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on December 29, 2012
Hello Friend,

Let me preface this review by saying that I'm by no means an audiophile. I am writing this review to help others out there who may be trying to decide how to spend their hard earned cash on "cool" headphones. With that said, I will be comparing these headphones with the Beats by Dre Studios. Why? Well, because these two models may appeal to the same demographic--people trying to spend a little extra money on quality, stylish headphones for their portable device. To give you a little back story, I travel a lot and need something I can wear on long flights. I saw the Beats Studios at Best Buy and liked the look. I like Dr Dre music and decided that if he endorsed this product it must be good, right (it looks a lot more naive in print form)? I did a little research on the Beats and read reviews on Amazon and CNET. Most of the negative reviews were due to the inflated price, but the CNET Editors and many folks on Amazon liked the sound quality of the Beats. I was able to get them at a discount at a military base, so I thought they were a good value. However, I never really liked the Beats. It was like a bad relationship with a girl that was kinda cute, but we never really had any chemistry; I was always looking for something better. I then bought the Klipsch Image Ones on sale. But when I got home I started researching to see what the experts thought of these. By this time I had found Head-fi, a site for the snobbiest of audiophiles. However, those guys do know their stuff. The verdict for the Image Ones wasn't positive and they were right, the Image Ones weren't very good. It was at that time that I noticed that the V-Moda M-80s were very highly rated. I returned the Klipsch and started digging for information into V-Moda. I found out that the Crossfade M-100 was the newest model. After reading what seemed like thousands of glowing reviews (and no negative reviews), I decided to get the white M-100s. Below I will compare the Beats by Dre Studios to the V-Moda Crossfade M-100s.


I don't know if this matters to anyone, but it seems that all the reviews I read mentioned the packaging. If this is something that concerns you, I would normally say something snarky, but I understand that you are spending ~$300 (you deserve quality). In this respect, the Beats win. The packaging for the Beats is superb. The box is really nice and compartmentalized. The V-Modas come in a much more modest box with less frills.

Winner: Beats

Traveling Case

If you just spent $300 bucks on headphones, you want to ensure they are protected when you're not wearing them. Both the Beats and M-100s come with semi-hard cases. However, the quality of the M-100's case is far superior. The shape is very aesthetically appealing and it is also smaller than the Beats' case--this will be important if you're traveling and space is at a premium. The headphones also fit a lot better in the M-100s' case. There is no wasted space in the case; it almost seems that the case was made out of a mold of the headphones. As for the Beats, the case is a little big for the headphones. It doesn't seem like there was much thought given to the design of the case. It's bland, kinda bulky and everything is just kinda thrown in there.

Winner: M-100s

Built Quality

Now we're going get to the meat and potatoes of the review, the actual headphones. The first thing that really disappointed me about the Beats was how plasticky they were. When I actually unfolded the Beats, they felt like a child's toy. I was afraid of breaking them. The battery compartment seemed like it woouldn't last more than 10 uses. And the worst thing is what you've probably read in many other reviews: the right ear cup makes a sound when walking. By comparison, the M-100s are built to last. The first thing I noticed was that many different materials were used (the headband is a pleather-type substance and aluminum is used on many of the high stress areas). The M-100s give you that feel in your hands that you can handle them without the fear of breaking them. There is really no comparison in the built quality, even going into the peripherals. The cords on the V-Modas are wrapped in Kevlar. This is a big deal if you're like me and get your cords caught on things. The Beats' cords are the run-of-the-mill plastic type.

Winner: M-100s


Now I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but having both of these headphones side by side I feel I can give you a pretty good idea about how they look. It's no secret that the Beats were mainly designed for looks first. However, even in this aspect that is supposed to be the Beats forte, the V-Modas win convincingly. I have the White Studios and the Pearl White with Silver M-100s. If I may use cars to elaborate, the Beats look like a Nissan Altima with all the packages, rims, tint and cool paint job; conversely, the M-100s look like a BMW M6. You can actually see the difference in quality. The Beats look like they are trying to be cool; the M-100s look classy, sophisticated and sexy. The M-100s also have a really cool feature that allows you to customize them by changing out the ear cup plates and the V-Moda logos on the sides of the headband (you have to purchase the new plates).

