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Unorthodox Jukebox
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:$9.78+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on March 20, 2013
This album is just brilliant! I have not played anything else but this album for the last month because im so addicted to it & love it that much!

Bruno Mars is one of the few generally talented artists of the modern era in my opinion. (music nowadays is autotuned and just someone singing over a dance beat most of the time). With Bruno, comes a whole other story. He has so many different styles and genres on this album, which is one of the things i love about the album. Theres a bit of pop, 50s style, 60s, 80s, reggae...very broad...AND HE CAN ACTUALLY SING, write, produce, play the instruments..VERY TALENTED! :)

I also love that he has used the "old" way of recording which is recoding his tracks with live instruments etc and not with computers. this just makes the album sound fresh and that more real.

The only bad thing i would say of this album is it is only 35 minutes long. I need more Bruno! Enter "Unorthodox Jukebox Target Deluxe Edition" This edition (exclusive to Target) has 5 bonus tracks:
1 new song, 2 demos (of Gorilla & Young Girls. basically acousticy as this is Bruno and a guitar. Alot of things are stripped away in the demo versions), 2 remixes. These bonus tracks really give you an insight to the process Bruno went through making this album and just makes it that much better!

Most modern music is what i say "for the moment" meaning that they are good for that first couple years they are out and then they just fade away. However unlike most modern music and like the classics that are from the early 90s/ 80s and before, this album is timeless. I know ill be listening to this album is years to come. Bruno really has got me "Locked out of Heaven" with this!

All i can say is GO GET THE ALBUM!! You will NOT be disappointed!!
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on April 8, 2017
I love this album! I had to return two turntables. One skipped when playing albums and the other had no sound. The third works well and I love listening to this album from an artist that I've recently begun to really enjoy.
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on March 29, 2013
Overall, this is a pretty good album by Bruno Mars.
The album starts off with ‘Young Girls,’ and I absolutely love this song. Next is ‘Locked out of Heaven,’ which was one of the leading singles. Even though it is only about sex, it is still very catchy. ‘Gorillas’ has more of a primal and simple feeling, but a good beat that grew on me a lot. ‘Moonshine’ is decent song with an R&B feel, and I’m mentioning it in my review, which means I like it enough to write about it. ‘Treasure is actually the only song that I did not enjoy. “When I Was Your Man’ is very beautiful slow song. It really compliments the album and is my favorite song of the album. At first, ‘Natalie’ was not in my favorite 5 songs of the album, but it really grew on me and now it is one of my favorite Bruno Mars songs. It tells a story that I haven’t heard in music before, and the chord change in the last fourth of the song is delicious! ‘Show Me,’ yet another song with sexual implications; to me it gives off a cool tropical vibe. Now that I think about it, I like how much variety the album has, even with only ten songs. I love the synthesizers in ‘Money Makes Her Smile,’ and it’s got a catchy chorus that grew on me. ‘If I Knew’ makes a great conclusion to the 35-minute album, it has a similar feel to ‘If I Was Your Man.’
My favorite songs off Unorthodox Jukebox are Young Girls, Gorillas, When I Was Your Man, Natalie, and If I Knew.
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on April 6, 2014
Last years Amercian Idol winner Candice Glover sung "WHEN I WAS YOUR MAN" on one of the episodes. The music was nice but the lyrics was what caught my attention. Here is a song about an individual that realizes a little late they were in a special relationship. The individual realizes that they did not do what they should have and that is why it failed. Thats a lesson that takes some of us a long time to learn. While listening to this album I found out these guys wrote the song. Wow! Considering the fact that most new acts depend on sex, violence or wierdness to sell records these guy are a throwback to a time when music said something and was fun. These guys are great, I'm interested to see how their careers progresses.
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on May 13, 2013
I have the amended or clean cd and download which says more about me than it does about Bruno. Just like "Hooligans and Doo-woops" his previous cd this has 10 songs.
Unlike the freshmen offering this actually has a 1960's style song reminding me of Sam Cook's "Bring It On Home To Me" in melody, if not message called "If I Knew". "Treasure" in subject is similar to his "Just The Way You Are" with a different style and beat. This has a few she took me on a roller coaster ride of love song which seem to be his favorite genre and he lesson seems to be be in the low times remember the highs. The highlight is the hit,"When I was Her Man" he makes sound heartfelt. You may ask why only 4 stars? I am partial to songs about love not sex. But for those who like sex songs and people that live love only for the moment those songs are here too. If you loved the first cd, you'll find something you like a lot playing the Unorthodox Jukebox.
An important reminder I have the AMENDED CLEAN VERSION.
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on February 12, 2014
The music is wonderful, great songs, but do not buy the vinyl record. I received the album and it was riddled with defects on the second and third tracks of side A and side B. I sent the record back and they sent me another album. The replacement was worse! Side A was alright this time, but side B was atrocious. I think out of all the songs on side B, one song played correctly. I thought maybe it was my record player, but I tested several records and then tested the record on another player, same problems. The quality of the record is poor, it wasn't produced on 180 gram vinyl. I'm sending the replacement back, and not having it re-replaced. Not worth it.
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on May 31, 2013
Bruno Mars is a entertainer but most of all a showman. The song Treasure is a Treasure. Watching his performance of the song on the Billboard Awards identified his talent, topped by those who supported him. If we are going to be entertained, do it by showmanship, not shock treatment. Mister Mars has a new fan because I enjoy a man that doesn't have to search for his identity, he demonstrates it right out in front for the world to see. I hope that he will never have a label which says "he is this type of performer; this type of music." He returns us to the era of the 60's, where performers were showman, talented, and sending a message in every song; to Disco sound; and ballads that says what every heart feels, better yet, should have felt. Best of all he makes this old man want to rock!!!
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on January 5, 2013
I can't get enough of this! I love Bruno Mars and this is a great album! I love every single one of his songs although Locked Out Of Heaven is getting wayyy overplayed so I skip that song since I can't stand hearing it anymore. If it wasn't so overplayed I would definitely be listening to it over and over again like the rest of the songs. My favorite song BY FAR is Gorilla. It has a catchy tune and the lyrics are hilarious. If you're offended by sexual connotations and gestures this album is not for you. Most of his songs are about sex or have to do with it. Moonshine is an absolute great song as well as Money Make Her Smile, Treasure, and Young Girls. They have a catchy beat and you'll find yourself dancing and totally jamming out to every one of his songs.
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on September 5, 2017
Not as good as others by this artist. Language Advisory: can't play this around the children. Even made us adults blush.
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on January 29, 2014
I am giving this 4 stars because I like the catchy tunes, but some of the lyrics leave me feeling a bit guarded. I never paid much attention to Bruno Mars before. Of course I heard "Just the Way You Are" a gazillion times on commercials, radio, etc., but I was not a fan of his. Then I heard "Treasure"; I really liked the 70ish disco vibe to it, and it was a blast to dance to. So, I listened to "Locked Out of Heaven" and decided I would buy it. I bought the explicit version, because I have a tendency to believe the explicit versions are more true to who that person really is, and I found this album to be hyper-sexualized. I attribute that to his age-- he's still in his twenties, and I give him the benefit of the doubt.
I like it mostly because it is fun to dance too, and also, his range of styles, everything from rock to do-wop is on this album, and I appreciate the scope of it. Considering this is his second album, I presume each album will be a little more introspective and more meaningful, but for now, Unorthodox Jukebox is fun to dance to.
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