Customer Reviews: V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone (Phantom Chrome)
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on August 19, 2012
The V-Moda Crossfade LP over-the-ear headphones are the result of an over 4-year effort to provide music enthusiasts with quality sound, unbeatable durability and a style all their own.

After spending some time with my new set of "cans," I am now able tell you whether or not they were successful in that endeavor.

In the past I have used a variety of headphones and ear-buds that were produced by different manufacturers; including Sony, Skullcandy, Bose and JVC. My current pair of ear-buds are great for working out, travel or as the "utility" pair that I always have handy in my bag for convenience. I also use a pair of basic Bluetooth headphones for when I want to go wireless while walking the dogs or doing things around the house. Beyond that, there is also my pair of Sony monitor headphones that I used to use while doing sound editing for my podcast.

As a MASSIVE (pls see: seriously...massive) music fan that listens to a very diverse range of musical genres, I wanted to get a pair of high-end over-the-ear headphones that I could use everyday, that would also be great at noise isolation while traveling and that would deliver high-fidelity performance that would allow me to hear every note of my beloved music.

I had been looking at the Bose QuietComfort® 15 headphones due to the fact that I own a number of Bose systems (i.e. Bose Companion 5 & Bose Soundlink speaker) and have never been disappointed. However, I didn't necessarily want to spend $300...not to mention the fact that the QuietComfort is a little lacking in the style department, albeit a great pair of headphones.

I purchased my pair of the Crossfade LP headphones through Amazon...which I recommend, as you will get them for a better price than buying directly though the V-Moda website.

--Looks Matter--

These headphones are stylish as hell. Period.

They come in an assortment of colors and customizable metal shields, but I chose to go with the Gunmetal version (pictured). The white ones look too much like Beats by Dre (which I think are overpriced for the quality of sound that you get) and the Chrome was a little too flashy. The Gunmetal was juuuuuust right and better suits my personal style the most.

Also, on more than one occasion I have been stopped and asked about them.

Beyond that, there is a nice combination of metal and matte finish...coupled with leather, steel and memory foam (cups & headband).

--What's in the Box?--

Other than arriving in very cool packaging - including a metal lid snap and a faux crocodile handle (a nice touch) - you will also receive:

* A stylish / hard exoskeleton storage & carrying case to hold, protect and transport your headphones

* Two tangle-resistant Kevlar-braided cables. One is a standard headphone cord (thicker & slightly longer), while the other cable doubles as a headphone & headset cord for Apple devices, including a microphone and remote control.

I tested the smartphone cable on my Galaxy Nexus and the remote on the cord did not answer calls (seems to only work on Apple devices). However the mic and headset works fine if you answer calls directly from your phone. Callers said that I sounded perfectly clear and that they could understand me just fine.

* A microfiber cloth to wipe away any pesky and unsightly fingerprints that may find their way onto the shiny metal shields

* Gold-plated plug tips to help ensure a good connection between your audio source and the headphones

* A 1/4 jack adapter, for those who may need or want to plug their headphones into a larger stereo receiver or DJ mixer

* A free carabiner. Due to the bulky nature of the carrying case, this can be used to affix your headphones to the outside of a messenger / carry-on / book bag etc.

--Durability & Build--

According to V-Moda's website, the Crossfade LP's offer "military-grade durability." I have found this statement to be true in the sense that there is nothing about the build quality that screams "cheap" or "fragile." Many headphones will feel light and flimsy (i.e. all plastic), or that a bend in the wrong direction will simply snap them in half. Thanks to the metal that has been incorporated into the design, the Crossfade's have a very nice weight to them, while still feeling light enough in terms of wearability and comfort.

Connecting the headband to the ear cups are bands of rigid steel. The headband itself is an ergonomic steelflex material that can be twisted and laid flat a number of times (although, I don't recommend it!) before you could reasonably expect any damage to occur.

V-Moda also offers a 2-year warranty, in addition to an "Immortal Life Program" in which they will replace any broken headphones (of the same model) for 50% off the price, or a heavy discount on a newer model. To me this clearly states, "We stand behind our products," which I greatly appreciate.

Also, thanks to the fact that the cords are detachable, you will no longer have to worry about buying an entirely new pair of headphones simply because a cord wears out, gets frayed or damaged. I especially like this, as I am not a fan of the "Y" shaped headphone cords that connect to both earpieces. As an added bonus, the cables can double as a AUX cord...for instance, if you want to connect your phone or iPod directly to your car stereo.