Winner: M-100s


Since both of these headphones are mainly for portable use, they should be pretty comfortable for extended periods. The M-100s are much more comfortable than the Beats. The Beats really warmed up my ears and put a lot of pressure to the top of my head. I tried adjusting the fit, but nothing helped. The ear cups on the M-100s are very comfortable and I feel no pressure on the top of my head. The M-100s also feel more secure on your head; the Beats always felt like they were going to fall off my head.

Winner: M-100s


I reiterate that I am a common fellow not an audiophile. That said, the main thing that really disappointed be about the Beats was the sound quality. They just didn't sound like what I expected out of $300 headphones. I actually returned them the first time I bought them, but went back to get them when I found out that new headphones had to be "burned in." I was just not that impressed by anything. They sounded like regular headphones. I had a pair of $40 JVCs, and the only difference between the JVCs and the Beats was that the Beats had a little more bass. Furthermore, the sound leakage of the Beats is reprehensible. Even at 50% volume on my iPhone my wife would ask me to turn them down because they were distracting her from watching TV (she was ~15ft away from me). If there is something good about the Beats is that your friends won't need extra plugs for their headphones to enjoy your music because they will be able to listen to your music clearly when you wear the Beats. Also, the Beats are supposed to be "sound cancelling"; they are not. Aside from being a pain in the ass because you will need batteries to use them, the sound cancelling isn't very good. Outside noise really creeps into the headphones. But enough about the Beats, let's talk about the M-100s. When I put these headphones on, I instantly understood a lot of the jargon used by audiophiles. Even on my portable device, without an amp, I can hear so much more detail. The V-Modas are so clear and silky smooth. The bass--which is another thing the Beats are supposed to excel at--is much richer in the M-100s. It's definitely punchier, but not overwhelming--and never muddled. The mids are very well defined, I can hear the vocals clearly; whereas in the Beats the vocals on some songs were a bit muffled. The highs are crisp and refreshing--I thought the Beats were too sharp on the highs. One of the first things I also noticed was how big the sound seemed out of the M-100s. It seemed like it was all around me, not just in my ears like the Beats. I also own the Klipsch Image S4 and they also have pretty good sound, but its not nearly as spacious, balanced and full as the M-100s (not a fair comparison). As for the sound leakage, the M-100s are infinitely better than the Beats. The M-100's leak a little bit, but you couldn't make out the song someone was listening to at 5ft a library. Lastly, although the M-100s are only noise isolating--and not noise cancelling like the Beats--they somehow do a better job and keeping outside noise at a minimum better than the Beats.

Winner: a landslide.


