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on April 5, 2013
This is a simple,sturdy,beautiful and reassuring case.

I have this case for my White IPhone 4S and it matches the color and looks real pretty.

The iPhone 4S has the volume Mute on/off switch positioned slightly higher/different than in the iPhone 4.
This case has a longer slit at the volume on/off switch and can accommodate both iPhone 4 & 4s well.

The case protects all of sides and back from any accidental nicks or damages.
The case has a design that protects the machine from jumping out of the case in the event of accidental fall.

This White Urban Armor Case is a best find, must have & recommended for all white IPhone 4 & 4S users.
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on August 15, 2014
After carrying my iPhone 4S around for over two years in a very substantial hard plastic battery case I felt that that replacing it with another expensive case was not wise, since the phone was old enough to be replaced soon. I liked the look of this case and I thought the price was great. Well, after months of walking around with this case I love the fact that it is lighter, and my daughter thinks that the color and design are cool. While I miss the extra long battery time that the old case allowed me to have this case surprised me the first time my phone skittered across my marble kitchen floor after flying from my hand from about four feet. The previous case seemed more more substantial just because it was heavy and the plastic was hard. Each time something like this happened to the older case it acquired new "character marks" in the form of chips and it finally started coming apart at the seams. I was never very sure if the hard plastic was protecting the phone or if the hard plastic was conducting the force of the fall directly to the phone. Luckily the phone has survived this long anyway. When I have dropped the phone in this current case it has so far just sort of bounced. It just seems to me that I am less concerned about the phone surviving the incident. Would it survive a direct attack from a hammer? Of course not, but I'm not so sure how much more protection would have been provided by the Phonesuit I originally used. The Phonesuit provided great battery extension and the customer service provided by the company was exquisite. I'm happy with this new case given the fact that I probably won't be holding on to the 4S long enough to justify another expensive case.
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on January 28, 2014
Have had a lot of cases ... love the Otter Box ... but it doesn't slip into my pocket well. This case gives you protection as well as ease of dropping it into and retrieving it from your pocket. It is not water proof in any way, shape or form ... (took my iPhone for a swim in the hot tub ... not good), but the case fit my replacement iPhone just fine. Love this case.
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on September 25, 2014
Case fits on the phone nicely and seems to affer a decent amount of drop protection. The buttons work perfectly and overal the case seems very well made. I just have two (relatively big) issues:
1) it's very slippery, probably the most out of any phone case I've ever owned.
2) it's pretty unattractive (in my opinion.) again, probably the ugliest case over ever owned. Partly due to the huge logo on the back, partly due to the weird industrial design. I should have realized this from the pictures so it's my fault for not looking closely enough.

The slipperiness is probably the biggest issue. It feels especially prone to dropping when you're pulling something out of your pocket.

As an aside, the slate color looks horrible with my white phone. I'm not super caught up on phone aesthetics and generally choose function over form when selecting phone cases, but this case looks so bad on my phone that it's a major reason why I'm getting a new case.

Overall, If you get a color that goes well with your phone, don't mind the strange design and slipperiness, and are looking for something sleek but decently protective, this case will fit the bill.
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on March 2, 2014
1st note-It's a nice looking case. 2-It fits the phone well, and offers good access to its connectors (earphone and charging).
3-Protection? All I can say is, "So far, so good!" It has protected my phone from two mild drops: Once, coming out of my pocket, and once getting out of the car. However, IMO, "protection" is something that's very difficult to evaluate without a bunch of extra phones and a repeated set of torture tests, If it stops a bullet, I'll stop back and add that to the review.

Where it fails is its texture, or its "touch"-ie) how it interacts with your hand. The volume buttons are very difficult to navigate and use, while talking on the phone. Which is when you NEED them! They have some fine detail to define them, and are each marked with their respective +/-, but to the thumb, it is a flat hard rubber surface. It takes some trial-and-error to find vol+/vol- Maybe, a slight "rocker" shape, or a "dimple" vs "bubble" would help differentiate them without having to look at them.

My second "texture" issue is: It's just slippery. (See: "...two mild drops..." above) There are some rubberized portions of the case, but it's hard rubber. So, even that is not very "grabby". Also, that rubber is limited to the corners. When holding the phone at its sides, between your fingers, it's like holding a wet bar of soap. OK, maybe it's not that slick, but I would like to see a rubber ridge, or some rubber corrugations, to enhance grip.