Another feature design that I really like, is the fact that each cable has a plug - the one that would connect to your source device - that is at a 45-degree angle. Anyone who has ever had their cord ripped out simply by catching it on something, will really appreciate this `feature,' which is intended to prevent accidentally yank outs.

Additionally, you can order any part that you may need through V-Moda...including new cords or even the 50mm drivers, should you need / want to replace them for whatever reason.


The earpads on the headphones are surrounded by a very soft leather-wrapped memory foam, as is the interior of the headband. At first I was a little concerned, as they initially felt tight and slightly uncomfortable after about an hour of wear. However, this began to disappear considerably after wearing them for a few days - thanks to the headband being very flexible - and the headphones began to stretch and mold to fit my head better, in addition to the memory foam. Now, they are extremely comfortable and I barely notice that I am wearing them; therefore be sure to allow a few days for them to `adjust' to the shape of your head and I'm confident that you will experience the same improvement in comfort as I did.

I also found that the noise isolation was very good, due to the fact that the earpads actually rest against your head and not against your ears. This full coverage contributes greatly to the sound isolating properties of the headphones, not to mention the sound quality of the music that you listen to, as your ears are fully encased and surrounded by the soft memory foam pads.

Notice that I say noise "isolating" and not "cancelling." The Crossfade LP's are not a powered device (like the Bose QuietComfort 15), therefore they do not require a battery or emit a noise canceling wave to block out all ambient sounds. I have found that the noise isolation is quite good and does an admirable job of blocking out most surrounding sounds to a dull murmur at best. I have not had a chance to use them on a plane yet (the real test, in my book), but from my experience so far, I am not expecting it to be an issue. So, if you travel by bus, plane or subway, I feel confident in saying that ambient noise should not be an issue at all with these headphones.

As I mentioned previously, the use of metal and steel adds a nice weight to these `cans' (they feel like high-end headphones), but I do not think that they affect comfort at all. Again, after wearing them for a few days, they are now very comfortable and I have gone for hours on end without taking them off...ear-sweat notwithstanding. ;)

--"Yeah, But How Do They SOUND?"--

According to V-Moda, they spent four years working with world-renowned DJ's to develop and engineer the CrossFade LP's. Was the time and money well spent?

When I first received the headphones and plugged them in, I was very impressed by the sound on some tracks...and not so much by others. It appears that the headphones (and their impressive 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers) were originally developed for fans of hip-hop, R & B, dance music and techno, due to what appeared to be a very bass heavy sound. Mind you, I like a nice solid bass response in my music, but the mids also sounded a little muddy and the highs had a slight echo...therefore I was not initially blown away.

However, there is a process called "burning in" for a new pair of higher-end headphones. The theory behind breaking in a speaker is that they come from the factory a little stiff. The surrounds need to be stretched and exercised. The best way to do this is to burn them in by playing roughly 24 hours worth of music through them at a normal volume. Some speakers require this, while others do not.

Since I had heard that others had experienced the same problem, I set to burning in my pair. One Day 1, I listened to roughly 5 hours of music in my office. Later that evening, I plugged them into my laptop, launched Spotify and left it continuously playing through the night into the morning. The difference in sound was nothing short of amazing!

After properly burning them in, I could very easily tell the difference between how they sounded out of the box and how they sounded once I had a chance to break them in. The bass was nice and smooth, the mids were very warm and the treble was clean. Also, regardless of musical genre, the headphones sounded wonderful across the board using a flat response (i.e. no EQ).

Therefore, if you decide to pick up a pair, I highly recommend (Nay, require) that you properly burn them in before making an judgement on their sound. Once I did, I heard parts of my favorite songs that I didn't even know existed! The sound difference coming through the headphones was just incredible, trust me on this.

Primarily I am an `alt rock' guy: Phoenix, Silversun Pickups, Vampire Weekend, The Black Keys, Cold War Kids, Young the Giant etc. But I also listen to a lot of jazz, some hop-hop, classical, hard rock and more. However - thanks to burning in the headphones - it didn't matter if it was Thelonius Monk, The Lumineers, Tool, Bach, Beethoven, Jay-Z or Tribe Called Quest...all of them sounded stellar through these cans.