If you're on the market for stylish headphones with superb sound quality, look no further than the V-Moda M-100s. I have never written an Amazon review before, but I felt compelled to let everyone know about my experience with these headphones. As ridiculous as this sounds, I felt I owed V-Moda that much for putting out such a quality product--ridiculous because I did hand them $300 of my dollars for these headphones. As I said, I always felt cheated with the Beat Studios--from the built quality to the sound quality, they just didn't feel like something worth $300 (or even $200). These V-Modas are expensive, but you are definitely getting what you're paying for: quality. And that's really all we can ask for as consumers, we don't want to be taken for a ride. If someone as unfamiliar with such things as "sound stage" can still be blown away by the sound quality, then everyone will be able to appreciate how good these headphones sound. I have no problem with Dr Dre or Monster (I'm one of the few people who've had pleasant experiences with their customer service), but they are definitely banking on the trendiness of their product. I'm just happy I accidentally found out about these headphones, because I am officially off the market for headphones for a while. The V-Moda Crossfade M-100s are simply amazing.
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on December 16, 2012
I work at the Apple store at have the opportunity to sample and purchase most of today's most popular over-the-ear headphones. The B&W P5s, Logitech UE 6000, Klipsche Image One, Harman Kardon BT, Sennheiser Amperior, the entire Bose line, Ludacris's SOUL SL300, Various skull Cand(ies) and finally, last but not least, every "Beat" Dr Dre could offer (the Solos, the Studios, The more recent Executives, the Pros, and even the Mixrs) have all graced my ears at one point in time. However, despite all these fantastic options from some very reputable sound gurus, I was nevery truly satisfied. FINALLY, however, i have found a headphone I can truly be satisfied with. V-Moda is a name that brings a lot of success, with their M80s winning various awards and recognition amongst the audiophile community for their unbelievable sound at a modest price. The M100 do them one better by offering a solid, beautiful, great sounding headphone for the same price as most of the headphones I just listed. To begin, the build quality is unbelievable. One thing that really turned me off to the Beats were how poorly they were manufactured. In the store, we would go through countless Beats headphones that we used as demo units because they would just keep breaking, cracking, pads would fall off, cables would fray, and some even blew out. And the UE 6000 offered a great alternative to its more bass-heavy acoustics but were still made out of plastic. The P5s, which are some incredible headphones, just lacked some the punchiness our younger generation is looking for. V-Moda puts these headphones through vigorous testing, and it clearly shows as soon as you take them out of the box. They are solid metal for most of the construction, the cables are tough, and the innovative collapsable hinge is a sweet little feat of engineering. They are also just plain gorgeous. They are flashy and edgy while being refined and traditional. They are able stand out without having to put some gaudy "b" logo on the side of them, and make you feel like your wearing a piece of art on your head. They are ultra comfortable with the micro fiber ear pads, and the ability to put the audio chord on either side is a simple yet desirable feature. Finally, they sound perfect. The reason that I have personally gone through so many headphones is because I was looking for that perfect sound: the clarity and perfection of a Bose, Klipsch, or B&W, with the punchiness of an UE, Skull Candy, or Beats (without being so overbearing, of course). These cans offer fantastic clarity for vocals and high tones, yet when the bass hits it feels like your plummeting deep into bottomless cavern. Yet they remain to "overbearing-less" and still offer a fantastic mid-range to blend the sound together like a creamy milkshake. Its hard to find a headphone that can be built well, good looking, and sound like the best of all worlds, but I believe the V-Moda M100s do it perfectly. For me, they are the ultimate headphone and offer the "cherry on top" to my collection of gadgets and gizmos, and I highly recommend you take the opportunity to put these puppies on your head. You may not be as obsessed as I, but I guarantee you will be impressed.
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on July 21, 2016
* Supreme construction. The quality materials used and the clever hinge design make this an unmistakably high-end product.
* Unreal bass response. Low end details come alive. If you listen to modern music or have a penchant for bass heavy music these will deliver.
* Comfortable, even with the base ear cups. No fatigue on my small ears during a 4 hour stint.
* Two cables come bundled with the headphones, including a nice long cable with sharing capability (one source, two or more headphones can daisy chain and listen).
* Compact enough to pack up and take with you. It's earned a spot on the roster of my essential-everyday carry.

* Mid-range response suffers. This can be mitigated with an amp or equalizer, but it's still not as well rounded a sound as the V-Moda XS or Sony MDR1.
* It's not the most subtle design in the world, with the large aluminum plates, but it can be made even less subtle with customization if that's your thing so up to your judgement.

I originally purchased a pair of XS headphones from V-Moda thinking that on-ear would be sufficient for me. I do a fair bit of flying and work in a very talkative office building so noise isolation to me was very important. After trying out the XS model, I found it to be a great sound, but not exactly what I was looking for. I made the step up to the M-100s and never looked back. My biggest concern was going to be the tradeoff in size. I've owned over-ear headphones before and they were big, clunky, and generally awkward unless performing studio work. These are only slightly larger than the XS (which are themselves very small) and I'm very happy that the carry case clips on to my messenger bag when traveling.

As far as sound quality goes, you know what you are in for. These are designed for modern music and for electronic music. Don't believe me, see who else uses them: [...]

Unfortunately, because these are kind of made by bassheads, for bassheads, the mid-range response is a bit lacking. If you listen to classic punk or classic rock, you may find these underemphasize some of the subtle guitar notions. For everything else, they are very very good.
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on January 15, 2014
From popular science ( and I wholeheartedly agree....)

"The single best non-essential tech item--like, not a laptop or smartphone--that you can buy is a really good pair of headphones.

V-Moda's M-100 headphones, announced a few hours ago, are big and fairly expensive and kind of divisively designed. I've been using them for a week or so and they are the only new tech item I've used in the past few months that I've actually made other people use. The new iPhone and iPods are very nice, and Windows 8 tablets are ballsy and interesting, but I haven't actually grabbed coworkers and demanded they try those things. I've been reviewing digital audio gear for awhile, but the hardware has lately seemed unimportant, compared with the revolution of stuff like Rdio and Spotify. Who cares about a headphone amp, really, when you can listen to any song ever made? The exciting stuff is in software and services, I'd say. New headphones, whatever, spend a hundred bucks and you'll get something fine. It's a means to an end.

