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on December 19, 2015
V-MODA Crossfade LP2 headphones purposefully designed and not to be confused with other heavily fashion-marketed, color-coordinated plastic garbage!

I am not a highly respected audio engineer, conversely I am merely a simple man that has spent 25+ years in an exhaustively expensive quest for great sound. For starters let me share some of my favorite bands that I used to evaluate these cans. I frequently listen to hard-rock bands such as Judas Priest, Godsmack, and Dream Theater to the more subdued Mark Knopfler, Adele and David Gilmore to electronica/techo of Depeche Mode, Madonna and Christina Aguilera. If you like this type of music, like it loud with bass, on and buy these headphones.
Merriam-Webster defines Discriminate as: to notice and understand that one thing is different from another thing: to recognize a difference between things.

It bothers me when people do not discriminate especially when it comes to something as important as music. Unfortunately, in the past I too have failed to discriminate when selecting/purchasing audio gear. I have fallen victim to ostentatious product reviews and have allowed myself to be persuaded into believing that some products are perfect for all music. The old adage, you get what you pay for, is mostly true but the notion that a high price tag equals good sound quality can vary greatly with headphones and speakers, simply because musical taste varies greatly and headphone manufacturers cannot design a product for all tastes. I have owned at least a dozen pair of headphones over the years to include all the big label brands such as Sennheiser, Grado, AKG, Bose, Koss and Beyerdynamic. They were all great headphones, but they just did not perform to my tastes.

“V-MODA Crossfade LP2’s recreates the front row rock concert experience with deafening power and low end frequency response”
The standard goal of any speaker or headphone is to produce a flat frequency response, V-MODA’s produce a standard loudness contour which is something I try to replicate via tone controls or equalizer settings on my home audio equipment. These are not headphones for studio recording/mixing, instead the frequency response favors a very human-centric appeal. That said these cans will provide a new level of enjoyment and appreciation for your music collection. I typically do not play music at excessive levels but as a test I really pushed these headphones with my Denon home audio pre-amp and then amplified through a FiiO A-3 headphone amp (great addition-more on that later). These headphones cannot be overwhelmed when played through a clean source. I have worn these headphones while physically mowing the lawn and been magically transported to the front row of a Volbeat concert. V-MODA Crossfade LP2’s recreates the front row rock concert experience with deafening power and low end frequency response.

“The isolation is so complete and sound quality so amazing you will lose yourself in an another dimension”

Isolation is the key to great sounding audio and something the engineers at V-MODA have accomplished. V-MODA’s have a closed ear design which eliminates most external noise and distractions, in fact the isolation is so complete and sound quality so amazing you will lose yourself in an another dimension and become enveloped in the music. My family doesn’t share the same love for rock music as I do and rarely allows me to play my speakers to the level I enjoy which was why I have been on a quest to find headphones that can produce high volume levels, excellent sound quality and not wake the neighbors with my late night music sessions. The V-MODA’s come about as close to inner ear bud sound quality as it gets but with the ability to produce an incredible amount of distortion-less low end that can be felt.

I will also provide a brief warning that should be heeded when listening to these headphones; I have enjoyed these headphones early in the morning while reading email and have been quite startled when my wife taps me on the shoulder. Additionally, I would encourage new users to break-in your headphones. Headphones and speakers all benefit from “burn-in” where music is played continuously for >20 hours. With headphones this is easy to achieve, simply plug them into a source and continuously play music at a moderate level. You will find the bass extension and sound quality smoother and more responsive.


One complaint I have had with other high-end headphones is the deceptive appearance of quality manufacturing concealed in flimsy plastic construction or cheap construction concealed by the addition of external fashion accoutrements. I have the simplistic expectation that headphones costing >$100 should be well engineered, comfortable, durable and faithfully reproduce music. I understand the need to make headphones light and comfortable but it should not be purely with the goal of weigh savings thereby sacrificing durability. V-MODA has produced an incredibly well designed headphone with an aluminum padded headband, solid swivels and leather coverings.


