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on March 1, 2014
This is my first Vizio TV, and I have to say that I am impressed by the quality of the picture and the features for a set selling for this price.

I have to start off by saying that I did have to have the initial set I was sent replaced due to dead pixels. Multiple dead pixels in fact. One or two dark pixels surrounded by clusters of grey pixels that were very noticeable, especially during particularly bright images. Somewhere between 30 to 40 of them. If you're like me, one or two are barely acceptable, so this many were absolutely not. That said, as mentioned, I was impressed with the price and features of the set, and with the exception of the pixel problem, was quite impressed with the image quality, so I decided to return the item for a replacement and see if this was going to be a common problem, or if I just got a lemon. The replacement set arrived and looked fantastic, so it was clearly a one off, but I would still examine your set carefully if you pick one of these up to make sure you don't get stuck with a similar problem.

As for the return and replacement, UPS arrived at my doorstep in two days with a call-tag to pick up the first set, and later that same day, my replacement set arrived. Kudos once again to Amazon for their stellar, speedy service.

My review as it follows will be based on the replacement set I received.

Firstly, the overall look and design of this TV is very sleek and sexy with a minimal bezel. The set itself has a very thin profile, and weighs a very slight 17 lbs. The stand included with the set is attached via three included screws, and the entire process from unboxing to connecting all my components took all of five minutes with an additional five for setting up the features and wifi. The stand does feel a bit light for the set, even at that minimal weight, and there is some slight wobble, but unless you are jumping up and down in front of it regularly, not something that will affect daily use. The first set I received had hard rubber feet on the bottom of the stand, and was a bit slippery. A simple touch of the side or corners of the set and the set would spin a bit quite easily. The stand on the second set had feet made of softer rubber, and stays put quite nicely.

The available inputs are more than adequate for most users, but if you have an entertainment system with multiple audio and video components and game consoles, you may want to assess if there are enough of them here for you. There are 3 HDMI inputs, and one set of shared composite video and audio inputs. There is one USB 2.0 port. I have three game consoles and a Tivo box, but the cable box is currently passed through my Xbox One, so I only need three HDMI ports at this time. Should I add another component to the mix, I will have to rethink my set-up.

The picture is really impressive for a set at this price point. The full array LED panel is a feature that was previously unheard of on a set under a thousand dollars, so that is a huge selling point here. The whites are bright and true without being over saturated, the blacks are inky, and color reproduction is true to life. I used the Disney Worlds of Wonder blu-ray to calibrate this TV, and these are the settings I settled on:

Backlight 64
Brightness 46
Contrast 53
Color 55
Tint -3
Sharpness 40

Under Advanced picture Settings, I used these:

Auto Brightness OFF
Black Detail OFF
Active LED Zones ON
Reduce Signal Noise HIGH
Reduce Block Noise HIGH
Film Mode AUTO

Vizio says this set has an "effective 120Hz refresh rate," and I'm not entirely sure how true this is, as there are no settings to turn any kind of motion blur effect on or off, so it feels like it is essentially a 60Hz refresh rate, although I do notice a slight "soap opera effect" during faster action scenes, particularly darker ones, and also during scenes shot in a handheld camera, so there may be some sort of automatic refresh rate change happening, but the lack of an option to turn that function on and off is disappointing in a set that otherwise has some very nice features (I have since been corrected that the "effective" refresh is done via backlighting, and as stated earlier, the effect is minimal at best, and this is misleading as the set truly has a 60hz refresh rate).

Gaming looks wonderful on this set. Both previous gen games and next gen games look crisp and rich, with no detectable ghosting or lag that I could see.

The sound is better than I expected. For most flat screen TVs, sound is generally the weak point. I find that the simulated surround sound on this TV works quite nicely, and with several EQ settings to choose from, you can really customize it so that anything sounds good. Of course, the addition of a sound bar wouldn't hurt.

The Smart TV functions work nicely even if a few of the interfaces feel a bit clunky. They respond quickly, and the wireless connected quickly to my network with a solid signal that has not wavered, and streams Netflix content in HD with no lag or interruptions. I have other components that handle my streaming services better however, and am not likely to use these through the TV directly, but if you don't have a game console or blu-ray player that offers streaming apps, this feature should appeal to you. *Edit: Other reviewers have noted that there are apps missing from the set, such as Pandora, but they are in fact available. If you simply click the Apps button on the remote twice, then select "All Apps", you will find many additional apps available to you, and you can choose what apps you would like to favorite, and the order in which they appear on the dock.