But the M-100s brought it all back, that old wonder that music could sound this good. When you can get this kind of quality for this kind of money, why are we bothering with anything else?

Cheap headphones mask the music, ruin the music, without the listener even realizing. They exaggerate screechy, tinny highs, or artificially boost the lows at the expense of balance. They muddy the mids. They are not "good enough," not when you can get legitimately great-sounding audio equipment for under a hundred bucks. You bought an iPhone, or a Galaxy S III, or a Lumia? Those are startlingly good audio devices. You're paying $300 up front and $75 a month for that phone, and it's worth it. You can get Rdio or Spotify and listen to any song ever made. You can watch music videos, TV shows, and movies in 720p. The sound output on those phones is universally excellent--not perfect, an audiophile will tell you, but what's more pressing is that what's there is being totally wasted when you use throwaway headphones.

This isn't a snob thing. Try the M-100s. You don't think, well, okay, these sound good. You feel differently. It's like you saw the world through filthy glasses, covered in hair and dust and finger grease and tomato sauce splatters, and then you cleaned them. So that's what this song sounds like, you'll think.

All consumer tech is about luxury, really. Really good audio is a cheap way to feel like your life is luxurious. A hundred bucks and your head can be filled with infinitely wonderful sounds, forever and ever. It triggers pleasure zones, releases happy neurotransmitters that make you feel good. It's a little thing that's not a little thing.

V-Moda is a small company out of Hollywood, California that is perhaps the most diligent audio accessory maker on the planet. They make one new product a year. That's it. They're well known to the biggest audio freaks on the planet, because they don't just comb through audiophile forums looking to figure out what people want--they ask. They crowdsource ideas. Their return rates are very, very low. Every component, every material is chosen after weeks or months of testing, personally, by maybe two guys. Val Kolton, the founder of the company, traveled back and forth to Japan to listen to dozens of potential drivers. They tossed aside plastic in favor of good, honest metal and leather and fabric. The M-100s spent more than three years in development. Not that Sennheiser and Shure and Audio-Technica aren't serious--they just make things in bulk, and none of them have a CEO who can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of various types of air regulation as regards noise isolation. V-Moda's brand of obsession is Apple-level crazy. Good crazy.

And oh, man, was it worth it. The clarity of these things is unbelievable--you hear instruments you didn't know were there, subtleties in the growl of a singer's voice you'd never picked up on before. They block out sound precisely, regulating air so as not to leak audio into your surroundings. (These are noise-isolating, meaning they form a natural seal around your ears, rather than noise-cancelling, which blast another noise at you intended to drown out the outside. Noise-cancelling is good for planes, bad for sound quality.) But it's the balance that does it for me. Senior Editor Paul found them a little bassy--V-Modas are always a bit bassier than, say, Grados--but I like a slight bass boost in my music, and certainly the bass never overpowers the mids or highs. The headphones give your music a fullness and richness you may have never heard before. Music sounds downright creamy on these things. It makes you realize that gimmicks, like the Beats by Dre's absurdly bass-heavy balance, won't ever be as good as a bunch of audio obsessives sourcing the absolute best drivers and cups and materials.

A description of sound quality can only be useful up to a point. Trust me on this: they sound extraordinary. Your ears will smile. Your mouth too, probably.

The cable that goes from the M-100s to your phone or stereo or whatever is braided fabric reinforced with Kevlar, pliable but sturdy as hell. You can plug it into either earcup, and there's a little tiny plug that goes into the earcup hole you're not using, to keep dust out and eliminate the tiniest leak of noise. The cable has a built-in splitter to share music with friends--you can daisy-chain them together for silent subway dance parties. They're light, only 280g, but don't feel delicate in the least. You can bend the headband completely flat without snapping it in two, or drop the headphones repeatedly on unforgiving ground without risking breakage. The cups fold, smoothly and precisely, towards the headband, to take up less space. There's a little click when you push them into place. Val told me they'd experimented repeatedly to get the sound of that "click" just right. That's attention to detail.

The M-100s aren't for everyone. I don't much care for the look of them--they're not garish, but they are a little loud for my Puritanical East Coast taste--and they're listed at $310, which is not nothing (though they compete with those costing two or three times as much). The price will go down--audio accessory prices are notoriously fragile, so I wouldn't be surprised if in a few months Amazon is selling the M-100s for $250 or $225. And I might've preferred some of the extras, like the hard-shell case, the bonus cable, the 1/4-inch jack, were optional, to bring the price down. I'll probably never use that stuff. As is, they're fairly priced, it's just that not everyone wants to drop $300 on headphones.