Hopefully, it continues to protect the phone, because, if I keep this case, I will drop my phone again...
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on January 30, 2014
I've decided on getting this case because of it's great high-tech look and for its very good crash tests and reviews on Youtube.
It fits tightly like a glove and pretty thin and the buttons are very easy to press.
It looks amazing, very protective, thin and feels good in my hand, and It comes with a screen protector(!!)
I bought it for my wife and she LOVES IT!!

only CONS is It's expensive(!)
I hope the rubber on the top and bottom won't become flabby over time, but I doubt that for this case's high ranks everywhere (and the price).

GOOD TIP: the screen protector is tricky to put. If you get it's back side dirty after taking off the wrap (and you probably will), clean it carefully with a clean finger and water, and air dry it.
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on May 7, 2014
I cannot say enough positive things about this brand. I am very accident prone and will likely drop, break, burn (see below), or misplace my phone multiple times a week. Most of my family has started using UAG cases because they are so sturdy without the bulk, wonderfully designed (there's just something about the buttons), and very easy to put on and remove. My sister lost her phone and the first thing she did (even before she received her replacement phone in the mail) was purchase a new UAG case.

I absentmindedly placed my phone next to a very hot light for almost an hour. I realized it when I began to smell melted plastic. The phone had minimal damage and was still completely functional despite that the light had started melting the plastic on the phone. I have no doubt that if I had another case on the phone it would have either a) caught fire and/or b) severely damaged the phone. Now I'm just waiting for a case for my iPad and my electronics will all be klutz-proofed :)
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on November 22, 2013
This case does quite well for every day use, slim enough to fit in and out of your pocket easily with the smooth plastic case, the rubber is not super grippy-making it non-irritational, the rubber bumper however does provide a very good buffer from ground impact. I have dropped it from at most four feet high and nothing happened to my great pleasure. The raised edge screen side is nice, but I recommend being careful on rough pavement where rocks might be prone to damage your screen. I have had several compliments on this case's stellar looks, one thing I don't quite like is that the fake screws are exactly that, fake. They don't seem realistic enough to me, but that's just me being particular, otherwise great case. Great price, great case, great looks, and of course great ergonomics from your hand to your pocket. Recommended
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on October 30, 2012
So I bought this case after I saw it on (but they constantly overcharge for what they pretend are "boutique" items - yet you can easily find them elsewhere, case in point...yes, pun was totally intended). Anyway, super fast Prime shipping and the case arrived quickly.

-This case is not much thicker than your average hard plastic case, which is a plus for me as I didn't want an otterbox or something that would significantly increase the girth of my phone.
-The bumpers are only barely raised above the rest of the case, I feel like the picture on this site makes it look like the bumpers are huge pieces of rubber.
- I bought mine in the "Rust" color and it looks like what you see in the picture, great build and hasnt chipped or anything. Color is not too intense and doesn't make the case look cartoon-like
-The inside of the case is lined is soft rubber so it won't scratch your phone (which is ironically what many of the hard plastic cases end up doing).
-This is also a hybrid case, part of it are hard plastic and parts of it are soft rubber, it gives the case a great "quality" feel.
-Comes with an included screen protector of the static cling variety - not a huge plus, but still a plus.

-Even though the description states to the contrary, this case has, in fact, interfered with my ability to dock the phone on several occasions.
-With the above scenario, this case is NOT super easy to take off your iphone, requiring some maneuvering of the flexible rubber part to squeeze your phone out. I was worried several times that I would break my phone in half trying to pull this off.

Overall, a great case. Simple design, yet functional and sturdy. Is there anything about this case that is outstanding or really sets it apart from other cases (especially in this high price range), not really. It is definitely thinner than most "Active" cases a la otter box, but I havent really had a chance to test the "protection" factor out as I haven't dropped the phone yet.

Will make sure to update this review when this occurs.
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on March 11, 2014
Recently purchased this case after reading the many positive reviews. Also shopped at a local AT&T store to see what they had. My AT&T store didn't carry UAG. They did carry some of the other brands like Otter, (which is huge in size compared to the UAG), and at nearly double the price as well. The only other case I did see in-store that I liked was the new iPhone 5 case, (seems to offer more screen protection), but it doesn't fit the 4 series. No worries, at half the price this case is quality all the way. For what I would have paid for one case I got two... one for the wife too! My only reason for not giving it a five star rating... the only parts of the outer case that is slip-resistant rubber are the corners, making it seem like a bit of "an accident waiting to happen". UAG designed it with most of the shock-absorbing rubber on the inside of the case, (understandably), but I think they should have put a strip or two on the edges and back as well.
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