Customer Reviews: Rewards Visa Card
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on December 12, 2013
I had the Amazon Rewards card from Chase years ago, from about 2005 to 2007. I was one of the very first Amazon Prime members. I used this card a LOT, loved getting the 3% back, and I never kept a balance on it. Then one day, Chase informed me that they would begin charging interest from the date of purchase rather than from the end of the statement cycle. In other words, they would be treating purchases as if they were a cash advance in terms of when interest applied. Mind you, I NEVER kept a balance on the card. I called someone at Chase in disbelief, saying, "It looks like you're charging me interest from the date of sale, unlike every other card on the planet." The customer service person simply said yes, that was true (no attempt to keep me). I immediately canceled.

I spent a lot with Amazon, apparently got too much in rewards (from Chase's perspective), and paid off my balance in full every month--so I guess Chase just wasn't making enough money. I noticed the $50 off the HDX promotion today, and I checked to see whether Amazon still sullied their reputation by associating with Chase. When I saw that they did, I had to write this review. Chase, you should be ashamed. I kept up my end of the deal, but I suppose you weren't making enough money on the fees you charge Amazon alone, so you changed the rules on me to try to squeeze out a few bucks. To this day, I will not consider a Chase card or Chase banking services.
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on November 17, 2012
I've had this card for 14 months and haven't encountered any issues. I'm a die-hard Amazon shopper, so I thought with 3 points for purchases, this is the card for me. Then I learned...

The 3 points only applies to purchases (plus a few other categories on, see below). Because so much of the merchandise on Amazon's site is not from "", but from affiliated and third party sellers, you may find that many of your purchases made on aren't really "" and therefore don't actually qualify for the 3 points. For instance, if you see items sold by Amazon Marketplace (which is common), beware, you'll just receive 1 point per dollar spent. I was so disappointed because the fine print (pasted below) isn't explicit about this, so I feel a little misled.

One plus about this card is that you can redeem the points for statement credits (example: 5,000 points = $50 statement credit), which is a nice option if you don't want gift cards or travel-related rewards.

In case you're interested, here's the fine print:

"You will earn 3 points for each $1 of eligible net purchases made at (including digital downloads, Gift Cards, Amazon Fresh orders and Amazon Prime subscription). Purchases made at,,,,, or any other website operated by, its affiliates and subsidiaries are not eligible for 3 points."

Update (October 2013): Chase revised the language on the agreement to reflect the 3 points just as expected, without all those exclusions. Thanks Chase and Amazon!
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on November 20, 2012
Seems to be a lot of griping from people who don't understand how to read the fine print and use common sense. This is basically a store card/loyalty card Visa like many retailers offer. That being said, the interest rates are always high on these types of cards. Deal with it. Don't carry a balance. "Instant" credit approval is assumed if there is nothing in your account that needs reviewing. If you need the $30/$50 immediately to make your purchase, maybe you should rethink what you are buying. If you're getting this card, I'll bet you'll buy something from Amazon again and be able to use that gift card before long anyway...

Card Pros:
-1 point=$1 spent. $1 spent at amazon gives 3 points (3%). $1 spent elsewhere gives 1 point (1%). For me, I like it simple, no point-to-dollar conversions like the citi card.
-Card is by Chase. May be a pro/con here, but if you already have Chase accounts, this card will show up after a couple weeks in your online account. Easy to manage and make payments straight from your checking account.
-No annual fee.
-Redeem points at any time for anything sold by Amazon. Yes there is fine print, marketplace purchases can't be funded with points, neither can subscribe and save. Boo hoo. Read the terms and you won't have to post 1 star reviews whining about what's explained in the fine print you didn't bother reading before handing over all your personal information. :)

Card Cons:
-Interest rate is high. As stated above, these types of cards always have high rates. My condolences if you are under the assumption that a 13%+ rate is a good rate.

Bottom line- read the card's terms and conditions before applying, understand the rewards and how to use them, pay your bills on time, and you'll wind up with some nice rewards points to use on something fun from Amazon.
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on July 6, 2012
I have been using this card since summer of 2006. I have total of 5 credit cards, but this is the only card I use to pay for everything; the other 4 cards I only use for certain stores and websites for better points. Please note that unlike Citi Forward Card, Rewards Visa Card gives a point for purchases at any stores and you do not have to wait for your points to be transferred.

