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on May 28, 2013
This makes a great bedroom TV where I dont have cable. Its a 10lbs 29" TV with built-in WiFi and all the streaming services you could ask for. This is the best feature built TV money can buy IMHO. You can even put video files on USB flash drive and plug them into the USB in the back and it has a great media player. So far has played many different media types successfully for me.
As others have mentioned, the size is a little odd when it comes to wall mounts. I bought a mount that was listed for 10"-24" TV's. As long as the mount is VESA 100x100 and under the specified weight limit then you're good. And since this TV is so light, it works just fine.
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on February 13, 2014
This TV is a phenomenal deal. It arrived at my house the DAY after I ordered it via amazon prime. The TV itself was packaged nicely in the Vizio box, which was inside another large shipping box.

I found the instructions for setup very easy to understand and do. I assembled the entire TV myself, although honestly there wasn't that much to do--just attach the base. I am quite small, so if I can physically set this up on my own, virtually anyone can. I find the base very sturdy and it looks sleek. The TV itself is very thin and looks so modern. The finish is glossy. The tech side of set up was just as easy, following the instructions included. I connected to my wifi network with no problem.

Netflix and Amazon instant video work seamlessly for me. This was one of the main reasons I wanted this TV. I had been using a Roku for years and occasionally Amazon instant video on my computer. The SmartTV function is great, and I love that all my TV features are so effortlessly worked in to one remote control.

The picture is absolutely stunning. My friend has a Samsung plasma television and says my picture quality is lightyears better. And, the LED means no glare if you have many windows in your home that stream in sunlight.

If you're trying to decide whether to go with the 120Hz feature or save some money by going 60Hz, I definitely recommend the 120Hz as this TV has. I can tell a noticeable difference in how clean and clear motion seems on the TV. If you watch a lot of sports, it is extremely apparent just how little motion blur there is. It's something I didn't really notice before with my old TV, but now that I have it I can see a visible difference. It just looks so great.

I found this TV to be quite a good deal. I have been using it for 2 months now with no problems. I will be sticking with Vizio.
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on October 30, 2013
This TV is not flashy looking and has a bulky/cheap feel to it, but it is extremely light and has some great features for a lower end TV. It only has 2 HDMI inputs so I ended up using the Component video input for my media player to avoid constantly swapping cables. The built in WiFi worked fine for me although since it is only about 10 ft from my router I decided to run an Ethernet cable for a better connection. I use Hulu and Amazon Instant Video regularly with no issues. My biggest complaint is the lack of support for playing MP4 files from my DLNA NAS. The product description say DLNA is supported and didn't mention which file types were supported (at least not that I saw). It will play AVI files at least. Another reviewer mentioned it will play MP4 files from a USB attached device which seems odd. Another issue is that I use the 23" model in this product line for my computer monitor in the same room. I hadn't really considered the fact that they would also use the same remote on the same frequency... oops, I had to cover the sensor on my monitor with electrical tape. Overall it was a great purchase for the price as a secondary TV. We bought a larger model in this product line for my mother-in-law for her birthday as well.
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on December 26, 2013
As Amazon consolidates reviews for various models in the same product line, please note that this is a review of the Vizio E320i-A0.

If you purchase this TV it will bring you frustration. The user interface (UI) installed on the Vizio E320i-A0 is Vizio's crippled Yahoo! TV Apps/M-GO interface, NOT the company's "Vizio Internet Apps Plus" interface. It is clunky, frustrating, limited, and NOT user friendly. While the TV is just fine as standard TV or monitor, and has a decent picture, adequate sound, and plenty of inputs, the UI is terrible and the remote is almost worthless. It is not a good value as it comes at a premium over a similarly appointed HD set, and you can save nearly a C-note and a whole bunch of frustration if you simply buy a "dumb" 32-inch HD set and a Roku LT from Amazon.

