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on October 1, 2014
I'll try to keep this short-ish and to the point. I've owned this Vizio (M492i-B2) for 2 months now (bought at Costco) and after extensive use and evaluation I'm taking it back. Why? A couple of reasons. But first, some pros.

-Sleek, attractive design
-4 HDMI inputs. Are you listening LG?!
-Decent input lag for moderate gamers (around 40ms I believe)
-120hz native refresh rate and as such handles 1080p/24 content great!
-Respectable viewing angle. One reviewer (Rtings from YouTube) claims the 49" and 55" M are both IPS panels which would be consistent with good side-angle viewing. I don't know for sure, so take it for what it's worth. However, the contrast ratio is several times lower than similar models which is indicative of an IPS panel.
-Good blacks, sometimes...see rest of review.

There's a lot to like about this TV but as you'll see there are some unforgivable issues depending on how picky you are. Keep in mind there's no such thing as perfection so you'll have to decide what qualities in a TV are most important and what ones you can overlook.

Now to the review. I purchased and returned a 2013 E series Vizio early this year and was sorely disappointed, especially after CNET's glowing review (backlight uniformity was abysmal due to dark 3-inch wide streaks running down the left and right sides of the screen). I was sold on this TV after believing the hype about local dimming, once again reading/believing CNET's review, and assuming that a 2014 full-array LED HDTV would somehow solve every issue known to LCD kind. I eagerly waited months for its release. Now I understand that to the average user this is probably a great TV, but if you're like me and notice the finer details of picture quality then you might want to look elsewhere.

Here's my beef with the M series: 1) Local dimming is overrated; it just doesn't work like it should and has side effects. 2) Screen uniformity is average at best. That's it, those are the two reasons.

1) Okay so local dimming is supposed to be the last nail in plasmas' coffin, right? I don't think so. I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but it seems to me that local dimming would be a fantastic idea if you had over a hundred dimming zones; the problem is that mine has only 32. I was led to believe that this "high number" would create inky blacks but after seeing it in action I now know better.

Now let's get to the REAL problem caused by local dimming: BLOOMING. Simply put, any lighter objects (logos, end credits, people's faces, windows, lights, etc...) on a dark or black background (dark room, or even just the back of someone's shirt) creates a distinct glow around the lighter object protruding into the black content. Like this: http://www.rtings.com/images/reviews/m-series/m-series-uniformity-fald-medium.jpg This makes for very uneven dark picture quality. This is because of the limited amount of dimming zones; if there's both light and dark content inside a single zone, the dark is inevitably going to suffer from the light. You get "blobs" or "patches" of dark blacks and light blacks all over the screen (not in every scene of course!). Dimming is also SLOW! Switching scenes from a light shot to a darker one and you witness the LED's slowly darken the blacks. Throw that into the previous mix and now you have a mess!

I should note that on a completely black screen you can't even tell the TV is on...no doubt local dimming at its finest. But my burning question is why would I want a TV that can only produce solid deep blacks on a static, all black screen and not ACTUAL MOVING CONTENT!? Playing through Dead Space on my PS3 made this VERY apparent as well as watching plenty of blu-rays and animation.

2) If I may quote Vizio, "Full-Array LED backlight distributes LEDs across the entire screen for superior light uniformity and picture performance..." (on packaging) Unfortunately I found this to not be the case. There's a fair amount of dirty screen effect in the form of vertical banding and dark blotches. Not always visible and I was prepared to overlook this since it's inherent in all LCD's to varying degrees. Coupled with the blooming problem tipped the scale for me though. If you're sensitive to DSE while the camera pans left/right you might keep this in mind. The PS3 home menu causes the dark blotches and streaks to appear quite "nicely."

