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on November 24, 2015
So I just picked up this tv from a membership box store for a very good price to replace an older 1080 set that I have. There is very little information out there on this set hence this review. I have been looking to upgrade for sometime and this TV's price point is what made me finally do it. I only have a few days of experience with this unit so bear that in mind. The initial set up was very easy and I like the useability of the smart features, they are very intuitive and simple. The clerk at the store stated that the difference between this model and the M model is essentially aesthetics. However I believe this tv looks fine. When comparing the boxes of the two models it appears they have the same processor and the only difference I noticed was the M model has 35 LED zones as opposed to 14 LED zones on this model. I subscribe to a local cable company and to my knowledge they do not have any 4k programming available. When watching a live HD broadcast the picture is good. When watching a DVR program there is some definite lag and pix-elation, particularly during fast moving scenes. The clerk at the store said this may occur due to the tv trying to upscale the programming. I read on the internet that Netflix's "House of cards" is a 4k broadcast and with this tv hooked up via an ethernet cable the picture is very good and smooth. I think this tv presents a good value for the price point seeing that it was $150 cheaper than any other name brand 4k models at my time of purchase. I do look forward to more 4k programming and more viewing time though, and will update this review if I notice anything of substance.
So I watched a couple of more programs off of my DVR and didn't have any problems with the lag or pix-elation or what-have-you. Those issues only seemed to be related to the "Gold Rush" show. I've had a chance to mess with the picture settings some more and must say I am very impressed with the picture and performance of this television. The only thing I found is that I'm not thrilled with the Pandora feature in that you have to back all the way out to the main menu to change the station, unless I'm missing something.
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on November 27, 2015
On sale at a box store on Black Friday for about $570, I picked up the 50" version for our guest house. It worked right out of the box, connected to my Netgear wifi router (75' and two rooms away) with no difficulties. I also connected a DISH Network wireless Joey to the system for my testing -- the receiver also being about the same distance from the main DISH satellite receiver.

Except for the screen size, the 50 and 55 inch models are identical in features and circuitry. My comments regarding viewing angle and illumination apply to the 50" version but I would not imagine the 55" version to be much different.

The factory options for picture settings are ok, if not perfect. I found the factory default labeled Calibrated Dark to be my favorite. There are additional calibrate options to really dial in the picture and I will pursue that tweaking at a later time. I'm seeing a bit too much magenta in the reds but I have no doubt that can be resolved.

Software seems solid. Response to remote key strokes is fast. Setup was fast, easy, solid.

Audio is very good vs the typical flat screen. Small, inadequately baffled speakers usually sound like hammered crap but surprisingly the speakers in this set actually deliver some hint of bass. The audio adjustment screen also provides equalization options to boost bass, voice frequencies or very high frequencies. For non-critical listening (newscasts, documentaries, etc) the speakers are adequate. If you like a theatrical experience, you'll want a serious audio system with an AV receiver.

In addition to an optical digital output, a traditional RCA-type L/R stereo pair is provided with analog audio out. The menu in the setup screen allows you to fix the audio level or make it variable, allowing the volume control on the remote to control the level.

Resolution is excellent. Watching Netflix and Amazon 4K streamed via wifi, I was absolutely surprised how good it was. I have a 100 Mbps service so that obviously helps. The compression in off the air signals and in the wireless DISH Joey system created motion artifacts at times and images were often soft. So the upconversion to 4K did nothing to enhance those images sources -- garbage in, garbage out. On the other hand, both Netflix and Amazon 4K was stunningly good with no motion artifacts whatsoever, fine details revealed with no halo or over sharpening that is the norm now with bit rate starved 1080 and 720. Anyone that cannot see and appreciate the difference between regular HD (which looks like standard definition by comparison) and a good 4K source, really needs to see their eye doctor.

This set uses what is called a full LED array behind the screen instead of edge lighting and puts to shame my one year old 55" Samsung 4K set. Black levels of the Vizio are about as good as I've ever seen on a LCD display and far better than my Samsung.

Viewing angle is very narrow. A two person set, at best, when viewed from 8-10 feet. At 12-15 feet, three people could enjoy this set although at that distance a 50" screen starts to seem small and certainly not a theatrical experience if you're watching movies. Even at 7-8 feet, with solid colors such as the red background in a Target ad or a solid blue sky, a small but noticeable color shift exists.

