Customer Reviews: VIZIO M492i-B2 49-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV (2014 Model)
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on September 23, 2014
I decided to pull the trigger at a local BestBuy and bought this TV. I have been on the market for quite some time for a tv that offers the Soap Opera Effect without paying more than $1000 and have been unsuccessful with finding one. I finally stumbled on this TV and did my research, many claimed it offers the SOE effect, and claimed how good the picture is for the price. I tried it out for myself, once I got home I took it out of the box and set it up. The setup was very easy, and it only took a few minutes to get it up and running. This is a smart tv with a snappy processor, way faster than my old Sony Bravia, and offers a nifty keyboard remote, which I must say it is a lifesaver. Saves so much time typing with these and it is backlit, awesome! I decided to try out netflix and started streaming on it, the picture looks amazing. I turned on the smooth motion to the highest setting and it looks like I'm in the set.. So crazy.

Im very excited with this TV this is such a bang for the buck. To just add a cherry to the top, the TV is a smart TV with a 240hz refresh rate.

The TV looks great out of the box, but it needs minor adjustments. I followed smeg36's (from avsforum) calibration settings and now the tv is out of this world. Literally.

The settings are as followed-

Custom 1

Backlight - 37 (98 with MBR On for Sports picture mode)
Brightness - 48
Contrast - 65
Color - 50
Tint - 0
Sharpness - 0

Advanced Picture

Color Temperature - Normal
Black Detail - Off
Active LED Zones - On
Smooth Motion Effect - Off (Low for Sports picture mode)
Motion Blur Reduction - Off (On for Sports picture mode)
Reduce Signal Noise - Off
Reduce Block Noise - Off
Film Mode - Auto

Professional Picture

Color Tuner

(Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
Hue - 0, 0, 0, -3, 2, 0
Saturation - 0, 0, 0, 3, 0, -30
Brighness - 7, 4, 6, 1, 5, 1
Offset - 0, 0, 0
Gain - 1, 0, -1

11 Point White Balance

(Red, Green, Blue)

5% - 0, 0, 0
10% - 2, 0, -4
20% - 2, 0, -3
30% - 6, 2, 1
40% - 4, 2, -4
50% - 3, -2, -6
60% - 2, -5, -4
70% - 6, -2, -2
80% - 8, 0, 0
90% - 10, 0, 0
100% - 0, 0, 0

Boom! Now you have a really well calibrated TV. I hope you enjoy because I sure am!!!


-Very Thin Bezel.
-The tv all around is beautiful, it reminds me of a giant apple cinema display.
-Soap Opera Effect (though this is subjective, its a pro in my book- you can easily turn it off however.)
-Smart TV with lots of Apps and browser.
- Remote has a qwerty keyboard and it is backlit.
- 4 Hdmi Inputs and easy to calibrate-no hidden menus.
- very light in weight per the size of the TV.
- great contrast and color reproduction, true blacks white whites.

- none so far, however I noticed that the custom picture mode changes back to default on its own. I found out the reason being that the TV was under Demo mode out of the box. You have to make sure to turn it off in the settings, its quite easy to find just tinker around with it.

I will update this list if I find anything else.

Update 1/8/2015: I have owned this TV since I posted this review, and so far I am very happy with my purchase. Having been skeptical at first of the brand, I was worried that it was going to perform at a lower quality than the top competitor brands, like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony. Overall this TV was a bang for my buck, don't hesitate in trying it out, local best buys should still have this TV on display if you are curious at how it looks in person. Of course stores will not have it calibrated, but the picture still looks great. Recently I experienced an issue with the TV, it was not turning on, no display/sound, even though the power indicator was on. I panicked for a bit, since I tried turning the TV off from the on screen button and nothing. I disconnected the main plug, and left it off for a few seconds, connected back and now the TV works again. Yay! Despite this, the TV has been performing up to par with the leading brands, the smart TV apps that I use are amazing, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Pandora are very snappy! I love it. Stay tuned for more, I may include a video on how to calibrate the TV for those who are looking for a guide. Keep in mind, you will have to calibrate it for each input. :)

Thanks for reading.
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on September 6, 2014
Just so you know: Before buying this HDTV, make sure that the model number has a "B" in the number and not an "A", which is the 2013 model (unless it's the 80 inch, which doesn't have a "B" model). The 2014 "B" model is definitely better. Also, different sizes of this model will have different statistics.

