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on February 11, 2016
I purchased these for my sound studio, as a replacement for my Sennheiser HD-28 Pro set that had developed a bad woofer. The specs and price of these V-Moda Crossfades is comparable to my Sennheisers, so my reason for switching was based primarily on their durability (kevlar and metal construction) and beauty (these babies are gorgeous). They also come with a travel case and an extra cable for use with tablets and phones, which is handy). I received them, have burnt them in and here is my verdict: they are indeed gorgeous, and I am impressed with their solid build. They sound good, too. I absolutely recommend these for casual listening, and for use during travel.

If you're just looking for quality headphones to take on the plane with you, stop here and buy these headphones. You'll love them.
If you're a music professional, read on.
Engineers need to monitor sound with a flat frequency response so they can get an accurate take on what they're hearing, right?
These gorgeous, sturdy, analog-sounding headphones have a diagonal response that is skewed toward boosted bass, while the highs are repressed in the uppermost ranges. These were billed as DJ style phones meant for studio mixing applications. I totally see how these would be awesome for doing club mixes on the fly, but as for mixing in a studio setting, these won't work. Now, I can use them as field monitors and for basic recording, so I'm not going to return them. But I will be looking for different headphones to mix and master studio projects.
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on June 12, 2015
The headphones aren't nearly as heavy as a lot of people were describing. They sit just fine. They sound great, and they look awesome. I've had them for about a month or two now and have had zero problems. My only thing is that since the ear-coverings don't fold or anything and that metal piece is there, it's not comfortable to just let it sit around your neck, especially if it hits/rests on your collar bones. Otherwise I enjoy them quite a bit. You can hear music a little from the outside when you wear them if you have the volume up on the higher end, but who cares.
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on February 26, 2015
I ordered a pair of these for myself with birthday money because I live with older family members who are hard of hearing and want the TV on ALL THE TIME -- at a high volume. It's most challenging in the evening, when they want to watch violent TV shows that are poorly written, directed, and acted, and involve lots of screaming, shouting, "intense" dialogue, sirens, gunshots, intense music mixes, etc. I don't have a Bose budget, wanted to be able to listen to soothing, ambient music OR podcasts/YouTube/Netflix/Prime on my iPad while in the same room/on the same floor of the house.

The GOOD NEWS is that I get some relief in the form of being able to co-exist with them and not be bombarded by excessive noise/sound. This seems to work best when listening to music that is mastered in a studio, etc. There is a definite difference between listening to high quality studio recordings vs. Crypto/Paranormal Podcast X or Podcast Dharma talks by my favorite teachers. Same goes for YouTube videos, etc. The sound quality for music is glorious and absorbing, and you do indeed feel like you're in the 3-D space with the musicians because you can point in the direction that the sound is coming from. Depending on what you're listening to, it has the capacity to melt your body with sound. If there's a lot of noise in the room where you are, it does a great deal to filter it out, but not entirely. Was a God-send at a recent conference attended by high school students, who were running through the halls of the hotel talking and laughing and slamming doors until the wee hours; I popped these on to go to sleep with some gentle tunes and drifted off in no time with no need to interrupt anyone's fun. (I did the same stuff as a teenager -- it's the least I could do.)

The BAD NEWS (which is neither bad nor surprising) is that if you want to listen to podcasts or anything that isn't studio quality, you're not going to notice much benefit with noise reduction. The sound would be mediocre no matter what you're listening on, but I was hoping that the noise reduction would be better. I cannot compare them to any other over-ear headset, and they're definitely better than earbuds of any make or quality.
If you're an audiophile, I'm told that they're as good as any Bose product. Friends of mine who work in sound design were impressed with the quality.
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on July 17, 2015
I can honestly say these are by far the best headphones hands down for the price you pay compared to the other mainstream brands such as BEATS or Bose. I started by examining the outside package which already beats the packaged of the 2 mentioned brands by far the packaging is by far superior, but you can't judge a book by it's cover though. I went and broke the seal of the box and again I was amazed on how the packaged the inside of the carton, V-MODA took great care and detail to make sure that everything is very neat. The outer shell casing is an excellent design and is pretty hard and will withstand drops and maybe 10lbs or so of pressure wouldn't want to smash or step on the case with the headphones it but would do great just thrown in a bag on the go, however there is a carabiner clip that comes with this to attach to the outside of your bag for easy carrying and fast loading when you are done with them.