I purchased this TV in January 2013 on Vizio's promise that it would provide an outstanding Smart TV experience. It was anything BUT outstanding. Its primary app, "M-GO" (prominently displayed on both the unit's UI home screen and its lousy remote control), was billed as a "revolutionary" TV experience when I purchased the TV. Bizarrely, M-GO wasn't installed on the TV at the time of purchase and didn't even become available for it until Summer 2013. When it finally did arrive via Vizio's eventual firmware update, M-GO turned out to be all "pay" TV - no included content. It was thoroughly disappointing and not "revolutionary" as promised. I already have Netflix and Amazon Prime, so I don't need their lousy pay app. Aside from M-GO, there are other apps available for the E320i-A0 -- some are preinstalled like Yahoo! Finance and Skype, but most are downloaded through the Yahoo! TV Apps store in the unit's poorly structured UI. Strangely, Yahoo! TV Apps offers only a very limited number of apps for this "smart" TV -- a grand total of 134 (that's right: ONLY ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR!) as of this writing on December 26, 2013 -- and most of them are either local news station apps from distant corners of the U.S., or paid anime/cartoon channels. Even the familiar apps like iHeart Radio have limited feature sets and don't offer the programmable, personalized channels you would customarily be able to set up on your computer or smart phone, but rather offer only a specified set of broadcast stations from select markets. The entire experience is really bizarre.

Ultimately, the greatest disappointment of the E320i-A0 is its abysmal UI and limited apps, which Vizio flatly informed me it has no intention to update to its current "VIA Plus" interface. Again, the TV is good in terms of picture, size, sound and inputs, but the "smart" content is worthless. If you buy this TV you will be stuck with the lousy UI, crappy remote, and crippled apps. Be forewarned, and get a "dumb" TV and a Roku (or Chromecast, or XBox 360, etc); you'll be much happier you did.
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on December 11, 2013
I bought this because we have a 1-year old Vizio 42" Smart TV that we are quite happy with.

The picture quality of this model (E390i-A1) leaves something to be desired. The initial picture was not as sharp as our other Vizio and it seemed kind of dim. I tried numerous picture setting changes without much luck. I went online and found a post from someone who had purchased the calibration discs for this model, he then reposted the various setting for brightness, contrast, color, etc. I tried entering those settings, which helped a little, but the picture still wasn't near as good as our 42" Vizio.

Next I called Vizio Tech Support. They were helpful, and walked me through several setting adjustments. It's still a little better, but not as good as our other set. I would have thought that this smaller set (39" vs 42") would have a crisper picture since they were both 1080p and 120 Hz refresh rate, but it isn't. It's acceptable, just not great.

The remote isn't great either. It would be nice if the keys had backlighting, especially since this TV is for our bedroom and the lights are typically off when we are watching. The buttons are also quite close together, which makes it hard to hit the right button, especially if its dark.

I do like the wi-fi feature and internet apps. I like the dedicated buttons on the remote for Netflix and Amazon Video (because I subscribe to them both), but there is also a dedicated button for "M-Go". I wasn't familiar with M-Go, but did some checking. It's a pay-as-you-go video rental service. Their selection is not very good and their rental pricing was not very attractive. Unless something changes with M-Go, I don't think it will be around very long. Maybe that button can be reprogrammed in the future if M-Go goes belly up.

The initial set-up for was pretty easy and I didn't need to try to run an ethernet cable to the device because of the built in wi-fi, which made set up simple.

Maybe I just got a bit of a lemon. Like I said, it's ok, just not great.
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VINE VOICEon June 16, 2014
I've now had this TV for six months and I couldn't be happier. The set up was super easy and the controls are a joy to use. The picture quality is superb--and since I added an HD cable box and a blu ray player, I'm in paradise. There are a lot of reviews here that will go into detail about the tech details and I really (sorry) could care less about most of that: I just want a great picture and this TV delivers. I also got it at a bargain price: the day I bought it (on Amazon) the price had dropped $50 so I bought it immediately. If you're looking at something that's relatively large-ticket like this and you see a sudden price dip, don't expect it to last, buy it.

The sound quality of the TV is acceptable but not great--though it's often hard to tell if that is the fault of the TV or the cable channel or DVD/blu ray quality. I'm probably going to add accessory speakers soon just to see if that improves things (Creative makes speakers for around $35-40 that are excellent--I have a set on my computer).