I did countless hours of research and comparing HDTV's in stores. After much thought and many comparisons, I concluded that Samsung HDTV's had the best picture quality (at least to me). Their colors were very strong, vivid, and real, and their whites and blacks were amazing. The problem was the cost. Probably second or third best in picture quality came Vizio, and at a much more affordable price.

When looking to buy an HDTV, I found this Vizio HDTV, and compared it to the Samsung HDTV's for sale on Amazon. There were three Samsung HDTV's with a 120Hz refresh rate (like the Vizio) in the size I was looking at (40-42 inches): The UN40H6203 Smart LED TV, the UN40H6350 Smart LED TV, and the UN40H6400 3D Smart LED TV. The latter two were too expensive for my budget, and the first one didn't have as good stats and features (only 2 HDMI ports, no back-lit keyboard on remote, etc.) Because of these things (and the fact that most of the one star reviews for this HDTV at the time were on the 2013 model), I chose this over the Samsung's, and I'm very glad I did. It has everything I could possibly ask for, especially at this price!

The colors are not quite as good as good as a really nice Samsung HDTV, but incredible nonetheless.

With the active LED zones, this HDTV can dim different parts of the screen for darker blacks. The blacks are so dark, that if you are viewing a blank black screen, you wouldn't easily be able to tell if the HDTV is on or off! The whites are really white, not yellowish or grayish.

The 42-80 inch HDTV's in this model (the 2014 "B" model) are 120Hz true refresh rate, and the 32 inch is 60Hz. Motion is so smooth that it takes my breath away. Incredible for sports and movies with a lot of movement.

The built-in speakers on this HDTV are slightly above average, for built-in speakers. They aren't muddy or tinny, and there is a very small amount of bass. You can always hook up a speaker system if you want great sound.

This HDTV is so beautiful that I sometimes just sit and stare at it, even when it's off. It is not ultra thin, but it is quite thin. The bezel, or frame, surrounding the screen is extremely thin, which makes it look very nice whether it's on or off. Everything about this HDTV looks like it was well thought through.

I love the remote! After a while, you can find most of the often used buttons by feel. This remote has all the important buttons, and has a keyboard at the back that lights up. It looks really nice, too.

This baby has hundreds of apps, including YouTube, Facebook, Amazon Instant Video, AccuWeather, Netflix, Twitter, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and much more. It also has a USB port for viewing your personal pictures, videos, and music. It is wall mountable as well. It also has a built-in digital tuner, so you can plug your antenna right into the HDTV without a nasty converter box. You can even name the inputs, so that you know which input is for which device. There are lots of settings and calibrating you can do with it, but I won't go into detail.

This is one of the top LED HDTV's (excluding, OLED and 4k UHD, which are in another league), yet at an affordable price. Although it isn't quite as nice as an expensive Samsung HDTV, It comes extremely close (and surpasses in some areas) and is a good amount cheaper. You can't go wrong with Vizio, especially this Vizio HDTV!

Two more notes:

♪#1: Most TV Manufacturers exaggerate the refresh rate. They come up with names such as Clear Motion Rate, SPS, or MotionFlow, and label their HDTV's with higher refresh rates than they actually have (for example: 240Hz Clear Motion Rate). When reading statistics, check for the true refresh rate, often called "Native Refresh Rate." These Vizio M-Series HDTV's are 120Hz true refresh rate (except for the 32 inch, which is 60Hz). In case you were wondering, the refresh rate tells you how many times the screen "refreshes," so generally, the higher the number, the smoother the motion will be.

♪#2: Vizio has released the 2015 M Series. They are 4k Ultra HD (four times the resolution of full HD), and will probably be some of the most affordable 4k TVs this year (but if they are anything like the 2014 M series, they will still perform very well). They come in 43-80 inch sizes and are a bit more expensive than the 2014 version (but cheaper than the 2014 4k P Series). If you don't need 4k, I still highly recommend this TV.

Thanks for reading! Please feel free to comment or rate my review helpful or unhelpful.
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on May 27, 2014
Excellent picture quality, but requires some adjustments out of the box. The picture quality of this TV set rivals the competition!