Bottom Line: The Crossfade LP's were absolutely worth the money that I spent and I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in picking up a pair of quality over-the-ear headphones at a decent price. They are great for music, gaming, movies and/or drowning out annoying relatives & co-workers. ;)

At launch a couple of years ago they sold for $249. Later they dropped to $199. Currently they can be found online for about $120, due to the fact that a newer version has been released recently. I picked mine up from Amazon for $79, thanks to it being their `Deal of the Day' - an absolute no-brainer at that price - and a 1/4 of what I would have spent for the Bose QuietComfort 15.

--A Quick Note About Power--

When it comes to headphones like this, a lot of people do not realize that they were not necessarily intended to be used with under-powered devices such as cell phones and iPods...there is just not enough juice in these devices to push high-end headphones to their full potential. Therefore, please note that the source device you use - whether a laptop, desktop, receiver or smartphone - is going to be the most important factor in how your headphones perform.

For instance, my $3000 laptop (apparently) has a crappy sound card, because my other $500 laptop plays music so loudly and well through these headphones that I practically blow my face off. My Galaxy Nexus plays music just fine, but the use of an equalizer makes a BIG difference in the sound...same goes for the difference between the quality of streaming music (i.e. Spotify, Pandora) versus that of higher quality music files that might be saved directly on my phone.

An easy remedy to ensure that you are getting the best out of your headphones, is the use of a portable headphone amplifier. There are ones that you can pick up for over $100, but I recommend the much cheaper Fiio E6 or E11

Now, for simply listening at work, going for a walk or hitting the gym, you don't really need to use a portable amp. But if you are going to be in a noisy environment, on a plane or perhaps you just want to provide cleaner and more powerful audio to your headphones so that you can take better advantage of what they are capable of, then I recommend picking one up. The E6 (pictured) and the E11 are rechargeable and you will definitely notice a difference in sound.

My CrossFade LP's are plenty loud for most everyday situations and portable devices; but I when I am traveling I prefer to completely block out airplane noise...and other passengers for that matter. Since an amp is an extra device that you are attaching to your smartphone / iPod, it's a little easier to manage when you are going to be sitting for a bit. However, they do come with a clip and there are a variety of accessories that you can use to attach it to your device to make using one while on-the-go a lot less cumbersome.
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on December 18, 2011
I have heard several different kinds of headphones including Dre's infamous beats and I can say, without a doubt, these are better. Right out of the package, these sound about as nice as Beats, but after about 24 hours of breaking in (mine took less) they sound 10x better, like smooth silky goodness. Ever wonder what it would be like to have a concert with you as the only audience member? try a pair of these. Perfectly balanced surround sound in your head. I am not a DJ, but an avid listener. So take this into account in my review.I listen to a WIDE variety of music: musicals, pop, classical, rock, j-rock, rap, folk, and everything is beautiful with these. Even I didn't expect the sound to be so exceptional. You can actually tell where the instruments you hear are relative to you, as if you are front row. I apply a variety of music in testing the sound: my Radio Sunnydale Soundtrack, The Heavy, Fleet Foxes (Helplessness Blues), Rage Against the Machine, Bach, Gypsy Swing, Frank Ocean, EVERYTHING sounds beautiful! even at high volumes, these headphones perform exceptionally. no static no hiss no buzz!
These cans come with a really nice exoskeleton case, 2 male-male cords (one has a remote on the cord for iphone and other mac products), an extra amp adapter, a hook so you can hook your exoskeleton to whatever, as well as a nice cloth to keep the steel shiny. MAKE SURE you put the straight plug into the headphones themselves, not the angled plug. when I used the angled plug I had some crazy awful sounds and I was like "WTF I paid money for this?!" but it was just that the angled plug doesn't fit into it right. I'll mention that I have a small head (being a 5'1" girl) and these fit very exceptionally. I can imagine they may be difficult or maybe a little tight for someone with a wider head?
The sound isolation is really great. If you wear them and dont play anything you easily remove any noise more than 3 feet away from you. Anything closer is muffled heavily. IF YOU'RE LIKE ME AND LIKE HAVING YOUR PHONES AROUND YOUR NECK ON THE GO, THESE MIGHT NOT BE THE BEST OPTION FOR YOU. That is what the case is for (storing on the go). They are a bit tight around the neck, unless I have a really thick neck (which I don't think I do?). And I have expanded these to the max size and tried to put them around my neck, still some choking going on but not too terrible if you make sure the memory foam cups are against your neck. So be prepared to store these when you're not listening to them in the nice exoskeleton case. If it wasn't such a nice case I'd gripe, but it really is nice and holds all your cords and even your ipod if you want it to.
There is a REALLY sweet warranty on these. If they break in a year they fix or replace anything for free. And if they break outside of warranty you can turn them in and get 50% off the newest model! So you can rest easy knowing its a pretty good investment. One more reason that these are really great, you can customize your own shield plates at v-moda's site. The steel plates are removable and you can have v-moda engrave new ones for you if you want some flair. ALTHOUGH THE STEEL SHIELD IN THE PICTURE LOOKS WHITE (I got the white pair), IT IS NOT. IT IS VERY REFLECTIVE STEEL. So, be aware of that. You CANNOT have white or light shields engraved because they engrave it white, so only dark colors. Also, this model and the new model have the same shields. so you don't have to worry about not being able to use your shields on the new model.