I don't mean to ruin this TV for owners who are happy with it but I needed to write this review because it's the one I would've wanted to see before making a $650 purchase. Of course there's the off chance I got a complete lemon, at least in regards to the screen uniformity, and you can disregard my review. Now that the price has dropped to $580 here I would say it's a good bang for your buck and probably the best for a 120 Hz display. No TV will be perfect. I will be looking into the Sony 48" W600B or the Samsung 48" H6350. If and when I do purchase one I'll be sure and drop a review on my findings. Thanks for taking time to read my review and I truly hope it helped!

UPDATE 12/29/14: I've decided to wait until the 2015 TV lineup before making another purchase. There aren't very many quality options for entry-level 120hz TV's outside of Vizio. So while this TV does have its problems it holds its own well against competitors like Samsung, Sony, & LG. Here's to hoping 2015 delivers an even better array of products! Happy New Year!
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on September 23, 2014
I decided to pull the trigger at a local BestBuy and bought this TV. I have been on the market for quite some time for a tv that offers the Soap Opera Effect without paying more than $1000 and have been unsuccessful with finding one. I finally stumbled on this TV and did my research, many claimed it offers the SOE effect, and claimed how good the picture is for the price. I tried it out for myself, once I got home I took it out of the box and set it up. The setup was very easy, and it only took a few minutes to get it up and running. This is a smart tv with a snappy processor, way faster than my old Sony Bravia, and offers a nifty keyboard remote, which I must say it is a lifesaver. Saves so much time typing with these and it is backlit, awesome! I decided to try out netflix and started streaming on it, the picture looks amazing. I turned on the smooth motion to the highest setting and it looks like I'm in the set.. So crazy.

Im very excited with this TV this is such a bang for the buck. To just add a cherry to the top, the TV is a smart TV with a 240hz refresh rate.

The TV looks great out of the box, but it needs minor adjustments. I followed smeg36's (from avsforum) calibration settings and now the tv is out of this world. Literally.

The settings are as followed-

Custom 1

Backlight - 37 (98 with MBR On for Sports picture mode)
Brightness - 48
Contrast - 65
Color - 50
Tint - 0
Sharpness - 0

Advanced Picture

Color Temperature - Normal
Black Detail - Off
Active LED Zones - On
Smooth Motion Effect - Off (Low for Sports picture mode)
Motion Blur Reduction - Off (On for Sports picture mode)
Reduce Signal Noise - Off
Reduce Block Noise - Off
Film Mode - Auto

Professional Picture

Color Tuner

(Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
Hue - 0, 0, 0, -3, 2, 0
Saturation - 0, 0, 0, 3, 0, -30
Brighness - 7, 4, 6, 1, 5, 1
Offset - 0, 0, 0
Gain - 1, 0, -1

11 Point White Balance

(Red, Green, Blue)

5% - 0, 0, 0
10% - 2, 0, -4
20% - 2, 0, -3
30% - 6, 2, 1
40% - 4, 2, -4
50% - 3, -2, -6
60% - 2, -5, -4
70% - 6, -2, -2
80% - 8, 0, 0
90% - 10, 0, 0
100% - 0, 0, 0

Boom! Now you have a really well calibrated TV. I hope you enjoy because I sure am!!!


-Very Thin Bezel.
-The tv all around is beautiful, it reminds me of a giant apple cinema display.
-Soap Opera Effect (though this is subjective, its a pro in my book- you can easily turn it off however.)
-Smart TV with lots of Apps and browser.
- Remote has a qwerty keyboard and it is backlit.
- 4 Hdmi Inputs and easy to calibrate-no hidden menus.
- very light in weight per the size of the TV.
- great contrast and color reproduction, true blacks white whites.

- none so far, however I noticed that the custom picture mode changes back to default on its own. I found out the reason being that the TV was under Demo mode out of the box. You have to make sure to turn it off in the settings, its quite easy to find just tinker around with it.

I will update this list if I find anything else.

