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on August 11, 2012
First off I'm very anal about cases.I used to have an evo 4g and had like 4 cases for that thing cause i was so picky. I was going to get an otterbox commuter series for my S3 but read some negative reviews about the buttons and also that it's not an easy case to put on but I also wanted something easy to take off.I bought the seidio active case for my s3 which is a nice case but the silicone part picked up lint. I then bought the puregear dualtek case which was a 2 in 1 molded case which fit fantastic but the black parts on the inside of the case and corners left permanant marks on my white s3 when i took the case off(in which i emailed the company and was surprised it was being sold in a third party manner bc they knew about the defect). then I found this case by accident on youtube when researching cases.UAG is pretty new co. and the only other phone they make cases for is the iphone 4/4s in which got oustanding reviews here on amazon.It has just been released for the s3 so i ordered it.The case is AWESOME! first it's a molded 2 in 1 seams as though it would be big in the pics due to it's industrial look but it's not. the black is not silicone but tpu so it's a hard rubber and it doesn't pick up lint from the pocket at all and slides in/out of pocket easily. the phone slides in and kind of clicks in place and it's nice and tight around the edges.the cutouts are perfect. the white is a bright matte finish's brighter than the internet pictures which make it look like an off white which is not the's a bright white.buttons are not as easy to press as without a case but not hard to press at all. just the right amount of resistance so there won't be accidental turnons. one thing i liked in which you can't see in the picture is that there are 4 small black protrusions on the black pieces on the back corners so when you lay your phone back down it lays on those and not the actual white part! genius! so it will never scratch the back sliding it around!Trust me! you will not be dissapointed in this case!Take it from an anal phone geek!i hope they decide to make more cases for other phones bc my wife has a galaxy note in which i would buy this kind of case in a heartbeat if they had it.
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on April 19, 2013
I've been using the Otterbox Commuter for 4 months. The buttons were stiff and I wanted to get away from the all black and get a little color, but aside from white and black the other Commuter colors were just too feminine for a guy. I had a hard time finding good comparisons for both cases, so now that I have both cases I'll review them here.

1) Buttons - UAG hands down. You can feel the buttons click and the design of the rocker switch and standby button is fantastic. The Commuter buttons look nice, but the material is such a soft rubber that you have to apply tons of pressure and you can't feel the click.

2) Installation - Again UAG is much easier. There's a youtube video showing how to get it off properly without flexing too much which will probably avoid cracks a couple of people mentioned. Material has a little flex so I don't think there will be issues. Getting the Commuter on and off is tougher, but with a little practice takes under a minute. But if you change out your battery often you'll probably want the UAG case. I use an external battery for charging so I only take it off about once a month to clean the phone.

3) Protection - I'm giving the edge to the Commuter here. The lip over the screen covers more of the screen than the UAG and is thicker/softer material. If I had to choose a case for a face down drop it's easily the Commuter. The softer material in the corners of the Commuter would probably be better in a corner drop, but marginally. But that same soft material causes the issue with the buttons. The UAG has more material in the corners but it's harder, which will impart more shock into the phone. The UAG will do a better job than an all TPU case like the Diztronic, but the Commuter is slightly better in my opinion.

4) Cutouts - Great on both cases. I like the USB and headphone covers on the Commuter but some people think they're a nuisance. That's personal preference.

5) Size - UAG is the same width and height as the Commuter. The UAG is about 1mm thinner. However because the corners are thicker than the rest of the case the UAG feels significantly thinner in the hand. The rounded corners of the Commuter are a little nicer for pocketing the phone, but honestly I don't notice much difference in the pocket.

6) Design and Colors - UAG wins here. I would like the company logo to be a bit more muted like the Otterbox. It's a little loud but not obnoxious. Men will definitely prefer the color selections from UAG while women might prefer Otterbox. I love the little rubber feet on the back of the UAG to keep the phone from sliding around on a hard surface like the Commuter will. Both feel about the same with regards to slipping in your hand since they're both hard plastic.

7) Screen protector - Don't buy either for the screen protector. Both of these companies make great cases and garbage protectors. They'd be better off not including it and selling a wet applied/quality protector separately or including it for a few bucks more. With the curved edges on the S3, the wet applied models are the only ones that will completely adhere. I've had the best luck with the Zagg HD.

I'd go 4.5 stars for the UAG and 4 for the Commuter. If Otterbox had some more manly color options and the buttons weren't so hard to push I probably never would have bought the UAG case. I'd like to see UAG go with a slightly softer TPU for added protection and a slightly larger lip over the phone, as long as it doesn't affect the buttons.
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on December 20, 2013
I bought the UAG Galaxy S3 slate color case from Amazon Warehouse Deals. After receiving, I had a difficult time getting the case on and off. The materials seemed very hard, and I didn't think it would protect the phone very well if dropped, because the hard material would easily transfer the energy to the phone. I was expecting a softer rubber on the corners, but it's very hard. The worst part of the case was that I could barely operate the buttons on the phone (power switch and volume rocker). Once I found that I couldn't operate the buttons, I decided to return.

