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on July 1, 2016
Great TV while it worked. Unfortunately 19 months later the picture went out. So I did some research online and did the 'unplug for 30 minutes', 'hit the reset button for 30 seconds' thing and it didn't work. Frustrated I just left it unplugged for a while that afternoon and tried to wrap my mind around having to replace a TV less than 2 years old. Just for the heck of it I plugged it back in a few hours later and it worked! I was good to go for about a month then one night the picture just went black, still had sound but no picture. Tried the same trick as before but no dice. I called Vizio and they quoted me $335 to fix it. Uh, no thank you. Being that its out of the 1 year 'limited' warranty I'm now out of luck and will be purchasing a new (non Vizio) TV. Most likely this time I'll purchase the extended warranty which is of course another racket these days. There is no reason why a $700 TV shouldn't last longer than 20 months.
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on January 2, 2016
Purchased this TV on January 30th of 2015, received it fairly quickly in early February. Loved the TV.... up until December 30th 2015. This is when the TV screen stopped functioning (it is completely black), there is still sound but absolutely no visible image. I paid $600 for this TV not even a year ago and it is now useless. Hands down the worse purchase I have made.

UPDATE: Spoke with Vizio customer service, they sent a refurbished TV, which I received nearly a month after my initial call to customer support. Worked fine for literally TWO days, and back to the same issue again. I suppose I will call support again, but I really really do NOT want to wait a month for another broken TV... PLEASE save yourself a ton of hassles and inconvenience and do NOT buy a Vizio.
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on January 14, 2015
Updated! The backlight burned out after 25 months. Apparently this is really common for Vizio TVs according to other stories I've seen on the web. Vizio told us there was nothing they could do-goodbye.

Good: The picture is fabulous, though I spent forever trying different settings. There are settings listed in other reviews, C-net reviews, and elsewhere on the web. None of them really helped. I just kept fiddling with the settings.
I also like that I can name the HDMI inputs, which is nice to keep straight which is the cable box, the Apple TV, the DVD player, etc.
This TV is cheap.

Bad: The sensor for the remote is really small, not that sensitive, and for some reason is jammed way down in the left hand corner. From 15' away, the response is sluggish, and the slight overhang of the cabinet the TV is in kills the remote action from most angles. Had to buy an IR repeater ($8 here on Amazon --IR Hidden Infrared Remote Extender Receiver Emitter Repeater System). A better place for the sensor is the middle top of the TV (bottom is often obscured by soundbars).

Other: Smart TV functions. Can't review this, because I don't use it. The remote has dedicated buttons for some of the functions. AppleTV and Airplay are better options for getting streaming to the TV (or Chromecast or whatever). If there was a "Dumb" version of the TV that was cheaper, I'd be all over it. Just ask yourself this question, who would you rather have programming your apps, Apple/Google, or Vizio?

Also, don't listen to the guy who says the screws are too short. The metal plate the rises up from the stand fits inside the TV, not flush with the back. Slide the plate into the slot at the base, and put the screws through the back of the TV. The triangle of the stand fits into the triangle depression on the bottom of the TV. That being said, the TV sways alarmingly front and back on this stand. Do not rely on the stand to keep the TV from tipping forward on your baby. Seriously. Mount it to the wall, or get some earthquake straps.
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on February 11, 2016
DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR TV ON AMAZON. The tv itself was great. came in great packaging and the picture was crystal clear. There were times it would not connect to my hulu or pandora but I assumed it was an internet connection issue. I came home one christmas day to find that my tv that I had for only ONE YEAR had no picture but only sound. When the warranty company came to pick it up after about 2 weeks they told me the tv was not fixable. HOW? A brand new tv breaks after only one year and theres no way of fixing it. What could have possibly gone wrong?! ON TOP OF EVERYTHING the warranty was crap. Theyve had my money and tv for almost 2 months now and they arent even sending me back a full refund. I will never buy a tv on amazon again. you're better off going to best buy or another electronic store where if you are having issues you can speak to someone first hand.
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on October 13, 2016
It was a nice tv but it died after 1 year and 10 months. Estimate was $334 to repair it. For $100 more I can buy a brand new one of another brand.
Update: On the bright side, VIZIO tech support said it sounded like the power supply board failed. I'd never even considered fixing a TV before but since it was already toast, I had nothing to lose. So I watched a youtube video, ordered and replaced the power supply board. The TV is working again! I was impressed that board replacement was no harder than adding a card to a PC. Getting the back cover off was the only tricky part. I was also impressed that you can purchase all 4 replacements boards as a kit for only $79.
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on January 10, 2015
Vizio E550i-B2 Review: 55 inch LED TV