You can also redeem your points for Amazon purchases, Amazon gift cards, restaurant gift cards, plane tickets, cash back, or have statement credit ($25.00 for 2,500 points and $50.00 for 5,000 points).

What really stands out with this card is that once or twice a year, you get card member specific deals on For instance, in 2010, I was offered 20% discount on specific TVs from only because I was a card holder. The TV was $1,279.00 and I had received 20% discount, then I had also received $25.00 statement credit because you get 3 points for every dollar you spend at In the end, I had paid only $998.20 for the TV with free shipping. Please note that the same TV was being sold for $1,279.00 at Best Buy and Target via online at the time, and the TV still functions well even to this day.

Because I use this card for everything, I have had couple of unauthorized charges on this card during the 7 years of use; who knows which merchant or stores kept my card number... For both times, however, Chase Customer Service was nice enough to refund the unauthorized charges, cancel the card and send me brand new cards via UPS overnight.

There were also few other instances where I had received 3 points for not just Amazon purchase, but for all other purchases during certain 3 months summer promotions.

For certain users, this card may not work because you do not earn points for such as mortgage payments or other bank to bank financial transactions. In my case, I always pay my monthly statement balance and do not use the APR rates offered or balance transfers.

If you make most of your purchase from and pay your monthly balance and do not use APR rates or balance transfers, then you would most benefit from using this card as I have since summer of 2006.
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on December 18, 2012
My career is in law so I always know to read the very tiny print before applying for or signing ANYTHING. This is just good practice for everyone. However, regardless of fine print and being a smart and responsible consumer, there are banks out there that will scam you and use underhanded tactics to get as much extra money from you as possible (especially CHASE) and you won't find these methods in the fine print.

A few examples: Chase is notorious for "forgetting" to send a monthly credit card bill and then nailing you with a very high late fee for EVERY DAY you are late. Most of us juggle many bills every month so it's easy to overlook the fact that a bill is "missing", especially if you pay bills the old fashioned way via mail (not online) which is my preference. I repeatedly was on the phone with Chase trying to sort out the issue and kept being told that they sent an invoice, which they had not. I kept detailed records of all of my dealings with Chase and 5 (five) out of the 12 (twelve) months of JUST ONE YEAR they conveniently "forgot" to send a bill and then nailed me with high late fees for every day until I realized the bill was missing (I payed around $300 in late fees the first time this happened because I was not aware the bill was missing for several days). I eventually got wise and wrote the due date on my calendar every month so I could pay in time, bill or no bill.

Another tactic Chase likes to use is to process your payment LATE so they can nail you with late fees, regardless of when the payment is 'received'. On many occasions, I sent my payment a week or more before the balance was even due and was shocked to see late fees for late payments. When I inquired about this, and had the representative look at the date the check was sent and stamped 'received', I was told that sometimes it can take 7-10 days after receiving the payment to "process it" and it's the 'processing' that counts, not when payment is received. I was shocked and so angry. So even though I paid not only on time but EARLY, I was still nailed with late fees (for every day they did not process my payment) because they purposely held back on processing my payments in a timely manner in order to charge me more money. Typically, payment processing takes 1-3 days, not 7-10+. The real clincher is that they did not do this every month-it was inconsistent. Some months they 'processed' my payment almost immediately. Other times they took 7-10+ days. This made it very difficult to know when to send payment because they intentionally (and cleverly) kept it inconsistent. Needless to say, I paid off my card quickly and told Chase where to stick it.

These are only a few of the issues I had with Chase Bank (I still have the records I kept of their wrong-doings and the file folder is at least two inches thick). I will NEVER NEVER NEVER use a Chase credit card or bank with Chase. They DO scam their customers with a variety of 'clever' underhanded tactics like those mentioned above. So even if you read the fine print, it won't save you from the way they unethically (bordering on illegally) do business. The Amazon reward points just aren't worth the hassle. Find a different credit card issuer-it will save you from many migraines and an extreme drain on your pocketbook. I hope this helps. I wish someone had told me about how Chase does business before I was issued a credit card from them. What a horrendous experience. And threatening them with legal action (and this is coming from someone in the field of law) is pointless. More than one manager I spoke with actually laughed at me and told me to go ahead and try. Their legal department is massive and there just aren't enough laws to protect the consumers when it comes to credit cards and banks and their underhanded practices. Which is why threatening them with legal action will get you nowhere but broke. Keep that in mind as well. I am disappointed to see that Amazon has chosen CHASE to partner with.
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on January 9, 2016
NOTE: I have not actually applied for or used this card (yet), so the three stars doesn't reflect my actual opinion. I will update it once I get and use the card for a while.