On-screen menus are clearly defined and intuitive.

One of the bigger disappointments of this set is the remote control. The layout is fine, and the inclusion of dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon Video are a nice if common feature, but the build quality is a true shame. Very lightweight plastic that feels cheap in the hand, with buttons that clunk when you press them. It's for this reason that I gave this set four stars instead of five. If you have a decent universal remote however, this won't be a concern for you.

All in all, this is a wonderful TV for a fantastic price. It has a beautiful picture, good sound, a solid selection of apps and smart TV features, and that full array LED truly makes this set shine. If you are looking for a set that offers quality at an affordable price, this is the way to go.

**UPDATE as of 3/19/2014** - After three weeks, my replacement set has developed a dead pixel problem as well. There are 7 dead pixels left of center of screen in a line that looks like a grey smear until you get up close and see the individual pixels. There is also a stuck pixel at the top of the screen near the bezel, also left of center. I'm very disppointed by this, and will be returning this set. The question now is what to replace it with. This is certainly shaking my confidence in the Vizio brand as far as quality control is concerned. I'll have to think on this for a while. In the meantime, if you own this I suggest you take a good look at your screen. Try to get a solid white, or other solid color screen image up and examine it well.

I still stand by all the points of my above review. This is a solid TV with a great picture, and fantatic features for a set in this price range - if you are lucky enough to get a unit without any dead or stuck pixels, that is. I am going to have to drop another star unfortunately due to quality control issues. Two sets in a row with the same issue/defect cannot be ignored.

**UPDATE 3/21/2014** - Some good news for folks having trouble with the Amazon app, I spoke with a Vizio rep today regarding a seperate issue, and asked if she could provide any info on the Amazon app. She told me that there is a compliance issue with the FCC due to a Closed Captioning standard in the app, and the app is being re-worked to comply, and should be updated and available within a few weeks.
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on April 17, 2014
I am upgrading from a 10 year old 100 pound Sylvania plasma that had no HDMI inputs. My upgrade was long overdue. I love this TV and the apps load with no issues unlike all of my Sony Blu Ray players that have struggled to connect to the internet. The remote on this TV is very useful and well thought out. 3 HDMI outs, and all the features plus more than you would expect at this price.

EXCELLENT Picture! Unexpected good quality TV sound.

My only complaint is that I have signed up for an Amazon Prime trial yet the shipping takes 4 days. I am not impressed with their shipping guarantee so far and their video service is pretty basic. Other than this Amazon is still my go to retailer. I guess I just need to wait for the shipping drones to arrive.


I feel the power cord is too short after hanging it on the wall. You will need some type of extension if you do not have a outlet directly below the TV. Also the power cord mount to the TV is at an angle and is very easily unseated or ( accidentally unplugged). Also the remote, while I still love it is designed well, I have found that the buttons are tough to depress and are very clicky. Perhaps this is a good this in case you roll onto it as it may not be as easy to press an unwanted button. An illuminated remote would have been very practical too for those with poor eyesight. Power button on the rear of the TV is also clicky and tough to depress.
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on June 24, 2014
I am quite happy with this considering we didn't see it before we bought it. I'm just your typical TV watcher, not a fancy numbers guy like many of the nerds here.
The picture is quite excellent. And there isn't much of a frame border - so the picture goes right up to the edge. So when you take it out of the box, it looks smaller than you expect, but it's all screen.
It's quite light. I think the overall construction is pretty cheap - in fact the base broke within a week (likely right away when I screwed the screws in), but Vizio replaced it (they were annoying -saying that if it wasn't broke when it was taken out of the box, it wasn't their issue. I convinced them they were wrong, emailed them pics of it and they sent a new piece). That's the major downside.
It's pretty easy to use and the internet ready stuff all works quite well. We have cable, but mostly use Apple TV, Netflix, and Amazon Prime - it's super easy and works really well with all of them. Pretty cool
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on May 12, 2014
1. Picture is awesome. Best setting is calibrated mode. Standard mode appears washed out.
2. Youtube streaming works great with WIFI as long as you have good signal strength from your router.
(There is a signal strength check function on the TV.)
Amazed at how moving the router (which is in another room ) a foot to the right made in signal strength and picture quality.

