Customer Reviews: Unreal Tournament 2004 (Editor's Choice Edition)
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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Editor's Choice (DVD)|Change
Price:$9.99 - $69.95
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on June 6, 2006
I've never been big on first-person shooter (FPS) games, although I've played a few, like Star Wars: Battlefront 2, that I've found entertaining. So, getting this game was taking a chance, since I'm partial to real-time strategy games and roleplaying games. Overall, I must say that I've really had a good time with UT 2004. It hasn't made me more of a fan of the FPS genre, but I am definitely looking forward to UT 2007.

Gameplay: The controls are the typical mouse, WASD keys, and hotkeys associated with FPS games, so anyone familiar with the FPS genre ought to be able to jump right in. You have a number of options for your in-game character, including race, gender, name, etc. You can also choose your AI teammates and the number on each team. Additionally, there are ten game modes, including deathmatch, capture the flag (CTF), domination (requires you to hold two points), assault (objective based), bombing run (a deadly version of soccer), and onslaught (securing nodes and destroying the enemy base). There's fun to be had with each mode, but I suspect that most people will find the greatest replayabiity in the onsault, assault, CTF, and team deathmatch modes. The maps are large enough for some strategic thinking (especially on assault and onslaught), and the game comes with about 100 maps--with many more that can be downloaded from the internet.

AI opponents ("bots") are very good in this game. They have strong attack scripts, good pathfinding, will follow orders, and generally work well as teams. I detected some of the typical AI cheating found in FPS games (i.e., extra health, amazing accuracy, accelerated movement) toward the end of the tournament and in some of the tougher matches, but generally the AI here is just plain challenging and well programmed. Although many will buy this game for the multiplayer side, the single-player content (which is all that I play) is quite strong. The game does not have a compelling story to tell, but the tournament mode lasted me 25-30 hours on "experienced" difficulty level. I don't feel a need to replay the tournament anytime soon, but there are a lot of individual maps and modes that are greatly replayable.

A few things that add a lot to the game are the variety of weapons available and the vehicles. Overall, none of the weapons are very overpowered, though some are better and more versatile than others. Some weapons are best suited for one situation, while others can be useful in some fashion under a number of conditions. A second element that adds variety to the game is the vehicles. I can't overemphasize how fun these can be. Not only do they break up the monotony of having to sprint on foot across the map, but they also add a new strategic and tactical layer to a game. Vehicles can be game winners, but they are not invincible. Some can carry multiple passengers, who can man various weapons or simply go along for the ride. However, to maintain balance, characters on foot have a few very strong anti-vehicle weapons, and many objectives cannot be completed by vehicles. Still, there's nothing like decapitating a fleeing opponent with the blades of a Scorpion buggy or hearing the thundering cannon of a Goliath tank.

The gameplay is frantic, exciting, and straightforward enough to appeal to a range of gamers. You never feel lost on the maps, since there is a good in-game mini-map and the objectives are always clear. Also, you never get the sense that you are babysitting your computer allies, since they act as intelligently--more so on many occasions--as the average human player. The game's flaws are mostly minor, but worth mentioning. First, there are a few rather frustrating missions in the tournament that the average player will have to repeat several times (at least on experienced difficulty and higher). And there is no way to adjust the difficulty level of the tournament once it starts. Also, the game-save system is automatic; the game saves after every match, win or loss. Thus, you can find yourself broke if you lose enough matches, and you'll have to play a series of qualifying matches to earn enough money to continue the tournament. It's a system that gets old quick and really adds a layer of repetition to the game that serves little purpose. Finally, some people will be put off by the amount of acrobatics that the game includes. On some of the more advanced levels and difficulty settings, AI opponents are hopping, flipping, and cartwheeling in ways that make them nearly impossible to hit, though they will seem to hit you just fine. I think that the game plays just a tad bit too fast and requires too much jumping around. But you'll get used to it.

Graphics: Great-looking game. The maps are very impressive in detail and size. Be sure to take a lot of screenshots! The models are all rendered well, from the characters to the vehicles. Weapon fire and particle effects look good, as does the natural environment, especially skies. Have no doubt about it, this is a very violent game. Dying animations are graphic, and people tend to end up in pieces or as skeletal remains. Overall, the art direction is rock solid.