The screen illumination is good but not perfect. I see a small area at each corner that is slightly darker than the surrounding image. This is consistent 100% of the time on all sources. It's much like vignetting experienced with a fast photographic lens used wide open.

There is a slight judder on some camera pans, but not all. I think some of this is an artifact created by the fact that the set is basically operating with sources that vary between 30 and 24 fps. 24fps is pretty jerky on pans as a matter of routine. The set does a pretty decent job of controlling this artifact but it's not perfect.

The remote is thin plastic and cheap. That said, the ergonomics are good, especially when you have to enter text onscreen. You can quickly get use to the tactile feedback of the navigational keys and never have to take your eye off the screen. I found the strength of the IR to be excellent and you could aim the remote 90 degrees or more off axis of the set without any communication issue.

The set is so good in some respects that I considered moving my one year old Samsung to the guest house but one problem has arisen. I shoot 4K video with a Panasonic GH4 camera. I can use a USB card reader with the Samsung and it recognizes and plays the GH4 4K files from the SD card. The Vizio does not play the files. It recognizes the folders the files are in but shows no folder content. I hope that can be resolved but that would be a show stopper for me on a regular basis but certainly not an issue for guests.

I've owned two other Vizios over the years, a seven year old 1080P 42" and a five year old 720P 27" and they still operate perfectly. I am hoping this 50" 4K set is just as dependable. So far, so good.
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on December 26, 2015
Bought this TV on Black Friday at a box store without reading any reviews. I always ask to see the remote on display TV's to see what they're capable of before spending money on it. Overall it's a great TV. Setting up the WiFi is easy as is setting up custom picture and audio settings. In my opinion, every TV looks different in each home so you'll always need to adjust the backlight and sharpness...Etc to get the full visual quality you would expect from the set. After a few tweaks, the set looks great. I've had it for about a month and I think I've finally dialed in all the settings to get the most out of this TV. Anyone who is extremely picky should just spend the extra money for the M series or a different brand to avoid the little bits of motion blur you'll get from panning shots from time to time. This TV is not a true 120hz but again, with the right settings, the "average" person will not notice. I also do all of my gaming on this TV and have no lag issues at all. In fact I've stopped using Netflix through my PS4 because the app runs a lot faster through the TV...and it's easier thanks to the dedicated Netflix button. The 4k content on YouTube and Netflix look great and I can notice the upconverting on certain shows and movies I've watched often which make it a pleasure to experience again. The remote definitely feels flimsy but the layout is easy to learn and it works fine. I can't imagine a remote being a deal breaker for a TV. I don't notice any excess glare from the screen and I love that the TV is lightweight and has a very small bezel. The number of HDMI is great and I'm using the analog audio out, for now, which is working just fine. I would definitely recommend this TV to my non-hardcore tech friends and anyone as a great first 4k TV.
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on April 2, 2017
love it so far!
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on September 16, 2016
Hubster has been loving this TV. Arrived in perfect condition and we thought it was a great price the day we got it
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on September 27, 2016
This is my first time buying a Vizio, and I regret it. Perhaps it's just this model, but I will not be purchasing another Vizio.

This TV has some serious problems. I'm not sure whether to attribute it to design/engineering flaws or a lack of quality control. I am currently awaiting delivery of my third replacement tv from Vizio. The first set began showing horizontal lines across half of the TV (see picture). At first, it would only happen once or twice a week, but eventually the lines became permanent. Vizio customer service was very helpful and sent me a replacement set. The replacement set, which was brand new (not refurbished), stopped turning on after just a few days. The screen wouldn't turn on and the power indicator light would turn off after a few seconds.. We worked with Vizio to diagnose the problem, unplugging all components, trying different outlets, etc. But nothing worked. Again, their customer service was helpful, and another tv set was sent. It's been about 4 weeks since I was last able to watch TV (and football!). The replacement set arrived today. We unpacked it only to find a broken tv with a cracked screen. So,now I wait for yet another 3-4 weeks. It's probably not fair to blame Vizio for the cracked screen, but since purchasing the original set in December 2015, I have not had a working tv for what amounts to nearly 4 months. The person delivering the set told me that they've replaced a lot of Vizio sets lately. I tried to get Vizio to give me a credit that I could apply to purchasing a different model, but they were not cooperative.

Even before I had the problems discussed above, I was not thrilled by my purchase. The image was disappointing. Sports were blurry, and gaming and action movies stuttered slightly. They advertise the set as having a 120hz rate, but it does not feel like it. This tv has the picture of an off-brand, Wal-Mart model.

