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on April 6, 2015
PROS: Excellent quality, sound & power for the price!
Connected it to my 60" LG plasma in a room sized 12'x21'. I built this basement room for the sole purpose of a theater room and insulated the ceiling and walls but this system rumbled right thru it all... shoot every room in the house! Not saying that the sound is as good as my Bose system in my living room but I would definitely not complain as it sounds really good & powerful especially for the cost.

CONS: not sue if its the TV or the system but when jumping up or down a level of sound, it seams as if it is to big of a move.
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on December 17, 2014
Arrived on time...packaging was great...super easy to setup (less than 10 minutes)...5 STARS from me...the sound is amazing...I have a 70 inch VIZIO TV E-series and it has truly turned my TV room into a true movie theater experience.
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on November 16, 2016
Let me start off by saying that I am not a professional review writer or tech savy and it has been along time since I have had a surround sound system. I must say that this Vizio product was really beyond my expectations!!! The set up is REALLY EASY !!! The Sound is AWESOME !!!
I was skeptical at first as I was looking at a few other products that were more expensive as well. Before purchasing this system I did a lot of research and read a whole bunch of reviews not only on Amazon but other resources as well. Like I said I was a bit skeptical, mostly because of the price and I was looking for something that I could really enjoy.
I will conclude by saying that this surround system fills my living room with awesome sound and has brought movie watching to a whole new level . I also use it to Bluetooth my music from my phone that works flawlessly and it sounds amazing. Did I mention The set up was SOOOOOO EASY !!! Set up in minutes the Bluetooth Sub and satellite speakers made this a breeze. I couldn't be happier with this product!!!

Thank you Amazon and Vizio.
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on March 31, 2015
I work in the technology field, I have set up several home theaters and other electronics. This is not new to me.

My Setup:
Roku connected to Samsung TV via HDMI. Soundbar connected to TV via optical. TV set to external speakers and PCM audio. Roku set to Auto-detect (though I have also tried the other specific options separately for testing purposes).

The Good:
Set's up very easy and quickly and seems to work well.

The Bad:
I have 2 major issues and 1 minor issue with this soundbar:

1st big issue is that the sound takes 1-2 seconds to "ramp up" after you pause whatever you are watching and start it a couple minutes later. For example, I'm watching a movie and decide to grab a drink. I pause the movie, get up, pour a drink, come back, and hit play. The video starts back up immediately, but the sound takes a second to come back on, and it is very soft, and another second to "ramp up" to the set volume. If you pause and then play in quick succession, this doesn't happen. It only happens after you have the video paused for a couple minutes or more. Almost like the soundbar is powering down or going into some kind of standby mode after which it takes a seconds to come back "alive".

2nd big issue is with retention of the subwoofer volume setting. When first powering on the device, the subwoofer volume is maxed out causing it to be extremely loud, boomy, and distorted. I then navigate to the subwoofer volume setting via the remote, click it down once, and the sub is all of a sudden at the previously set level (say 25% for example). Then if I turn the unit off, wait a minute, turn it back on again, the subwoofer volume is again at max volume. This happens every time the device is powered on and is really annoying.

3rd issue (the minor one) is that the remote is so awful it's almost comical. The buttons work fine, and have a satisfying clicky sound/feel but it's the LCD screen that I hate with the intensity of 1000 suns. The soundbar has no screen of its own so the only way to select and modify settings is via the remote and it's teeny tiny LCD screen. The issue is that its black text on a dark screen, with very little contrast. It's like trying to play an original gameboy in the dark. It's hard enough to see in direct lighting let alone if you wanted to make some change with the lights dimmed low while watching a show or movie. It really was a poor design choice and should at least have a backlight. Heck, even my old Honeywell thermostat has a backlight. My first first Timex watch as a kid had a backlight!

Contacting Customer Support:
I obviously contacted customer support and ran through the gamut of basic troubleshooting such as power cycling everything, factory resetting, them blaming it on my TV, them blaming it on my Roku, and finally them telling me to set it to "Night Mode" which artificially turns down the subwoofer. That last one really annoyed me. It's like me taking my car to the dealer because the engine is making loud noises and them asking me to wear earmuffs. After all that, they said I was eligible for "Advanced Replacement" where they put a hold on my credit card, ship me out a new one, and I ship them the old one back with the enclosed packaging, and then pray they release the CC hold. After I receive the replacement, I will update this review accordingly.
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on March 28, 2015
I've lived with this system for about a month and I couldn't be more pleased.
I had a 5.1 DTS system before, but was tired of speakers all over the room and all the wires that were involved.