Even at $310, though, there's nothing I'd recommend more. The Sennheiser Momentum costs more and doesn't fold, which makes it not very portable. The full-sized Beats by Dre costs $300 and is widely dismissed for a lack of clarity and wildly unbalanced sound. AKG and Focal and Shure all make competing headphones, but they don't fold, and some of them are open-back (meaning sound leaks out, meaning they are unusable in public). The M-100 is great for normal people, for listening to Spotify on your phone just as much as plugging into a receiver with an (included) 1/4-inch adapter. "There's no reason not to buy the M-100," Mike Berk over at Sound + Vision told me. (You can read S+V's full review here, if you want the audiophile take.)"

They're incredible.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 9, 2015
I held off on reviewing my M100's because I wanted to get a good feel for the headphones quality in both build and audio before I wrote anything. I probably waited a bit too long as I have already purchased the Crossfade Wireless after spending roughly a year with the M100. I bought the M100 because I wanted something portable, durable, comfortable, and with excellent sound quality. I feel the M100 has met all those needs very well. In the past year I have used this on trips to Japan, Vegas, NYC, and Washington. I have used this with the Boompro Mic for gaming over the PS4 and I have used it for simply listening to music. My set of M100's have been put through their paces and not only survived but succeeded.

Starting with build quality, these are built like a tank and V-Moda seems to go to lengths to make sure everything from the headband to the cords are built to last. I have been pretty light on my set in general. I haven't dropped them or bent the headband too bad. The most stress my set has gone through is in traveling. They have been folded up and squished in my travel bag regularly and I have to say that after a year of constant use, I did end up with an issue. A plastic clip on the headband had one of the screw holes break which meant that the clip didn't close well and folding the set up meant extra stress on the other two screw holes. Initially I would have considered docking a star for this but for one, it wasn't much damage and it didn't affect the sound quality at all, and two, V-Moda made sending it in for repairs painless. This is where I should point out that V-Moda has a 2 year warranty on this specific set of headphones, although I need to also point out that you need to make sure the seller you are buying these from is covered by the warranty. Anyways. I sent in my headphones on a Wednesday, they got there on Friday, they got repaired that same day as well as shipped back to me, I received them on that following Tuesday. Now the repair was a very easy fix and honestly I would have preferred them mailing out the piece, but they took care of it in a very timely manner.

Everything else in regards to build quality has been top notch. The material on the headband is very nice and has held up amazingly well considering I have other somewhat pricey headphones that have materials that have started to peel from the headband and the earcups. The earcups I have used which are the upgraded XL earcups have held up very well. In the year that I have used them, they have become somewhat squished but the material is still in good shape and they are still exceedingly comfortable. With the repair done to them, my M100's look as good as the day I first got them.

Feature wise, the M100 has been fantastic. The cliqfold feature allows them to fold up very small into a nice little shell case that comes with the headphones. Also. not only can you plug the detachable cable into either ear piece but the one you don't use can be used to daisy chain another set of headphones into the same source. Basically, when travelling with my wife I could plug the M100 into my iPad to watch a movie on the plane, then plug in another set of headphones into the open port on the M100 to share the sound from my iPad without the use of adapters or extra cables. It is a really great feature that I didn't realize would be quite as great until I used it. They also include a small plug to use over the unused port to limit sound leakage but I have already lost it and haven't noticed any difference without it.

Comfort is excellent with the XL Earcups but mileage may vary depending on how tight you wear your headphones and how big or small your head is. I will cover more on this a bit later in the review. In general, the M100 holds the head very well without squeezing too much. I don't understand how this is possible because I have had other headphones that don't hold on nearly as well and feel like they're clamping down on my brain. Walking around with these, you never feel like they are at risk of falling off your head.

The cables are durable fiber wrapped that are supposed to be able to take 1 million bends before they are compromised and I haven't had any issues with them so far. The controls and microphone have worked very well although I haven't used them as much. I do recommend buying the boompro mic from V-Moda if you want an excellent gaming headset. I have already reviewed the BoomPro Mic so I won't go into it much here, but they are a great accessory that really turns your M100 or any headphone with detachable 3.5mm jack into a gaming headset.