Update 1/8/2015: I have owned this TV since I posted this review, and so far I am very happy with my purchase. Having been skeptical at first of the brand, I was worried that it was going to perform at a lower quality than the top competitor brands, like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony. Overall this TV was a bang for my buck, don't hesitate in trying it out, local best buys should still have this TV on display if you are curious at how it looks in person. Of course stores will not have it calibrated, but the picture still looks great. Recently I experienced an issue with the TV, it was not turning on, no display/sound, even though the power indicator was on. I panicked for a bit, since I tried turning the TV off from the on screen button and nothing. I disconnected the main plug, and left it off for a few seconds, connected back and now the TV works again. Yay! Despite this, the TV has been performing up to par with the leading brands, the smart TV apps that I use are amazing, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Pandora are very snappy! I love it. Stay tuned for more, I may include a video on how to calibrate the TV for those who are looking for a guide. Keep in mind, you will have to calibrate it for each input. :)

Thanks for reading.
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on August 4, 2014
Loved the TV ... Both of them ... while it lasted. Let me explain. The first one started shutting down randomly after a firmware update. Vizio couldn't figure it out and wanted to take several days to diagnose the issue so I called Amazon. Low and behold Amazon says "Don't worry, we'll pick up the defective one and setup a new one if that's what you want". I did want a replacement and they swapped out the Vizio M652i-B2 within a few days. Fast forward to Vizio M652i-B2 number two. Like the first one, this one was great ... till the firmware update was pushed. After that, random shutdown/crashes .... 30 seconds, 2:55 sec, 11 min ... No pattern whatsoever! I call Vizio Tech support and their very polite techs walk me through a very extensive list of troubleshooting tasks, just like the first time. Factory default reset, change the power source, unplug the Ethernet cable, etc. The end result? The same random shutdowns (or crash, don't know which). Vizio then offers to send a tech out. For what I ask? Turns out, they don't know (or can't say) what's wrong with the unit so they plan to just replace components. Not a good plan I tell them as I already did that (sort of) by having Vizio M652i-B2 number 1 replaced with Vizio M652i-B2 number 2.

Fast forward to my call to Amazon- like the Vizio techs they were super polite but unlike Vizio they say "this isn't right, two units In a row having the same problem in the same timeframe after (seemingly) the same firmware update (which, truth be told, is just a hypothesis on my part as to the root cause- the problem could be hardware in nature as well). End result, Amazon issues another refund and arranges to have Vizio M652i-B2 number 2 picked up. Now I cannot find it in my heart to take another chance with Vizio- there is something really wrong with the quality of the M652i-B2 model at the very least. I WILL, however, research things a bit and buy it's replacement from Amazon as their customer service is beyond compare.

Summary: Thank you Amazon and expect my new order (for something other than a Vizio) soon.

Vizio- I'm so sorry such a well reviewed TV turned out to be so problematic. Quality of both hardware and software (since the unit is really a computer of sorts) can make a product sink or swim. Unfortunately the Vizio M652i-B2 sank twice in a row for me. "No more soup for you!"
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on April 10, 2014
We are giving this Vizio 80" TV the lowest rating possible which is one (1). The reason for the low rating is because WE HAD TO REFUSE DELIVERY, NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE, BUT THREE TIMES because the TV is not packaged appropriately for any type of shipping/transport. Granted, the shipping company has some responsibility in that, since the boxes are very beat up by the time it reaches our house, (twice there were big holes punched in the box), but Vizio does such a POOR job of packaging to protect the TV, with very little styrofoam inside (only on the corner edges), and absolutely nothing in the front to protect the screen itself. The first TV actually had dead pixels, probably from being banged around in transit, so we refused delivery and had to order another one, and wait another week to get it delivered. This time, the box had a gash in the front of the box, a hole that went all the way through the cardboard box and it was pretty clear there was going to be damage inside. Sure enough, the screen was cracked and we had to refuse delivery once again. We were pretty skeptical and hesitant about ordering a third time, the frustration and disappointment of still not having a TV were getting extremely annoying, not to mention my husband took the day off of work for nothing! Amazon was at least helpful, friendly & apologetic, and we reluctantly decided to give it one more try. What are the odds of getting another damaged TV, three times in a row? Well, after waiting another 10 days this time, and my husband taking another day off from work, the TV arrived in a box that was in worse condition as the first two, and had a bigger hole in the side of the box. Not surprisingly, the TV screen was shattered and we had to refuse delivery once again. I'm not sure who absorbs the almost $10,000.00 price tag of 3 damaged TV's, but it's ridiculous that in almost a months time and three attempts, we still do not have a TV! We finally just had to ask for a full refund, as it appears there is no way this TV could ever arrive undamaged. Very Frustrated & Disappointed!
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on May 21, 2014
Right out of the box, the TV is a bit underwhelming in terms of picture quality. Although the design itself is quite aesthetic, reminiscent of the modern and slick designs of an iMac, the picture quality without calibration is bit too cool. Luckily, this is easily remedied and with a few changes, the picture looks AMAZING. It blows the picture quality of my old Sony XBR3 LCD tv and my 5 year old Vizio out of the water. Deep, dark, inky blacks, with excellent color, that's not washed out nor over-saturated.

