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on July 16, 2011
I just bought the double unit because I've always loved my first one, but now live in a bigger house (still small by the Venta sq footage. I've discovered that if you use a much bigger Venta than your room needs for the airwashing, it will also humidify to some extent. The only thing I never liked about the system was the expensive accessory fluids you had to buy to "soften" the water and to clean the inevitable deposits. Can you say disgusting? The "sheeting/softening" stuff is like some kind of water soluable oil/kerosene product that will coat the finely ribbed plastic inner wheel and sticks all the gunk that it has taken out of the air and it CANNOT be scrubbed off. So when I used the Venta Airwasher Cleaner, it mostly came off, but I ended up buying way too much of that stuff and washing it more often than they specified because I could not bear to know all that gunk was in there circulating! I used it without the "sheeting agent" and some kind of naturally occurring orange colored algae stuff started appearing after 3 days. Still hard to clean.

Finally, desperately, I discovered was that the water tub unit and the finicky plastic inner wheel could be put into my dishwasher, run at regular warm temperatures (I use a natural powdered dishwashing detergent) and no more gunk and no more orange algae! I run it once a week and other than that the unit works great. I can see all kinds of things in the water that it takes out and then inexpensively and happily, a clean Airwasher without any scrubbing.

Well the company won't like this, and maybe they will say the unit isn't really doing anything, but I feel it does and now I love this unit (and it's smaller older cousin)
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on January 15, 2013
So far this unit has been flawless, quiet to operate, easy to keep clean and to fill, humidifies well even though our room is much larger than its largest capacity, so despite it being quite expensive like a Mercedes it seems to do everything very very well and user friendly
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on June 12, 2015
I am very happy with the Venta Washer, used it all winter, it looks good, is silent, and most of all does not spew water mist into the air.
Maintenance is not a chore, once one gets the hang of it.
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on April 22, 2011
No more filters, no more fine white dust -- just an easy to use, easy to maintain, clean, quiet, efficient humidifier! Why this should be such a rarity should be a question for all the OTHER really bad humidifier manufacturers out there.
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on February 9, 2013
I wish it did not cost so much but this is a great design. It both humidifies and cleans the air. There are no filters to get dirty. What more do I need to say?
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on May 23, 2014
This is an GREAT, quality humidifier (not so much as an air purifier). If you are looking for a great AIR PURIFIER, I highly recommend the IQAir New Edition HealthPro Plus Air Purifier, which is pricey but worth it).

I purchased my first Venta Airwasher LW25 almost 10 years ago. I currently own 5 Ventas ... both the LW25 and LW45 ... in white and gray. I did extensive research on various allergy/asthma websites before ultimately deciding to purchase the Venta. Yes, it is expensive ... but well worth it for humidifying the air. In all these years, I have not found another product that even comes close to the Venta (for humidifying the air). There is absolutely no white dust on anything when using this unit. I purchased it to humidify the bedrooms and living room during the cold winters (when the heat is running almost non-stop), not as an air purifier. There is a noticeable/drastic improvement in the air humidity when it is running versus not running. My family sleeps so much better with the Venta and IQAir HealthPro Plus running ... no nose bleeds, no coughing.

Since I purchased my Venta as a humidifier (not a purifier), I don't use it in the summer (when the humidity is naturally high) and only use the IQAir HealthPro Plus. The Venta should not be used in areas/times where the humidity is high because it will over humidify the room. (There is no humidity control/monitor on the unit.) For this reason, during the summer, I put my Ventas away and only use air purifiers to clean the air in my bedrooms. The Venta works best when you can close the room off (i.e., shutting the door to the room); however, it still works in big open rooms (i.e., living room) ... just not as good. It has 3 levels of operation. On level 1 it is extremely quiet and on level 3 it provides enough "white noise" for a great night's sleep. (My family has trouble falling asleep when it is too quiet in the room.)

YES, you do need to buy/use the Venta Airwasher Venta Water Treatment, 35oz Bottle. I repeat ... YOU NEED TO BUY/USE the VENTA WATER TREATMENT ADDITIVE. It needs to be added to fresh/clean water every 2 weeks (after you clean the tank). It is similar to salt in salt water, where it stays in the tank during those 2 weeks (and you just add water). The Water Treatment Additive keeps the water from getting that musty/moldy smell and helps prevent hard water deposits from building up on the inside of the Venta during the 2 weeks that you are just adding water (and not emptying/cleaning the unit). It works!

Venta has made some changes to their current model, compared to the units that I purchased over 8-10 years ago. I like the new blue-lit display and the fact that you can leave the setting level (1, 2 or 3) and just turn the unit on/off (without cycling through all the settings to turn it on/off, as it was in the older model). The new model also now auto-shuts off and the display goes red when the water level is too low. The plug on the current model does not seem as heavy duty as the previous model. It is more of a cordless phone-like plug now versus the older heavy-duty paper shredder-like plug. The motor/fan is much lighter and the base and wheel are slightly wider than those on the older version. Overall, happy with the improvements.

I own 4 LW25s and 1 LW44s. The advantage of the LW45 over the LW25 is the tank is almost double the size and it has 2 wheels so it can humidify a larger room (or a smaller room faster) and does not need to be filled as frequently. Generally, one tank of the LW25 can run 12 hours in my child's room during the winter before it needs to be re-filled.

I think both the black and white units look nice in a room, so it is just comes down to personal preference on the color.

Cleaning the unit is relatively easy. The tank, wheel and top (after you remove the fan/motor from it) can all be soaked/cleaned in the tub easily. The fan (and its parts) are a little more difficult since the fan motor cannot be submerged in water (but can only be wiped down). This really isn't a problem until you've owned the unit for a year or so and dust and other film/deposits start to build up on the parts. Still, given this, the Venta unit is easier to clean and maintain than other humidifiers ... especially since it only needs to be done every 2 weeks.

One final note: When you get your Venta Air Washer, write down the unique serial number and register your product. The number is only on a sticker in the top and fades over time. Again, buy and use the Water Treatment Additive every 2 weeks.

BTW ... Of my 4 older units ... ONE unit the fan motor started sounding funny/sticking after 8 years of use (so I tossed it this year), ONE unit the buttons are sticking (but it still works) and the other 2 units still work fine.

Highly recommend the Venta Airwasher for a humidifier and the IQAir HealthPro Plus for an air purifier!
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