As I was filling out return, I read other reviews for this case. It appears that I received a counterfeit, fake case from Amazon Warehouse. Other people had pointed out differences between real and fake, and my case matched with fake descriptions.

I uploaded several pictures of the counterfeit case I received from Amazon Warehouse. I compared my case to the Amazon pictures and found the following:

* On the packaging I received, the box around the plastic insert has square corners. In Amazon pictures, the corners are rounded.

* The screen protector is labeled with red and blue text, but I've read the originals use a different color text. I'm not sure what the color should be.

* The UAG logo on my fake case is a shiny, chrome reflective finish. In Amazon pictures, this logo has a brushed aluminum finish.

* The fake torx screws on my counterfeit are poorly formed.

* On the original case, there is an indentation around the fake torx screws. My counterfeit case doesn't have the indentation.

* On the inside of my case, there are round pegs in each corner that match the color of the case (4 pegs total). These are not present in the original case.

* I've read there are supposed to be some kind of markings in the bottom corner. My fake case doesn't have any markings.

* Colors between the fake case and original appear to be different, but sometimes it's hard to tell because of variances in lighting. My counterfeit case has a blue metallic flake appearance. The original appears to be flat blue, without metallic flake.

* As mentioned earlier, the power switch and volume rocker are extremely difficult to operate on my fake case.

I didn't even know counterfeit cases existed until I received one. My advice - don't order from a third party seller or Amazon Warehouse. Only order new - Sold and Shipped by Amazon.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on April 18, 2014
Since the important people in my life effectively frog-marched me to a modern smartphone away from an Verizon LG1000 I never used anyway, I decided it was worth protecting. This case here not only looked cool but was also drop tested to MIL-STD requirements--and I'm something of a fanboy when it comes to obnoxiously detailed testing requirements--so I dropped the cash and got it.

Now, keep in mind that I'm no case connoisseur. I am a structural engineer, though, so I can comment on those aspects of design. The case has an overall hard plastic shell which seems pretty resistant to piercing damage and is scratch-resistant. It certainly feels more robust than the thin plastic cases that seem to be the industry standard. The thin ends and corners are made of a rubberized material that also covers the entire screen-side perimeter; the perimeter rubber acts as the flange that holds the phone in (and it does an extremely good job of doing so). The corner bumpers are thick, probably to both lessen the impulse of being dropped on the corners (a worst case scenario because of the 'shear' loads induced, usually) and to prevent the case from landing on a middle point if dropped on its sides, preventing bending. Rather than having apertures for the buttons, it has rubberized plastic tabs which replicate and actuate the buttons. One has to 'press with authority' to get them to work, but they seem to have loosened up with use and it's hardly a problem. There are apertures for the microphone jack, charger, and pinhole reset buttons, and the apertures are large enough to accommodate those peripherals.

The case came with a clear plastic screen to cover the front of the phone, but it only really covers the phone's actual screen: it's cut so that it avoids the forward speaker, the front button, the light sensors and the camera. This makes sense, I suppose, and it's apparently a more-or-less standard screen scratch protector.

I can't yet attest to just how good it really is in protection--it's not as though I've thrown it out of an airplane onto a field of concrete and broken glass--but in the few low-impact fumbles I've made that would be reasonably expected to at least scratch the bare phone there's been no damage.
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on February 14, 2013
As a terrified S3 owner who failed to get the insurance while I still could, I've spent far too much money trying to find the perfect protection. This isn't it, but it's the best so far.

Important instructions: when you open the box, take out the screen protector, and throw it in the trash. Don't even try -- it's worse than useless. It's so bad that it's irreparably damaged by the thing you use to install it (the little card they send to smooth out the bubbles). Aside from that it's a great case, better than the Otterbox Defender (which was just awful, why do people even like those? The hard inner plastic lining scratched my phone!) and the Ballistic Max (great, but the rubbery parts got loose fast and I felt the phone would fall out soon) that came before it. It *looks* like it's one of those two-piece cases but it's not, which has me a little worried about it protecting the phone in case of a drop.

I'm going to go write a letter to UAG and advise them to quit it with the screen protectors.
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on December 21, 2013
I was uncertain about having exposed ports on my phone because I work at Home Depot, and pine straw can ruin a phone... I thought this case was like the Otterbox, composed of two parts that interlocked.

Phone is doing wonderfully in the case, even at work, I just make sure and take better care of setting it aside before getting pine straw. I do like being able to easily plug in the charger and ear buds.

