Customer Reviews: ASUS VH238H 23" Full HD 1920x1080 2ms HDMI DVI-D VGA Back-lit LED Monitor
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on May 23, 2011
I settled on this because it was the cheapest 23" I could get, living in california.

It also has a 3 year advance exchange warranty. Asus pays shipping both ways if you have problems with your monitor, and will ship you a replacement promptly to minimize downtime. This was a big deciding factor in my purchase.

In comparison, Acer (and some other brands) may sell cheaper monitors, but they only pay RMA shipping one way. Shipping to Acer for warranty claims is at your expense. Considering that shipping a monitor can cost around $15 fedex, you can see why I chose Asus, and not Acer.

The monitor is loaded with connectors. hdmi,dvi,vga, 3.5mm audio, and spdif.
So, if you want to connect a higher powered audio system, you can. If you want to plug in your headphones, you can.
The built in speakers are about as good as a typical laptop's. Don't expect much from them. Speaker quality was not a consideration for me when I bought this.

The OSD controls are easy enough to use, though I've seen better. There's a Menu button, back, up, down, and mode button. How hard could it be? Learning curve is minimal.

No dead pixels. LED backlight means no warm up time, and instant power on.

There are a few color/brightness settings built in- standard, theater, nighttime, and a few others.
I set mine to Standard, and tweaked the RBG settings myself. Out of the box, it is set to 100% brightness. I turned it down to a comfortable 80%. The colors are bright; almost a tad neon.

This is a TN lcd panel, so you'll get color shifting at different vertical angles; not so much at different horizontal angles. so the person sitting next to you shouldn't see that much color distortion. Blacks will show top to bottom gradients depending on your viewing angle.

Gaming performance is good enough. minimal ghosting. The monitor minimizes ghosting by cheating- it has an overdrive feature in the menu called "trace". If you increase Trace to 60%, response time is lowered. Turn off Trace, and you have a regular 5ms panel. Increasing trace has a negative effect on movies, for example, at the beginning of Sony/columbia movies, where you see the light bursting behind Lady liberty, the light burst is jagged and not smooth. So you'll only want to turn on Trace when you're playing games.

This monitor has a matte anti-glare screen surface.

The service menu suggests that the lcd panel manufacturer for this monitor is Chimei Innolux.

This monitor had more uneven backlighting than samsung and LG led-backlit monitors I compared to. The uneven backlighting can be seen as alternating vertical bands of darker/lighter color, when viewing dark non-black backgrounds. See picture attached at the top of the page.

backlight bleeding is typical, on par with other lcd's. I have a little from the top, but it's not intrusive.

So, considering the uneven lighting and the fact that other manufacturers' led panels have more even backlighting, I'd give this 3 stars. I can't dock off too many stars considering the price paid.
Bonus points for cheap price and good warranty terms.

I will update my review if my monitor ever fails.
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on May 5, 2011
This monitor is very nice for the money. It is full HD 1080P and comes with 1 HDMI, VGA, and DVI port. The computer I have now only has VGA, but it still looks great. I plan on getting a new computer soon that will have DVI. I have hooked up my PS3 to the HDMI port and God of War 3 looks outstanding. Much better than my 720p TV. The screen is much bigger than I thought. It is 23 inches and huge upgrade from my 16 inch laptop monitor. My laptop screen was starting to go out on my so I had to get a new monitor, and this is great. Currently I am dealing with a ground loop problem, which creates flickers on the screen and a lot of feedback in the audio. When I unplug my laptop charger all of this goes away, so clearly it is not the monitor. I need to find a fix for this though, because it is very distracting.

I was reading some other reviews (I believe on Newegg) and they were saying you can't turn up the volume from the buttons on the monitor and only within the menu. This is not true. All you have to do is push the down button (which doubles as the volume button) and this will bring up the volume, and then just push the up button and it will easily turn the volume up. I believe people got confused because the up button doubles as the brightness button. But once you bring up the volume or the brightness control, then the up and down buttons control it. It is very nicely done actually, because now you can easily bring up the volume and brightness controls without shuffling through the menu.

-Large viewing area.
-Non glossy screen preventing glare.
-Fairly light and thin
-LED back light
-When computer goes to sleep it goes into standby and can be easily turned back on without even dealing with the power button.
-Easily change source between VGA/DVI/HDMI with a push of a button
-Nice view modes (Standard, Theater, Game, Scenery, Night, SRGB). They can also be easily changed with a push of a button.
-Each mode can be changed individually, making for 6 different preset viewing settings.