In short, here are the pros and cons of the set:

1) Great minimalistic design. The bezels are barely there, making the set quite immersive.
2) Vivid colors, without being overblown, along with deep blacks. The full-array dimming definitely helps obtaining nice deep blacks. 1080p content is crystal clear, though it's helpful to drop the sharpness down to 40 to avoid the haloing effect.
3) The "Calibrated dark" looks good enough to me, though, I find it necessary to change the color from "Cool" which is standard, to "normal" or "Computer" as "Cool" provides too much of a blue hue to the screen. "Normal," which oddly isn't standard, looks pretty neutral to me. More picky videophiles will likely want to calibrate it further, and those options are certainly available.
4) WiFi reception is good, better than the 2014 E-series, it seems, but it's not quite as strong in reception as my Playstation 4. Depending on your network, you may want to use a WiFi repeater or Ethernet.
5) Not a single dead or stuck pixel! Though one report doesn't mean all are good, it seems the QA is pretty decent based on this set.
6) Subjectively, input lag seems to be better than my old sets. No ghosting either!
7) Excellent viewing angles. The color isn't washed out when viewing the TV from an angle.

1) The lag. Going through menus and selecting choices appears in the on-screen menus is subjected to a good deal of lag. It does not seem to be due to IR interference, as the issue is present when the IR transmitter on the remote and the IR receiver are unobscured. It'd peg it to be about 0.25-0.5 s of lag, a minor annoyance, but one that will take getting used to. I suppose its common with smart TVs nowadays.
2) Corner brightness. The bottom corners (and to a lesser extent the top as well) are brighter than the rest of the screen. They don't appear inky black during dark scenes. I'm assuming an IPS panel is present, and this is just a result of IPS glow.

If you're shopping for a TV, I'd highly recommend this one. It blows entry level TVs by Samsung and Sony out of the water!
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on June 26, 2014
There are way too many reviews included here that are 2013 models with 3D. There is no way to get an accurate star rating on the 2014 model. A model # with a B is 2014. A model # with an A is 2013.
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on December 20, 2014
Mounted brand new tv on bedroom wall, turned it on and I have a volleyball sized white spot on lower left side of screen and fainter white spots all over(see photo). Vizio has not fixed this matter yet. I paid for my tv a month ago and it's still broken on my wall, thanks Vizio. I will never buy or recommend Vizio again due to cheap product but also their customer service.
ALL VIZIO MODELS ARE GARBAGE, it's why prices are being cut in half!!!! If the TV was so good, why discount by 1/2?
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on April 28, 2014
If you're looking at this TV, you're probably like me in that you want to go as big as possible without breaking the bank. Once you go over 70" in screen size, the price curve grows exponentially and the selection (i.e., number of manufacturers) falls off the map. At 70" you can pick from a variety of manufactures with pricing well below $2k. At 80", the prices start in the $3,000's and go all the way up to $6k. There is only one 90" TV on the market and it's around $8k. So, 70" is clearly the sweet spot with 80" venturing into niche consumer market.