Sound: Although decent, the audio is not as good as the visuals. Weapons such as miniguns and tank cannon sound like they should, along with footsteps, flowing water, and other ambiant effects. In-game AI characters tend to use the same list of taunts such as "Ownage!" or "You suck!" or "You be dead!"--along with a few choice obscenities--but none of the characters really stand out with individual personalities. The music is the typical techno fare found in many video games, nothing special.

Documentation/Stability: The manual that comes with the game is informative and makes up for a rather bland in-game tutorial. The game was pretty stable on my computer, though I experienced one freeze and one crash during the tournament. Overall, the game seemed well polished and optimized.

Replayability: Given the number of maps that come with the game, the developer's Bonus Pack that can be downloaded for free from the internet, the large number of player-made maps available, and the editor tools that you can use to make your own maps, this game has had a long shelf life. If you get tired of playing against the AI, you can go online and play against a human opponent. For me, about half of the 10 gameplay modes are not appealing after a few rounds, but the other 5 (especially assault, onslaught, and CTF) are always good fun.

If you are a fan of FPS games, UT 2004 seems to be a must-buy (I'd be surprised if you don't already have it!). From what I have read, it is the best of the Unreal series and still has an active online community. For those of us who only have a passing interest in FPS games, this is a good one to blow some time with.

Overall rating: 4.25 stars
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on January 16, 2005
Well there is nothing stopping you now! The best multiplayer out there is Counter-Strike: Source with the HL2 engine but CS is not a blast `em up and is extremely tactical with a `one death and you are out' type gaming experience in small maps. Since HL2 is totally devoid of another multiplayer then what is the next best frag? Answer - UT2004 of course!

UT2004 is multiplayer all the way. Like UT2003 it has a single player/team co-op that spans the course of what is close to 120 + maps. 120 HUGE MAPS! So basically the single player mode is one big frag-a-thon on some fantastic maps of your choice. The bots have all preset AI or configurable ones meaning that having 30 bots chasing after you on GOD mode is quite possible - not that you will win or anything. So the AI is well up there in single player mode which, although has a massive number of maps, lacks one thing - a story.

A story however is not what UT is all about. UT is about fragging and team play - i.e., LAN parties and INTERNET gaming is the main reason to own UT2004. Did you ever want to fight in that huge battle like at the end of Episode II? Well there is a game mode called ONSALUGHT that lets 18 vs. 18 pit it out against each other taking down node points so that they can be king of the other's castle by blasting up the core. It really does play like that battle scenes of EP II with tanks on the ground, 30+ characters to choose from, several aircraft, ground vehicle, all can be piloted by you, with up to 10 weapons of your choice, each with alternative fire buttons. In the vast maps there are a million ways to die and a million strategies to choose from. There are also some nice new movements like double tap quick strafe and double jumping.

What of the graphics? STUNNING! The graphics in the trailer or screenshots do not do the game any justice. Watch the end of Episode II. It is more like that. Run this game on a Radeon 9800 and you will not stop playing multiplayer for the next 12 months... that is until UT2005 comes out. Realistically enough you can actually fight this first person shooter in 3rd person mode!

In short this game is like it says on the box - UNREAL.


- Awesome maps.

- Vehicles!

- Outstanding graphics.

- A fast game engine with nice crash physics.

- 100% Blast `em up.

- Internet 32 player Games!

- Onslaught game type.


- Huge 6 CD install.

- Learning curve is high for 1st person shooter.

- Character movement is bit too fast.

- You need the internet to experience UT2004 fully.

*Note : The Editors Choice addition has all the extra mods and maps and updates that you might have to download from the internet if you get the standard version. Basically this one has more stuff that you dont need to download.
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on November 4, 2004
I am no longer as young as I once was. The Twitch is gone, so to speak. That's why I love Tribes for team based FPS action. Unlike the various versions, and especially 3, of Quake, you don't have to be a teenager on crystal meth to compete. Those of us without superhuman reflexes, 3 GHz P4s and 21" monitors could still compete. If you used your *Brain* you could still compete. You might not be the best, but it was a hell of a lot more fun than getting repeatedly railed on the bouncy map in Q3. This is why I've been playing Tribes for the last 5 or 6 years. It was simply the best team based shooter, period.