Sound doesn't need to be seen...

I tried Bose AM5's but they were a bit thin, and still all those cables running around the room.
I did some research on soundbars and the reviews on this system were VERY encouraging.
I have a Vizio 47" Smart TV and I was happy with the build quality of Vizio so I ordered one "Factory refurbished".
I guess it depends on WHO you order a refurbished setup through, but mine was a bit scuffed. But nothing visible once I set ip up and definitely nothing with the sound quality! Once I got everything setup properly (10 minutes to get everything plugged-n-paired, and another 10-15 to tweak everything to my liking), I was VERY impressed!

I have a HTPC AND Vizio's Smart devices of course.

This in not an audiophile's setup, but for a small amount of money this setup is great.
I'd buy it again in a second and would definitely recommend it!

I also got a 29" 2.0 Vizio soundbar in my bedroom of which I'm very pleased as well!

Don't hesitate to buy it!

UPDATE: I just had to add that I love Vizio products, but their remotes are hands down the absolute worst I've EVER used!
Why there aren't third party remotes for this particular setup surprises me...I would buy one in a minute!
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on December 23, 2014
I was setting up a second entertainment system in the bedroom, and wanted something relatively simple, since I already had a full on receiver in the living room. On the other hand, I wanted some nice sound, and it turned out that the Vizio 5.1 Soundbar not only sounded relatively good according to reviews, but also had a subwoofer and satellite speakers giving a real surround experience.

Installation was relatively easy, though I ended up having to buy a soundbar mount just to get it to mount under the TV, since the TV was on an articulating mount. The satellite mounts are very well thought out, and I had no problems driving them into a drywall and then mounting them into the correct places.

The biggest problem with my relatively old LCD TV is that it does not pass through surround audio signal from HDMI to the speakers, so there's no point plugging in any of the digital outputs from the TV to the soundbar. That's no big deal, since the primary video driver to the TV is the PS4, which does have a digital output which does plug into the soundbar just fine.

What's nice is that the subwoofer is wireless, while it does also supply wired power and sound to satellite speakers.

As a result, I ended up with multiple inputs into the soundbar, with the TV driving one, the PS4 driving another, and of course, bluetooth connectivity for music. This works very well, but it does defeat the point of one of the features of the system, which is that you can train it to understand the volume commands from your TV's remote rather than using the remote that comes with the soundbar. It was just easier to train myself to use the soundbar's remote.

One nit-pick is that the increments on the sound is rather large, so you can easily go from too soft to too loud in just a couple of clicks of the remote. This is no big deal since you learn how to work with the system relatively quickly. Another nice thing to have would have been for the soundbar to take a passthrough HDMI input so that it could get full surround output from the PS4 without having to flip back and forth between inputs. But all that's relatively minor. The system works and I didn't have to buy a receiver.

The sound is rich and full, and even with just stereo inputs the system does use the subwoofer and the satellite speakers. It certainly sounds much better than the TV's built-in speakers, and of course, when playing games on the PS4 you get the full surround experience, which is exactly what you want.

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on October 28, 2015
This sound system is awesome. I have this hooked up to my Toshiba 46g210U 48" LCD via the optical audo cable (SPDIF). It's capable of dolby digital 5.1 output from standard cable channels that support it, and normal 2 channel output for those channels that don't.

The audio quality is exceptional.

I have the 2 satellite spekears mounted to the wall behind my couch. I mounted them via the use of 2 simple cabinet hinges I bought at the hardware store. The mounting screws on the speakers allowed them to connect to the hinges easily. The wireless sub-woofer is hardwired to the 2 satellite speakers and receive perfect signal.

Most of the time I use my tv streaming from my computer via an HDMI connection between the computer and tv. The tv supports a pass through of audio to the soundbar allowing for dolby digital 5.1 output even when playing from my computer to the tv over HDMI.

I also use this to occasionally connect via bluetooth to my phone to listen to music. Connecting is simple, and just requires you to toggle to 'bluetooth' on the sound system remote, and connect to it via your phone or audio device. My phone remains connected from at least 2 rooms away (30').

Finally, I recently purchased a raspberry pi 2 to set up a home media center. Much like with my computer, I connected the raspberry pi to the tv via an HDMI cable. Using Kodi media center software on the raspberry pi, I get audio passthrough through the tv to the soundbar and can output Dolby digital 5.1 on the sound system easily (the light on the soundbar indicates as much, along with the sound quality).
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on October 30, 2014
Purchased the Vizio4251w-B4 to replace a Toshiba SBX1250 sound bar that I was VERY unhappy with. I am very pleased with the performance os the Vizio and the $300-ish Amazon price tag is definitely worth it for the powerful, easy to use audio improvement over my TV's internal speakers. This system is not for audiophiles but for folks that want better (not world class) sound from their television without the fuss of a full-blown 'home theatre system.'