As far as size, I have this TV in a 12' x 12' bedroom and yes, that seems kind of large, but I like to watch movies in bed. While it felt like being in the front row at a drive-in theater at first, now I could never live with anything smaller.

A great TV, a great price, extremely high marks for the image quality (and I'm a professional photographer, I'm very critical of image quality). I haven't used the wifi much yet since my Sony blu ray player has more apps and is simple to use.
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on June 23, 2014
Great picture, great price, nice and thin, easy to install.

But... dead in 14 months. Dark and unresponsive.

Spent 3+ hours googling and trying to find a fix or reboot... no luck.

Tried Amazon - No warranty, no refund, no hope of fixing.

Vizio support was fully unresponsive. Good luck getting any kind of response there.

I guess you get what you pay for. This one is going on the curb.

FWIW, I own 8 other flat screen TVs (don't ask) and this is the first one to *ever* die in 8+ years.

Junk, pure and simple. You've been warned.
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on July 30, 2013
I purchased the 47" model in March and I can honestly say I've been nothing but pleased with this TV. The Smart Apps work great and it makes watching Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube on your TV a great experience. My favorite feature of the TV is the slim frame design. I makes the TV look like it's a window that you're looking through. I haven't had any major issues with the sound or picture, as a matter of fact the sound is pretty good for stock factory speakers. The one minor issue I had was that the remote sometimes becomes unresponsive. I've had this problem twice in the last 5+ months and a simple restart of the TV corrected the problem right away. Another good experience from Vizio (I upgraded from an LCD model that's been in my family for over 6 years now and still going strong) and I would absolutely recommend this TV to anyone.
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on December 12, 2013
I purchased this set to replace a 7-year old Sony HDTV that had given up the ghost. I shopped around for the best quality/price compromise, asking advice from friends as to which brands have good reputations. Not having an unlimited budget, I soon found my choices narrowed down to this Visio model and another one with 3-D capability. Since I have no use for 3-D, I went with this model, which also saved me a few bucks over the 3-D. I managed to assemble the base by myself, but as other reviews have noted it is easier to do with an extra set of helping hands. After hooking it up and setting up the WiFi, I turned it on expecting to be wowed by the picture compared to my old Sony. After all, the technology has improved quite a bit in the last 7 years, but I was sorely disappointed! The picture was dull, flat and not all that sharp. I wondered if I had made a $648 mistake! But it was getting late and my wife and I had to leave for church. When we got back a couple hours later and turned on the set, we were greeted by an on-screen message telling us a firmware update had been installed. The picture now looked entirely different; bright, vivid and beautifully sharp. The viewing angle is amazing; any seat in the house is comfortable viewing. The remote works at almost any angle and is pretty straightforward and user friendly, although I'm stumped as to why there are 2 buttons (INFO and GUIDE) that perform the exact same function? Well, I guess it's always good to have a backup. I haven't used the "smart" features yet (with the exception of the automatic firmware update), so I cannot comment on how well streaming movies works. Bottom line: I love this set! My only regret is that I couldn't afford the 60-in. over the 50-in. But I can live with it. Happily.
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on December 19, 2013
Ok, I may not get out much. And with this TV I don't think I'm going out much either.

Maybe 20 minutes opening box to getting mounted on the (existing) wall bracket to getting set up and on. And I am blow away. First movie playing was Transformers, which I wouldn't normally watch if it was free. I found I couldn't turn away! It was the Kramer of experiences for me.

The colors were incredible. I didn't know eyes could be so blue. The depth just jumped. My wife kept asking if I had made a mistake and bought 3D. Some folks complained about the sound. We have a small bedroom and the sound was booming.

Look, I'm sure there are better and newer and certainly bigger. We got the 42". But for the mid $400s, delivered next day by Amazon, I am one totally happy camper.

If that isn't a lot of money to you, just spring for it. If you really labor over your bucks, feel comfortable with this purchase. Zero buyers remorse. Plenty of happiness and excitement.

Five Stars. And then some.
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