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Size: 24-inch|Style: 144Hz w/ High Adjustable Stand|Change
Price:$264.39+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on December 28, 2015
This is probably one of THE most popular gaming monitors right now, as it has been referenced time and time again on the PC forums. This is the monitor to go with if you are after certain expectations, with little (fixable) drawbacks that you need to worry with.

If you want to step up your gaming beyond 60 FPS
Your needs support 1080p vs 1440p vs 4k
Your space supports 24" > monitor size only
You want to dabble with 3D Gaming now or later

Skip IF:
Your GPU Can not processes > 60 FPS
Your wanting to go into 1440P or 4k gaming soon
You NEVER have the intentions of using Nvidia 3D
You use AMD GPUs.

Currently, I am running three of these monitors with Nvidia surround technology loaded, as well as Nvidia 3D running on certain games. By itself, this monitor is simply superb, I even attached my xbox one to it and found it more enjoyable to game on versus my 47" or 60" TV's (personal preference perhaps). The trick about this monitor that you must accept is, if you plan to use it at 144hz, you need to know that your GPU can handle the frame rates required. It takes a lot of horse power to get up in frame rates on some of the newer AAA titles like Call of Duty Black ops III (horrible optimization at the moment), Witcher 3, Just Cause 3, SW Battlefront, etc.

If your GPU is running an Nvidia 970 or < you will be fine. If you are planning to push 120fps with a 960, or anything lower than this, you will have to turn down a bit of settings to make it happen (no AA, dynamic shadows, god rays, etc).

My setup -
i7 4790k Devil's Canyon (OC'd 4.7ghz 24/7) (Liquid cooled)
SLI (dual) GTX 970 (OC'd to 1550 / 8100 @ 1.275V)
Asus Hero VII Maximus MOBO

Results in all games maxed out with greater than 120 fps on a single display.

In Surround. . .
Black Ops III ~ 110 fps with all settings on Medium to high
Witcher 3 ~ 60 fps on High preset (extremely demanding)
Battlefield 4 ~ 120 fps locked all settings ultra
Diablo 3 ~ 120 FPS locked max settings

The downsides mentioned. . .

Thick bezels. but you know this going in - there are plenty of thinner options out there, but none at this price point with this feature set.
Horrid color calibration out of the box - you'll need a new color profile ASAP. I used the x-rite ColorMunki calibration tool and sunk all 3 monitors in order to match profiles. AFTER this, the monitors look EXCELLENT and are able to match printed colors.
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on August 31, 2017

Easy to move up, down, turn
Doesn't "stick" to the desk so moving the base is easy
Option to position in portrait layout, I think artists use it but I do not


Behind is a red slot thing to handle cable management but it's hard plastic and I don't see a way to remove it. I'd rather user Velcro straps and do it myself.
3D logo and text on the base isn't removable
Built in speakers are decent but I suggest spending $30-60 to buy a dedicated set
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on May 31, 2017
Day one review only. Will update as experience with this monitor continues. Arrived on time and a perfect fit on my roll-top desk. Amazon did not list minimum and maximum vertical dimensions for this adjustable monitor, so I was sweating that it would go short enough to fit into the desk. It did. It will actually go down to about 15.5" height. My WIndows 10 gaming CPU has not arrived yet, so I am doing early testing with a Mac Mini. Clarity and pixel density is perfect. No dead pixels. Colors good. I had an Apple Thunderbolt display to compare it to and it is holding its own. Will be able to report on 144hz refresh rate when new CPU arrives.
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on July 26, 2015
I ordered a referbished model for $200. Worth every penny and then some. Yes 144hz refesh rate is great! It is truly much better than 60hz. I bought this monitor for 50/50; 2d/3d reasons. The menu ui is a little too basic and a little cumbersome but still functional.
2d performs very well with a very sharp crisp image with good framerate. Colors are quite vivid and balanced as well. You can ajust them as well.
nVidia 3D Vision(gen 1) works very well and due to lightboost; is very bright and clear. Excellent 3d!
The monitor is a little heavy and thick, but the stand is great. I dont think you will find a better 3d monitor/tv even close to this price. I own a 24 inch Acer 3d monitor, and this one is all around much nicer.
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on November 17, 2015
PROS: Happy with refresh rates, No more screen tearing (happy days).

Cons: Hard to calibrate color/brightness/contrast for various games.
Game Mode is garbage, it raises the contrast and makes blacks look disgusting, Gives a grayish hue to the the picture.
Typically, I use standard or if I need a really sharp picture; Theater or scenery.

Overall, its good for the price. Getting a G-sync monitor with amazing refresh rate at a low cost is a plus. But constantly changing the mode or fiddling with brightness/contract depending on whether you are playing games or viewing webpages is getting irritating.