Ok so a brief back story on my TV experience before this TV. Ive had a 50" AKAI Plasma since 2005. It did the job, and served me well over the years. But It was old, and was not full HD, had no hdmi hookup, and started showing me its last leg this last year. but over these last 3 years i have been religiously looking for a new TV. I did tons of research, and spent may days and hours on Amazon, checking prices, stock, and reviews. A couple years ago, I bought a high end LG led tv. Maybe it was the LG xx7600?? I cant remember off hand, but it was the 2nd to the top. I paid about $1600-$1800 for it. I had it, used it, and didn't like it. The picture wasn't clear, and the fake motion blur killed me. That point forward, i thought LED wasn't for me. So I tried staying true to plasma. I really wanted the Panasonic GT50 or the Newer VT60. But with much procrastinating in hopes of the price dropping, I soon totally lost my window when they decided to discontinue them, and the remaining stock had skyrocketed to several thousand.

After that, I didn't know what to do. Plasma was pretty much out, and i wasn't liking my brief experience with LED. I looked, and looked, debated on expensive high end 3D tvs that i would probably never use most of their features anyways. Running out of time with my current TV on its last leg, and cyber monday sale nearing its end, I finally jumped. I bought this 55" Vizio Led TV. Again, i was weighing all my options from expensive Samsungs, to cheap TCL roku TVs. But it was Vizio's popularity and good reputation among friends and other people I know that made me go with them. Plus the sale price, and the Amazon Prime member discount was hard to pass up. I believe I paid $528 for the 55" at the time, which is great!

So how do I like the TV you ask?? I like it! i like it alot actually, but I don't love it. I don't find myself blown away with HD goodness all that often. Coming from a 10 yr old standard HD Plasma, i thought I would be in awe. But most of the time i just think that looks pretty good. Things like Xbox 360, and some movies are a huge upgrade, and really look amazing. The overall picture is good, and i am more than satisfied.
At first it took a good bi of tinkering and getting used to. Coming from a plasma, the whole motion blur thing is weird and hard to get used to. The colors looked fake, and cartoonish. Peoples faces looked like they were caked in makeup or animated. One thing I learned, the whole 120hz and 240hz motion blur crap, is just that, crap! The best picture is when you turn off that feature. I see it on so many reviews and calibration settings. Not just this TV, but most others as well.

As I said the tinkering, and adjusting. I googled calibration settings. And after i changed them all to match the ones that I found, it definitely made a difference. Much more true to life, and consistent.

One thing I don't like is the remote. Its so small, and has no light. i have to constantly try and see what i am pressing. They should have included a better remote.
Also, i have a dead pixel or two in my TV. I know its there so it annoys me. But I dont know if its worth the hassle of going through warranty or a return to get it fixed.

Overall for the price, i am pretty happy. I can wish for some improvements, but Its better than spending $1000 on nearly the same thing. i am satisfied and I would recommend this TV.

Calibration settings i used: Definitely helped the picture

---Picture settings menu---
Picture Mode: Custom 1
Auto Brightness Control: Off
Backlight: 90
Brightness: 49
Contrast: 80
Color: 50
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 50

--Advanced Picture submenu---
Color temperature: Normal
Black Detail: Off
Active LED Zones: On
Motion Blur Reduction: Off
Reduce Signal Noise: Off
Reduce Block Noise: Off
Picture Size: [no change]
Picture Position: [no change]
Film Mode: Auto
Wide: Normal

---Professional Picture submenu---
Color Tuner:
Red [Hue, Saturation, Brightness]: 0, 0, 0
Green: 0, 0, 0
Blue: 0, 0, 0
Cyan: 31, 0, 0
Magenta: -36, 0, 0
Yellow: 20, 0, 0

Red offset: 0
Red gain: -4
Green offset: 0
Green Gain: 0
Blue offset: 1
Blue gain: -1

11-point white balance:
[Red, Green and Blue gain]
5%: 6, 6, 0
10%: -20, -20, -20
20%: -50, -50, -45
30%: -50, -50, -45
40%: -50, -50, -50
50%: -50, -50, -45
60%: -25, -25, -10
70%: 0, 0, 0
80%: 0, 0, 0
90%: 0, 0, 0
100%: 0, 0, 0
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on June 10, 2014
This is a great low-cost (for the size) TV. The color, sharpness, the 4 HDMI interfaces - all good stuff. The only issue I had was with the Smart TV apps.

Previously, I have used my XBox 360 to stream video from a number of sources, including Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and Amazon. Up until last night, the Amazon app did not exist. This is in spite of a "Amazon" button being on the controller. This was a known issue, (you had to dig pretty had in the forums to know this was an issue) but was finally fixed with an update that was pushed to my TV yesterday.