On a positive note, I like the tv's software. It's easy to get to streaming services and inputs. It has also been easy to mount (unmount, and remount, and unmount).

Notwithstanding, overall I'm very disappointed in this product, and would not recommend purchasing it. I don't know whether it's Vizio in general or just this model. Either way, I will not be purchasing another Vizio.
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on November 27, 2015
This is definitely great bang for buck for a price conscious consumer. Just picked up one today. Since there are hardly any reviews and so little information from Vizio ( ) let me add a few key features.
* WiFi 802.11ac : You need this for 4K streaming someday unless you plan to have this TV for only 1-2 years.Even Vizio website above site does not mention this.
* HDCP 2.2 supported on HDMI 1,2, and 5 ports.
* Port 5 is 60 Hz for gaming response
* Play youtube video on a tablet or smartphone, tap the 'cast' icon on the top corner and choose your Vizio TV..viola the video starts playing on TV. No more need for chromecast. This should be the case for any video that has the cast icon.
* Remote is much better than the samsung remote - specially to work key navigations blind.

Will update in a few days after experiencing it more.

Stays at 4*. The Vizio remote app for smartphones is cool.
Here are some deficiency I have noted. The lack of backlit remote is causing fumbles. When a new feed is sent (say plug in PC via HDMI) there is no autosensing i.e. even when screen is blank on HDMIx, when HDMIy starts a new feed it does not switch. You have to do it by remote. I guess this is what you get for this price point.
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on September 9, 2016
This has been an excellent purchase! This Vizio television has an awesome picture and easy to assemble and setup. My wife and I are enjoying it daily.
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on November 29, 2015
Well I was looking to upgrade my 47" Samsung smart TV to a 4k TV but never really wanted to spend $1300 doing it seeing as to how my Samsung was only a couple years old. Then black Friday rolled around and one of my local retailers had Samsung 60" for $799. When I went to look at them they had sold out. There were 9 Visio TVs on sale for $699. I knew the M series was a step up from the D series but there weren't any D series out on display for me to look at. The clerk told there was very little difference between the M series on display and the D series. I decided to take the plunge to upgrade to a 4k 55" TV. After taxes and a 5 year no hassle warrantee I was at $948.00. I have only had this TV for two days now but I can tell you that the picture quality is good, and it is very easy to learn how to use the TV functions as well. I like how they have an Amazon, Netflix, and I heart radio buttons on the top of the remote so if I want to go to Amazon and watch my shows I just tap the button and I'm there. Both Netflix and Amazon seem to work just fine with the built in app. The price for what I paid for this TV and all that other cool stuff I just mentioned are the main reason for my satisfaction. The warrantee gives me peace of mind. A couple of the minor down sides that I have see so far is there isn't a swivel to move the TV left or right like my Samsung has. Also when watching some movies I have to go into the menus to pick what kind of viewing id like to watch them in. Wide screen, full, etc. My Samsung always did it automatically. That's about all I have for two days though.
So to wrap this up, if any of you are looking for an inexpensive upgrade, Vizio isn't a bad way to get it. I have had friends who have had problems with Vizios in the past and I have friends who swear by this brand of TV. My motto is if I spend over $500 I'm getting some kind of extra warrantee. Happy shopping to all of you out there.
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on January 19, 2016
I didn't buy this on Amazon so I have nothing to say about the packaging or delivery prosses, but the tv it's self is OUTSTANDING! First of, when it says 4K They Mean 4K! I perviously had a regular smart Vizio tv and I just felt like I wanted to upgrade the size a little so I had a 50 inch and got a 55 inch and let me just say, it's A BIG DIFFRENCE! I trust Vizio not only cause it's a good brand and it docent economicly hurt you , but it actually dose what they advertise to do. You odviously get what you pay for. But one thing I will point out to keep in mind and the mistike I kinda made. The bigger dimention you get, the more pixly , standered cable will look! It's not something noticeable when your from a distance but when your up close, the clearness might not look so great. But that's just standered cable . Other then that , my PS4 And xBox Look Stunning on this bright , vivid tv! Specially when watching Blue Ray Movies , And Netflix, ect. Look really great!

Over all, I have enjoyed having this tv for the passed 2 weeks. No problems have presented yet!

Buy confidently!
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