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on November 27, 2012
I added this 65" M650VSE to replace an old picture tube TV. I have a 54" plasma in another room so my comparison is to that which may not be a good comparison (the plasma looks better). Overall I like the TV for picture quality, size, and for the money it is a very good TV.

There are a few things I will point out:

a) The motion blurr is noticeable during certain programs. My plasma does not show this but maybe that is to be expected with a LCD/LED.
b) The Smart Features (WiFi stuff) is annoyingly slow. Might take you 3 minutes to get to and load a Youtube video where you can do it on a iPad is 10 seconds. For this reason I do not use any of the advanced features. I did not buy it for this so no big deal to me.
c) The TV takes like 30 seconds to show you a picture after turning it on.
d) Picture automatically dims in a dark room and it seems the picture quality is not as good. If you have a small light (lamp) on it will not dim and the picture is great. Maybe this auto-dim can be turned off but I have not found it yet.

Overall for the size and price it is a good TV.
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on December 20, 2012
We purchased this TV at Amazon for 1398. It took eleven days to receive it via pilot shipping. We plan to keep the tv as it is a nice set. We have found minor issues with vertical banding; fortunately this is usually not noticeable. The worst case has been when viewing the ps3 home screen. The picture is fantastic for hd tv and good enough for sd tv. DVD and blue rays look great via ps3. Gaming on ps3 is very good, no noticeable lag. Wide variation in input signals ( dish, ps3, wii, etc) requires tweaking to get colors acceptable. The smart tv and apps are clunky and slow, we don't need these features so it is no problem for us. If we were rich we would probably consider a higher quality tv.

Edit 12/21. We lowered the rating to 3 stars. The banding issue has become more distracting. It shows up when camera is in motion like left-right pan shots. We are afraid this will get worse over time. It's possible we will return. It's too bad we have no local stores where we can see before buying. When the vertical bands are not noticeable, the picture is great.

Edit 1/04. We returned the tv to Amazon. Amazon's return policy was very good. We got another set at a local store, same model. This one has less banding, noticeable but tolerable. However, the remote doesn't work on the new tv and its not the remote. So we have to box it up and return (again). Because of the good price, we will give this TV one more chance. If the third one has problems, we are done.
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on December 18, 2012
I bought the 55" Vizio in 2010 and have had no problems with it. I bought this one for my husband for Christmas. Was very easy to set up. I would have given it 5 stars except for the sound. The sound comes out the back and sounds a little like an old transister radio. It definitly needs a sound bar.
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on April 22, 2013
I want to preface my review by stating that I never leave product reviews and own 3 other Vizio televisions...

I have owned this TV for 6 months now and it is in the process of being repaired for the second time (I think). Right out of the box, the TV did not respond to the remote. I had to connect my computer's keyboard to the side in order to bypass the setup process. Even still, I was unable to use the internet apps. More of an annoyance than anything. I called Vizio's customer support and they sent me out a new remote. Upon receiving the second remote, I had the same issue. When I called customer support the second time, the rep was very friendly and walked me through a couple troubleshooting steps. She asked me if I would like to have the TV repaired or replaced. Since it had already been a few weeks and I didn't want to wait another 2-3 weeks for a replacement, I decided to have it repaired.

The technician came to my house and ended up replacing the motherboard. I thought all was well until one night (3 months later) the TV flashed red, then shut itself off. The next morning, it turned itself off 2 more times. I started hearing a high pitched frequency sound coming from the TV so I unplugged it. The noise stopped. Tried plugging it back in and the noise started again. Third call to customer service...

Again, the rep walked me through various troubleshooting steps. Push the side buttons, unplug, try a new outlet, blah, blah, blah. She asked what I had connected to the TV. I told her the TV was wall-mounted and all that was connected was a soundbar. She asked if I would connect the cable directly to the TV. I told her that it would be labor intensive and asked if there was something else we could test. She said sure, and we tested my laptop. She told me that she would "see if I was eligible for a repair" and placed me on hold for about 7 minutes.