Update 7/2/12: I've had these headphones a bit over 6 months at this point and they are still going strong. One corner of the plastic hinge part has cracked, but ill admit to having dropped these a couple times. The crack has not affected the sound or the fit in any way, and it is also unnoticable because it only occurs on the inside of the band. The sound is even better than it use to be. Deep and very much surround sounding. These really are built like tanks.

Updated 4/12/13: These are still going strong, and the sound quality is still perfect. Also I ran over them with my car accidentally (don't ask) and while everything in my backpack I ran over exploded, the headphones weren't so much as dented 0_o and they still sound PERFECT.
I love these headphones. HOWEVER I will note that the only cords that fit into these are the V-Moda Kevlar cords (which is kind of annoying given how they're 13 dollars each without shipping). The cords you buy on here for 7 dollars will almost ALWAYS be too fat and won't fit into the angled plug of your LPs.

Updated 10/8/2015: They are still alive and kicking. The leather in the inner part of the band has gotten a little frayed, as have the edges of the leather, but they still sound amazing. I am starting to theorize these may actually be indestructable (possibly sentient).
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on December 27, 2011
I'm not an audio expert by any means, just an average dude. Since these are kind of expensive I expected them to be nice but the packaging, and attention to detail in the case, cords, and headset surpassed my expectations! These are really nice!! Comfortable too, and the sound is excellent. They seem a little bass heavy but maybe that's just because I'm used to cheap headphones with no real bass!

I added some product images to show some close ups of the features, but one of my favorite things is that the headphones have a spot to stick the cord in. I've had cats destroy headphones by taking out the cord, which is attacked to all the other headphones I've owned, and then with the cord severed they were worthless. At least with these beauties if the cord ever gets destroyed, by cats, or other damage, I can just easily get a new cord for cheap verses replacing the whole units! That alone is invaluable to me.

The case is real nice, good zipper, hard shell, and it hold two cords, one braided plain cord, an adapter for larger jacks, a cord with a volume control and play/pause button for devices that support that, and some kind of lanyard hook... not really sure what that's for. So yeah, I'm happy with this purchase and the quality is really something else. Recommended!
review image review image review image
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on January 22, 2015
This is what my headphones look like after 1.5 years of moderate use.
review image
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on January 17, 2014
Our boys, 8 & 10, were clamoring for new Beats headphones for Christmas. After a lengthy Amazon search, we settled on these and are VERY happy with them. They are bombproof, with a removable (and replaceable) cord, which has been the Achilles heel of headphones over the years for us. The fit snugly on kids or adults heads, and block a very substantial amount of ambient noise. In fact, the noise isolation of these headphones in superior to sound-cancelling circuitry since it blocks ALL types of external sound, not just the low hum of car or airplane noise. We've used these in cars and planes and only have to turn up the volume one "click" compared to a quiet room. Also, there are no batteries to replace when they forget to turn off the sound cancelling. I've even used them without listening to music just as earplugs to take a nap. (NB: the sound isolation works a little TOO well when you're trying to get the kids to turn off their devices and come to dinner.)

The sound quality is excellent. I'm no audiophile, but with a degree in music, I care about accurate sound. The bass is clear but not overdone (like some competitors), and the mid-range and treble are nicely balanced. Great for rock, classical, and even for TV/movie watching. The music sounds very "clean" to my ears without a lot of alteration from the original source.

