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on August 5, 2012
I did a lot of homework and research about this TV and others before I decided to buy this one. Let me say that I made the right decision. I received the TV only 4 days after ordering. Very fast shipping I must say, and not to have paid extra. I was so excited!!
Set up was a breeze!! I had no problems connecting to my wireless connection and was online and streaming Netflix in 10 minutes. Worked right away with my DirecTV, and works great with all DirecTV's HD channels. Awesome picture, and it has options for wide screen, normal, zoom, or panoramic viewing. Most of the time I have it set to Zoom option, which uses the whole screen. And the sound quality is the best!! At just 10 volume, it is plenty loud enough for me. I turned it up to 30 and could hear it throughout my house!!
I've had this TV for 2 months now, and I absolutely love it!!
I would highly recommend this model if you are looking for a TV that offers HD and Wifi, and yes, I brag about it to all my friends and family!!

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on September 6, 2012
Update: This tv has developed some quirky bugs that are very annoying. At times, the tv won't turn off, either by remote or pushing the button on the tv. I have to unplug it to turn it off. I use this tv for netflix mostly and the netflix app seems to be freezing up on it more and more. Half the time, it just says it can't connect and to try again later. It isn't my connection or netflix, it is the tv. The other half of the time the tv just completely freezes, the tv goes dark blue and nothing except unplugging for a minute will reset this. Add the slow startup and this has brought my original 4-star review down to 3-stars.

Original review: This TV looks great and sounds great. My only complaint is that it is slow turning on and starting up internet apps like netflix and amazon instant watch (which are the only two apps I have tried). But I love that it has Netflix and amazon instant watch because I use them all the time. I don't think you will regret buying this TV. I don't.
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on September 7, 2012
We just ordered a Vizio television and it's great!! The picture is great, and the product performs as Vizio is known to!! The internet app are fun, they look great on the tv. The only reason I did not put 5 stars is because the first one I ordered was broken. Amazon is great, but the original tv was mishandled. What gets me is that UPS drivers sometimes should analyze what they ship. If your shipping televisions or some other fragile electronics, then be careful with it!! This isn't just for electronics, but for all packages!! It's not fair for consumers to use your services, and yet our shipments are either mistreated or lost!! That's the one issue I had!! The TV is great though!
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on November 12, 2013
I bought this TV about a year ago. At first I was happy enough with it. It comes with ethernet & WiFi connectivity, streams Netflix, Amazon, etc, plays media files from a home network, has multiple HDMI inputs, etc, etc. Plus it is only $280 for all that it comes with. So, you are probably thinking that you should go out right now (or on to Amazon) and buy this TV today, right? Wrong. There are several problems with this TV, and Vizio for that matter. First, it seems great for a little while but then the nagging little issues start. It locks up when streaming video. Often when you fast forward a streaming service it will lag way, way behind, which is particularly annoying. You suddenly can't control the TV with the remote; no the batteries are fine. You can't turn the TV off which requires a "hard reset." And finally, you get the common issue of the "stuck on spash screen" or "stuck on Vizio logo screen." Go ahead, Google "Vizio TV stuck on splash screen." See, this TV is a piece of junk. Also dealing with Vizio is a trip all its own. Do yourself a favor and buy something else.

Or do what I did and not heed the warnings of others and buy this TV, or any Vizio TV for that matter, and face the annoying consequences.
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on July 13, 2012
I bought this 10 days back and so far the experience is nothing but excellent.

Low price with smart TV features
Sound quality is better than most of the TV's in this price range(esp better than my earlier philips tv)
You tube app
You can pair you tube app from android or iphone by going to [...]

Slow startup of TV as well as Apps
When seen from a angle, picture looks little foggy
Need to make some initial settings like changing the color mode to "Vivid" etc to get best use of TV

Over all i see this is very good buy.
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on April 11, 2014
Purchased two of these in August and September 2012. Both worked great for awhile then one went out today after only 18 months. It appears to be the board problem that others have described here. I also purchased the newer model E320-A1 last year and it went out after about 3 weeks. Amazon replaced the E320 but the replacement was bad out of the box. It seems that Vizio has a serious quality control problem. Power surges, brownouts, etc. can cause problems with LCD/LED units but I use UPS battery backup units on all my TV's to protect them from power problems so there in no excuse for these defects other than poor quality. Sure these TV's have a lot of bang for the buck but if they are only going to last a few months past the warranty period you are just throwing money away. Needless to say, I have purchased my last Vizio product.
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on November 18, 2012
I'd give this TV 4 1/2 stars if I could. It's a very nice little bedroom TV for a reasonable price. LOVE THE WI-FI! That makes it awesome. We can log into Netflix with no gaming system. The TV operates like a computer, so it does take a moment to activate Netflix and get you logged in (it's not instant). But, it's still probably less time that if I had to turn on the Wii, get switched over, and log in through the Wii.

