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on February 12, 2014
Bought this for my mom's Christmas present. Easy to set up, looked great. However, it wouldn't stay on the WiFi connection for 10 minutes before interrupting viewing. Plugged our Roku into it, no problems whatsoever. Was placed 15 yards max from the router. We have WiFi signals from an Apple time capsule and whatever they sell you with Uverse. Neither worked with any consistency.

Boxed it back up. Hopefully Vizio will sort this out, as it seems to be a firmware (software?) issue, but we weren't going to wait on that. Great TV if you just want to pay extra for nonfunctioning smart features.
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on April 27, 2013
This is an ok TV. The picture comes in nicely, the sound is good. The size is perfect for the bedroom. The remote does not bother me because for the most part I use the cable remote. But the remote does feel flimsy and that it could break easily. I am thinking of ordering another while this model is still being produced because I have a feeling down the line I may need. it. The main problem with this TV is that it takes a LONG time to turn on. I have Sony Bravia Smart TV that does not take nearly as long. And a lot of times both the TV and cable are on and nothing happens or it freezes and I have to restart. Glad I did not spend a lot of money on this one

6 month update: Still have to restart quite a bit as I will turn it on and nothing happens. Additionally it takes a long time to boot up when it does turn on. So it you are running upstairs to catch the last 5 minutes of something on this TV - Don't. You will miss it if you do as it takes a while to start. Other than that I still like the picture and the sound.
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on March 2, 2014
The picture is pretty GOOD. I'm not going to say great but it's pretty good for the price. I did some extensive homework before I bought this as I was looking for a smart tv that offered an alternative to hooking it up to several components for a guest bedroom. Instead I liked it so much that I ended up putting this in my bedroom and switching it out with a slightly older Sylvania flat screen I had (great picture) for the guest room. The slim, sleekness of it takes a little getting used to in terms of the screen- you have a thinner frame and more screen to look at if that makes sense. The apps and streaming are pretty good for what you get and Vizio is constantly updating to add more apps. There is a slight learning curve when trying to link it up with your wifi however I found that by turning it off & on after the initial info is entered helped in terms of getting the tv to connect. It took two tries for me but afterwards it was smooth sailing. Again the Netflix, Hulu and other apps are good. There's some interesting freebie channel apps where you can watch old tv shows in there too at no cost so that's kind of nice to have. My favorite feature of this television hands down is the ability to plug in a usb drive and play multiple types of video files automatically without having to hook it up to a PC or DVD player. You can also play mp3 files and look at photos, etc. but I was really impressed by the number of files it would play without too much of a problem. The remote that comes with the TV is a sore spot here and I'll tell you why. They provide you with a smart tv that allows you to access online streaming and other applications yet you get this remote that is more for a basic TV with no buttons such as for launching Netflix or other hotkeys for the streaming apps it offers. This is where Vizio literally Cheapens out this model. The remote is also small, lengthy and complicated in terms of a million tiny keys. There is also no keyboard. You would think that a smart tv would come equipped with a remote that offered a keyboard yet it does not. I realized this is part of the reason why this tv is a bit of a bargain compared to other smart TVs out there. At any rate, I resolved this by replacing the remote with the VIZIO XRV1TV Qwerty keyboard remote (bought here on Amazon for about $12). I know this is not ideal for some because the idea is that you get a brand new tv and you shouldn't have to spend extra $$ on an additional remote however I recommend it in this case as the little cheap universal that comes with this set will drive you mad. You really do want a remote with a Qwerty Keyboard on the back as this will come in handy if/when you do a search on youtube or Netflix or Hulu--you won't be there forever trying to navigate letters on-screen with the up/down remote toggle keys (eyes rolling). Now for the rest of this thing- it's got great picture and some pretty good choice settings for gaming, etc. You just have to get in there and explore it. Some people have complained that the picture looks dimmer than when they saw it on the showroom floor however I just found that I adjusted the controls and it seems to be fine. I believe also that this set has an automatic sensor built-in that adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on the level of light in the room. I have not played with it enough to find out for sure whether or not this is something you can turn off or adjust. There are only two HDMI connections and that can be bothersome to some. For me this wasn't an issue as I don't always hook this up to a PC however it was good to have it hooked up to my cable box but honestly two connections was fine for me. Gamers and PC enthusiasts may get irritated at this small amount of HDMI connections so buyer beware there. Again, this was one of the cheapest smart tv models out there with good reviews that I found so i'm not too surprised it lacks a few things. Some folks have complained at the slowness of the TV to power on and I will say it takes about 20-30 seconds which can get on your nerves. All I can say there is to just have some patience and resist the urge to keep hitting the power switch as I learned the hard way you might actually activate a hard-reset of the television by doing that. That brings me to mention a safety feature the tv has built-in in the event of a power surge or storm. I came home one evening after a wicked rain storm to find the tv buzzing at me every few seconds after I'd turned it on. It kept making a noise similar to those you hear when a weather bulletin flashes on your screen from your local news, etc. I couldn't get the TV to stop doing this so after trying to adjust the settings for a good half hour and finding no solution to this I did some research on the net and found this was a result of a built in sensor that is designed to protect the TV from shorting out if an electrical surge occurs (which apparently did). So the solution to this was to power it off and unplug it from the power source for a good 20 minutes. Once we did this, it came right back on and adjusted to normal as if nothing had happened. Overall it's a very interesting unit with good picture and a fairly good amount of "smart" apps for an entry level smart tv.
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on March 2, 2013
I've been wanting an HDTV for some time now, but the prices weren't in my budget. Up until this point we had a small tube style TV with built in DVD player we occasionally used, but I wanted something more. I did a lot of research on HDTVs in the 32" range. I was originally tempted by a TCL slim profile TV, but the price shot up over $100 before I took the plunge. I had looked into a Sceptre TV and a a Vizio too.