When wearing these you will know you are wearing headphones and not like the others that are made with mostly plastic and are really light. These headphones have a little heft to them, but when you put them on your ears they are the most comfortable headphones around. The ear cushions are very soft and can be worn for long periods of time. There is barely any sound that leaks from these headphones when the volume is all the way up. There is no distortion in the sound and everything sounds so crisp including the bass which you can feel around your ears. These are not your noise cancellation but noise isolation which prevents sound leakage and also cuts back on some of the outside noise that you get when you wear a lot of the on the ear headphones which is great because more of the sound stays in your ears and not out.

I have given this a try by playing many different types of music and by far this can handle anything you throw at it. These aren't your $250 + headphones but what you get is a great headphone set at a great price that I honestly believe sounds much better than the Beats Studio or the latest Bose headphones minus the Quiet Comforts which are actually noise cancelling and are pretty good but that is if you want to fork over 3 large bills which I did when I bought the QC 3's back in 2007. I wanted something that was more affordable and yet sound quality along with build quality is there, something that is much durable than a lightweight piece of plastic. I wouldn't waste much time looking at other headphones. Just look at the total number of reviews and star ratings for the V-MODA Crossfade LP's and see for yourself that this is a trusted brand Like the packaging says INSPIRED in ITALY and STYLED in HOLLYWOOD you can't go wrong.
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on October 14, 2015
I use these headphones every day. They are the best headphones ever as far as I'm concerned. Bought this second pair because I broke the first pair in a mini bike wreck. Sent them back to the manufacturer who is fixing them for free even though they're out of warranty! When I get them back I'll set them aside as my backup pair.

They are extremely comfortable. I wear them for many hours at a time with no complaint. The sound quality is awesome. Do the headphones display a bit of character when reproducing sound? Perhaps, but whatever way these things alter the signal, boost or cut frequencies, the result is absolutely perfect. I've tried listening to music with a pair of reference quality phones before that produce a nearly perfect reproduction of the signal they're given, and I like these much better.

They're more powerful too. click per click on the volume knob the LPs seem around 50% hotter than studio headphones I've tried.

This is a really great headset, and I believe it's worth the investment if you need headphones as often as I do. (Roommates work the 1st shift and I work the 3rd.) I can't say enough good things about these headphones. They are as important to me as my wallet or toothbrush or shoes. I take them everywhere with me. Listen to iPod as I walk to work and walk home afterward. Listen to them when I'm walking to the grocery store. Listen to them all morning while I'm watching Netflix or listening to music while I paint pastels. These things are indispensable!
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on December 31, 2014
I am no audiophile, but the Chroma Crossfade is exceptional; they are the best headphones I own and at half off, they are a steal. Because many audiophiles have already written extensive reviews, I will comment on aspects of the headphones that affect me personally, not on the aspects in comparison to other headphones.

For people like myself with bigger ears or detached earlobes, these headphones will be uncomfortable for the first few weeks of use. Because these are not on-ear headphones and because I have such big ears, they compress my ears vertically. The discomfort also reflects the number of consecutive hours worn, and I must admit I have worn them for extended 10 hour+ gaming periods.

Sound quality is undoubtedly the most important factor in any headphone and these achieve very high standards for noise-isolation (NOT noise cancellation; there is a difference). As a gamer, I listen to footsteps to anticipate the location of my enemies, and the shuffling I hear from 10 meters away in the game is an indication of superior noise isolation. While many reviews complain of the bass-heavy aspect of the headphones, I do not have an issue with it. I listen to a variety of music genres, but perhaps my ears are so accustomed to listening to bass-heavy music.

With respect to aesthetics, these are undoubtedly bad ass looking headphones. However, I will say that the Chroma variant of the Crossfades easily shows fingerprints because of its metallic surface. That said, there is a micro fiber cloth included in the box which is useful. My general solution for preventing fingerprints is to hold the headphones by the ear cushions so your fingers will not come into contact with the metal plates.
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on May 5, 2015
I'm not a snob for sound quality so I can't really comment on that. Suffice to say they sound good enough to me.

The color is gorgeous, for those concerned that "rouge" means or could look pink I can confirm that these are in fact clearly red and black. The construction feels solid and I've been rolling over the cord for months now with no issues.

My only complaint, which I re-iterated in my review of the XL cushions I bought to make it bigger, is that I wouldn't say they are completely "over-ear". Even with the XL pads it doesn't encompass my entire ear. I use them without a problem but wish they were slightly bigger.
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on October 21, 2014
What you'll often read in reviews for these headphones is that they sound great for dance, dubstep, and electronic music, but listeners of other genres such as jazz, classical, new age and such will find these phones disappointing. Most of what I listen to falls within these "other genres" and I was disappointed, but I'm glad I gave these headphones a chance because they've turned out to be better than I originally thought. And I'm not talking about the headphones magically getting better after some kind of "breaking-in" procedure.

