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on August 29, 2012
I bought this to replace a 1992 portable TV that bit the dust. I am not into gadgets, accessories, games, etc, just wanted a new really nice HD TV. This is perfect. it arrived on time, and it was super easy to set up. There is nothing tricky or iffy. Direct TV came out and set up the HD for me and WOW. I can count the blades of grass and even see the pores in human skin. the TV is also lightweight and easy to carry and move around, quite unlike the old "portable". Flat screen design is great; no wasted space, more flexibility for where to put it. I think this is a great buy for senior citizens like me who just want an affordable high quality TV pure and simple.
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on September 21, 2012
Super picture as others have described. Very pleased with the picture quality. Easy to set up and navigate through the menu options. The default audio settings cause the speakers to sound tinny but are easily adjusted as described below.

I dug into the audio capability because I planned to run the audio output into an external amplifier (or PC speakers). Note that this TV has both an analog and a digital audio output jack. I needed the analog output because my amplifier only takes analog inputs. I avoided other HDTV's when they only had a digital audio output jack.

The analog audio output sounds great. If you choose to use the TV speakers you might want to modify the default audio settings through the Audio Menu options. I'd recommend setting the SRS StudioSound HD to "Standard" vs. "Surround" and the SRS TruVolume to "Off". Then go to the Equalizer Settings and adjust the 5 frequency bands to your liking. I upped the bass range a little and turned down the treble. Surround Sound from two small 5 Watt TV speakers isn't going to give you that thunderous theater experience so I opted to turn it off and use the Equalizer.

For those that want to run the analog output to an external amplifier, this TV provides two options under the "Advanced Audio" menu selection. The Analog Audio Output can be set to "Fixed" or "Variable". Fixed sets the output levels to a constant value and the volume cannot be controlled through the TV remote but can be controlled from your amplifier remote. Variable allows you to adjust the volume from the TV remote where the maximum output (100%) gives the volume set on the external amplifier. The TV remote Mute function does not work in either of these modes. It only works when the TV speakers are turned on.

Only had the TV about a week but it's performing great. I'll provide further updates if performance declines.
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on September 25, 2012
I was surprised at the light weight of this TV. I was replacing a similar sized LCD TV that weighs about 3x as much. I bought a bluray player to go with this, and it has one HDMI input for the bluray. However, I haven't yet upgraded my satellite receiver in that room to HD, and I'm concerned that the single HDMI input will need to be shared. I guess I'll find out later. The 3-color AV cables from my current satellite box weren't too easy to figure out because there are red and white inputs on the back of the TV, but not a yellow one for the video. I realized after studying the set-up guide that the left-most blue input is marked Y/V, so I tried plugging yellow into that. It works. The diagram in the set-up guide actually shows the 3-color AV cable being plugged into an input marked Y, but it's floated off the picture of the TV's back, maybe to indicate that these inputs don't actually exist on this TV. It was confusing. In any event, the high-def looks good from the blu-ray. The satellite box, of course, is only feeding standard def, but the colors and so forth are still crisp and the picture looks good. I'm happy with it so far, though 2 HDMI inputs would've been better than 1.
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VINE VOICEon February 18, 2013
When you hook up media through the HDMI port, the image quality is very good. However, there is only one HDMI port, so I cannot hook up everything though image quality suffers. Using a component cable for my DVD player produces an adequate image, but the third set of ports available (for the type of cords that came with my old school DVD player) produced a less than adequate image (complete with ghost images around anything blue or green).

If you are purchasing this, make sure you have a component cable available (or order one---they are cheap). If you are particular about image quality, you may want to consider a TV with more HDMI ports---the lack of more HDMIs is really my only complaint.
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on June 23, 2013
first off, this review is for a USED/refurbished version of this product.
i rarely buy used electrical merchandise, because i always seem to have issues. the tv i received cosmetically looks great--if you took it out of the box and set it up, no one would know it had been used previously.
when it is hooked up to my computer for use as a monitor, however, it has a tendency to vary brightness randomly, dimming and brightening according to who knows who's whim. (UPDATE: the flickering was due to a poor HDMI cable. i have replaced the cable and the problem disappeared.)
hard to beat a 32" 720p tv at the price i paid, though.
i have another vizio tv (40"), which has worked flawlessly for more than 3 years of daily, 10+ hours/day use, which is why i decided to buy THIS tv. got a great deal on a USED one, but i should have known better, and just sprung an extra $120 for a new duplicate of my larger vizio.