Excellent color rendition; colors are not overly saturated
Full array local dimming (FALD) feature produces deep blacks - much better than the 2014 E series which I previously purchased but returned
Smart apps are useful and load quickly
Generous amount of HDMI inputs
Beautifully designed with a thin bezel, and sturdy stand

Here are the calibration settings I am using which I found online:

Auto Brightness Control: Off
Backlight: 56
Brightness: 53
Contrast: 50
Color: 43
Tint: -2
Sharpness: 0

Color Temperature: Normal
Black Detail: Low
Active LED Zones: On
Smooth Motion Effect: Off
Motion Blur Reduction: On
Reduce Signal Noise: Off
Reduce Block Noise: Off

Lag in navigating the menus with the remote
Subpar sound quality which can be remedied by using an external audio source (soundbar, sorroundsound)
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on May 21, 2014
Right out of the box, the TV is a bit underwhelming in terms of picture quality. Although the design itself is quite aesthetic, reminiscent of the modern and slick designs of an iMac, the picture quality without calibration is bit too cool. Luckily, this is easily remedied and with a few changes, the picture looks AMAZING. It blows the picture quality of my old Sony XBR3 LCD tv and my 5 year old Vizio out of the water. Deep, dark, inky blacks, with excellent color, that's not washed out nor over-saturated.

In short, here are the pros and cons of the set:

1) Great minimalistic design. The bezels are barely there, making the set quite immersive.
2) Vivid colors, without being overblown, along with deep blacks. The full-array dimming definitely helps obtaining nice deep blacks. 1080p content is crystal clear, though it's helpful to drop the sharpness down to 40 to avoid the haloing effect.
3) The "Calibrated dark" looks good enough to me, though, I find it necessary to change the color from "Cool" which is standard, to "normal" or "Computer" as "Cool" provides too much of a blue hue to the screen. "Normal," which oddly isn't standard, looks pretty neutral to me. More picky videophiles will likely want to calibrate it further, and those options are certainly available.
4) WiFi reception is good, better than the 2014 E-series, it seems, but it's not quite as strong in reception as my Playstation 4. Depending on your network, you may want to use a WiFi repeater or Ethernet.
5) Not a single dead or stuck pixel! Though one report doesn't mean all are good, it seems the QA is pretty decent based on this set.
6) Subjectively, input lag seems to be better than my old sets. No ghosting either!
7) Excellent viewing angles. The color isn't washed out when viewing the TV from an angle.

1) The lag. Going through menus and selecting choices appears in the on-screen menus is subjected to a good deal of lag. It does not seem to be due to IR interference, as the issue is present when the IR transmitter on the remote and the IR receiver are unobscured. It'd peg it to be about 0.25-0.5 s of lag, a minor annoyance, but one that will take getting used to. I suppose its common with smart TVs nowadays.
2) Corner brightness. The bottom corners (and to a lesser extent the top as well) are brighter than the rest of the screen. They don't appear inky black during dark scenes. I'm assuming an IPS panel is present, and this is just a result of IPS glow.

If you're shopping for a TV, I'd highly recommend this one. It blows entry level TVs by Samsung and Sony out of the water!
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on June 26, 2014
There are way too many reviews included here that are 2013 models with 3D. There is no way to get an accurate star rating on the 2014 model. A model # with a B is 2014. A model # with an A is 2013.
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on September 21, 2014
This review is for the 2014 VIZIO M652i-B2 model. I'd just like to start the review saying the picture quality is fantastic for the price. I'm coming from a panasonic v10 plasma that looked great when it launched. I never thought I would switch back to an LCD TV but wanted some of the conveniences such as less heat output (energy use) and less image retention (burn in). I made the plunge and am mostly happy. The black levels are excellent thanks to the local dimming and the blooming is not bad at all.

There's only one major downfall with this TV. On certain backgrounds you can see faint dark vertical bars / bands across the TV - see my product photos! I'm not sure what exactly causes it but I went through 3 sets from Amazon and all of them had it so I don't think it's a variation from set to set. Depending on your picture settings and what content you are watching they can be more or less visible.