What I've found out about my LPs is what matters most isn't the type of music I'm listening to, but what I'm using to drive the headphones. A common complaint you'll hear about this product is that the bass is overly dominant to the point where it intrudes on and overpowers the midrange, making that portion of the audio sound dull and recessed. When I listen to music on my computer I believe that's exactly what's happening. Like other vModa headphones the Crossfade LPs have an impedance of 32ohms, making them ideal for mobile devices. My computer, I suspect, is driving the Crossfades with a bit more power than is needed, causing the bass to lose definition and dominate the presentation.

Due to my initial disappointment my headphones have been relegated to serve as my gaming headset for the past year. But my old Sony MDR-V600s which I use at work are a bit long in the tooth and have developed cracks in the left and right hinges, so I brought my crossfades in to work. What's different about work is that I listen to music from my iPod rather than music stored on my workstation. I wasn't expecting a different experience, but that's what I got.

Night and day difference!

Listening through my computer, half of my music library plays rather poorly. When listening to my iPod, most of my music plays as well as if not better than through my old Sony's. The bass is no longer dull and poorly controlled, but much tighter and punchier. The mids are present, and the treble sparkles. There is a small handful of tracks that struggle even on the iPod, but nothing to prevent the Crossfade LPs from becoming my new daily drivers for work. For that its worth, I get equally pleasing results when listening to my Nexus 5 smartphone.

All that said, merely saying they sound great isn't that helpful without some frame of reference. So here's a little random before and after sampling, followed by lists of artists that seem to play very well with the iPod/Crossfade LP combo:

Amethystium - Ethereal
COMPUTER: The LP's present it in a wide sound stage, but some of the detail is a bit muddied, the piano is a bit soft and the radio chatter at the end is significantly recessed.
IPOD: Nice precussion punch. Bass signature just a tad heavy overall, but plenty of detail, and the astronauts are right back where they were with my Sonys.

Ganga Giri (CDs: Tribe Vibe, Manic Organic)
COMPUTER: All I can say is Bass overload.
IPOD: OMG, Dat Bass!!! Except now it's a bit tighter and restrained. Almost too much but... wow! Mids are slightly laid back from what I'm used to on my Sonys, but if I wasn't listening for differences I might not have noticed.

Galbatron - Dragon Dance
Too. Much. Bass. This piece features some nice taiko work, but with LP's I wasn't so much listening to the drums as having my head inside of them.
IPOD: Much better. The drums are strong and tight, and I feel more like I'm taking in the performance instead of being part of it.

Boston - More than a feeling
COMPUTER: Rendered with the sound stage of a concert hall, but the vocals were decidedly recessed.
IPOD: Vocals have been brought forward quite a bit, though still back a bit from the instrumental work.

Steely Dan - Do It Again
COMPUTER: The music was great but with over emphasized bass, and lead vocalist sounded like he was in the next room singing into a pillow.
IPOD: Oh, there you are Mr. Fagen, so good of you to join us! Vocals and instruments are on the same stage, and all sound crisp.

Clannad - Sunset Dreams
COMPUTER: No so good - Sounds like the bans is playing in a big concert hall, with Máire singing sowhere way in the back.
IPOD: The iPod/Crossfade team rescued one of my favorite Clannad tracks. The lead singer and the instruments are on the same stage and sounding crisp and clear.

And here's my `good' list - a random sample of artists in my music library who's work ranges from really good to great on the LP and iPod combo:

Acoustic Alchemy
Pat Metheney
Jean Luc Ponty
Mannheim Steamroller
Andreas Voillenweider
Lanz and Speer
Lindsey Stirling
Twelve Girls Band
Ganga Giri
Mediaeval Baebes
The Beach Boys
Steely Dan
Simon and Garfunkel
Hanz Zimmer (At Worlds End Soundtrack)
Klaus Badelt (Pirates Soundtrack)
Dead Can Dance
t r a n c e [] c o n t r o l
Zero One
1812th overture (OMG Those cannons punch!)
Hungarian Rhapsody #2 in C Sharp Minor (Berliner Philharmoniker)
The Planets (Holst, Loren Maazel + Orchestre National De France)

So what about those exceptions I was talking about earlier? The headphones struggle with closely miked strings (of the plucked, strummed or tapped variety). The artists below feature some Harp and Guitar work that the crossfades struggle with, even on the iPod.
Shadowfax (first album)