The case is NOT two parts like the Otterbox... and I actually prefer it anyways. The Ottrbox was nigh impossible for me to get off by myself and it was embarrassing to have to ask my boyfriend for help... This stays on the phone but I can easily take it off if I want. I haven't dropped the phone to test it as I would an Otterbox, but I do feel like my phone will survive a drop. The rubbery parts are nice and cushy, and the composite is tough enough.

I do also have to mention that it easily comes in and out of pockets, without pocket fuzz bunnies... which freak me out, and was one of the reasons I left the Otterbox.

I really love color, it's a little bit brighter and more saturated than what my monitor shows but that's ok. I might order the blue one next!
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on February 14, 2015
Very fast delivery. Case fits very well. It doesn't add much bulk. I haven't installed the clear film screen protector, so I can't comment on that.

On the other hand, the case itself seems well built. The front of the case (the surrounding lip that borders the screen) is raised a bit more than what the pictures shop. This is great because if you place your phone face down on a flat surface this lip will prevent your screen from making contact with the flat surface.

Overall I like this case and I was impressed at how fast it arrived.

The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was because of the silver colored "UAG" logo on the back. They could have made not so noticeable. Also, my experience with painted metal colored lettering on plastic is that it wears/rubs off with use.
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on December 16, 2013
- Let me start with the case's good aspects... It fits the Galaxy S3 very snug (which is good), it seems like it will protect the S3 reasonably well, and the power and volume buttons still function easily through the case. The case doesn't add much bulk to the phone, and it still slides in and out of a pocket well (unlike silicone, or "rubbery" cases).

- The not-so-good... Being able to get it in and out of pockets/bags is great, but when I set my phone down I want it to be secure. The case slides around fairly easily on flat surfaces. It has little rubber feet at the corners which help prevent this, but they aren't great. If the phone is on a surface where the 4 corners do not make contact (like something narrow, where it's resting on the colored part; or if it's on the edge of a desk/table, where only 2 of 4 feet are touching) it really slides around with little effort. This hasn't caused it to fall yet, but I'm definitely aware of how I set my phone down.

- My major complaint... This color is not what I expected. Often colors are brighter on computer screens than in real life, due to over saturation of color. Based on the color I saw on-screen, across multiple websites, and with a name like "RUST", I made the assumption that this case would be a subdued orange. I was definitely wrong. I could take this thing deer hunting, and it would fit right in with the blaze-orange apparel. It is much brighter and bolder than any picture I've seen online. I guess I should've tried to find one in the store, but that would've defeated the cost savings I sought by purchasing it online. If you like a bold orange case, than this would be great! If you want something that's subdued and doesn't look like it deserves endorsement by deer hunters everywhere, pick a different color, or a different case altogether. ...You won't lose this case, unless of course, you leave it laying with your hunting apparel...
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on August 6, 2014
The UAG case for the S3 is a pretty rugged-looking thing. Coming from an Otterbox Commuter series, the UAG looks like it has less padding but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad thing. The corners of the phone are well-padded and if you actually look at the inside of the case, there's a curve around the bottom and corners that fits perfectly to the curvature of your phone meaning there's extra padding around those areas.

Compared to the Commuter, the grip on the UAG is much better. By a lot. I've literally had my phone fly out of my hands while walking with the Commuter on.

The buttons are very easy to press and very responsive. They're, in my opinion, absolutely perfect. It's better than pressing on the buttons on the actual phone. There is no excess pressure needed like with most other S3 cases that I've had and used.

From a usability standpoint, this case is absolutely perfect.
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on January 1, 2013
First, the Galaxy S3 is fragile. I discovered this when it took a light drop from about 2-3 feet onto a tile floor. It landed flat and left a tiny crack in the corner of the glass. Never had any problems with my original Galaxy S, so I vowed to protect my investment from further klutziness by investing in a case.

This case is perfect for me. It has a smooth hard back, so it does not get bunched up in your pants <insert joke> when you try try to pull it out <insert second joke>. The corners are trimmed in a hard rubber coating, with a lip to protect the face of the phone. Button covers are perfectly aligned and have a good solid tactile feel. The inside of the case is lined with the rubber material to provide some shock resistance. The fit is snug, but not death-grip snug (see Otterbox). All holes for camera, USB, flash, and headphone jack are all properly aligned. The design is unique (futuristic/industrial) and gives the rather (IMHO too) thin phone some additional mass. However, the case bulk is slightly less than the Otterbox, so it does not look like you have a loaf of bread for a phone.


+ Plastic parts are solid and well machined. Fit and finish is clean and professional. Not cheap.
+ Rubber where it needs it and nowhere else. Easy access to and from jean pockets.
+ Solid fit, great button covers.
+ Includes a screen protector.


- Somewhat pricey compared to others.
- Design may not be for everyone.
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