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on September 22, 2013
This tiny camera supplies a great view. The camera is truly 170 degree view. I had my g/f stand off about 5 to the side of the truck at only about 1 behind and the camera was still able to see her. The hardest part about mounting the camera was picking the right location. As you'll see from the pictures, I think I found the perfect spot where it is not easily visible keeping thieves away, yet, allow me to back up to my trailer and get close enough to mounting without having to get out of the truck 2-3 times. It is also protected by the receiver bracket putting it out of harms way. The instructions were of very little to no help, however, it was very easy to install. I already knew where the power was going to come from, reverse light wire, and the ground was easy enough. The yellow RCA cable connects to the monitor. It was long enough, with plenty to spare to run it from the receiver, under the truck (2000 GMC Sierra 1500 Ext Cab) tucking it away along side the chassis, and routing it under the cab. I ran the RCA cable into the cab through the shifter linkage bushing, under the carpet, up the inside of the left side panel next to the hood release, and up by the fuse panel along the rubber molding and squeeze by dash panel to mount the Monitor on the dash. Backing up to the trailer or into a parking spot has never been easier. Good luck
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on September 4, 2016
Nice reverse cam. There are better ones out there for sure but for the price this one is hard to beat. The night vision just means it takes in more light so you can see little better at night. I'd buy it again in a pinch, but would buy a better looking and smaller cam for my next install. It's way to big and stands out for my taste. Also the ground and power cables are very short and you WILL need to add wire to run the cam power to your dash for an accessory wire so the cam isn't always drawing power. Not a big deal, but most other cams come with a long enough wire out of the box. I also had to add wire to the rca hookup, it was too short to do a clean factory looking run out of the box.

EDIT: The seller reached out to me stressing the importance of customer feedback and took steps above and beyond many other companies. Showing that not only is this a good product, but the company stands behind it and cares.
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on May 22, 2017
Just installed this camera on my pickup and it works great. Just some advice on the install:

The video cable is very flimsy, I actually broke the one provided during the install by pulling it through my trucks firewall. You may want to purchase a Monster Cable, they are really cheap but very durable - that's what I did.

Also, if you want the camera to switch automatically when you place your vehicle in reverse you are going to need to buy another wire. I went to Ace Hardware and picked up about 20 foot of 16 gauge wire and ran that up to the purple reverse trigger on the back of the head unit from the positive wire on the reverse light. I also picked up some Loom Tube to protect the wires from the elements.

Other than that, the install is simple. Red wire goes to the colored wire on your reverse light. Black wire goes to the black wire (ground) on your reverse light. For it to switch automatically, just connect the wire you bought from ace to the same colored wire the red one connected to. Then, simply plug the yellow video cable into your "rear camera in" or "R.C.IN" port on the back of your head unit.

Camera quality is really good, even at night.
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on July 13, 2017
install went easy, no problem there. the video quality is complete crap, i am using my sct livewire ts as the video monitor and am completely disapointed with the quality. if there was a kid behind the truck i wouldnt be able to see him.

this comparison is vs my only experience using ford OEM backup cameras which might be unfair.
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on April 7, 2015
First for the install – The install on this camera wasn’t too bad, but running wires down the frame rails of a truck is never fun. One could buy a wireless camera, but the video quality will not be as good and the price will be much higher, so a little extra install time was well worth it to me. I only had two complaints during the installation process, but these weren't big enough to warrant taking away a star. First of all the mounting screws could have been made of a more durable metal, I had a hard time getting the threads started without them stripping. Secondly, the video cord was 2 feet too short to reach the monitor. I definitely can't fault the company on this one though as I installed it on a crew cab, long bed, F-350, probably one of the longest vehicles, short of a motorhome, that you could install this on.

As for the video quality, I am very happy with the video. During the day, the video is very clear and though the night vision isn’t perfect, even the lights from your backup lights or brake lights is enough to be able to see perfectly clear behind your vehicle. This was one of my main reasons for buying this camera as we live in a rural area and it is very hard to see very well at night when backing due to looking through 3 layers of tinted glass in the rearview (rear cab window, front camper shell window, and rear camper shell window).

Overall very happy with this camera and looking forward to being able to hitch up to my trailers much easier as well as feel a little safer backing out of parking spots in my truck. Another one is being installed on our minivan very soon!
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on February 1, 2016
I spent a considerable amount of time trying to decide what camera to buy for my truck. Reading the reviews, this one seemed to be one of the better cameras available based on the reviews. Well, as I found out, not so much. I installed this with a wireless transmitter and found the picture was never without some static lines and would drop out at times. It is not practical to run a permanent wire for my needs, but I did try a hard wired connection for testing purposes. I found a slightly better picture, but really not much difference, the lines were still there and the image still dropped out.

I figured that eliminated the wireless transmitter and decided to live with the problem of the lines and imaging dropping. I should note that this is installed in a vehicle that is seldom used, maybe gets 2,000 miles a year. Also, the factory mounting bracket did not work for my installation (no fault of the company, more my specific needs), so I made a bracket that extended the camera a little farther than the one supplied .

So just over a year after installing the camera, it died completely. I was hoping I had just received a "lemon" camera and, since I had a custom mount, decided to take the easy way and buy the same camera again for a replacement. Well, after installation, the camera works a little better than the first one, the static lines are gone, but the image still drops, albeit not as much, and the distance lines it projects are fuzzy all the time. It'll do, but I wish I went with something else from the start.
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on April 9, 2017
Great range of vision and clarity in the daylight. Night vision is noticeably noisy (fuzzy) more than my other cars that came with rear view cameras pre-installed. Still workable in any event. It is a bit bulky and extends out from the trunk; we'll see over time how it holds up to the elements.
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on October 12, 2016
I purchased this in July of 2015 but didn't get around to having it installed until November of last year. In the past year, this has been my experience: It worked great for a month, but I've found it does seem to be temperature sensitive; it stopped working reliably when the weather got warmer. Some days it would work fine but other times the image being sent to the screen was nothing but a flicker. Having checked the wiring and even having upgraded the head unit in my car - the only other related factor was the temperature outside. It will still work on cooler mornings but will not later in the day if it goes above 80-90 F outside. That's something to keep in mind if you live in a warmer climate.

Edit: After submitting my review - I was contacted by the seller and offered a new product as they recognized the temperature issue I was facing was anomalous and my camera was not working as it should. I'm impressed with their customer service; although I had the camera installed for less than 12 months, I had purchased it a few months before and it was outside their stated warranty period of one year - but they evidently stand by their product. I have not had a repeat of the intermittent (temperature dependent) signal loss since putting in the new camera - so I have increased my rating as it appears to be a good product, especially for the price, and surprisingly awesome customer service.
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on March 16, 2016
Written by my husband.....
Installed this camera in the stock location on a 2013 Toyota Sequoia and used it in combination with a wireless transmitter and Esky folding monitor. Clear view and no moisture after several months. Only minimal interference with the wireless connection. Tilts down for trailer guidance. Provides plenty of visibility at night
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on July 17, 2017
Fantastic Camera. I hung it off of a blind in the back window of our RV. It allows me to see the spare tire mounted on the rear bumper, as well as the traffic behind me. Works good in the dark. And the daytime colors are wonderful. I really like the little green, yellow, and red marks that let you know how close things are behind you. Very useful when backing your RV into a tight spot.
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