Used in a newly built computer with:

Case: Fractal Design R5
CPU: Intel i5 4790k w/ Corsair H105 liquid cooler
Ram: G.SKILL 16 GB DDR3 1600
Drive: Samsung 850 EVO 512 GB SSD
MB: MSI H97M-G43 mini ATX
Monitor:ASUS 24" 144 Hz 1080p
Bose On-Ear sound link bluetooth headset

StarWars Battlefront 2015 All Ultra MFAA 1080p (70-90 FPS)
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on October 13, 2016
Let me preface this by saying I've never owned a nice or high end monitor..

After hooking this up using the display port after reading about the HDMi not outputting 144hz I booted up my pc expecting to see the washed out colors that have been complained about.. to my pleasant surprise the colors were fine.. albeit a little bright and not fine tuned.. but still visually appealing.

The hig refresh rate is the reason to get this, it's amazing, more fluid than anything I've seen.. the stand is well made.. swivels and the monitor can be lowered or raised to meet eye level which is huge for ergonomics.

I would highly recommend this monitor
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on May 8, 2016
I had an Asus 21 inch 60Hz monitor for five years before I upgraded to this. I game quite a bit and have never owned a monitor this nice. I have been slowly upgrading my weakest computer computers to some nicer spec gear and this finally hit my list. I have to say I have never used a 120 or 144hz monitor before this and the difference is like night and day to me coming from a 60hz monitor. I was on a budget when I initially built my computer but of all the components I cheaped out on I must urge you not to do that on your monitor. This monitor was only about 100$ more than the one I initially bought but it is easily worth 3x that in price compared to a standard 60hz monitor. I really didn't think there was that much of a difference until I tried it but I am never going back to a 60hz monitor. I thought my video card was just more dated than I wanted to admit but in reality I just couldn't see what my video card could actually do because my monitor wasn't fast enough to display it. I mainly play FPS games and there is no screen tearing anymore and I feel like I can respond faster to things on my screen since I can actually see them faster. This was one of the best single component computer upgrades I have ever bought. Also my original Asus monitor didn't fail, I just wanted to upgrade. I have had no issues with that one for over five years and this one has been functionally perfectly as well. I love the brand and would easily buy this product again or recommend it to anyone.
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on May 4, 2017
This monitor is the GOLD STANDARD for gaming and has been for a few years now. No one has been able to top this monitor except Asus's own newer versions which are far too pricey at the moment. I am building a complete Asus gaming PC at the moment and it is going very well. I love Asus! Thank you for investing so much time and research into gaming and the gamers who need quality products for a reasonable price!
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on January 26, 2016
Brightness/Contrast - wow, its greats for the movies and games that you might enjoy the contrast and brightness ratios that it offers.
Stand - pivots and rotates for those who like the option to flip their screen
144 HZ - Amazing for gaming and you need some decent gpu setup to even make use of the 144 hz. Its only the downside, but you can always pickup a cheaper 60 hz monitor.
Sound - Not too many monitors do the whole integrated speakers too often, which works great for consoles that you plug into the monitor and it has a headphone so you don't bother others.
3d support - Granted it works should you have the right 3d glasses to work for games and movies, but it when it does; its great.
Settings - take a bit of time to adjust the screen, so it doesn't bother your eyes that much. Just wished you could set your own predefined settings that you could switch easily. Like the game/night view, standard, and rgb modes.

The monitor is seeming to fail, and it has been flashing white constantly lately. Not really sure whats going on here. Had the monitor for at least 6 months and now it seems to do this while gaming or watching a movie. Looked up to see if anyone else is having this issue. Not really much on it. Probably going to need to get a replacement soon. Well, the screen acts up and in which there is alot of flickering going on and then seemingly just stops.

Update: 1/29
The warranty - is so slow. Like one to two weeks to get a replacement sent out after you send in your old monitor. Advanced replacement can be sent out on your behalf; well if you want a 250 charge on your card. Advanced replacement still takes one to weeks; irregardless of sending in the monitor and then waiting the one to weeks out. Any who, rma process is supposed to take two to three day, then you use the fedex shipping that asus gives you. Of course asus covers shipping fees, which is nice not too worry about. Wish there was an expedited shipping on the advanced replacement or returning process. Probably at least a month without a monitor sucks, but at least the warranty will cover this.
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on April 17, 2017
Brought the monitor, awesome specs. Downside is it doesn't have g sync but it has g sync compability. Another thing was I got the monitor when the price was around 200~ so now it's higher like 259. Would recommend the monitor for Entry Gaming but now I have purchased an more higher end monitor like the Asus ROG Swift PG248Q. Would recommend the other monitor as well.
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