Upon her return, she said that "unfortunately" my setup isn't recommended and she needed to rule out that the soundbar isn't causing the issue. (I own a Vizio soundbar - how can it not be a recommended setup?) She said "unfortunately" there was nothing she could do for me unless I connected the cable directly to the TV. At that point I asked to speak to her supervisor.

The "executive supervisor" proceeded to tell me that she could send out a person to diagnose the issue. I told her I don't want a bunch of strange people coming to my house for repairs and diagnostics. I wanted a replacement. She told me that I was not eligible for a replacement. Really? Three months ago I was. I asked if I should be satisfied with spending $1400 on a product to have it repaired every three months. She explained that if it is an issue that can be repaired, it will be repaired and not replaced. Two minutes prior she said that it doesn't make sense and is not cost-effective to keep having repairs done. ?

I finally agreed to pull the tv stand out and re-route my cable directly to the TV, while kindly placing her on hold, of course. (This is after she interrupted me in mid-sentence and started talking over me. Great customer service!) She then tells me that the problem is my soundbar, not the TV. So my soundbar is causing the TV to turn off by itself?

She reluctantly agreed to send out a repair technician. At least I think that's the plan. She told me to expect a call from the repair company to schedule an appointment. I didn't even get my case number.

Long review, but with my lemon TV and poor customer service, I will not be purchasing another Vizio product.


The TV repairman was unable to fix the issue with a replaced motherboard and power supply cord. I was told to expect a call from Vizio within 2 business days. A week later, still no phone call. I called Vizio and again was placed on hold for approx. 7 minutes while my "notes" were being reviewed. The gentleman told me that they believed it was the sound bar causing the issue. I told him the TV was in a spare bedroom at this point and nothing was connected to it. We walked through more of the same troubleshooting steps with the same results. In the end, they decided to send me a replacement. Hoping this one works as it should!
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on July 11, 2013
This vizio 65 inch tv has a beautiful picture. I use the smart feature to watch amazon's prime movies. The movie loads very fast via the wi-fi connection. I tested the tv speakers and sounds great, Although I have it hooked up to a sony sound bar and sub-woofer that makes it sound even better. the stand that supports the tv is o.k. it does the job, had no problems with it. The remote is two sided, the one side has the normal key functions and the other has a qwerty keyboard to help you type in titles to search for specific movies in the smart tv feature.This is a 1080p high definition smart tv. I highly recommend this 65 inch tv.
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on December 30, 2012
I love my new 65" Vizio. The picture is great and it's hard to find a better price on a tv of this size (especially a LED with the Smart TV features).

I contemplated getting this same TV at a local store for a similar price but I'm glad I didn't for multiple reasons:
1. Taxes. State taxes weren't applicable for this out of state vendor saving me hundreds of dollars.
2. Shipping. The included free shipping service was fantastic. I'm single and drive a small car. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to get this thing home let alone safely set it up. You set up a time for this company to deliver it to you, they bring it inside, set it on your tv stand, and test it to ensure it is working properly!

Overall I am very happy with this amazon purchase and wouldn't hesitate purchasing another tv from them in the future.
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on July 3, 2015
Love the TV. The only annoyance is that the apps are slow. I default to using my PS3 for Netflix.
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on January 23, 2013
Best value in terms of Cost per Inch of any other TVs out there. Was hesitant not knowing much about the brand but have been more than satisfied over the past month I have owned it. Great picture quality, sound is a little weak but comparable to other systems. Would have been nice to get a little more "oomph" being that the TV is 65". Will have to see how the product performs long term to really make a judgement on Vizio but so far so good!
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on December 30, 2013
Had the TV for about 8 months. No complaints and worked like a charm. 8 months after hanging it on my wall in my living room, the TV decided not to turn on anymore. Contacted Vizio and tried a couple things but ultimetly never turned back on. Vizio does have a great customer service and I am currently in the process of returning the TV with a full refund.
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on September 14, 2013
I love the picture. I had to augment the sound system with external speakers.
I want to add the closed caption but cannot figure out how to make it happen--I follow the directions in the manual but it does not work (yet).

It meets my needs fro watching great shows. It turned my loft into a theatre room. Thank you
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