Even with the noticeable mass of these headphones they do not feel heavy. The aluminum headband keeps the headphones in place with a gentle snug fit. Typically closed ear headphones can be hot and exhausting especially after extended wear. At no time did I find these headphones uncomfortable even after 3+ hours of listening. That said I did opt for the XL ear pads which provides more room for your ears to fit inside the headphone without being compressed which may have something to do with the comfort I have experienced. Then again there are definitely gym headphones.

“You probably won’t see V-MODA headphones around the neck of your favorite basketball player…”

Another thing that has taken hold of the headphone market is this crazy notion that in order to be an amazing athlete you must have a pair of fashionable headphones around your neck, CRAZY! You probably won’t see V-MODA headphones around the neck of your favorite basketball player because you are not paying for the marketing, you are paying for quality. That being said V-MOTA’s are still highly customizable with interchangeable outer shells in a variety of colors.

I put the included gun metal plates on to see how they looked and chose to keep the subdued flat black covers on. I prefer the purposeful industrial look of this product as if V-MODA owes its design cues to the stealth aircraft industry. Furthermore, the V-MOTA’s are not overly large or distracting looking. Unlike some of headphones on the market that are insanely large with enormous pillows over each ear, if I saw someone wearing these at the airport I would not give them a second look.

What’s included

The V-MODA Crossfade LP2’s includes an impressive hard shell case, two removable Kevlar wrapped cords; one 6’ cord, a 4’ cord with a microphone/mute controls and a 1/8”-1/4” adapter. You also get 2 extra gun metal outer shell covers.


I am not a fan of the included cords and opted for a shorter 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Flat Cable with a 90 Degree Right Angle Compatible which works great for walking around with an iPod in your pocket. Additionally, I purchased a FiiO A-3 headphone amp and FiiO L9 L-Shaped Line Out Dock (LOD) Cable For iPod which makes a huge difference in the sound quality. The Crossfade LP2’s will play just fine through iPhones and iPods just not very loud. The amplifier increases the sound pressure and low end without having to push the solo iPod to the maximum limit which adds distortion and reduces battery life. The combination is a bit bulky but manageable. Clearly users of these headphones are not looking for super small portability and space savings, focusing more on sound quality I would hope?!


There are a lot of headphones to choose from on the market and while there are some excellent highly marketed brands out there I would caution would-be buyers from buying purely on name, price or personal recommendation from anyone that likes different music than you. The V-MODA Crossfade LP2’s are not what I would consider an overly expensive investment for the tremendous return in sound quality. It would be difficult to find headphones anywhere that offer the level of customizability or durability found in the V-MODA Crossfade LP2. These are headphones that are built for portable high-end audio and truly transform with the addition of a headphone amplifier. Last, if you are looking for a pair of cans to rediscover your hard rock, dance or electronica/techno collection, look no further. In my opinion the V-MODA Crossfade LP2 are the best headphones for the money on the market today. Strap them on and disappear into a color saturated realm of blissful musical reproduction.
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on April 13, 2014
This is a video review from my YouTube Channel

First to give you some context, I have tested and listened to many, many different wired headphones such as: ATH-M50's, Bose, Beyerdynamic DT 990, Sennheiser HD 598, Sony MDR10R/MDR1R and so on. So I have a real good idea of what you generally get sound, comfort and feature wise at different price points.

For the money, these V-MODA's are an incredible value!

In my video review you'll see me talk about:

1. Sound Quality
2. Comfort
3. Who these are best suited for
4. Durability & Build Quality

If you want to hear me go into more detail about the sound quality, see an unboxing and hear a live sound leak test then refer to my original YouTube video as I wasn't able to keep the full length here.