I am extremely anal when it comes to picture quality and I've owned the set for about 2 months now and I RARELY notice it, but I just wanted to let potential owners know it exists. It seems to show up more on gray backgrounds with motion (panning across a sky, baseball / football games etc...)

I used these excellent picture settings here -'

Conclusion: I would buy this TV again and recommend it for the money, just want people to know what the flaws are as well. I would give it 3.5 stars if possible.
review image review image review image review image
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on January 4, 2015
This television has a beautiful picture. Are there televisions with better picture quality? Probably. But certainly not in this price range. The speakers, like most flat screen television speakers, are not great so I added a VIZIO S4251w-B4 5.1 Soundbar. I am thrilled with the combination.

I used the following calibration settings posted on by Smeg.
review image
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on October 1, 2014
I'll try to keep this short-ish and to the point. I've owned this Vizio (M492i-B2) for 2 months now (bought at Costco) and after extensive use and evaluation I'm taking it back. Why? A couple of reasons. But first, some pros.

-Sleek, attractive design
-4 HDMI inputs. Are you listening LG?!
-Decent input lag for moderate gamers (around 40ms I believe)
-120hz native refresh rate and as such handles 1080p/24 content great!
-Respectable viewing angle. One reviewer (Rtings from YouTube) claims the 49" and 55" M are both IPS panels which would be consistent with good side-angle viewing. I don't know for sure, so take it for what it's worth. However, the contrast ratio is several times lower than similar models which is indicative of an IPS panel.
-Good blacks, sometimes...see rest of review.

There's a lot to like about this TV but as you'll see there are some unforgivable issues depending on how picky you are. Keep in mind there's no such thing as perfection so you'll have to decide what qualities in a TV are most important and what ones you can overlook.

Now to the review. I purchased and returned a 2013 E series Vizio early this year and was sorely disappointed, especially after CNET's glowing review (backlight uniformity was abysmal due to dark 3-inch wide streaks running down the left and right sides of the screen). I was sold on this TV after believing the hype about local dimming, once again reading/believing CNET's review, and assuming that a 2014 full-array LED HDTV would somehow solve every issue known to LCD kind. I eagerly waited months for its release. Now I understand that to the average user this is probably a great TV, but if you're like me and notice the finer details of picture quality then you might want to look elsewhere.

Here's my beef with the M series: 1) Local dimming is overrated; it just doesn't work like it should and has side effects. 2) Screen uniformity is average at best. That's it, those are the two reasons.

1) Okay so local dimming is supposed to be the last nail in plasmas' coffin, right? I don't think so. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but it seems to me that local dimming would be a fantastic idea if you had over a hundred dimming zones; the problem is that mine has only 32. I was led to believe that this "high number" would create inky blacks but after seeing it in action I now know better.

Now let's get to the REAL problem caused by local dimming: BLOOMING. Simply put, any lighter objects (logos, end credits, people's faces, windows, lights, etc...) on a dark or black background (dark room, or even just the back of someone's shirt) creates a distinct glow around the lighter object protruding into the black content. Like this: This makes for very uneven dark picture quality. This is because of the limited amount of dimming zones; if there's both light and dark content inside a single zone, the dark is inevitably going to suffer from the light. You get "blobs" or "patches" of dark blacks and light blacks all over the screen (not in every scene of course!). Dimming is also SLOW! Switching scenes from a light shot to a darker one and you witness the LED's slowly darken the blacks. Throw that into the previous mix and now you have a mess!

I should note that on a completely black screen you can't even tell the TV is doubt local dimming at its finest. But my burning question is why would I want a TV that can only produce solid deep blacks on a static, all black screen and not ACTUAL MOVING CONTENT!? Playing through Dead Space on my PS3 made this VERY apparent as well as watching plenty of blu-rays and animation.

2) If I may quote Vizio, "Full-Array LED backlight distributes LEDs across the entire screen for superior light uniformity and picture performance..." (on packaging) Unfortunately I found this to not be the case. There's a fair amount of dirty screen effect in the form of vertical banding and dark blotches. Not always visible and I was prepared to overlook this since it's inherent in all LCD's to varying degrees. Coupled with the blooming problem tipped the scale for me though. If you're sensitive to DSE while the camera pans left/right you might keep this in mind. The PS3 home menu causes the dark blotches and streaks to appear quite "nicely."

