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on November 21, 2016
Works great. I was using a cheap $50 Android tablet (LG G pad 7) to watch the news through my DirecTV GenieGO, sound is provided by a Oontz Angle Plus speaker (unfortunately, cheap tablet=crap sound). That worked great, until...

DirecTV then phased out the GenieGO and all DVR streaming is now done through the main DirecTV app; it mostly works fine, but now the volume is too low!

I tried all sorts of Android volume booster apps but they didn't work. So I added this Boostaroo, and voila, the sound is good again!

BTW I'm using some old rechargeable AA's in it that I had lying around and it's fine.
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on February 11, 2016
I connected my phone (Nexus 5X) to the Boostaroo and connected the Boosteroo to my car's audio input jack. It is definitely louder, however I would not say 100% louder. Using the Boostaroo I can put my car stereo at a volume of 30 and it's as loud as it used to be (without the Boostaroo) at 40 (max volume in my car). That's all the boost I needed and I didn't notice any drop in audio quality or additional noise/feedback when driving. All in all it did exactly what I needed so I say it's a win!
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on September 12, 2016
If you have an equalizer function, in your, phone, Ipod, Ipad, MP3, player, then, you can turn down the frequencies that you do not like, to a level, where, normally, you would be barely able to hear them, then attach this device, and get the sound you like. I encourage you, if you are already buying this device, to try this at home. I like bass, harsh, crisp, mi-range, and a little high's. With this amp, you can really tailor your sound.
Just like having an amp at home, and an equalizer, or, an amp in your car, with an equalizer. I bought this unit for that specific function.
No device that I have ever used, makes it possible to get the bass the way this thing does. I bought the Muvo v100 and set the equalizer bars If you set your equalizer function bars the way I have them, the sound is astounding!!! I purchased the EMF free Tubes headphones from Amazon as well. I like the way the bass, compresses the rubber headphone tubes. Dude, try them, both, if you do not like em, return them.
When I first turned on the Boostaroo, then, set my EQ, I started laughing. :) Sounds so good, it's like a car sound system, with a big amp and
subs. I know, I have had lots of those. My home stereo with the 15 inch woofers can play this loud. But not without the cops getting called, lol.
My EQ settings for the Creative Muvo V100: From left to right, First bar, all the way up, next bar, all the way down, next bar, all the way down as well, next bar, up half way, next bar, up all the way. Bar frequencies from left to right. 60hz, up all the way, next, 250k, down all the way, next, 1k, down all the way, 4k up half way, 16k, up all the way.
Bass boost setting: ON
Clear songs with lots of bass sound good on these settings.
As good as the speaker that I built with 24 woofers and 16 tweeters in it. As good as the 6, 10 inch speakers that were in my car at one time, or the 2 dual voice 12's that I used to own. I have owned bass bins, including voice of the theater style, big horns, electrostatic speakers,
recording studio monitors, I have been in lots of clubs and to lots of concerts. People have heard better speakers and better equipment
than I have. Still, I live in an apartment now, and even in my previous homes, playing music as loud and with as much bass, as this set up has, even in a basement, will get the neighbors mad. I am not a salesman for these products, and this will probably last me for the
rest of my lifetime. If you want loud, and, hard hitting bass, then, mthis set-up, may be for you. Pretty LOUD!!! Lots of BASS!!!
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on August 17, 2015
I really want to give this a 5 star rating because I love the sound this puts out, but I feel the design has the potential to be simpler while also being more versatile.

I run my Galaxy Note 4 to my stock stereo AUX then through a 50W RMS Clarion mini amp to Focal components up front and Pioneer speakers in the back.. Despite having an additional amplifier, I still don't have much headroom when turning the music up loud due to the seemingly low level output of the Note 4. When I normally wanted to jam out, I'd have my volume on at least 40 out of 55max. Now with the Boostaro I'm getting the same loudness at about 25 out of 55max, so it's safe to say that it nearly doubled my volume output. But the best part is, the sound is clearer and more detailed than before, and uncolored from what I can tell. I read one review where a guy claimed that the Boostaro used audio enhancement and added reverb to the sound. Having read that review I kept an open ear to listen for it, but I can't say I can pick out additional reverb. Reason being, not everything has reverb.What I'm experiencing is the increased output of the sound as a whole - the improved clarity and body of the sound - which allows you to actually notice reverb that was buried in the mix before. So in the sound improvement department, this delivered and fit the bill perfectly for what I was looking for. 5 stars for function for the dollar.


I also want the manufacturer to make the casing and overall setup more concise while more versatile, and I think they could have a big hit on their hands...hope they're listening.