The one feature that our kids LOVE is the customized plates you can order. They each were willing to spend $30 of their own money to get custom plates with their names. There are lots of colors and standard designs to choose from, and for an additional fee you can get your own artwork as well. Very cool.

Overall, we're completely satisfied with these and expect many years of use and enjoyment from them.
review image review image
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 5, 2010
I strongly urge anyone considering these headphones to go see them in person first.(like at the apple store)

I got these headphones in August after a coworker recommended them. He got his off Amazon and I got mine from the Apple store.
The speaker drivers themselves are great. Good balance of bass and treble across a wide range of music. The Crossfades seem well constructed and light. I use them only at work for about 4hrs a day and was happy for about a month. They stay on my desk when not in use and have never left the office

Unfortunately after a month I noticed the the inner plastic band where the metal adjustment bar that connects the phones to the padding the goes over your head had completely cracked on both sides of the headphones. If you look at the pictures Amazon provides, look at the 6th picture(for the gunmetal version - [...]). The cracks appeared right above the crossfade logo where the 2 screws secure the plastic housing on both sides of headphones(tops of the V). The plastic wasn't just cracked on one screw on each side, it was crack on all 4 screws. This leads me to believe that they had some over-tightening problem when putting in the screws during manufacturing. A day after I discovered the crack, one of the plastic cracked fragments actually fell off the headphones, making it impossible for the headphones to keep tension on the metal adjustment bar.

I was sad to see this issue, given I had just dropped $250 on these headphones a month earlier. So I went and had a look at my co-workers set. SAME exact problem, cracks along the plastic on both sides of the headphones in the same 4 places where the screw look to have been over-tightened. The plastic had not fallen off on his yet, but he was equally pissed off at the quality of manufacturing.

Seriously, the rest of the headphone is well constructed of metal and solid plastic.... but the one location that would get the most stress has the cheapest made component??!?!? I don't have a particularly wide head, and I've DJ'd for years and know how to take care of expensive headphones. What a shame that an otherwise great sounding set of headphones could be wrecked by a defective 50cent plastic part.

Thankfully the Apple store allowed me to return the headphones beyond the 14day regular policy. We went over to the iPod demo section in the store where they had 4 crossfades out for display to use with the iPod/iphones, and guess what!!! 3 of the 4 had the same exact issue.

I think these headphones are so new that this problem will start to become more prevalent in the next few months for folks who bought them early on. I don't think this is a hard issue to fix with a redesign of that particular part (using metal). However it's probably going to require folks to send them back to the manufacturer.
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on June 12, 2015
The headphones aren't nearly as heavy as a lot of people were describing. They sit just fine. They sound great, and they look awesome. I've had them for about a month or two now and have had zero problems. My only thing is that since the ear-coverings don't fold or anything and that metal piece is there, it's not comfortable to just let it sit around your neck, especially if it hits/rests on your collar bones. Otherwise I enjoy them quite a bit. You can hear music a little from the outside when you wear them if you have the volume up on the higher end, but who cares.
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on July 17, 2013
Saw the product for sale as a gold box deal here on Amazon. I couldn't resist the deal, I've heard good things about these headphones and I decided to get them, I was curious to hear what 200 dollar headphones sounded like.

I didn't need to buy a new set of cans, as a DJ/Producer for many years I've got quite a few cans at home. Not including the infinite ear buds I've gone through the years.

1. Senheisser HD205
2. AKG - 240K
3. Consumer headphones from a clothing store.
4. Pioneer HDJ-500

All of them have a distinct type of sound signature and different sound quality. They have been burned in to get the best quality out of them.

First off, the box for the Crossfade LP's is great. It makes you feel like this product is really special with the red ribbon you need to cut off before you can open it. Once open, you won't have to dig far to get to the exoskeleton caring case that houses the headphones. But do look a bit deeper and you'll find a microfiber cloth, the manual, and some pamphlets which you should take some time to read.

Once you're done with the extracurricular part of the package, take some time to admire the exoskeleton case. Hard black leather casing outside makes sure your purchase stays secure and safe, while the soft red velvet material inside is making sure the crossfade LP are cozy. Also inside you'll see the housing for two Kevlar covered cables (both of them straight, no coiled cord included), a 1/4th jack, and a Carabiner clip you can attach to the outside of the case. Note that you can fit a thumb drive or two within the straps that house the accessories. Great craftsmanship by V-Moda on the case, its one of my favorite parts of the package.

