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on January 15, 2014
*UPDATE 1/23/14*
I got my replacement BoomPro a few days ago and it works flawlessly. No difference in audio quality. Updated to 5 stars, as this mic is in a class of its own, and a much nicer and cleaner of having a mic attached to your headphones (most headphones that have a 3.5mm jack on one of the ear cups; those that come with a detachable cable) for gaming.

I bought this mic to pair up with my V-Moda Crossfade LP2 headphones (soon to have the M100's!) for gaming and phone calls.

After doing some research, I found there's not many options in this type of mic. Beyerdnyamic makes one that plugs in the same way, and you can actually detach the mic part, but it's twice the price. Other than that, there's the modmic and several others that require an extra cable. So for my purposes (PS4 gaming and cell phone calls), I wanted a solution that only uses a single cable, and plugs directly into my headphones.

As with all of V-Moda's gear, the build quality is phenomenal. Nothing is creaky or loose, the cable is plenty long (79"), it has the kevlar coating on the cord and the steelflex boomarm work great. It easily bends where needed and stays put. Both the mute button and volume control work as they should and don't feel cheap, and the shirt clip also feels very solid. Other than not including a windscreen, I have no complaints whatsoever regarding build quality. Regarding windscreens, these fit perfectly (nice and snug), work great at blocking out wind noise while maintaining crystal clear voice quality, and are a steal at under 5 bucks for 8 windscreens.

In regards to voice audio, the BoomPro mic works great. My voice is heard loud and clear and no one I've spoken to while wearing the BoomPro mic has complained.

Now in regards to audio quality on my end, there seems to be an issue. When using either the standard audio-only cable or the one button speakeasy cable that came with my LP2's, the audio is loud and clear. Music comes through with plenty of volume. When using the BoomPro mic, the music audio seems to be slightly lower. I'm not sure if this is by design or if I got a defective mic, but I have a replacement on the way to try out. In addition, I'll be further testing the BoomPro mic with some other audio devices and with different headphones to see if that makes a difference. Note that the audio volume doesn't decrease by a lot; just a tad, hence the single star deduction. If my mic turns out to be defective, I'll be updating my review to 5 stars.

I'll update once I get the replacement and I do some more testing.
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on January 20, 2017
I've used this for about a year on my 3.5mm plug modded ATH-AD700s. The sound quality is leaps and bounds above a webcam mic and it can be easily rolled back to keep the mic behind the headphone drivers and out of my face when not in use.

The only issue I have with it is the remote is an awkward length from the headphones and clips vertically instead of the standard left-facing or rotating clip design most headsets have (for button up shirts and attaching to jackets mostly). It's not like I go around wearing shirts with front pockets on them if I'm not at work, and that's the only place the vertical clip and cable length makes sense. I mostly clip it to my left shoulder seam, but that makes my shirt drift off to the side. Clipping it to the button area of a shirt with buttons or the side of a jacket is okay if you don't mind a cable to the chin every so often, but even my $15 earbuds came with a rotating clip.
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on January 28, 2015
I'll just leave a 'short and sweet' review here.

I was given a pair of Beats Studio headphones for my birthday, and was excited at the prospect of using them with my Xbox One (since Microsoft doesn't like my usb Razer headphones). Well the mic it came with didn't work with the controller/headset adapter. So I went hunting and quickly found this. Seemed to do what I wanted so I ordered and yep, it's exactly what I hoped for! There was no fuss or hassle, just plugged it into my headphones, then into the Xbox controller adapter (yes you do need the adapter for this use) and it worked like a charm. I've asked my friends and they say they can hear me loud and clear, no static issues or anything. The very flexible mic is pretty awesome too. You can put it wherever you want.

(Fun and unnecessary sidenote about the flexible mic. Be warned if you're eating with this near your mouth! I kind of bit into mine somehow while snacking but hey, it didn't hurt the mic at all!)
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on May 14, 2017
It works great. Now I can use my M100s as a gaming headset when I want. I like the setup for the inline volume/mute. It is on a clip. It is handy for me. It may not be for everyone.
My friends say the mic works well and does not sound muffled. It also pulls in less background noise than my PS Golds(wireless w/built in mic).

The cord is sufficiently long to be a non-issue. Long enough to stay out of the way and short enough not to have slack laying everywhere.

The mic boom is flexible and bendable, but stays put after you shape it. It fits on either side.

I am pleased with my purchase. I feel like my money was well spent. I wish I'd gotten one a year ago when I got my M100s.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 25, 2015
Let me start by saying these should work on most headphones with removeable 3.5mm jack. They work on Beats SoloHd among others wonderfully.

I honestly can't believe no other company has made this before. I know others like Beyerdynamics has made something similar but everything about this mic attachment is really well done.

The cable is high quality and wrapped in fabric, the mic is is also high quality with a very nice gooseneck that will keep the boom where you want it, there is a volume wheel and mute toggle switch that is easy to find lower on the cable, and even the plug is really well made and uses the V-Moda 45 degree angle to reduce stress on the plug. Using this with my M100 works as a top notch gaming headset on my PS4 and works even better with my Astro mixamp.