These are the perfect all-purpose pair of wired headphones, particularly for those who love bass. They have a distinctive, stylish look that you can customize. They're built like a tank so if they'll last forever even if your hard on headphones. They barely leak any sound so they're great for taking to the library or using around the office. And although they're not noise-cancelation headphones, they still do a great job of blocking out noise even to the point of being able to use these to block out airplane noise.

Unless you're looking to spend over $300, these are one of the best wired headphones you can get at or around this price point.

ENJOY the video!

PS - You should totally subscribe to my YouTube Channel
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on December 16, 2016
These are excellent headphones. I'm incredibly impressed. Like other reviews have said, the bass is incredibly impressive. Clear, pounding, but no distortion even at higher volumes. The vocals are crystal clear- which really mattered to me. I'm hearing vocal sounds I've never hear before- so much more textured. The soundstage could be larger, but its large enough and makes for a very intimate experience. One note- these headphones require an equalizer. On a flat setting, there is an echo and the vocals especially are impacted.

The build can't be beat! These things seem indestructible. The grip is excellent. Strong. The headband is padded so well, you won't feel it at all. The ear cup padding is way more than adequate. They are incredibly comfortable to wear.

They came with an excellent hard storage case which is beautifully designed to fit the phones perfectly, plus a 3.5 cable. Higher priced models come with additional cable, but this was the only one I wanted anyway.

If you are a bass or vocal lover, these indestructible phones are for you. A larger soundstage and I would have given them a 5.
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on April 24, 2017
First off, I have to say, the build quality on these headphones are amazing. Everything seems to be metal, and I don't see these falling apart anytime soon. The case is also a hard shell that I'm sure would withstand many backpack rides. While I'm not an audiophile, the audio that comes from these headphones are amazing, and I notice nothing wrong with how they sound. The case is full of nice accessories, and overall I'm very happy with the included cables and overall presentation.

That being said, I have a couple small complaints with these headphones however. The ear cups aren't very deep, which causes one of my ears to be sitting right up against the speaker, which during long periods of time can make the ear sore. I could be wearing these wrong but it's something that I've noticed. This could also be a problem with my ears being large, but I've never had these issues with small headphones, so just some food for thought.

Probably the most irritating thing about these headphones is the static shock I get on the tips of my ears when I'm doing anything laundry related, like making my bed. The minute you lift a blanket, the static shock zaps you right in the ear. I've never had this happen on any other headphones I've owned, so it was quite surprising the first time I had it happen to me.

Edit: After owning this pair of headphones for a couple months, I still love these headphones. I have identified the issue with the static, it's the cable that it ships with. I switched out the cable with a plastic covered one, and I haven't gotten any of the shock issues.
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on December 12, 2017
I absolutely LOVE these headphone!!!! I also own the Beats by Dre mixers and these headphones are way better. They are indeed bass heave BUT the sound quality stays clear no matter how loud I have listened to them. I do want to let people know that I was listening to Spotify with max volume for about 45 minutes and my head started to hurt so these headphones are LOUD. They are comfy to me, at first they felt weird a little bit but after I would say 10 minutes they were fine on my ears. I recommend these headphones for the price they are asking.. and you also get a nice case and a cloth and different cords for the headphone.
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on September 23, 2017
Received in great condition. Came in two days so I'm happy. Bass is GREAT and even better with my favorite bass boost android app. Works with android, yes. Comes with a microphone cable as well for calls and also an audio cable for just music. I have a big head and had no problems stretching the headband, it's flexible lol. The headphones have memory foam around then so it doesn't hurt wearing them for hours on end.

Was I informative enough? An excellent buy that I recommend. 4 stars. :)
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on December 14, 2016
This is my first nice pair of headphones. I definitely see why the $20 ones I've had in the past cannot be compared to these.

I like how well made they are. Definitely sturdy and good-looking. I mostly listen to metal and electronic music, and both sound great. I usually turn on the 'base booster' EQ on my phone. These have great base, but not overdone like Beats. Build quality is also vastly better than lightweight plastic Beats.

