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V/H/S/2 [Blu-ray]
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on August 13, 2014
I had actually watched some time ago, both of the movies in order, and quite frankly at the time, didnt enjoy the second film as much as the first. But I came back and watched the 2nd first and the first 2nd and I have to say that I really enjoy this one more than the first. Mainly because of its all around intensity the tales in this one are intense and pretty horrific. If you are a fan of found footage style films you will like this alot, as it is a very original take on the genre, much like the first one. If found footage is not your cup of tea, I would still suggest giving this second one a try as it uses some pretty creative ways of shooting.
Though the ending, is what has caused me to give it 4 stars rather than 5, Seriously the last few seconds where I suddenly get a thumbs up from the man turned monster, What the heck!?.... Overall though, if your a horror fan, this is definently worth a watch!
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on March 15, 2014
I am of the humble opinion that this episode of VHS was superior to the original. The first one seemed to be a little bit too 'drawn out' for my tastes, and took too long to get going. VHS 2 seemed to get right into the action.

It's basically a collection of 'short stories' that are in the horror/suspense genre. All of the stories in VHS 2 are at least decent, and worth watching. A few are great. I don't want to ruin it for you, but I'm going to anyway. I'd tell you to stop reading right now, but then you'd miss the rest of my review. So keep reading. Don't cry about how I ruined it. Someone ruined the sixth sense for me. And the matrix. So deal with it. There's a very unique sequence where a fella wearing a go-pro type camera on his helmet turns into a zombie. I thought that was freaking great. A different viewpoint of the beginning of the zombie apocalypse that was very refreshing. I'm almost embarrassed that I didn't think of this first and make my own damn movie. I'll bet there is more than one storyteller out there that cursed at the screen when they saw that one.

Anyway, it's no matrix, but it's a good movie. And Bruce Willis was dead pretty much the whole time.
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on January 19, 2014
I love gory movies, but they haven't made a movie that has shocked me yet. I was hoping this one would, but not quite, but it's still a good movie to watch. I love the concept behind both films and hope they make a third one. I don't care if I can predict what's going to happen in a movie, I just want to see how far they will go with it and if they can make me jump. So far, I have not seen a horror movie that has made me get scared. They said the paranormal movies would, but I ended up laughing at me. The people who know I'm an actor and novelist know I love horror and live in a designed haunted house so really I'm used to all the gory stuff year round. This is one of the movies I put under you should check it out and judge for yourself.
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on February 19, 2017
i also think this one is better than the first one, i watched them within two days so i was prepared that it's gonna be several stories so i keep reminding myself i was watching vhs2... but this one is better because, it lets you know when a story begins and finishes. each one is more intense of horrors than first one..... well not bad, 3.5stars is justified
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on May 11, 2017
I like v/h/s 2 because it is very good and it very good to watch and because it much better then the v/h/s 1
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on July 15, 2013
It wasn't quite as satisfying as the first one, but overall we enjoyed V/H/S/2. The first two vignettes were the best, and the latter ones weren't as good (one of which we outright just did not like (the one with aliens...where a dog is killed)). I'd recommend this movie to horror fans, though I might sway them to wait until the rental price comes down or it's streaming for free on Netflix (which it didn't take long for the first one to make it to).
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on June 8, 2013
After watching the first one, I was left a little unsure as to if I liked it or not. All of the right things are there for a good horror anthology, but there was just something that didn't sit well with me and I have no clue what it is. Fast forward a year later. I found myself as intrigued with the second installment as I was with the first, but this time a little hesitant to purchase it. I am glad I convinced myself to do just that, as this is hands down the best horror film this year, and I can't forsee anything being any better.

Now, I'm no professional reviewer or anything, but what I can definately tell you about this movie is that it is fun, creative, gore-filled, and in some places very messed up. The "zombie perspective" and the cult/mass suicide stories are the standouts by far, but that is not to say that the other two are just ok because they aren't. In fact, if those two had been on the first one, they would have been the stand outs.

If you think like I did and say "well, the first one was just ok, how much better can this one be?", trust me, rent this movie. You will not be disappointed. And to the guy that gave this one star, you do realize that you are the sole negative reviewer right?
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on May 3, 2017
This clearly had a good plot and nice stories. But got totally ruined by the jerky (read extremely jerky) camera movements. The flashing lights and jerky camera moves totally killed the excellent idea. I'm fine with the gore but the depiction and the way it was shot was migraine inducing.
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on June 7, 2013
VHS-2 (My Review) (Overall Average: 28, divided by 4 stories = a Weighted Rating: 7/10)

But throwing in my own feelings as a whole, I give my final rating: 8/10

One word to describe VHS-2, my own created word: Insanitage!



The missing boy says he first thought for the movies to effect you, you would have to watch them in a specific order, but then came to find out that's not true... and as the girl watches the videos, they begin to take their toll.

Story 1:(Ghosts) Skipped the payoff, it was too obvious. Other than that, potential, but didn't really go anywhere and kind of ridiculous. I love ghost stories, but this one just didn't do a thing for me.

(Story Rating: 5/10)

Story 2: (Undead) It's not often you see the world through the eyes of a zombie, it reminds me of when I put the petcam on my cat and he went to record his adventures in the neighborhood... but maybe not quite as adorable... I liked the original take on a tired and played out genre... it's basically a combination of genres, found footage with zombies, very disturbing, and really well done.

(Story Rating: 9/10)

Story 3: (Cults) Quite the interesting and uniquely disturbing take on cults. There are aspects of this story I really liked, and parts I didn't, but either way you look at it, it must be said, they didn't pull any punches. From what I could tell in a single viewing, a strange Asian cult leader is attempting to open the gates of paradise, really more like the gates of hell, it has everything, mass self poisoning, and other forms of suicide to welcome in the new age, indoctrination, extrasensory intuition, and it seems to have happened before... I'm not entirely sure how I'd rate this one, it was interesting, disturbing, with a pretty good ending, and it left me with a very disturbed feeling, I think it was that transition from one world to another that does it, as if these worlds are all layered on top of each other, and it would be so easily to slip from one reality to another seamlessly... for example... it almost feels like a separate reality where Michael Jackson was black and Whitney Houston was a beautiful singer... but then one day we all woke up and Michael Jackson was a pedophile and Whitney was a crackhead. Tiny clicks to disturbing realities... like that movie, "The Quiet Earth" or "Butterfly Effect"... each click reality more horrifying and surreal than the last.

(Story Rating: 8/10)

Story 4: (Aliens) First of all, that house is gorgeous. This story is fairly simple with some good effects, but the ending will leave you sad.

(Story Rating: 6/10)

Epilogue: As the over-arcing story comes to a close, it does so in a very memorable and disturbing way, but don't expect any of it to make any sense, because just like VHS 1, it's not really meant to.

Final Thoughts: I thought Insidious was okay in a well, it's mediocre at best, lukewarm horror seems to be everywhere these days, and Insidious 2 looks just as lukewarm judging from the trailer. VHS 2 was vastly superior and it's just an anthology of short stories, but it's got balls and it's got bite.
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on June 23, 2013
I don't regret renting V/H/S2 because I did have fun watching it. The problem is that the stories may have been longer, and I found it harder to keep the suspension of disbelief. You get a really good look at some of the things chasing the characters, which I found less scary. I still found myself screaming when things did get going, but I wasn't in love with all the stories. One is cliche' but I liked it more than I thought, another had a small moment with an animal that I wasn't prepared for and found too realistic and visibly upsetting. One story shines even if you can guess the plot.
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