The only downside which isn't even enough to deduct a star for is that sometimes the mute toggle can be a little sticky and I think a nice springy button on the center would be ideal for a mute toggle. Overall though the switch works and im very glad the toggle and volume wheel are right there on the cable. If this mix will work for your higher quality or any headphones with removeable 3.5mm cable, this is just amazing.
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on August 25, 2017
I purchased this to make a custom headset using Sennheiser HD 558 headphones linked here: Sennheiser HD 558 Headphones

This worked perfectly but you must first know that the Sennheiser's do not initially fit this mic right away. They have a 2.5mm connection inside the left earcup, while this V-Moda adapter has a 3.5mm connector on top. You simply need to purchase a 3.5mm Female to 2.5mm Male adapter such as this one UCEC High Quality Audio Adapter Plug - 2.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female in order to make a gaming headset with the Sennheisers.

The Sennheisers also have a twisting-lock plastic piece that will not initially fit the adapter linked above. However, this twist lock is easily removed by taking out the ear pad, opening up the ear cup (3 screws), and unscrewing the twist-lock plastic piece (4 tiny screws). Once the plastic piece is unscrewed it will pop right out, then the 3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter will fit right inside the Sennhiesers and the V-moda boom pro will fit perfectly into the adapter and headphones. It's the perfect setup for a much higher quality audio experience than buying a branded gaming headset.
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on August 4, 2016
I've been using the VModa BoomPro for about a month now. I primarily used it to convert a pair of quality listening headphones into a headset. I didn't want a problematic gaming headset where had to sacrifice on quality in order to combine the two and thought: "Wow, I can finally have my quality headphones and put a quality mic on it too! Perfect." Note: I wear a headset for work 10-12 hours out of the day.

- The audio quality of the microphone is fantastic
- Cable feel high quality.
- Good cable length

- Swivels when plugged in (I can deal with this, use a small black rubber band to provide light tension to my headphones to keep it about in the same place.)
- Inline controls poor quality (big one for me)

The Inline controls are the real issue for me. Especially the volume control. The microphone mute works fine, but feels cheap so I try to be gentle on it all the time. The volume control however is the worst part of the entire assembly. When I turn up/down the volume (say someone is talking to me across the desk while listening to audio), sound in the right ear goes out. When I wiggle the volume control, it will come back intermittently until I find the 'sweet spot' where I have stereo sound again. If I knew how to open the inline controls case, I would bypass the volume control entirely as it is problematic every day. A slight rub on my shirt and it might affect the sound in my right speaker. (Tested same behavior when connected the BoomPro to two different headphones.)

If the inline controls were great, this would be 5/5 stars easy. I dropped 2 stars as the volume control knob affects me multiple times on a daily basis.
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on August 26, 2017
Have had this headset for about 5 months now. Works great with a Phillips SHP9500 headset. Plugs right in. Very clear when I speak in Overwatch according to my friends. Only problem is within the past couple of weeks the headset will sound very muted. There's an issue with the cord that plugs into the headset. If you don't move the boom mic to a certain way it just won't work. Have to play around with it every time and if I accidentally move it during the game there goes my sound. It's pretty annoying. I've ordered a backup BoomPro because the mic quality is good like I said but I shouldn't have to resort to this.
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on June 26, 2015
It works fine for PS4 communication but I had huge problems getting it to work on my PC. The provided 3.5mm Y-adapter does not work correctly with my Crossfade M-100s. I even had V-Moda replace the Y-adapter just to make sure. To make it work I have to pull the M-100 3.5 male jack out about 1/8th from the female adapter point. I have tried both the front and back PC mic/headphone jacks and they both have the same issue.
Also, if you look up V-Moda's Y-adapter that is sold separately you'll see that the adapter picture shows different 3.5 jacks altogether. The photo V-Moda uses on their website is also incorrect and does not match the actual BoomPro Y-adapter that you'll receive. The detail photo for the BoomPro is what my Y-adapter looks like.
I'll gladly update this review as I find out more information as to what the issue is.
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on February 25, 2015
This thing is great, the mic quality is quite high compared to gaming headsets which I've used such as Razer Kraken, Turtle Beach PSX21, and a few others. My friends on Skype could instantly tell the difference. For a list of compatible headphones to go with it, check google for "Mad Lust Envy Headphone Gaming Guide." It works with headphones which have a 3.5mm audio jack with a removable cable, as long as there is no locking mechanism. Crisp voice, works well, stays inside my headphones. There's a physical mute mic slider and volume control wheel. I'm using it with Skullcandy Aviators and they're a nice combo for a lot less money than a gaming headset of the same quality would cost. One huge pro to using separate headphones and mic is that if one of them stops working after a while, you only need to replace one of the two. With a gaming headset if the mic stops working or the earphones stop working, you have to replace the entire unit so it ends up costing a lot more. It also means that you don't have to sacrifice microphone nor headphone quality.
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