-Flimsy stand
-Glossy housing around the screen making for a slight reflection.
-Buttons are hard to push, easily solved by putting your hand behind screen and pushing button with thumb.
-Stand only adjusts up and down, not left to right.
-Speakers are not great, but didn't expect much.
-No USB on monitor (not really a con because i knew it didn't, but would have been nice.

Lastly make sure to register your product on their website to activate your warranty.
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on April 2, 2011
I was so disappointed by the high input lag of most modern day lcd hdtv's that I went ahead and began researching LCD computer monitors. I wanted something to hook my xbox 360/ps3 up to, as well as a Western Digital Live media player for 1080p blurays. This monitor handles them all perfectly and I am very impressed by the quality and pop for a computer monitor. Asus has done a nice job and the LED backlighting is excellent. I do not notice any flashlighting or light bleeding around the edges. I use the stock "theater mode" for xbox 360/blurays and standard mode for my computer. Games are handled very well, details come out and there is definitely a "pop" factor. Lag is no issue at all and I was able to play Battlefield Bad Company 2 online and do alright. I also tested Dragon Age 2 for 360 and that ran well via the 360 vga cable I ordered from monoprice. Please note that you will need an audio adapter cable (female composite audio to female audio head jack) if you want to hook your computer speakers up..after all the speakers on the monitor are weak like everybody else says. Very good monitor that handles motion extremely well. Movies run smooth, games run smooth without any blurring or hiccups. I am glad I went with this ASUS, my first but not my last.
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on April 5, 2011
I bought this at a local brick and mortar, rather than on Amazon.
No dead pixels and easy setup. Some people have complained that the menu is confusing to go through, but I didn't find that to be the case.
I have this setting side by side next to my Acer p221w 22" LCD and I must say that the difference is pretty noticable. 23" LED full HD with a 2ms response time and goes up to 75hz all for under $200 ...Asus you ROCK.

The only thing I don't like about the monitor is the top housing. It is very thick and has an edge on it in the back...If you have a webcam that mounts to the top of a flat panel, won't work.
If you get this monitor, make sure to register it on Asus' webpage, otherwise the 3 year warranty is void.
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on September 24, 2011
I purchased this monitor elsewhere, "newovum", however this is still pertinent to Amazon ordered products.

After about 45 days of owning this monitor the majority of the screen started to freeze up and act weird. I have started an RMA process with ASUS to have this fixed. They have no replacements in stock and refuse to replace with a brand new monitor, so they will only repair this broken one.

I have owned and used many monitors (home and work) and never seen a screen do this.

If you ask me, if something breaks this badly within 90 days (~45 in my case), then it's a lemon and should be replaced with a brand new one.

I did give it 3 stars because when it was working the screen was beautiful. Asus RMA process wasn't too bad so far; they are paying for shipping both ways, although I did have to find my own box to ship the monitor in only because they had no replacement to send to me first.

We'll see how long my repaired monitor will last whenever they get it back to me.
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on April 26, 2012
I'm 16 years of age and wanted to buy a TV for my xBox 360, but then decided to look into monitors. This is great because it has a HDMI port which is exactly what I need to plug things like my xBox in for. Some people say these come with dead pixels, well mine didn't. I don't know if I was just lucky, or if they fixed the problem but I really like this monitor! It's GREAT resolution, fast response, and the coloring is nice and vivid/bright. When I play my xBox I have to set it to "Theater Mode" for best picture (not a problem). The sound quality from the monitor itself isn't great, but that's not really why you buy it, I'm going to hook up my own speakers. I give it 5 stars because it's really awesome for its price. If it was $200+ I would probably give it 3-4 stars because that would be a little expensive for the sound quality you get. Anyway, great monitor/TV, definitely suggest it.
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on September 10, 2011
My monitor arrived packaged with a second item and the only padding within this oversized box was paper. I opened the monitor and gave it a once over and heard rattling inside the LCD casing--not good. I turned it on and began my search for dead pixels and what do you know, a cluster of them in the very bottom right hand corner. I packaged it right back up and had it RMA'd 5 minutes later and I was at UPS dropping it shortly after. Amazon was great however as shipping me a replacement and it arrived only 3 days later (very fast!). I did a physical inspection and no rattles or physical damage could be seen. I fired her up and no dead pixels.