Second, after a couple months, my Netflix app stopped working. Tech support with Netflix was pretty good. They checked a couple things to make sure it was not on their side. Then they told me I would need to contact Vizio, and tell them I needed an app reset. It was nice that Netflix gave me the exact wording to use. I did get to Vizio customer support, they guided me to the spot in the menus of the TV to reset the apps. This is a bit annoying, because I had to reenter usernames and passwords for Hulu, and Netflix. I sure would have wished that Vizio would put this info on their support forums, and I would have saved a bunch of time. It seems like Vizio holds back on info to not look bad.

BUT, with these issues now fixed, I really love this TV.

As a note, I also bought the Visio S4251w-B4 5.1 sound system. This was extremely easy to set up with very few wires (Soundbar has Left/Center/Right, Subwoofer is connected wirelessly to Soundbar, and Left/Right satellite speakers are connected to the Subwoofer). This sound system also has Bluetooth, which I use to stream from my cell phone.
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on April 28, 2016
I bought this TV for my husband 2 years and 2 months ago and to be very honest we were extremely satisfied in the beginning, between the apps and downloadable content as well as the actual screen resolution itself and even the sound quality was really good. Within the first year we noticed that our Direct TV and our TV we're having issues connecting not realizing whether or not it was a problem with DirecTV or the television we just dealt with it and would have to turn the TV off and turn it back on several times until they both became compatible & would both connect. A few weeks ago I went to turn the TV on and there was sound and the screen was black so I shut it off like I always do and turned it back on then there was no sound there was no picture, there was nothing. For the price that I paid for this television to only get 2 years out of it is a complete joke and I will honestly never buy a Vizio ever again. I paid $728 for the TV and I should have just paid an additional $200 and got a Samsung or Sharp because I guarantee I probably would not have the same issue and then to make matters worse I purchased a SquareTrade warranty.... when I'm done leaving this review I will be heading over to that purchase and leaving a review for them and if I could give them to 0 Stars I would. We are now at three weeks with no television and no replacement. We did finally get confirmation three weeks later that the television that they're replacing it with his on the way (next week) but I paid $728 for a television and they are giving me a $500 TV with the same specs and same size however that is a 200 dollar difference on top of the hundred dollars I paid for the warranty and I was told that my TV depreciates in value so they're giving me a 2015 TV even though it's 2016 so that TV is already depreciated and if this TV that they're giving me breaks down in the next year or 2 years that depreciation will also be added on to that and I'll be getting an even crappier television. Between having to wait almost a month for a replacement and getting a depreciated television and having to deal with terrible customer support I would have rather thrown the television out and just bought something new and been out that money to save myself the time and the hassle. Do yourself a favor don't buy Vizio and definitely do not buy the warranty that's offered because it is a complete joke.
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on February 9, 2015
I am a cable installer so i have seen thousands of tv's, and have seen them at there best and worst. i have always bought Vizio for myself because of there perfect blend of quality and value.

This tv looks great. there is very little distortion or blur on standard def, and 1080 looks fantastic. There are a few bright spots, only noticeable on a fully black screen, not during any viewing.

I purchased the 55" of this model and sit a good distance away from it. Having dealt with hundreds of customers over the years complaining about motion blur I can say 90% if it is people sitting way to close to a huge tv. this tv has no motion blur whatsoever on 1080 shows or games, simply looks fantastic.

The reason for four stars is the smart functionality. Had no issues with setup, and it works, but the processor used to run the programs is very under-powered. The smart apps lag in the menus, its pretty annoying. I wont use them often if ever as i have an xone that does all that seamless but I did test them just to write something about the tv. If you dont use the apps, I cant find any reason to not buy this tv or why any other model is better. Save some money and buy this tv, you wont regret it.
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on March 27, 2016
I bought is particular model about a year ago. It is a smart TV that isn't smart at all. I couldn't get anything to work properly as far as hulu, amazon video and Netflix. I tried and tried. I call the tech support and they couldn't figure it out. I elected to keep the TV because it was producing great video and sound. Well, this past weekend the video just went out on it for no reason. I could hear what was happening but the video was gone. I figured it was a glitch and turned it off and went to bed. This morning it was working I started watching it....then after about an hour the video shut off again by itself. I have read some reviews on this issue and it seems to be happening a lot. Do not buy this particular TV. Something is wrong with it.

According to HD Guru, Vizio’s customer service center confirmed in a phone call that defective set owners are indeed told that their TVs are un-repairable when the failure turns out to be the backlight unit, which is the light source within all LED and LCD flat panels. So your 13-month old Vizio 55-inch LED HDTV may become a $1500+ doorstop if it suffers a backlight failure.
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