Finally and most importantly, the sound quality. These are not designed for audiophiles but that in no way means an audiophile can't enjoy them. They are not neutral headphones. They are tuned for more modern music with a good deal of emphasis on bass. These are not competing with high end AKG, Sennheiser, or even Audio Technica, these compete and in my opinion best headphones like Beats. What these headphones are great at, is pumping out the bass while keeping the mids and highs very clear. A lot of other bass heavy headphones have a tendency to muddy the mids to an extent that makes listening with them almost unbearable. The M100 keeps everything pretty clear but more than that, it is tuned for fun listening. The bass is punchy and deep but the mids are still very clear and present. The highs are a bit forward but not at all annoying. While these are tuned for EDM, Hip Hop, Rap, and modern music in general, I have used these to listen to everything under the sun and haven't ever disliked any music coming through these including classical. These aren't open style so your soundstage will be limited compared but it isn't horrible and is at least as good as other closed style headphones if not a little better. In general, I have a lot of fun listening to music, movies, and video games with the headphones.

A lot of attention went into making these a great set of headphones,but they are not without some gripes from me. The cords while very high quality and durable are still as bent and kinked as when I bought the headphones. This isn't a major issue but they will occasionally get caught on things or cause a little noise rubbing on your shirt. Also, comfort can be an issue. I have a big head but long term comfort with the standard earcups has been an issue for me. For the first hour or two I am completely fine wearing them. My ears don't get too hot and my head doesn't feel like its in a vice. After that first couple of hours my ears begin touch the casing around the drivers and begin to get achy. It gets to the point that I have to stop wearing them for a little and flex my ears a bit. This is not a problem when I use the XL earcups and because of that, I believe the XL earcups should either be included or be an option when buying to replace the standard cups.

If you've read all that, then you should generally know what you're getting into. If all that sounds good to you then especially at the new reduced costs below $300, I can wholeheartedly recommend these headphones. Even if you are an audiophile with $1000 cans and a $1000 dac, there is still a lot to enjoy here for all of the features and fun tuning. If you're looking at a Sennheiser 650 and up, then we're talking a different game here. If you're looking at Beats or maybe even some of the lower Audio Technica headphones, I would take a close look at the M100. Also, take a look at the Crossfade Wireless from V-Moda if you're considering the M100.
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on May 2, 2017
My 10 year old shares these with me. The braided cord has taken abuse it should not have. The braided material finally broke last month. The cord is fine and the cord and headphones function perfectly... it's just the cloth braiding that finally gave out. They took a ton of abuse.
I paid what I did for these because of the sound quality. I bought the extra large ear cups because I have a gigantic head.
I NEVER expected these headphones to stand up to so much punishment. I love em. My son loves em. I just wish I could use the mic on them for my PlayStation so I could reduce the number of headphones in my living room.
The mic works great for my iPhone 6.
If anyone knows how I can get them (or ANY cord with a mic that fits these headphones) to work with a PS4, I'd greatly appreciate the knowledge.

Love these headphones. Super durable. It's just amazing.
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on May 4, 2016
These are one of my top headphones. The bass in these headphones is not so overpowering like Beats, but just enough to be considered base heavy. It really shines there. The trebles are nice and crisp, and the whole sound is just phenomenal. I really liked the design of the headphones and who you can change the plates with custom made ones from the v-moda site. I did switch out these pads for the extra-large ones and not only made them more comfier, but improved the sound as well. The microphone is pretty good for what it's worth, however if you want to make these gaming headphones, you should go buy the Boompro.

Now these are noise-ISOLATING not noise-cancelling. Some people here are getting the two mixed up. These are not meant to cancel all ambient noise, so stop complaining that they don't. For what it's worth, it does a pretty damn good job isolating you from a good amount of noise.