As for a review of the monitor itself: This monitor is great. There are a few things I want to point out though. The preset color modes could use a little work--I have multiple applications for this monitor, one being a secondary monitor to a laptop through a VGA port, and the sRGB mode just cant quite produce the right colors. On this end I would suggest some fine tuning of the colors yourself. Other than that, with my short experience of this monitor I would definitely recommend it. 2ms response time for gaming, fast start up with LED, bright colors and every single connector but a display port. It would of been nice but not necessary for my setup. Also the speakers blow, but so do all monitor speakers (but there was once a time where I needed my old LCD's speakers due to me ruining my pair.. I guess they have their emergency purposes).

There is no reason not to order this from Amazon. It is currently 5 dollars cheaper than Newegg and no tax for us Californians! Newegg is great but when you're ordered 1800 in parts, tax is the last thing you want to see. Besides, Newegg's RMA process has declined, despite fast shipping, they make you pay for the shipping there and that is a deal breaker for me. Order this from Amazon and you wont regretit.
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on April 16, 2012
I bought one of these off that big auction site, awhile ago. I have no idea if this means that ASUS will try to weasel out of the three year warranty or not. I guess I'll find out when the time comes.

Like others, I was also attracted by the generous warranty terms. And of course, it is ASUS, which has a stellar reputation as regards to motherboards. (I've owned several myself.)

Part of the reason I bought it from that auction site was that I had done my homework, and I had already read here about the issue of potential dead pixels (which ASUS expects you to live with, apparently, if there are only a few). I bought this as an open-box item, and asked the seller first to pre-check it and tell me if there were any dead pixels. He said there were none so I went ahead and got it.

It arrived and I first plugged it into my Cable TV box (via HDMI) just to see if that all would work and it worked just dandy. Then I hooked it up to my computer (which is what I really bought it for, but also as a backup for my TV) and found that the thing was BBBBRRRRIIIGGGGHHHHTTT! I mean we are talking surface of the sun bright. I mean REALLY bright. Or maybe that was just my personal impression, because my old LCD monitor was on its last legs. I frankly don't know. (Strangely, I seem to have gotten used to the brightness now, or maybe the monitor itself calmed down or something. I don't really know.)

So anyway, when first testing it with my computer, I wanted to adjust the brightness downwards, and tried, but I could not get the on-screen menu system to even give me that option. No matter how hard I tried, the brightness and contrast adjustments were always grayed out in the menu system.

Now we come to why I only give this 4 instead of 5 stars...

The ``manual'', such as it is, is really just a one page flyer, and it is almost entirely useless and unenlightening about how to properly work this thing. I mean it. It's useless. They should hunt down the nitwit within ASUS who created this and fire him. Other ASUS products (e.g. motherboards) come with real manuals and so should this monitor. I mean my god! This is the first monitor I've ever owned that had to "boot up". So it's obviously a sophisticated piece of equipment that deserves a real manual.

Another reason this only gets 4 stars is because after consulting the ``manual'' about the brightness/contrast problem, and finding no help at all there, I called tech support. The first line techie couldn't tell me what the problem was so he offered to kick my question up a level and have the second-level techs call me back. (I got a case number and everything.) I was OK with this, except for the fact that NOBODY ever called me back. To me this was pretty shocking. My past experience is that tech support for ASUS _motherboards_ was always excellent, but I guess that must be in a different internal group within ASUS, because apparently, monitor tech support is as good as non-existent.

In the end, I had to figure out for myself that the brightness/contrast adjustments were simply disabled by the internal firmware of this monitor when and if the monitor was in "ECO Mode". When I was first setting it up, I had turned on this mysterious "ECO Mode" because, you know, it sounded nice and ECO-friendly to me. Well, as it turns out, that was a bad idea on my part, and once I unset "ECO Mode" in the menu system, then I could adjust contrast and brightness.

