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on August 25, 2014
The ghost stories were really good. Liked them all. My disappointment came when I realized there was no where near 588 minutes of ghost stories like you're led to believe in the product details section. There's more like 300-and-something minutes. Almost HALF the viewing time than you think you're buying. The rest of the minutes were special commentaries and back-story narration. I feel very jipped. Learned a lesson about checking details about videos more thoroughly, that's for sure.
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on October 10, 2005
Upon reflection, and recently having watched these episodes again,
a small criticism:
"Calling Doctor Moe, calling Doctor Persinger, calling Doctor Roll...."
If you catch my cynical drift.
Like the overdependence of the A Haunting series on Connecticut's Warrens,
Unsolveds go-to guys, Roll and Persinger quickly wear out their welcome as
putative experts offering their pet theory explanations.
Yes, obviously electromagnetism is a vital aspect of many if not most psychic phenomena. However, the true skeptic must look askance at their self-promoting certainties. The fact that the Unsolved producers overly depended on William Roll in particular remains an annoyance, particularly in retrospect, since new episodes will never be made nor will updates ever be provided.
Should have mentioned this before. Luckily it's never too late to grind an old,
dull axe! Thank you, Amazon.

Perfect Halloween fare with the excellent Mr. Stack
strolling through a nicely laid out cemetary
of old legends and contemporary hauntings.

Though many of these stories suffer somewhat
from Unsolved's typical mini-documentary shallowness
and brevity of content, the collection's overall quality
is exceptional.
The synthesizer background music, lighting cinematography
and even most of the optical and computer effects
are tasteful and evocatively creepy.

And because these stories are allegedly true,
I think you will find they will get under your skin
(like I know you are really hoping they will!)
more deliciously than the Fangoria formulaic junk
decorating most video rental shelves.

The only complaints I have is that this set
does not include the Rainboy episode
(which is instead found on the Psychics set,
in my opinion an inappropriate choice), and that
the producers' commentaries are, true to Unsolved form,
nearly worthless ramblings that miss out
on an opportunity to provide us with
more interesting background info.

Otherwise, for those of you intelligently enthralled
by the supernatural, as you dwell upon these stories
Non omnis moriar...
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on June 30, 2007
I just bought this boxed set, and thought it was great. If anyone remembers this classic series, narrated by the unmistakable voice of Robert Stack, it'll take you back. As other members have stated, it's a collection, and is presented as such, showing just the ghost segment of any given show, complete with interviews and re-enactments.

Is it creepy? Creepy, I suppose, is relative. I found it entertaining and fun. If you want a good ghost story that you can sit down and watch with the kids, or just by yourself, I would suggest buying this one. It was a great show, and deserved the DVD treatment.
I also liked the tribute to Robert Stack.
I thought adding that showed real class on the creator's part.
If you are looking for more of the modern ghost hunting, and are an enthusiast looking to pick up hints on how to go about it, I would recommend also buying the Ghost Hunters Seasons One, Season 2 Part One, and Season 2 Part 2.
Don't let the two Season Two DVDs throw you. They're very low priced, and combined, they cost about the same as a full season of any other show, so it's not a rip off.
Hope this helped.
So, go ahead, click the Add to Cart Button.
Grab the family and sit down with some popcorn.
And enjoy some good old family programming the way it used to be.
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on April 18, 2006
I bought this DVD collection to help pass the time on my rowing machine. Mission accomplished: I was almost late to work this morning because i wanted to watch "just one more" episode! The presentation of these stories is superb and is sure to entertain even viewers who (like myself) are born skeptics - but who love a good ghost story just the same. A few reviewers bemoaned the "friendly ghost" episodes, but i found many of those wonderfully creepy, too. This is one of my favorite DVD purchases to date. It'll provide hours of entertainment and is a great value for the price.
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on June 15, 2007
I love a good ghost story and unsolved mysteries, over the years, has given us tons of them. 34 episodes, 372 minutes plus bonus features, such as commentary for select episodes, means you can spend a whole day watching all the discs. If you wanted to.
The only reason I removed a point is that many of the ghost stories are just that. They're stories without any real facts behind them. For example, in the past few year the tales of murder and death on the Myrtles Plantation has come under attack. There is, for example, no record of many of the events said to have happened there. Many stories are based on urban legend and can't be proven one way or the other.
Also, many of the stories rely solely on the events that happened to one person. Alone, in the dark, by themselves. Get the picture? Sometimes when something goes bump in the night it IS just a cat.
True, many episodes show scientists and engineers trying to solve the mysteries, which is cool, but also many of them have pet theories and ideas that help mold their investigations. The idea, for example, that places have memories that we sometimes trigger, is one of them talked about in the commentaries. That's interesting, but what if it's wrong? Are they weighing the facts correctly or ignoring the evidence that points in a different direction?
I do believe in ghosts. But like alien life forms, which I also believe in, I don't think they visit us as much as we wished them to. Do babies, before they are born, notice us? Do they wonder what the noise is outside their tiny realms? Are ghosts signs of what is beyond our Earth, signs of another stage in our life cycle or just trapped energy from a person's memory?
Tons of fun for a good low price.
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on November 14, 2004
I wished there could be more quality documentaries like this - with great story-telling ability. First of all, Robert Stack is QUALITY personality and talent. John Cosgrove, one of the producers and writers of the Unsolved Mysteries series really knows what attracts the attention of the viewing public. These ghost stories are concise and suspenseful. They are lit very well and the camera work is exceptional. The only extras I would have loved to seen is more behind-the-scenes of what goes on when it comes to creating the lighting in these stories...I love the blue gel night scenes....Regardless of my film inquiries, this is one pack of dvds you won't be able to live without - especially during the halloween season. I wished there were more of these - and I wish Robert Stack was still alive to carry on the show - But John Cosgrove did the right thing - just like Jerry Seinfeld - go out on a win, and this is what they did. A+++++++++++++ all of the way!!
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on June 26, 2014
So many stories about ghosts. Makes one wonder. I haven't met one, but am open to the possibility that energy goes on. I love a good ghost story. These make a good presentation. I just had to have this set for my collection & have found it to be very interesting.
I think you'd enjoy it.
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on December 27, 2016
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on November 22, 2004
Need some chills up your spine? I have to say this is the ultimate Ghost story collection I've ever seen and being an unsolved mystery fan just makes this collection even more enticing. Started back in 1989, this collection from the series are the best of what the ghostly episodes had to offer until the year 2000. The scary narratives of Robert Stack with the amazing ghost stories will give you shivers up your spine. Make sure you watch at night to get full effect! I could only come across a few stories that left me a bit bored, but the 25+ documentaries of well accounted ghostly events is great entertainment for anyone who has interest in the genre. Even better, be sure to check out the "Miracles" and fantastic "UFO" box sets for even more fun.
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on September 18, 2016
I loved this show as a kid and rewatching these episodes are still just as incredible for me.
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