That's not to say that all harps and guitars will be problematic - far from it, actually. Note that my `good' list mentions Andreas Vollenweider, and Nightnoise (also mentioned above) features a good amount of guitars which get along just fine with the crossfades. There are bound to be some tracks that won't get along with the Crossfade LP's V-shaped response curve. But when hooked up to a good source it seems just about any genre will shine with these cans.
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on September 21, 2016
One of the best investments I've made. I did a lot of research and bought these my freshman year of college. It's now been 5 years, 4 moves and lord knows what else. They are incredibly durable, comfortable and reliable. It's one of the few things that I consistently use every single day. I usually am just sitting while using them but I've definitely worked out, mowed, and even painted a couple houses in them. I've tried out a variety of other quality headphones and am overall happy with the pair I bought. Sometimes it will hurt my ear, but that only happens after 5+ hours of constant use. The quality of music and durability far outweigh such a minor thing that can change from person to person depending on the size of their head and ears. I'm a huge music buff, surround sound in my home, upgraded car stereo, as well a participant in many concerts and festivals. In general I appreciate my music in high quality and these do the job. The grey has faded just a bit due to years of use, but overall they are still in pristine condition.
Furthermore this is the first review I've ever done on Amazon and I'm an active buyer on here. So that should say something as well.
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VINE VOICEon July 16, 2013
I bought these headphones to help eliminate annoying sounds at work, whether it be people going in and out the door or nail clipping, pen clicking, or non-stop blabber. I had been using my Turtle Beach X320 for about a year now, but they developed an annoying buzzing sound in one of the ear pieces and even after attempts to fix this issue, the buzzing eventually came back. I had been impressed with the Etymotic ear buds, but their price was a lot more than what I paid for them earlier plus I wanted some over the ear headphones this time around. Of course there are obvious brands like Bose and Monster, but I wanted something to give me the best bang for my buck without me having to shell out two to three hundred dollars.

After much research I decided on these. They looked sleek enough and sturdy enough to warranty their fairly heft price tag. In fact, even-though these are less expensive than competing brands, its still much more than what I've paid for a pair of headphones/earbuds in the past.

After they arrived, I could wait to get them out the box to try them out and once I did try them out, almost complete disappointment. There was absolutely no "punch" to the sound, and it sounded like I was listening to music in a long hallway; not something I was expecting from a pair of headphones I spent a good amount of money on. I took them to work the next morning and still was very disappointed with the sound quality and was surprised that they did very little to drown out the annoying sounds at work, but since I had no other option other than my buzzing Turtle Beaches, I kept listening to them. I was all set to get them ready to return to Amazon until I decided to "burn them in" over my long lunch break Friday afternoon. I hooked them up to one of our gaming machines and let it play the sound through the headphones while I was away from the office. When I came back from lunch I tried out the headphones again, and unbelievably they sounded great! The bass kick was there, and fullness of the sound was a big improvement over the hallway sound I was experiencing earlier in the week. Also the sounds of the door opening and closing as well as the other annoying sounds was almost completely eliminated when using these. Also while I noticed significant sound bleeding during the first couple of days of ownership, there was no longer an issue with this either. I can now listen to my music at work being able to work in peace while not disturbing those around me.

These earphones are very comfortable as well. Even though they are sturdy, they are surprisingly lightweight, and while the fit on your head is snug it doesn't cause discomfort for me. You will know you have them on, even when not playing music, but they are not uncomfortable to wear.

In addition to sounding great and feeling great, they also look great. I opted for the red ones with the cool textured ear bud and shiny Chevron piece right above it. I also like the fact that you can purchase additional ear plates to customize them even more. Eventually I will order the gold ear plates so I can have red/gold earphones to honor my favorite sports team (San Francisco 49ers). The headphones also come with a cool carrying case to protect them when not in use, in addition to two long cords. One cord is a red/black Kevlar enforced cable, and the other is a solid black one (also Kevlar enforced) with microphone and remote button. Unfortunately the only button that works on android phones is the pause/play button. The is also an 1/4" adapter plug included.

Overall I'm happy with these headphones and take them to work everyday. However my only complaint is that I wish there was a volume control knob directly on the headphones. Sometimes when at my desk, I'm not directly in front of my phone so I would have liked the ability to turn down the volume without always having to pick up my phone in order to do so. Other than that I have no other complaints with these headphones. I plan to keep them for a long time and I hope they hold up just as long.
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