If you are someone who is looking for a new set of headphones for listening to a lot of electronic music, or wants a new gaming headset, these are a good choice for you. Classical music does not sound as good through these headphones, so I would not recommend them if that's what you mainly listen to. If you want headphones for mixing or making music, I would not recommend these because they do not give you that "raw" cut sound. Personally, I love these headphones for everyday use, and I use my Sennheiser 600 for music making.
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on April 3, 2016
This review is quite easy to write, as these headphones easily obliterated the quality, durability, and overall aesthetics of every other pair of headphones that I encountered through looking and unfortunately buying other headphones rather than these. For example, while Beats by Dre advertises its products on celebrities to make them seem higher in quality, and offers a great lower end (which stronger bass than most headphones) they don't have good high frequencies and just aren't high quality despite their great marketing campaign. Just so you don't think I'm purely biased because of the VMODAS, I had a pair of Beats before these I bought that broke within 3 months because, you guessed it, they're made by cheap plastic. The VMODA M100 Crossfades are just a great mix of sound quality, aesthetics, and durability; a masterpiece of art if you will. These headphones are virtually indestructible (accidentally sat on them, dog chewed them, and spilled coffee on them), and even after a beating(haha get it...Beat-ing) they still provide warm luscious bass without being too heavy that your feel like you have 2 subwoofers strapped to your head, I'm looking at you Beats. The military grade aluminum used in these headphones were such a great investment and proved to do what other headphones couldn't--Last. They do offer a decent acoustic end and high frequency sound to them while also having great diversity in almost every other genre of music I could think of. While VMODA isn't advertised as "popular" or something "celebrities" wear, it easily is the best pair of over ear headphones I've ever invested in.
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on February 4, 2014
I have had many sets of headphones over the years. Recently I have had Bose noise canceling, Bowers and Wilkins in the ear and also the B&W P7 Headphones. I have a set of Sennheiser wireless HD170 which sound good but I wanted more out of headphones, something that would come close to sounding like my Home Theater System when I don't want to wake up the entire neighborhood. I am a very critical listener and to give you some idea of what I mean, in my car I recently purchased it had a Beats 10 speaker system which sounded OK but was anemic in the subwoofer area. So I put in a pair of J&L subwoofers powered by their 1000 Watt subwoofer only amp. The Beats were great on mid and bass and the J&L gave it what it needed, in fact too much that I am only using the amp at 1/4 of its setting. So I decided to once more buy a set of Headphones which at the time were a set of surround sound TurtleBeach 350's. They sounded so bad and even with their software which had equalizer settings, filters etc, the sound just could not be improved. So that brings me finally to the Vmoda M100's.

I read the reviews and was looking at a set of Sennheiser Headphones that were recommended but cost $1,400, which is a lot of wood for a headphone. Then I read about the Ultrasone 750 and 900s, but in reading the reviews I was turned off by the negative things being said about them. I like good low but not boomy bass. I love cymbals and tympani that is high and has a metallic sound rather than sounding like the hiss of a snake. So having stumbled upon the V-moda I went to their site and did some investigation. I liked the fact that they had two separate drivers to keep the bass from infecting the mids and highs. Nothing is worse than having distortion which I hate come into play when there is a lot of musical action going on. Listen to the Soundtrack of Tron by Defpunk as a good test, or the song Primodona or any Movie Score music by Erich Kunzel and if your system can not handle it I guarantee that you will be underwhelmed with the sound you hear. I read positive and negative reviews on Amazon about the Vmoda varying from the ear pads being uncomfortable, the head band being to tight or the sound being lousy, but I thought the positive reviews outweighed the negative. So I placed my order and received my headphones the next day. I purchased a headphone 1/8" plug headphone extension cord as where I would sit is on the other side of the room from my amp. So with great anticipation I plugged the headphones in.... and WOW.. did they sound bad... I could not believe it. I put on movies and music and they were the pits.. something was way off. I was playing with the DSP settings which only made things worse. Then I hit the test switch which cycles a signal from the left to the center to the right... and the signal was in one spot and never changed. I said, what the heck. So I got up and plugged the Vmoda's into the amp direct and hit the test signal and all was working correct. I then inspected the plug and noticed that the Vmoda's plug had many more rings on it to be used in an Ipod or Iphone. So I went to Radio Shack and got a 1/4inch plug extension cord and plugged the 1/4" adapter that came with the Vmodas into it.. and everything was working great. The sound I heard was really good and so I began to burn them in by listening to The Lone Ranger, The Man Of Steel, Oblivion and the soundtrack from Tron. The longer they played the better they sounded. I was really impressed.

So now I said, I know I have had a lot of trouble with my Ipod not having the power to drive headphones or expensive ear buds the way I like to hear music. I even have an equalizer app installed that can control the Ipod's amp to keep it from clipping, but anything with a lot bass was distorted, and highs were very thin and violins sounded terrible. So no expecting much I plugged the Vmoda into the Ipod and WOW WOW WOW... the sound was terrific. Bass was so punchy that on the Eagles Album Out Of Eden I can honestly say I never have heard a bass drum with such punch and power. The attack was amazing just like a real drum, my son in law is a drummer. The cymbals were clean and clear. On Bruce Springsteen's Live In Dublin, which will show off all sorts of things due to the band he has from sax, to trombone, to tuba, to guitars to accordion to piano.. The trumpet on this Album just sang out with such clarity and power.