Having observed the limited lifespans of flat screens over the years, I opted to not go the Sharp-route @ $5k for an 80". This Vizio, priced around $3k, was therefore the winner. I had my reservations about Vizio - as a brand - because of past experiences with my Vizio TVs. However, in the recent years, many folks have expressed that Vizio has tightened their quality control. So, I took the plunge and picked up this 80" non-3D model.

The first TV arrived in good shape. After about an hour of viewing, I noticed that the backlights were horribly uneven. On the left side of the screen, there were vertical bars that made the screen "appear" to have waves in it. It was a mild distraction but nothing super serious (like a cluster of dead pixels). I called Vizio and they said that the light-distribution panels behind the screen were not "glued together" properly which was causing the wave-like effect. While Vizio said it was "their fault," I couldn't help but think that - while in transit - the TV box probably fell down and went boom - causing the panels to separate. Vizio also confirmed that such a fall could technically cause the panels to separate. Since doing a replacement through Vizio would prevent me from returning through Amazon, I opted to have Amazon do the replacement. Amazon, by the way, is awesome at handling the replacements and their concierge team did a fantastic job at handling my case.

The second TV arrived about two weeks later. Upon inspection of the box, there was a hold punched in the side and a visible dent on the TV bezel. Assuming that the TV had likely taken some type of fall while in transit, I opted to refuse the delivery and have Amazon send an replacement. On a side note, it baffles me that Vizio doesn't put a little more effort into packaging these TVs. The box is only a few inches wide and there is no type of internal packaging that preserves the screen or bezel from being damaged by a fall or something else striking the outside of the box. I know that everyone wants to be eco-friendly (with boxing) these days but, please, let's find a common ground between efficiency and safety!

The third TV arrived about 1.5 weeks later. After the issue with the second TV, I immediately inspected the box and found a hole punched on the front of the box (right in front of the screen). I checked underneath the hole and luckily there was no damage to the screen. We unboxed the TV and swapped it out for the first one. I'm happy to report that the third time was a charm. There are still light distribution problems on this TV but they aren't as bad as the first one. After a month of calling Amazon concierge and Vizio (to set up replacements), I'm just going to stick with this one.

In terms of the actual TV, it's functional but nothing special. Per other reviews on related models, the infrared sensor is pretty bad. I'm constantly re-clicking the power button to turn the TV on/off (when the first click doesn't trigger). The interface is also laggy. With a lot of tweaking, picture quality is pretty good but not quite as good as the 80" Sharp offerings. All in all, I do feel that I overpaid to get up to 80" in screen size and the longevity of this set is TBD. Hopefully, when it goes in the next few years, hopefully Sharp and other manufacturers will have more, cheaper 80" offerings available. This will definitely be *my* last Vizio purchase, ever.

TL;DR - First two TVs were damaged/defective. The third TV works but still feels cheap.
review image
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on September 12, 2014
4 star is a bit of a stretch. It has to go for the quality of the image bypassing some rather basic options and qualities you would expect spending $3K on a TV.

So, just a few days in, I would break it down as follows:


Once you get your own tuning for color / contrast / back light / etc ... its actually easy to get a very good quality image from HD content. Blue Ray is great - Netflix / Amazon / Vudu / Apple TV (poor for 30 seconds or so while it buffers half the time) but very good once on track. No audio out of synch as with some other more expensive TVs.

Its BIG - really big - and deserves a 4 star just for getting great resolution on most popular medium at this price range.
Youtube miles will vary. but even some of lower resolutions will play decently if you accept that you are sourcing from variable quality.

4 stars goes truly to the image - see cons for what should take 1 to 3 stars away if the image wasn't so good and depending on your expectations ( I assume now without experience as its just here for a few days it will have some reliability in HW regards).


Absolutely the most ridiculously slow and quirky software. Still haven't found how to upgrade firmwire manually.