Take one of the cables out plug the straight end into your headphones and the angled end into a music source. As many other reviews have stated, you'll come to hear that straight out of the box sound, a sound which is not indicative of the real quality that lies within the headphones. Out of the box, the Crossfade LP's will sound bad. Bass overwhelming, drowning out the other frequencies. And I agree with most of the reviews that give it low scores based on sound quality. But it can't be the only time they listen to it. These headphones will NEED to be burned in. There are different ways to burn in headphones, my usual burn in process consist of 20 or so tracks that make up the type of music I produce or DJ (progressive trance/house/breaks, techno) in high quality (320k or better) repeating overnight while I sleep at regular volume. It may take up to 20+ hours for them to fully burn in. While this isn't the only way to burn in headphones, it is my method.

After the second night of burn in, these sounded pretty vibrant. The reviews saying it's bass heavy are correct, but with burn in you can actually hear more of the crispy highs and mids while the bass is still thumping. Compared to the 240K and the HDJ-500, these have a more unique sound signature, those are more flat response, the crossfade LPs is bass centric. As expected the HD205's signature is much much lighter, and don't carry the same sound quality as the rest of the headphones.

The build quality of the Crossfade LP's is second to none, metal construction throughout. Soft headband on top (with the stylish purple design) and the memory foam earpieces make for a very comfortable headset. My only gripe construction wise is they don't fold into itself, but these can take some abuse.I can't say the same for the all plastic HDJ-500s. I feel as though I need to be extremely careful with those.

As a consumer headphone - Definitely would go for these, especially at the sale price, but at original price it'd be a tough buy just for sound quality. Looks department and accessories are really good. Out of the three, this is the least I can relate too.
As a Music Producer - I would not go for these headphones. Producer's need a flat response to see what frequency needs to be buffed/nerfed. They are too strong bass wise even with burn in for mix purposes. 200+ can get you a good pair of mixing cans. They're OK for referencing, but then just about anything is decent for that.
As a DJ - They are good DJ headphones, especially with the sturdiness, the case (honestly I can't see myself breaking these inside the case even if I wanted too) and the accessories. I like the Kevlar covered cables, but I really wish they had a coiled cord and I would've loved if it folded. They cover the negative points I had with the HDJ-500's, although those sound better in the mids and highs. At a 200+ price point, I would go for something that I wouldn't have any issues with. At the sale price, it's a good choice.

The V-Moda Crossfade LP's are quality headphones, from build quality to sound quality. At first listen you can say they aren't worth the sale price, heavy bass, mids and highs recessed. I didn't like them the first few times I listened in them, they caused a great deal of fatigue. But it takes some time for the potential of the headphones to come through. I really like these headphones and that I bought it at the sale price.

Hope this review helps!

ONE MONTH EDIT: Today is 8-15-13 has a sale on their website going on right now use the coupon code Vthepeople to get 14.4% off your order! Good until Saturday! On with the update!

I've had these headphones for almost three months, this review is almost a month old. Where do we stand now?
I've had a few gigs with these guys and they've stood the test of time. Durable has hell, and now with those extra hours of burn in they sound better than ever. The mids are still recessed a bit but the lows and highs are outstanding. Still not suitable for audio mixing for producers but for DJ's and consumers, I can't recommend these enough. One thing I need to note is that, while it may not effect me, the ear pads are not designed for the large ear individual in mind, I've read numerous reviews of people sending them back stating that the ear pads are just too small, combined with the clamping force of the headphone it hurts to much to have these on.

Other than that, I ordered some dark purple/violet custom design shields (they look epic now, I'll put up some pictures) from V-moda using the coupon code above to get 14.4% off of your purchase.
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on January 10, 2015
If you're looking for an excellent pair of great sounding headphones your search stops here. I've been a DJ for more than 10 years and have gone through more headphones than a normal person, I know what normally breaks and how uncomfortable a pair can be after 5 hours at a gig. I bought these based on word of mouth and could not be any happier. They are crisp, loud and very comfortable. They are a lower profile so don't look enormous when they are on. I like how they can be customized also. Just get them
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on August 12, 2010
I use these at work all day. They do a great job of blocking out all the noise around me (perfect in an open office space) and the sound is fantastic. They are also very comfortable. I hardly know I have them on. (And they look really slick, too.) They are pretty hefty though, and the case is nice and sturdy but big, so plan accordingly if you're planning to travel with them.
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