One last thing. I've had this now for about 2-3 weeks and so far the hardware itself has been great. Yesterday however, when I turned it on in the morning, it started to give off a odd annoying sort of buzz from somewhere on the back side of the unit, near the power cord. At first I thought to myself "Oh god, it's probably the power supply and now I'm gonna have to find out if the warranty is any good." But I googled around a bit and found one suggestion that somebody had made someplace when somebody else asked about "buzzing' from an ASUS monitor... "Check the speaker volume level." I did and (thus) quickly found out that it wasn't the power supply at all. The buzzing was coming from the bleepin' speakers. I had earlier plugged the stock audio cable into the audio input on the monitor, but then later decided to use my separate set of Altec Lansing computer speakers for audio and thus the audio cable was left just dangling loose from the back of the monitor. I guess it must have touched up against something and that was what caused the speakers to buzz... no real fault of the hardware at all. Once I pulled out that audio cable I turned the speaker volume up again to 100% and the speakers were again dead quiet, so all's well that ends well. (Earlier, when I had the audio cable actually connected to an actual audio source the internal speakers worked well, by the way. But, you know, they are not very big, obviously, so if you expect to get world-class sound out of them you're going to be disappointed. But they are OK, and will do in a pinch if you have nothing else.)

Bottom line: I really like this monitor. The size is great... much larger than my old one... and so far (knock on wood) the thing itself is working just dandy. If ASUS would just supply (even online, as a PDF) a real and proper manual and if they would just sack a few of the people who are _supposed_ to be doing tech support for their monitors then I think they would have a real class leading product here.
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on June 9, 2012
In the "Splendid" view modes of this ASUS, it would be logical to assume that given how bright it is, one would start by editing the Night View Mode (the dimmest mode), especially if you're setting up your monitor at night. Don't! The videos will look terrible and you'll hate the monitor. Instead, edit the Standard Mode, by lowering the brightness (see below).

The way you adjust brightness of any of the preset "Splendid" modes (Mode selector is leftmost of the 6 rectangular control buttons -- I'll call it button #1) is to first get in the mode you want to change (by repeated pressing button #1), then press the sunshine icon button (button #4 of 6 buttons), then button #2, the down arrow (triangle) to adjust the brightness down.

If you want lower brightness, I recommend adjusting the brightness down to zero on the Standard Mode rather than the Night View Mode, because colors will go way off on the Night View Mode.

I'm updating my review to say that the VGA connection from my laptop with Intel HD4000 integrated graphics worked better than the HDMI connection, so anyone having a problem with streaks, black not being black etc., should try the VGA connection instead of HDMI.

I'm also modifying my post thanks to someone who replied that although I had offered some suggests for the over brightness (even at 0 brightness) there was freeware Windows software you can use to dim the monitor further than brightness at zero. I was using a software that custom colored the background of pages. The simplest thing for me is a freeware called DimScreen. The software the person suggested is a bit different and does the screen adjustment according to time of day. A number of people commented that the monitor was uncomfortably bright for reading, even at the zero brightness setting. DimScreen can fix that and it is very easy to use and sits in the tray of icons. Worked with Windows 8 fine.

As others have mentioned, the shiny frame surround of the screen is stupid, along with the sloped top if you want to mount a webcam. I put a thin piece of black tape over 5 inches of the top edge that was catching a strong reflection from a skylight. I built a wedge for my webcam.

Amazon's regular free shipping had this monitor to my house in 2 days, and I did pixel tests and all is fine. Now I'm updating this months later. I like the monitor a lot.
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on March 8, 2012
okay so i sold my samsung 19'' that i had been gaming on with my xbox 360 for the longest time. there was nothing wrong with it, i just wanted full HD and a little bigger. After ALOT of research and mulling through reviews, i decided to go with this one. i bought it using super saver shipping and much to my surprise, it showed up in exactly 3 days! 3 days! with free shipping! what a deal! anyway in the box you get the monitor, the stand (requires no screws, but is very sturdy), a 3 ft 3.5mm headphone cord, a VGA cable, a DVI cable, and the power cable. Immediately the first thing i notice is the monitor is very light for a 23'' which is great! I got it all hooked up and WOW! Its bright, crisp, and clear. It has deep blacks, and white whites. The splendid feature is great for it allows you to toggle the default settings. I primarily use it for gaming, so i tried the gaming mode, but i found it to be a little washed out. I toned that down a bit and its perfect. Theres no blurring, its very responsive and runs very cool. overall this is a great product and when you sign up online, you get 3 years of warranty. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a gaming monitor, and im not just saying that! I litterally have nothing to complain about. 10/10, 100% happy. Immensely satisfied.
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