OK.. enough of my blathering here. As you can tell I love these headphones and I am so impressed with how they have finally made my Ipod a viable source of music for me. By the way, I always prefer to download the Lossless formats like FLAC or ALAC or WAV, I do not care how much space the song or album will take up as the sound is what matters to me. I am the same way with my Dodge Charger Hemi using 93 Octane rather than 87 and driving in sport mode as it is the performance and experience that matters most to me.

I would recommend these without conviction, in fact I can not wait to let my brother hear how this headphones sounds. If you do not have an Alien oversized head, or a Hot Air Heater for your ears you will most certainly love these headphones. They sound great on all types of music from Rap to Classical to Rock... just make sure if you buy an extension cord that you buy the right one or you will have the same problem I initially had, shorting out things is never good. And I am speaking as a former Director Of Engineering...

Update one day later... After having some additional time to listen to the Vmoda Headphones my praise for them is even higher. I had a chance to listen to some pieces of music on my Ipod that I enjoyed the music but the quality was found lacking due to distortion and having to keep the volume low to keep the headphones from bottoming out on areas of the song with heavy bass. With the Vmoda M100's I am discovering so much more in my music that I never knew existed. The distortion and problems with the headphones not being able to handle the low low bass is non existent. The headphones easily deal with trumpets, guitars, drums, kettle drums, the snarly sound of a trombone, the very metallic and distinct crash and sound of cymbals and tympani, and I could go on and on. I was listening to an album by Erich Kunzel that involves the theme music from movies like Mission Impossible, Braveheart, Twister, etc... One thing that got my instant attention was that I was hearing some sounds like the tinkle of a triangle etc that apparently had been lost in the distortion that the other brand headphones were creating tryimng to deal with the very very complex music. I had the same experience with the Bruce Springsteen Live In Dublin album. Instruments came alive and to be honest, the sound almost sounded like 3D with the audience clapping and cheering behind me and the instruments blending from the middle to in front of me... It must be due to the design Vmoda has for their drivers or the crossfade design. The sound stage is very wide, and I am now trying to get my high end to begin to sound more like my headphones than visa versa... I do not find the headphones uncomfortable or hot on my ears or any of the other negatives I had read about. But things like this are very personal as is the sound. As I said initially, I am a very critical listener and look for all the nuances in the sound of a band or orchestra. I am looking forward to listening to my full collection of music on my Ipod, along with my CD's and movies. It is like I am starting all over again for the first time. The great thing about Amazon, and I can not praise their customer service high enough, giving them, based on my experience on a scale of 1 being the worst to a ten as the best, a solid 12. If you order these headphones, make sure you have a good source and if using a cable don't make the mistake I made above, and play them loud and let them burn in, playing by themselves if you go off somewhere else. Oh, and I am amazed at how loud these headphones will effortlessly play with the miniscule amplifier in an Ipod... it totally blows me away.. as I have the volume up only at about 3/4 and they are loud.. really loud... and no distortion, only sweet wonderful sound. When music lacks distortion, playing it louder does not hurt your ears.. it is the distortion that will make you reach for the volume control to turn them down. You will not experience that with these headphones. Hope I was as honest and open as I could be and was as much help to someone as the previous reviewers were to me. I am so glad the positive ones turned me on to these marvelous headphones... and I thank those reviewers from the bottom of my heart for being clear and descriptive with their experience. I am now off to listen to more music... have a great day.
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on May 19, 2017
I finally found the headphones I was looking for. I tried various open backs including the Fidelio X2 and AKG k7xx but they seemed to leave me desiring a lot more.

In the end these headphones feel the most like the "Mark Levinson Sound System" on my Lexus.

I was worried the headphones may be "too bassy" as some reviews pointed out. I am not a bass head but these headphones had perfect bass did not feel over powered or burdening in any way.

I also enjoyed the Sennheiser sounds but this headphone is the one I am most happy with. I highly recommend you try it out if you feel the headphones you tried feel underpowered or boring. These headphones make my songs come alive, and it has such a nice "color palette" and sound stage.
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