I decided on Vizio because their TVs seem to have universally good reviews, with good build quality and good picture quality. This particular TV is one of Cnet's top picks for the 32" class. I chose to spend a little more on this Smart TV because I was interested in the built-in apps and wifi connectivity. We don't have cable so being able to use apps to watch the things we want VS paying more for a bunch of channels I don't want sounded appealing. I got mine on sale here for $289. It took about a week to arrive with Super Saver shipping (I didn't have prime yet), but arrived undamaged.

I'm very happy I made this purchase. First of all, the picture quality is terrific. Really sharp, great colors and shadows, no distortion in fast action sequences (I watched the Avengers and Transformers to put it to the test). At may be 720p but at this size you can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p. I can't at least.

Build quality is very good to. It seems nice and sturdy and even managed to survive being knocked over by a cat without a scratch (thank goodness, that was day 2 of ownership!). I also like the slim frame, it makes it look more elegant.

Sound quality is good I think. Much less tinny than the Sceptre I was looking at. I'll probably buy some dedicated speakers at some point (I was thinking maybe the Sony SSF-5000), but its perfectly adequate.

We still don't have cable, but I its not a problem. I got Netflix which has been great. Most of the shows I want to watch are available. I also just got Prime, which works well, but doesn't have as much selection that you don't have to pay rental fees for. For example, Futurama costs $1 per episode with Prime, but happily Netflix has all 9 seasons and all 4 movies. But I digress. It has a nice selection of apps including Youtube and hulu. Wireless streaming with Youtube doesn't work well in HD (takes forever to load), but Netflix and Prime are well optimized for streaming. The video quality is great most of the time and they adjust to keep the video from stopping to buffer most of the time.

I ordered the tv with a couple AmazonBasics HDMI cables and Sony BDPS185 blu-ray player. Haven't actually played a blu-ray yet, but boy my DVDs never looked so good. The difference between composite and HDMI connection is profound.

I've had the TV for about a month now and couldn't be happier. It fits perfectly in our small apartment and movie night is much more enjoyable, plus catching up on all the shows I've missed is awesome. Assuming it holds up, I'll definitely buy Vizio again.
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on April 27, 2013
Just got this baby less than 24 hours ago. So this review covers initial impressions, ease of setup, etc.

OK, I use this for a bedroom TV, using OTA (over the air) tv signal. I also have the VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) functioning via WIFI.