update: also would like to add that the model i received has function buttons on the back, not the side. a bit tricky to get to if you misplace the remote...
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on March 6, 2014
Vizio's warranty is only good for a year. A year and a half later the tv screen goes black and Vizio tells me it's a known problem that has to do with the power board or main board. Vizio gave me a number to a repair facility to have it taken care of at my cost. I can tell you I will be finding another tv brand from this point on as all of my tv's in the house have been Vizios.
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on December 14, 2012
I was hesitant about buying this TV because it wasn't a major high quality brand name, but there were so many positive reviews that I decided to take a chance and am very glad I did. First, let me explain the purpose of this TV. My wife uses it to watch some of her favorite programs when she is on the treadmill in our basement, so there is no high speed action like some sporting events that appear blurred on a 60hz TV. I would never consider a 60hz set for the main TV. The description states that it receives in 720p. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it received in up to 1080i. You can see this because when you turn it on, it momentarily displays the signal it is receiving (e.g. std 480p, HD 720p, etc.). The picture was very sharp, and the colors were very vivid right out of the box. No adjustments were needed. I highly recommend this set with the caveat above about high speed action.
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on February 20, 2013
UPDATE: The TV failed after about three months (wouldn't power up). I returned it to Vizio for repair under warranty. I had to pay for shipping it to them, and shipping time was about a week. Vizio turned it around quickly (a day or two) and it took another week to get back to me. The TV worked, but it came back without the remote control! I called Vizio and they sent a remote (but no batteries). Shipping this took another week. I want to pass on a couple of things I learned. This is not in the "owners manual", but you can operate menu items with the buttons on the TV (you must do this to set up the TV for operation). Using the buttons on the TV, Channel +/- corresponds to menu up/down. Volume +/- corresponds to menu right/left. Input corresponds to "enter". Also, if you are the type to "look under the hood" to see if the problem is obvious and/or easily corrected, don't tell Vizio. They may claim that you performed an unauthorized repair and void your warranty. Honesty is not the best policy here!

I bought this TV for a smaller bedroom, and it is the perfect size for this. It could also be a good kitchen TV. It is thin and light and energy efficient. Picture and sound are fine. Basic setup is easy. One limitation that holds it back is that there is only one HDMI input. While this is pretty common at this price point, there are choices that have more. There is also a choice of component video and composite video, but you can only have one or the other. I am also using an RF modulator with some older "legacy" devices. Initially, I was getting "no signal" until I discovered that you must specify (or search) for TV channels (in this case, analog channel 3 for the RF modulator) to receive them. So I added channel 3, problem solved!
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on December 25, 2012
This is my first Vizio and before buying it I must admit I was bit wary. I have a 55 inch Samsung 3D, a 47 inch LG Insignia and I always had the perception of Vizio as being of a lesser quality. But, I needed a TV for the kitchen and there really are not all that many 22-24 inch TVs on Amazon, so I took a chance on this and was pleasantly surprised. It has a very clear, crisp vibrant picture, very rich color and sound is better than adequate(like most thin screens it lacks bass, but otherwise it has ample volume). And, despite some reviews I read on here, set up was very easy. The channel scan does take a while, around 15 minutes I'd say, but I had no issues with missing channels. Really the only thing I briefly struggled with was attaching the bass stand, if you don't have a screw gun, a long thin Phillips screwdriver is best for that and I didn't have either! Otherwise I am impressed with this TV. And, for the price, I don't know that you'll do much better.
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on December 27, 2012
We own 2 Vizio products, 32" & 36", and have been extremely satisfied with their performance, sound and picture. One is on satellite and the other on external antenna
and it was our wish to replace an old 26" tv in our bedroom(with converter box). After checking many sites trying to find the "best" buy that I could. Spent many days (couple of weeks) checking on various sets and reading many reviews and came to the conclusion that we wanted a Vizio. One day rechecking Amazon up pops the 24" that fit our desires. Ordered same (Free shipping) and at this time no tax. Ordered 6 days before Christmas and due to the location of Amazon warehouse and shipping site, it arrived 2 days after order. Was set up within a short time, the majority of which was removal of old set (damn they are heavy and bulky). New set was installed quickly and in operation immediately. The picture is super, the sound is very good and it looks wonderful!
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