Why did I buy a second sound bar inside a year? Because the remote on the Toshiba was absolutely worthless and there was no way to use a programmable, universal remote to make the Toshiba soundbar respond from across the room. Getting up off the sofa to physically press the buttons on the top of the sound bar was frustrating - so a good remote was definitely something I was looking for.

Several reviews praised this Vizio model as a fix for all the things that plague most sound bar systems - and those reviews were spot on! The sound from the Vizio is great and it took me very little time to set up. There are a couple of set-up/installation niggling issues (most of which could be cleared up with a better owners manual) but I am very pleased with the performance and ease of use for the Vizio.

Program the sound bar to read the volume up/down/mute commands from your TV/Satellite/Cable remote and you will probably never need the Vizio's (excellent) remote again after the first hour. Thumbs up!

1. I gather that my TV (a Samsung) doesn't push a Dolby 5.1 signal through the TV - which is fine. That is not the fault of this Vizio sound bar, but the instructions about "looking to see if the 5.1 light flashes on start up" didn't help me. I have no idea where on the soundbar that light is - since it isn't detailed anywhere in the manual. Not a big deal, since I've read the specs on my TV and it isn't capable of sending the 5.1 signal anyway.

2. The two, wired satellite speakers that feed off the woofer are color coordinated - one blue and one grey. There is a blue or grey surround on the input jack on the back of each speaker, on the outputs from the subwoofer and similar colored rings on both ends of the cables - one blue and one grey. Sounds perfect, right? But, nowhere could I find which color was Left and which was Right. Maybe I am dim, but I didn't see the info in the manual/specs - either in the paper version in the box or the online PDF I downloaded. I had to power up the system up and then go into the settings (nice display on the Vizio remote is super-useful here) and shift the surround balance all the way left and then all the way right - and that is how I learned that the blue speaker should be positioned near my left ear as I sit on the sofa. Grey goes to the right. Why not include that in the manual?
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on January 27, 2015
For the money the performance is excellent. It should be noted that most TV's down convert or dumb down their audio signal coming from their optical digital output to 2.1 so in those cases the soundbar will receive only 2.1 channel audio. My Sony KLD52V5100 only puts out 2.1 audio from the optical output. Having said that the soundbar creates a faux 5.1 surround sound and unless one is a true audiophile they won't be able to tell the difference. The bass from the subwoofer is simply great. You can adust the center speaker level, bass and treble levels, subwoofer level, surround levels(rear speakers) and even surround balance on the rear speakers should your sitting location be not centered. The true volume option works great also if used. To get a TRUE 5.1 surround channel effect and if your TV only puts out 2.1 as mentioned earlier then simply use the audio sources optical digital out and connect it directly to the sound bar to achieve true 5.1. I did this by using my satellite receivers optical digital out which puts out true 5.1 directly to the optical digital input on the soundbar. TRUE Dolby, DTS 5.1 surround sound. For the money its a great buy and so simple to set up and adjust to ones on personal likes. The sound bar will show the Dolby or DTS logo briefly to indicate if the source to the soundbar is Dolby or DTS. Only the optical input or coaxial digital input on the soundbar will give you Dolby or DTS.
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on January 5, 2015
It's a pain to connect via Bluetooth to this sound bar. I've tried from my MacBook, my Nexus phone, and my iPad. It always takes multiple attempts to actually connect to the soundbar, even when I'm right next to it. When it finally does connect, the sound will drop periodically while listening to music. It gets flaky and I often just opt to listen to music on my crappy iPad speakers because those at least stream the music without stutters or lag.

This soundbar is also not very intelligent. Every time you turn it on, you have to change the subwoofer settings and then change them back to what they were, because when it first starts, the subwoofer is at max. We always turn the subwoofer to its lowest setting because we live in an apartment. When we turn the soundbar on, the setting shows that it's at the lowest setting, but the bass from the subwoofer is ridiculous. When you turn the subwoofer setting up via the remote then turn it back down to the minimum, the bass gets noticeably lower. I wish the device wouldn't lie to me and say it's on the minimum setting when it clearly is not.

Otherwise, the sound is fine and the soundbar works okay.
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