My one complaint is that they make my ears hurt after about 1.5 hours. I think it's due to the cushions not being deep enough, so my ear is touching the metal grate over the speaker. V-MODA sells a thicker cushion for about $20, I think that would solve the problem. I'd like to see the better cushions on these by default, seems like for the price they would just come with a comfortable cushion instead of replaceable side plates to make them look 3% cooler.

In hindsight, I would have paid a little extra for the nicer model that collapses on itself to become smaller. If you plan on traveling with these like I do, that's definitely worth it. Others have said the sound quality is better too. And when comparing prices, I would assume that you will also end up buying the $20 thicker cushions once you get tired of sore ears on a long plane ride.
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on December 29, 2017
I used to have a set of Beats by Dre Mixr’s and I loved them and didn’t think I’d ever own anything outside of the Beats by Dre line. Well.... I recently found myself needing to replace my mixr’s and decided to look at all options before making my final decision. I did a lot of research looking for the headphones with the best bass. After quite a bit of searching and reading I decided on the V-MODA Crossfade LP2’s, and I have to say I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Per a web article’s advice I also purchased an amp to go along with them which was a fantastic piece of advice as well. The low end in these headphones is outstanding. I haven’t been able to stop listening to all the bass music I can think of and I havent been concerned about them blowing out yet. Not too mention the considerate attention to detail such as: Lining all of the external chords and wires with kevlar, having the outer plates be interchangeable for customization purposes, and having a strength tested headband. I love these headphones and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.
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on March 27, 2014
I recently purchased these headphones after my dog ate the left ear piece on my Klipsch in-ears, never really liked the Klipschs so I wasn't super disappointed.

First let me preface that I have been in the AV field for 10+ years and currently own a custom home theater sales and installation business, so I like to think that I have a pretty well trained ear. These headphones without a doubt outperform any Beats headphones, yes they may not have as much bass, but let's be honest music is not just about bass (sorry to those of you that are bass heads). That being said these headphones do lack in the clarity of the mids and highs due to the powerful lows. After reading all of the reviews of how stellar these sounded I may have had my hopes higher than I should have when I first put these on. To be frank I was a little disappointed. I was expecting to hear the same quality as my Monitor Audio Silver RX8s, but just right in my ears. However, the LP2s left me wanting more.

So I decided to pony up the money and order the M-10s and compare the two. Upon the very first audition the M-100's definitely had the mids and highs I was looking for. The highs are nice and crisp with out being sharp and the mids are punchy and full. The M-100s definitely lack the bass response that the LP2s had though. So I got the highs and mids I wanted, but sacrificed a little bass. Not to say that these don't have bass because they definitely do, they just don't have the same boom as the LP2s

My listening consists mainly of classical, alternative, reggae, folk rock and acoustic music. The M-100s hit those genres right where they need to. If you listen to a lot of hip-hop, pop, electronica or you're a DJ then the LP2s are definitely for you. The M-100s are for the audiophile who listens to a wide genre of music.

My final decision was to keep the M-100s as I prefer the highs and mids over the LP2s overwhelming bass. I liked that the M-100s let me choose which earpiece to plug the cable into, making them ambidextrous, as well as the M-100s fold up making the carry case half the size of the LP2s. The LP2s were also slightly large for my head (6 7/8 in a fitted cap), where as the M-100s fit perfectly. Worth the extra $100? For me the answer was an easy.......Yes!

No matter what you cannot go wrong with a set of Vmoda headphones. They simply are top notch for their price point.
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on March 21, 2017
Edit: Broken after 6 months. Sound only comes out of one speaker.

Sounds quality is excellent. need extended use to get comfortable. Previous cable had volume control as well. These don't. Play and skip button were also broken on arrival. Not what you would expect for the price however my previous crossfade LPs lasted several years with sustained damage. I trust these will as well.
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