I don't mean to ruin this TV for owners who are happy with it but I needed to write this review because it's the one I would've wanted to see before making a $650 purchase. Of course there's the off chance I got a complete lemon, at least in regards to the screen uniformity, and you can disregard my review. Now that the price has dropped to $580 here I would say it's a good bang for your buck and probably the best for a 120 Hz display. No TV will be perfect. I will be looking into the Sony 48" W600B or the Samsung 48" H6350. If and when I do purchase one I'll be sure and drop a review on my findings. Thanks for taking time to read my review and I truly hope it helped!

UPDATE 12/29/14: I've decided to wait until the 2015 TV lineup before making another purchase. There aren't very many quality options for entry-level 120hz TV's outside of Vizio. So while this TV does have its problems it holds its own well against competitors like Samsung, Sony, & LG. Here's to hoping 2015 delivers an even better array of products! Happy New Year!
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VINE VOICEon June 29, 2014
Size: 60-Inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had bought another TV - Sharp LC-60LE650U 60-inch Aquos HD 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV. Just so you know, this is a NICE TV. But I'm part of the reviewer program at Amazon, and when the list came around and I saw the Vizio, I clicked the select button. I'm never fast enough - by the time I get past a couple of questions, my super cool selection is unavailable.

Imagine my surprise when I actually WON! Of course the only reason I won is because I already had something very similar. My friends say I just have to win the lottery so I'll be able to win the lottery.

But since I now have TWO 60 inch LED TV's, I can compare models. The Sharp hung on the wall, the Vizio stood on the cabinet below the TV. We plugged them into the cable box with a splitter so they would show the same channel.

#1 - weight - the Sharp is heavier by about 7-8 pounds. It was easier getting the Vizio up on the wall. The Vizio is a little thinner.

#2 - picture - technically the most important part of the TV. While the Sharp is bright and clear alone, the Vizio is much brighter. I'm sure that there is a setting on the Sharp we could have changed, but right out of the box, the Vizio is a lot nicer. For both, the blacks are very black. Both are 1080, both have a 120 hz refresh rate.

#3 - sound - we took turns muting one and listening to the other. The sound on the Vizio is much better! Much, much better.

#4 - apps - both come with Netflix, which I don't have. What I do have is Amazon Prime. The Sharp did not come with the Amazon Prime app, but the Vizio did. I think we could have downloaded AP to the Sharp, but out of the box, it didn't have it.

#5 - remote - both came with 2 AAA batteries (yay!). The Sharp remote is a regular remote with buttons for the TV and a way to get to other inputs. The Vizio remote has a keyboard on the back. It also has an Amazon button and a Netflix button. I don't know if the Netflix one works, but the Amazon one does.

#6 - setup - both TV's walk you through the setup, and it's pretty easy if you have the password to your home network handy. My husband set up the Sharp and I set up the Vizio.

#7 - price - OK, I got the Vizio for free (still in shock!) but I paid $999.99 for the Sharp, and the Vizio is $1,199.99.

While the Sharp is beautiful by itself, and the settings can be tweaked a bit for the picture, the Vizio is definitely the better TV right out of the box. This is good because Amazon still technically owns the Vizio and is letting me use it to review. I think the Sharp is going to get donated to an animal shelter to raffle off.

I had already reviewed the Sharp and gave it 5 stars. But the Vizio is even better. It's worth the extra $200.
review image
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on January 21, 2015
This Vizio is at best just okay. Picture quality is okay, not great. Price is good for the screen size. What's not so good: The remote. You have to stand precisely in front of the TV, or else the TV can't see the remote. Why is that? Because the sensor is on the underside of the bevel. If you already have this TV and find this incredibly frustrating, I found a solution on YouTube where someone figured out that a piece of aluminum foil taped and positioned just right (front bottom left when facing TV) makes it all work. Looks like sh*t, though. It gets worse. The TV has no buttons. If no remote or no aluminum foil, guess what? It's unplugging time to turn the set off. And when the remote does work, there's often a lag between push and TV response. Still want this Vizio, please come and get mine. Otherwise, me thinks I'm returning it back to the store.
review image
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