Setup was lengthy as I had to go on user blogs to find out why none of my streaming sites worked (Amazon, Vudu. Netflix) - AppleTv had no issue as separate device :) - btw, forgo trying to call Vizio unless you want to just waste time on an automated system with what seems no hope to ever talk to anyone.

Ended up being simple, Vizio software is subpar / especially on network setup. Using DHCP messed up everything / setup didn't capture proper IP address / default gateway and DNS - so Netflix and Amazon reported issues until changing to manual setup for network and entering all data manually. (frustrating really as I can't remember a single TV in last few years that couldn't get that right) - but all said and done - easily fixed if you have some networking knowledge.

Yet, temporarily that only fixed Netflix and Vudu apps / Amazon was still reporting that "they are working on building the app" - although the remote has an "amazon: button. Shutting down the TV overnight fixed that - I assume a firmware / software update happened. I say "assume" cause there is no menu option to force an upgrade and no status telling you one happened - if anyone found it, let me (us) know.

Anyhow, due to these idioticracies, I was short of returning the TV.

Glad a night sleep worked it all up.

As for the remote - its wifi - nice touch although if you are ingrained in the old remote you will still try to point to the TV when there is absolutely no need - works mostly well until it decide to not do anything (rarely) - other tip here... As there is no buttons on the TV to turn on/off or anything else... you will have to switch power cord off to get it back on should it have decided to not respond. Only had this twice in 5 days... ok thats not a great batting average.


Great TV Image for price range for size (80"). - Picture quality justify 4 stars - at least for now as I am a bit concerned about some obvious misses in software quality, which I hope will not be seen in HW quality.
Its not the best building materials - but what is today? I have seen the $10X TVs and its cheap plastic too.

I know it defeats the meaning of smart TV. This TV focused on image, not smart software - given price point, I would suggest to buy a smart devices. Little choice for Apple TV - its just gonna be that overpriced underpowered device.
Amazon TV is promising, Roku, others... your choice - I'm certain it will buffer better and get you better quality, important on 80".
Good thing, the TV is so massive... you won't see these devices :)

TV is super heavy, arrange for the delivery guys to set it up if on stand or a pro outfit if on wall.


Ceva missed delivery window without contacting us. Not too cool.

However they made it up 100 times by efficiency / quality / and friendliness once on site.
Given the weight of the TV, we couldn't have done install without them - we also didn't have to ask them to check for quality of shipping and if there were any defect.
2 hrs late was easily erased from our memory given their service all in.
Thanks to CEVA and Amazon.

Hope this help, I'll update as time passes by.

Would I recommend to my friends:

A bit early to say. I Hardware quality last, I can live with the dumb TV given that it has enough inputs for better devices that are way cheeper and will evolve faster.
Resiliency will define future satisfaction.
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on June 4, 2014
I went to Best Buy to get this TV and they were sold out. It would have been 4-5 days to get one delivered to the store, so I came to Amazon and had it in three days, delivered to my home. (I am am Amazon Prime customer.) While at Best Buy the TV guy said this was the best TV value in the 32 in range...1080 and 120...vs 720 and 60, like most 32 in TVs. And priced at $329.00!

My first HD TV was a 32 in LG, three years ago. It was 720/60 and a great TV, but it needed a sound bar. Since then I have added a 50 in Plasma and 60 in Plasma from LG as well, with two additional LG Sound Bar Systems. This was my first Vizio product and so far, I am very impressed. After screwing on the base with 7 screws, I attached the power cord and the HDMI cable (purchased separately) and less than 15 minutes after opening the box, I was watching TV.

The set up was simple and the picture is great. It is used in the master bedroom, and the sound is most adequate and it will not need another sound bar.

Two items worth mentioning...not only is the 2014 Model less expensive than the 2013 Model, it has an additional HDMI port. In addition, there are unique buttons on the backlit remote for Amazon Prime and Netflix...and both of them function simply by setting them up, without the need for a computer, assuming you already have accounts with both companies. (There are a whole slew of other apps preinstalled as well.)

All in all, a great purchase.
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