Now there's U2k4. I find myself playing Unreal more and more and playing Tribes less and less. It's a lot of fun, and you still have to use your head to compete. The graphics are very good (I'm excited to see the new engine released) and the server browser is very well thought out. I love the online stats also. It's nice to know you're not *all* the way at the bottom. I will admit that I never, ever play any deathmatch, but If you're looking for CTF, assault or Objective based team play, then this is the game for you.
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on November 9, 2005
this game is so sick, i got today and i'm loving it. its like halo with the whole first person thing and weapons and such, but it has more. it has more weapons, vehicles, people, and online play, it's FREE. the graphics are sweet too, so unreal. the computer actually plays against you too, it doesnt just sit there, it attacks, move, and even goes after the shields, ammo, and other guns to kill me. it even moves to avoid being hit. its so unlike any game i've played before. good price, great value, Unreal Fun
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on August 9, 2016
I am currently running this game on a windows 10 machine. You just need to install a few small patches (available all over the net) and it works on modern hardware. I was surprised that there is still many servers that are populated for online play.
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on April 30, 2005
Take everything you like about Unreal Tournament 2003, multiply it by 100, and you'll get this. This is simply the best UT yet! I've never thought it would be possible, but here it is! Somehow, the developers manage to combine the speed of UT, the size of UT2K3, and they added the potent potion of vehicles. The result? The best deathmatch FPS there is.

That is generally the gist of it. I played UT and absolutely loved it. I played UT2K3 and liked it somewhat because of the huge maps, but I quickly became bored because of the slower speed. UT2K4 combined the best of both games and added vehicles to make the fight even more chaotic! There is nothing like a 16 man match while you're flying in a plane blowing your enemies away! Even better, download a huge map and fight in a arena the size of a video game city!

Unfortunately, the only flaw of the vehicles system is that it's only available to Onslaught mode and that the vehicles doesn't respawn, which seems extremely short sighted of the developers. However, this is quickly solved by going online and downloading the proper mods to make vehicles available to EVERY game and to make it respawn. After that, you will never look at UT the same again!

Basically, this is what the game cuts down to.

-Unbelievably huge maps
-Runs very well even for PCs that are not high end
-Is a lot faster than UT2K3
-New modes of gameplay and improved weapons cache

-Too many CDs (6)
-Installation is massive (over 5GB)
-Loading is pretty long; gameplay may be slow if too many bots
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on December 9, 2011
I lost my cd key for my old unreal 2k4 so I got another, and omg.
I am so happy this is only two discs, the other older version had a six to seven disc install that was mind numbing.
Keep in kind you need a DVD drive to install this but in this day and age I'm farly sure it's standard for everyone's computers.

Comes with tons of bonus content, like alien swarm, rocketeer, red orchestra, air buccaneers, frag ops, chaos ut2 and domain 2049
As well as all sorts of In game UT2k4 updates, like new vehicles and the like.

The game itself has tons upon tins of game types, and characters to chose from.
It's a super fast shooter, has good music, invasion co op mode,no story line and is just all out shooting fun.

If you simply want to pick up a gun and move fast while killing everything and anything you can this is the game for you.
It's the shooter.

I do and will most likely always concider this the best shooter ever made of all time.
Unless you totally lack skill I recommend all shooter fans to get this
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on March 10, 2015
What Can I say it loaded on to my Win 7 PC with out any problems and the editor works perfectly! Very killer classic game also ton and tons of downloadable content on the internet for just about everything you could want for free.
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on February 1, 2012
This is one of the few games that I still play. I grew up on the Atari 2600, and always hated how weak the graphics were compared to the coin-operated games in the video arcades. A friend gave this to me when it first came out, and I've hardly had time for any other games since. I bought another copy to give to another friend, and now I'm looking to install it on my newest computer. I'll end up buying the latest version of Unreal in the next few months, but as an adjunct to this version, rather than a replacement for it.
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on June 22, 2013
I don't know what hasn't been said about this game. It's a great first person shooter it was definitely worth getting the Editor's Choice Edition with the new characters and bonus vehicles. This game is definitely a must have for any Unreal fan or first-person shooter fan.
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