I've only had it a few days so I'm unsure of the battery life, but I'd like to have a version that is rechargeable via USB or AC and I can just leave it in my car and not worry about changing batteries. Also, you could make it so the unit turned on or off if it detected a bluetooth signal from the headunit or phone to increase battery life further and not have to flip a switch. I'd pay $15-20 more for a unit that did this...just sayin'.

I'm not sure who the market is for the 3 way splitter, but all I need in my car is a direct line from my phone to my AUX in, so it's unnecessary and cumbersome in my case, but perhaps it was intended for a niche I'm unaware of. It'd be cool to have a version that also had the input and an output on opposite sides or sharing the same side. For car use, having cords go in perpendicular directions makes for a bit of an awkward fit and routing wires, it'd be nice to be able to tuck it out of the way.

But my biggest gripe with the design is the attached cable. It didn't fit my phone with the case on, and it was also too short to reach my phone in the mount anyway so I had to buy an AUX extender cable. I'd rather have it come with a detachable cord and maybe bundle a couple options with it OR just no cords so you could use a cord specific for your own use. I'm pretty OCD about having wires tucked away, so keep that in mind when reading.

Why not make life easier and use Bluetooth audio instead you may ask? Because Bluetooth sound quality flat out sucks compared to hard wired AUX.

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on January 28, 2014
This product is a must! Every time I take a trip with the family we use a headphone splitter to use multiple headphones so we can watch a movie on my iPad usually on a noisy plane. The headphone splitter works as far as letting us all use headphones BUT it's not very loud and we all have trouble hearing the movie. With this amplifier we can all hear the movie and it's even so loud that we have to turn it down a little bit....AMAZING!! The amplifier allows you to plug in 3 sets of headphones, so my dad, mom and I all got to sit on the plane with the iPad in the middle and watch a movie with perfect sound. It was great! You can also plug in a speaker and amplify the sound out of it as well. Pretty much anything with an earphone jack will fit into the boostaroo amplifier. It takes only two AA batteries and is fairly small. It's about 4 1/2 inches long and 1 1/4 inch thick. The cord is about 13 1/2 inches long. When turned on it shows a red light. I love this product and recommend to anyone needing increased sound volume.
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on July 2, 2017
When I switched phones my new phone would not power my helmet speakers enough to hear on the highway. With this amp it is still not as loud as my old phone was and has tons of static I actually switched between all three jacks to make sure it was not a connection problem. The batterys were a pain to install, the way the jacks stick out sideways makes the unit feel even bigger than it already is and why would you ever need three outputs
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on April 18, 2017
The quality is spotty and the connection for your headphones is static filled. The design for the battery compartment was poorly accomplished. Put the two AA batteries in and just try to close the cover and get ready to start fighting with this cover for a while. The batteries don't have a retainer region that we normally deal with. It has no ribs to contain the cells in place. Don't bother getting this.... too aggravating to deal with. Pass on this!!!!!!
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on September 7, 2017
I liked this headphone amplifier while it worked. Provided a nice amount of clear boost. Two weeks after purchase, one channel stopped working in all three headphone jack receptacles. With some delicate positioning of the headphone jack, I can sometimes get both channels, so it appears to be a physical connectivity problem, not an electronic one. Headphones work normally without the amplifier, so they're OK. Unfortunately, I threw away the packaging, so I can't return. Lesson learned.
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on July 3, 2017
Same device as the one that used to be sold in Radio Shack. Radio Shack device did have a better enclosure. AA batteries takes some effort to insert but sound is definitely amplified. Recently took on a flight and cabin noise was virtually eliminated while watching a movie. My Radio Shack device has lasted over 10 years, hopefully this one will too.
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on May 14, 2010
LOVE THIS. Only thing I would change, make it so it can be plugged into an electrical source. The batteries wear down too quickly. An adapter for it would be great. I use it with my personal cd player, plug it into a large speaker and I can listen to my cds without having to carry it with me, and use my headphones. I often go to sleep with it playing. That is where I run into problems, though. The adapter doesn't turn off with the player. THUS, the batteries are on all night and do run down. NOW, if there were an adapter, this would be the perfect little device for me. It sure has improved my enjoyment for listening to my dvds on my small budget (wish I could afford a real dvd player with speakers and all the bells and whisles). Retirement is great, but you just can't afford to get all the stuff you would really like to have to make your life more enjoyable, so you make do with what you can find and afford. And this little gadget sure made a big difference in my life. It works good for speakers on the laptop to improve the sound that is way too low on the computer (for old, retired ears) to hear. The booster makes things so much more louder and clear.
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