1. Owner's manual is bare bones. Had to figure out for myself how the Youtube app worked. Google "Youtube pairing" for linking your tv so you can stream videos.
2. Some SD stations appear with a line of static at the top of the tv.
Some commercials on HD stations have a line of static too, so blame the station.
Selecting the equivalent HD channel, or , if none, wide or zoom mode gets rid of this.
3. Get tv straps (use bungy cords in a pinch) to hold the tv in place. It isn't stable. It weighs only 17 lbs, and can be easily tipped over. And it is fragile, if you are going to move it, grab it from the bottom not the top.
4. The composite and component inputs are shared, so it's one or the other for one device. If you have lots of old equipment that still use these connections, get an external router for connecting multiple devices or upgrade to new devices.
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on March 10, 2014
Pros: Very easy and straight forward set up. Ample inputs. Picture quality is very good to excellent. High-Def is excellent. Great for streaming movies. Sound is good, but for movies needs a sound bar or surround system. USB for music, videos and pictures is easy to use. Remote is easy to use and navigate the system. Smart features work well with most frequently used sights listed in the menu. Can add additional sites but does not have a browser. Have not tried to add my own Apps.

Cons: No browser or access to PC, Smart Phone etc.
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on May 29, 2014
When I was looking around for TV's VIZIO was not one of the brands that I initially thought of. I was leaning more towards Samsung or LG, but a friend told me that he had gotten a VIZIO HD TV and that it was awesome. Especially because he got it for a good amount cheaper than Samsung and LG. When I got this TV all set up and running. I wanted to see how good it looked in HD. So i turned on my PS3. Turns out my friend was right, the picture looks pretty Ridiculous. Mass Effect 3 never looked so good. a Couple months after this I upgraded to HD cable, and that also looks ridiculously good. Bottom Line: if you want a HDTV with the quality of a Samsung but at the price point of an LG or less, than this is a great choice. So far i have no problems with the TV. the only thing that was great on this TV was the sound, but that seems to be nearly all LED LCD HDTV's nowadays so i wasn't surprised there. If this TV is for a bedroom the sound should be sufficient. But if it is for Rec Room, or spacious living you might wanna think about getting a good sound bar.
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on June 11, 2014
I would return except it is for the money, you get what you pay for.
The picture, no matter how many ways I adjust it, is not as clear as others. I have taken many suggestions on this Amazon page, but none have worked for me.
The SmartTV portion of it works very, very slow. It isn't my Internet connection, since my others work fast. Also, it disconnects frequently and I have to unplug and plug back in to reset a lot.
Overall - I am quite disappointed in this Vizio - as I am a Vizio fan. I have other Vizio's that are much better than this brand new one.
I still have the box, but it is over 45 days - and it is too much trouble to return - it works, it is just disappointing. Go with Samsung.
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on May 3, 2014
I don't have a very big living room so the 42 inch smart tv Vizio was perfect size. Got it in 5 days. I love the fact that I can go on Amazon directly from the tv apps or on Netflix and Woodoo for movies even log on Facebook. There is more apps to choose from. The HD is great, the colors magnificent and you can set up your preferences on the menu for vision sound etc.... Called the customer technical support to know how to hook up my computer because the TV didn't recognize it, they were not knowledgeable at all, told me my computer is out of date and not compatible (you kidding me, my pc is an 2013 all in one Windows 8 HP!) so hanged up and found by myself how to set it up which was really not complicated but nowhere to be found on their manual. If you have this problem just ask me
Overall love my tv and will recommend it to anyone
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on April 16, 2014
For the price you can't beat this TV. Very good picture quality. Nice amount of media ports, 3 HDI ports , optical ,USB 2 , coaxial...
I really like that Vizio has added dual band 5ghz Wi-Fi + the ability to connect to hidden / non broadcasting SSIDs.
I am not a big fan of Yahoo web apps or Yahoo so I personally wish they would have went a different route.
I would have rated this TV 5 stars but I'm subtracting the star because of Vizio's complete failure / lack of a functioning Amazon app...It would be nice if they would let the buyers know that the apps does not work and maybe give out information with an ETA for the app.
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on May 26, 2014
I own other VIzios and this is the best one yet. The picture quality is better than other HDs I've had. I love how lightweight it is and the very slim casing which leads to less bulk. Lots of useful features, easy setup, great picture. Occasionally, the sound is slightly muffled, but this may be my connection and not a tv issue. The only thing I didn't like was the remote, which seemed cheap and not all that user friendly. However, I use my DirectTV remote instead and the Vizio remote stays in the drawer.
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