In reading the many one star reviews, it seems like there is a common theme. People say that they pay their credit card off in full by the due date, but still get charged interest on their purchases. So, I got curious and looked up the Pricing and Terms for the card.

I believe I found where the issue lies.

Many people complaining about the interest being charged to their account will quote this line from the Pricing and Terms: "We will not charge you interest on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month." However, you MUST pay attention to the specific wording.

Usually, a credit card company won't charge you any interest as long as you pay the entire amount of money that is on the BILLING STATEMENT by the due date. So, for example, let's say you racked up $100 of credit on your card, and then the billing cycle ends. One would think that as long as you paid off the full $100 by the due date, you would not get charged interest.

Notice, however, that the Pricing and Terms states, "...if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month" Your ENTIRE BALANCE is different from the amount of credit on your BILLING STATEMENT. So, going back to the example, your billing statement has a credit of $100 on it. Let's say you pay this off right away, a full 20 days before the due date. Now that you have it paid off, you continue to make purchases with the card. Let's say you rack up another $50 over that 20 day span. Since you already paid off your $100 billing statement, you don't bother to pay the $50 before the due date, since you think it would count towards next months billing statement.

But, like the Pricing and Terms says, you must pay off the ENTIRE BALANCE on the card by each due date, not just the billing statement. So, by making that extra $50 worth of purchases with your card, you are in fact adding to the entire balance on the card. Therefore, if you don't pay off that $50 before the due date, you will be charged interest...on the entire $150 according to another reviewer!!!

My advice: wait to pay off this credit card until a week before the due date each month. (Don't wait any longer than that, because as one of the other reviewers points out, it could take up to 5 days for your payment to be processed. If the processing completes after the due date, they will charge you interest. Tricky, right?) Make sure you pay off the ENTIRE BALANCE on the credit card at that time (in other words, your payment should bring the total balance on the credit card to $0). Once you have initiated the payment, do not use the card to make more purchases until after the due date. If you have another credit card, hook that one up to Amazon as well so that if you need to make purchases in that week-long time frame, you can simply choose that one to use at checkout instead (I highly suggest Discover credit card, very user friendly and fantastic cash back options).

I sincerely hope this information is helpful and correct. Once I get the card, I will try this method myself, and update the review once I figure out whether or not this all works.

EDIT: I did more research, and realized that Amazon offers another credit card, the Amazon Store Card. This is a MUCH better deal, and I have been using that for a couple months and totally love it. Here's why it's better:

~It's through Synchrony Bank, which I hadn't heard of before, but it let me avoid the risky decision of getting a card with Chase, who clearly has a bad reputation. The payment site is very user friendly, and I have not had any issues with them thus far.

~if you are already a prime member, it is an ABSOLUTE no brainer. For prime members, it offers a whopping 5% cash back on all qualifying Amazon purchases that will be automatically applied to your statement total every month. If your order total is above a certain amount, you are given the option of, instead of the cash back, being able to pay it off over a much longer time period without getting charged interest.

~you can only use the card for amazon, they do not send you a card that can be used at any other store. This might seem annoying, but I think it is actually a big advantage. Part of having a good credit score is keeping your credit utilization low, which you will for this card by virtue of the fact that you can't use it anywhere else.

I won't go over every detail here, these are just the big ones. The bottom line: do the research for yourself. If you are a Prime member already, I highly, highly suggest the Amazon Prime Store Card INSTEAD OF the Amazon Rewards Visa Card. If you are not a Prime member, you do not get the installment plan option for big enough orders (I highly recommend becoming a Prime member anyway...), but you get the 5% cash back on qualifying orders. I am a Prime member and I absolutely love the Amazon Prime Store Card through Synchrony Bank.
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on January 11, 2015
I just looked at my latest statement, and found to my surprise that I was charged interest for late payment. As I always pay my credit cards on time, I went and checked my bank account, and sure enough, I had made a payment on time.

