor over the years, so it was time to upgrade and the roar of complaints about all the remotes was getting to be a bit much for me to take. When I got the remote I was able to have it fully controlling (even all the extra functions on the cable box) and setup a macro to "Watch TV", "Watch Movie", turn on everything and one to turn everything off very quickly without reading the manual. I then spent a lot of time programming in our fav tv channels (having moved to a new state all the stations were on new channels). And you know what, I didn't have to go back and forth to my computer to test and quickly make any corrections. There were also some very nice icons to choose from to make the end product really cool to look at. It was just simple yet I was able to create all the macro and control I wanted that I worried I wouldn't be able to do with a Harmony.

I also like the option to add the RF controller which I'll probably pick up since my wife and kids don't always make sure there is a line of sight to the electronics when they press a button. However, I must also say the IR light must be very bright because I can aim at the ceiling (~14' tall) and all the commands work perfectly!

I recommed this to anyone that wants a very well built and good looking remote that likes the ability to tinker a bit.
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on June 30, 2015
I bought this remote to replace the MX-850(went dead after 5 years of use). MX-450 was easy to program, took me less than an hour to reprogram my A/V receiver, cable box & projector.
Even though I did not receive any instruction manual with the remote, I was able to look up some simple instructions on the URC website.
However, this was really not needed since the remote has step by step instructions.

I also found a video on youtube on how to program a certain feature(volume up/down)....
And calling URC was also a great help.

Great remote for a great price!
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on August 25, 2014
Okay so don't panic about the programming. If you have programmed a universal remote before with either the try a code, does it work method or "teaching" your remote from an old remote, then you can program this one. Yes it is an advanced remote and yes it will do a lot of incredible things but if you read these reviews carefully and write down a plan, you will succeed. Especially read Great Remote, But what's a macro. This is the best information you will find on the internet anywhere about this remote.

Definitely put your devices on the second page and that will leave room on the first page for your WATCH TV, WATCH DVD, WATCH NETFLIX, etc... macros. Take your time and my recommendation is to simply learn all your devices. That way you can get ALL the buttons you want for each device.

Map out what you want on each page, seriously write it down, draw the buttons and plan it out BEFORE you get started. If you put a devices or macro someplace you don't want it well there is no cut and paste for that.

Macro programming is a snap once you get the hang of it, to the point that I turned off the "help" because it just slowed me down. Give yourself 6 hours to program it because if you stop in the middle and come back to it you will get out of the groove and forget how to do stuff.

The remote is build like a tank, solid and sturdy. The light at night is fantastic and the thing just works. I could not be happier with this remote and I was able to put 9 other remotes in the drawer!

I will post more after I have used it a while!
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on January 13, 2016
Love this remote. I dropped my old one and it still worked but the screen was shot. I uploaded my remote settings to my computer and when I received the new one, I downloaded the settings and was in business again. I also learned how to program the remote. No more calling a professional to reprogram my remote. I had my old remote for 12 yrs w/o any problems but it cost a lot more back then! Great product
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