Packaging - box weighs about 15 lb, so this is light weight. This can be good or bad, we will see. Being light weight helps ensure safe shipping, so that is good. Arrived from Amazon, via UPS, in good shape.

Open to watching TV was probably 45 minutes - this included changing antennas (requiring 2 scans). I pulled off foam blocks, removed from plastic bag, located the base and attaching screw. The base is held on with a single screw, Allen wrench included. Easy peasy. Set on stand, attach power cord, put batteries in remote, connect antenna.

On power up, asks for either home use, or store demo, what type of signal (cable or antenna), and then scans for channels. The bedroom is on the second floor, and the antenna is a Mohu Leaf - so I was able to pull in plenty of stations, with very good signal quality.

Next I setup Netflix, and Amazon Prime - this probably takes 15 minutes for both. Typing in the passwords with the remote is tedious, but that is the same with all remotes, and long passwords.

Initial impression of picture/sound quality - this is a 720p TV, so that considered, very good. sound is fine, and allows external speakers.

Price is very good, and overall value is high. Vizio makes a great consumer level product, and this is no exception.

I generally only give 5 stars to truly outstanding products, so you may find my 4 star rating a bit low. Easy to recommend, especially given the price.
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on June 12, 2013
I chose this particular television (Vizio E320i-AO) because of the review it received at CNET and also my son recommended Vizio since he has 3 of them. The tv arrived quickly (thanks Amazon Prime), package was undamaged and I waiting a couple days before I installed it. I set it up and it seemed as if all was fine. A couples days later I noticed a stuck pixel towards the upper left corner. I was hoping it would go away after a few on off cycles, but several days later it was still stuck in the purple mode. Then one night while watching a program, I went to adjust the volume but it didn't work, I then tried the channel up/down button and got no response. I tried to turn it off and could not...even tried the off button on the side. I had to unplug the tv and reconnect power before things would work again. I notified Amazon and it was an amazingly painless process to return the tv and get a replacement. The new Vizio E320i-AO arrived in 2 days and I removed the first one from the wall and set up the second. Now, this is where I noticed a difference. Even though both televisions had the exact same model numbers on the back, there were differences between the 2. The first was lighter, had buttons on the upper left side and the energy sticker said $6 a year average cost to operate. The second was a bit heavier, had a thicker plastic back (I had to buy longer M4 screws to attach to the same wall mount brackets). The buttons on the second tv were on the lower left side and the energy sticker indicated $8 per year average to operate. I decided to look at images of the Vizio E320i-AO online and all that I could find were the same as the second tv that I got. Even the box for the second tv was different than the first one. I don't understand, unless Amazon was trying to get rid of old stock??? Amazon, can you answer that one? Amazon also offered me $30 credit if I would keep the defective first tv...which I declined.
Now for the review of the second set. It works perfectly, the colors are great, the remote never fails and the Vizio apps are pretty good. CNET's review was spot on for the TV, I suggest you watch it. The backlit LED is nice, but it does make the TV a bit thicker....but who watches from the side? Hanging it the wall is easy as the tv is less than 20lbs. Viewing angles are decent and I haven't noticed and blurring or tearing, but really haven't watched anything that would really test it either. The wireless connection works extremely well for me, but I also connected a wireless router to my LAN just to serve the tv. The sound is adequate, but I would like to get a sound bar with a wireless sub...that would make this tv a 10 out of 10.
Overall, I am quite pleased with the television and would indeed recommend this set to others who want a 32" tv in a smaller room or perhaps a bedroom.
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on August 29, 2013
This is a great TV.

I use just about every option available. I have my Google Chromebox in one HDMI and use the Vizio as a monitor for several hours a day for work. I have my Windows 7 PC in the other HDMI input and can use the DVD player on the PC to play movies over the Vizio, or stream anything I want. I also have an antenna for my over-the-air TV reception. I've run a movie in the USB slot off a 4GB thumb drive. Everything works really well.

HDTV via my indoor antenna is excellent. I live in a city in a valley with TV towers 7-miles from my house. The picture is crisp (sometimes breathtaking depending on the program source).