Picture is great, we use rabbit ears to get the digital local TV stations and they come in very strong and clear (much better than our old TV).

You can turn the white "VIZIO" logo off so the glaring light doesn't keep you awake. I found it annoying too while watching a movie in the dark (I kept wanting to read it like a subtitle when it caught my attention). So that feature is off, and staying off!

The only complaint I have is very minor... I WISH the remote lit up. Even if just for 15 seconds when you pushed a button. It's near impossible for me to see what button I need to push without turning the lights on full bright. I know it's a minor thing, but it would make me love the TV even more. I guess with time, I'll learn which keys are which and be able to navigate the remote without looking.

I'm glad I made the purchase. Man, did it arrive quickly!!!! We love the TV and are happy with it.
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on January 10, 2013
If you're like me you might have some older A/V equipment with Composite outputs (the Yellow plug). While it's not mentioned in the overview, you'll be pleased to know that this television supports a composite input. In order to use composite you have to plug the yellow output into the Y/V input that's typically meant for the Component input. Of course, older A/V equipment typically plays in the 4:3, non-HD format but that's an expected/acceptable trade-off. I had also purchased a composite to HDMI converter device from Amazon that I'm now happy to be able to return.

I'm not going to repeat the other reviews that focus on features and functionality but so far the TV is very good. The boot time (~30 seconds) is naggingly slow before HDMI content from my cable company is displyed. I can only hope it's using next to no electricity when "off" and boot is truly cold.
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on December 23, 2012
I love this TV. The only problem I find is that there are porblems with the apps attached to this product.

I bought this TV for my bedroom for the internet apps and a blue ray DVD player with apps for my HD tv in the living room. I have more problems viewing programs on the Vizio tv. I contacted customer service and they say its my internet. I go to the living room and watch the same program, using the same app, on my dvd player manufactured by another company and I have no problems.

I realized that the apps on my wonderful TV are powered by Yahoo. Now it all makes sense. The TV is a great purchase and all the problems are due to Yahoo. Yahoo sucks and it's run by idiots. Can anyone remember Musicmatch Jukebox and how Yahoo screwed it up?

I can watch Amazon streams with on one problem - I can add shows to my watchlist for Amazon on my computer and DVD player in different rooms but I can't access the watchlist on my Vizio TV in my bedroom (Thanks Yahoo). Also the menu for Amazon Streaming sucks on my TV (Thanks Yahoo). I go to my Sony Blue-Ray player in the living room and zip through to the programs I want to see (Thanks Sony). I can watch Amazon Streaming (which I think is great by the way) but Hulu Plus doesn't play well at all on my Vizio TV. Today I tried Hulu Plus on my Vizio and the program was choppy and the sound and picture dragged. I turned off my TV and went to my Blue Ray Player in the living room and have no problem watching Hulu Plus (and thanks Sony for the three month Hulu Plus Trial Membership - I love it)

Don't get me wrong, Vizio makes a wonderful TV but they need to partner with another company. If I had known that Vizio was using Yahoo I make not have bought this set. I'm hoping that future that Yahoo gets its act together but if it's any indication by the way their Yahoo Email works then we're all in trouble. Are you listening Vizio? Yahoo is bringing your product down! I'm currently working on an MBA and from all indication from my education - Vizio is riding a sinking Ship!
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on February 26, 2014
I purchased this television in Nov. of 2012, loved it because I didn't need extra boxes for Netflix. Picture was beautiful, sound great was really enjoying it until this year exactly one year and 3 months after I purchased it the screen suddenly went black and no sound!!! So VERY PISSED! Who would have thought a TV would last one year? Lesson learned. Will not purchase another TV from Amazon. So shocked never had an issue with their products til now. This is an update on my previous review. I contacted Amazon who gave me the contact info for Vizio. I called Vizio and explained the problem. Vizio was GREAT with their response!!!! They immediately sent a tech out who informed me that the motherboard went bad. The tech replaced the motherboard and the T.V worked perfectly once again, all this for free. I give Vizio 5 stars for standing behind their product and will be buying a 2nd. t.v for my daughter!!! Amazon and Vizio are both stars in my book!!!
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