So I phoned them, and was told that it takes 3-5 business days to "process" my online payment, and since they didn't manage to do that, they charged ME interest for late payment.

Anybody else ever heard of being charged interest for making your payment on time but they didn't manage to process it? Yeah, me neither.

Bye bye card!
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on March 4, 2015
Never have I seen a "bank" invite business then make it so difficult that I withdrew the application a month later. The 3% attracted my application. My FICO score at the time was 780. There is not even a HINT of negativity on my credit report. Oldest account is 21 years. Have $30k available but only use $2k per month for normal living expenses - everything we spend on which I receive 2% in rewards using the new Citi double rewards card. That $2k is paid in full on time every month. I use a P.O. Box for mail and, of course, physical address for my many Amazon deliveries. With the online app Chase deferred pending sending a letter. When the letter finally arrived it wanted proof of my P.O. Box and physical address, the same addresses which appear on my credit report, and the same exact addresses Amazon has been using for years ! But I called the phone number provided, was advised if I would send a utility bill etc. to their FAX number they would take care of it. I did. Ten days later nothing, so I called. The fella politely went over their letter and the docs I sent but still had a problem with their "review" folks not accepting the P.O. Box as valid even though I had sent four different "official" docs showing it, the credit report has it, Amazon has used it for small shipments (I sent a copy of one Amazon invoice showing both addresses), and that P.O. Box is where I received the very Chase letter which prompted my calls, and I sent them a copy of that letter showing it had indeed been received at that P.O. Box ! Wow ! Duh. He agreed the documentation was adequate and said he would send it back to the review folks and I should hear something from them in 10-15 days ! It has already been 30 days ! I asked for this card in anticipation of spending $3k with Amazon two weeks of the date of the original app. I had read terrible reviews on Amazon about Chase and thought I'd try it anyhow but remain alert. I told the guy it appears to me all the nonsensical red tape and delays sounds like Chase simply does not want to provide this card whether it be due to the 3% or the gift card promised by Amazon upon the app being approved. I told him to please withdraw the application if he could do so without my credit report being affected. He said he could and would but sounded as if he didn't like it. By withdrawing this app I believe I have dodged problems akin to jumping from the path of a runaway garbage truck !! For those of you who think this is suspicious, that my credit report or anything else is not as good as I say, I also proceed with Chase at your own peril. It may work well for you or you might get caught between winning a dispute with Chase vs. keeping your credit report from being damaged. To indicate my credit report is in the "excellent" range with no negatives, consider that within minutes of submitting the Chase app I also submitted the Amazon Store Card app. The store account was approved and opened in seconds. I don't know that I will ever use it, but was hoping it would appear on my credit report as a "store installment account" because Experian says I need installment accounts to raise my credit score above 800. Sadly it appears as just another revolving account - same as credit cards. Applying for the Chase card did a bit of damage in itself - the two apps in a short period of time dropped my score from 780 to 768. But it will recover provided Chase makes no further report or accurately reports the app was withdrawn. Bottom line is I don't have a clue what Chase is doing ! Some reviewers describe disaster while others are satisfied. But I can suggest BEWARE !!! A confused organization like Chase can damage your credit reputation and cause more serious headaches than the 3% is worth. Try the Citi "Double Cash" card - 1% cash reward on purchases, and another 1% when you pay for those purchases = 2% total. Discover is also good - 5% reward on gas right now, and Discover has a GREAT reputation !
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on December 7, 2014
Don't go there. I have had the card for 1-2 painful years. Telephone system is very convoluted and annoying. Statements do not detail what you bought, so it would take a full-time secretary to keep track. Points system is not transparent and hardly worth it. I can't believe I had the card so long, but will no longer be using it.
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on August 25, 2013
In general, I have been satisfied with the card, and I use the points for Christmas shopping. However, a few months ago, someone opened a new Amazon account with my card number, and used my saved points to purchase $80 worth of stuff from Amazon Marketplace, without any notice to me or any mention on my bill. When I finally noticed this, I spent hours on the phone with both Chase and Amazon, and in the end, neither company seems to think that this is their problem. Chase says that I have to take it up with Amazon. Amazon says that I have to take it up with Chase. Either way, I'm out $80 for purchases I didn't make, and because they were made with reward points, they don't fall under the standard "dispute a fraudulent charge" rules.
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