720 & 60 is just fine for a 32" screen. I was watching Braquo on Hulu the other day and could see the finest detail on one of the female character's colorful costume - it wouldn't have been any better with 1080 & 120. Refresh is good enough; I get some artifacts on over the air progs with fast moving content but kind of expect it with a TV that costs less than 300-bucks.

The apps are great - I use Netflix (excellent), Amazon Prime (excellent), Hulu (excellent), YouTube (very good), Pandora (vg), Tune-in (buggy - some stations don't work), IHeartRadio (same as Tune-in - buggy). Warning to all: don't install the Weather4us app unless you want a constant siren alert when your area has a weather emergency (like a flash flood warning). The alert also takes over the Vizio completely shutting down all operations. Obviously, I uninstalled it.

I wired in my internet in which is recommended. The wifi works fine but I get much faster speed over Ethernet which is better for Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, etc.

Highly recommended. Go get yourself one.
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on October 30, 2013
This Vizio has very good quality, though not nearly as good as my 5-6 year old Samsung Plasma. The picture is crisp, and the colors are pretty good. The sound from the built in speakers is good too, but nothing special, pretty much just what I was expecting.

But the main reason for purchasing this TV was for it's affordable price for being a smart TV. It was easy setting up the wireless connection, just needed to point it to the right network and punch the password and viola! I mainly used it for Netflix and the picture brought down from Netflix was pristine. But I eventually started running into trouble with it constantly dropping the WiFi connection. To fix it I had to restart the whole TV. I even went into my router's settings and made sure that there was no chance that anything in the router would mess it up, but it still consistently dropped the connection (and it doesn't seem like I'm the only one). So I ended up buying a Google Chromecast to plug into it (USB port in this TV works for supplying power to the Chromecast), and the Chromecast has worked flawlessly. Hasn't dropped a connection once, which should be embarrassing for Vizio that a tiny $35 HDMI dongle can outperform the streaming capabilities of a 32-inch TV set.

Though I wish the connection was stable, it was still a decent buy. It was a fairly cheap price for a TV of pretty good quality, although I would recommend just getting a TV without wireless streaming and spend the money you save on a Chromecast (if you have a smartphone or tablet, that is).
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on December 7, 2013
This TV had exactly what we were looking for in a "smarter" TV. The picture quality is quite good, the size and weight are just perfect for our use (bed room unit). We especially like the capability to download movies via Amazon or Netflix. I would add that the navigation for these internet sites is a bit clumsy when searching titles and is in part due to the limited smarts of the TV/remote and the sites. We have not hooked up "hard wire" to the internet yet and as a result the picture quality is a bit lacking. Hoping for a better level via a hard wire option which we will do soon. Sound level/quality is quite acceptable, My biggest negative is the remote. It is too small for one handed operation. Button pushing, especially the extensions of the channel, e.g. 12.1, is really has to be managed two handed to make consistent changes. One other complaint and "it is a start up out of the box issue". Your instructions for the TV are embedded in the software stored on the TV. There is just a short leaflet to get you started. So when you bring the unit up if it doesn't default to the right/logical point you are stuck. I had to call the hot line for help. They don't even tell you there is an ON/OF button on the TV. I had to unplug the unit for 30 seconds from the wall, shut the power off (it is in a very inconspicuous place).and then reverse the process to get back to the correct default screen.
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on May 9, 2013
This television was purchased to replace a dinosaur of a 19" TV. Since it was in a smaller room, (12'x14') I decided to try a 720p versus a 1080. I decided to try one with the Smart TV options as I have been a Prime member for about 6 months.

The television's setup was very easy. It connected to my cable system without a problem. It connected to my wireless network flawlessly. The smart options worked without any issues.

The picture is great. It is impossible to notice the difference between this 720 TV and my 42' 1080, and 46" 1080 sets. The sound is adequate for a smaller room. The build seems solid and well put together. The only thing that could have been done better is a longer electric cord. It is about 3' long. Not a big issue, but my only "complaint".

I would recommend this TV to anyone looking for a reasonably priced LED.
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