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on February 5, 2015
Bought three of these to be mounted for widescreen gaming, and could not be happier with the purchase. The price is great for the product you are receiving. The thin bezel is great for multi-monitor setups, and dual hdmi ports is a great perk if you want to use them for dual purposes. The speakers are good as far as monitor speakers go, but nothing amazing. The monitor stands that these arrive with are relatively weak, I currently have them mounted to a Ergotech Monitor stand, which of course fixed the problem of the sturdiness. The picture quality is great and gaming on them is amazing. Would absolutely recommend these.
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on March 23, 2013
I'm not sure why Amazon grouped three different monitor together, but the one I am reviewing is the VN247H-P

In terms of the specs, this monitor is great. It has two HDMI ports, audio in, and an audio out port for headsets, etc. The monitor has speakers which is decently loud and of decent quality (It's better than laptop speakers (HP dv7t in my case) by far, but don't expect it to beat dedicated speakers / surround sound systems). It comes with VGA cable, a DVI to HDMI cable, and an audio cable. If you want hdmi to hdmi, you will need to buy that yourself (I bought the amazon basics ones)

Now for what I mean by "work required"
First of all, the screen was badly calibrated when shipped. Everything was washed out, etc because all the settings were near max. Definitely run windows built in color calibration ("calibrate display color" in Windows 8). The colors look much better after that.

Second, I may have received a semi defective unit in terms of the stand. The hinge wouldn't budge when I first tried to tilt the screen. I knew something was not right because I was close to breaking the housing on the monitor with the amount of force I was applying to tilt the monitor. I then checked the instruction manual which does show how to remove the hinge mechanism. Following that, I realized the nuts (hex shaped versions) were on way too tight. I loosened them and the monitor was able to tilt normally. Hopefully this is an isolated incident, because requiring extra tools to set up a monitor is not the way to go.

Third, as other reviewers say, the stand is a bit "flimsy". I do not fear the stand would break even when left alone, but it does flex / wobble more than other monitors when the table shakes. In other words, there is no need to shake the table, so don't do it and you will be fine.

Fourth, the placement of the ports on the monitor is TERRIBLE. It's behind a flap in the back and due to the low clearance, it was really difficult to plug in the wires. In the end, I gave up feeling for the ports and had to lay the monitor flat on the screen (on the protective covering it came in) and plug in the wires by aiming carefully. If you need to constantly remove the cables out of the monitor, this isn't a really good fit.

(Non monitor related issue) Lastly, remember to switch the audio settings so the sound will actually come out of the monitor if you are using HDMI. Right click the audio picture in the task bar > click playback devices > select the monitor > click set as default

Now after all the initial set up issues, I must say the monitor itself is pretty good. The colors look great after calibration, the sound was better than what I expected (I was thinking average laptop speaker quality, but it is much better than that), and the response times are great as well. The thin bezel also looks aesthetically pleasing. If you can ignore the setup gripes and don't alter the monitor after the initial setup, this is a very good monitor for the price.
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on August 6, 2013
I bought three of these for a multi-monitor setup. I'm not a gamer so I don't use them for playing video games. I bought them for general productivity & to work on software development. So far they are awesome. I highly recommend this model especially if you want a multi-monitor setup.

*They have a great minimalist design.
*Very thin bezel.
*Awesome screen.
*Great for multi-monitor setup.
*Non-glossy screen. (personally I still haven't grasped why anyone would want the distraction brought on by a reflective screen)

*VGA port but no DVI port.
-Really?? If you're buying a high res monitor like this are you really going to use a VGA port??? Shame on you if you do! :)
*Short monitor stand.
-I'm using Humanscale monitor arms so I'm not using the stands which come in the box but I can totally see how the stands would be too short for me and probably be wobbly like other
reviews have mentioned.
*Its not immediately obvious how to navigate through the onscreen menus

I've seen some reviews complain about buttons being in back of the monitor but to me since the monitors are so thin and lite having them on the back is better and provides more leverage for pressing them. Also, expect to make some settings adjustments (ex: brightness) after taking it out of the box.
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on May 15, 2016
These monitors are definitely a bang for the buck. To keep this review short - the main reason for my review lacking a star is the wobbly stand (which isn't much of a problem, but should still be addressed in future versions by the manufacturer) and the horrid settings out of the box. I had to play around with this for hours prior to having a comfortable color profile that is relatively accurate to the eye and does not cause headaches. Once you have your profile set, you should be fine. Another very unnoticeable issue which is slightly present is a very subtle bleed coming from the bottom of the monitor. It is not very noticeable and unless I really analyze my monitor pixel by pixel I will not noticeable on most tasks, but it is there. I love this monitor, the very thin bezel allows me to place them side by side (I bought two) without much distraction. The screen does very well against reflections (I am in a room with 5 windows shining direct sunlight at certain times of the day) and the built-in speakers (although I do not use them) are a nice added feature for the price. I find the response time to be indeed as advertised and I am happy with my purchase.I definitely recommend this monitor. Asus has always created quality products and this is no exception.
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on January 7, 2016
Love love love this monitor. I bought this monitor as a replacement to my ACER 23' that broke when my desk collapsed from god knows what reason. There is nothing very special about the monitor other than the fact it will provide what is advertised: clear and crisp quality resolution for whatever you are going to use this for.

- Packaging was very protective and looked brand new out of the box
- Easy access to power and navigation buttons on the lower right side of the screen
- Mini-door that enables access to the HDMI and plug-in's at the rear of the monitor (you can close and click the protective mini-door to ensure the wires and cables stay in)
- Settings are fairly easy to change to whatever preferences you have for gaming, movies, etc. (They have preset movie, gaming, and night time modes)

- Finding which cable goes in which slot at the rear will involve actually looking under and behind the monitor, but nothing too complicated
- Unable to swivel the monitor horizontally (if you want to turn it right or left the whole monitor needs to be adjusted for positioning)
- Limited swivel vertically

These cons do not really affect me as this is just a primary monitor on my two-monitor set up so I do not really adjust the monitor positioning at my desk.
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on October 28, 2015
The monitor is great! The slim bezel and 2 HDMI ports are a plus. The game play is awesome for 60hz.

So here's is why I gave it 4 stars out of 5. I bought one earlier this year for my Xbox One and with the anticipation of using it as a secondary monitor for my PC I built. I wanted another so I bought another one. Once I received it and powered it on, the monitors color was different from my other monitor. Keep in my, both of these monitors are an ASUS VN347HP. The color, I thought, I could change. Did everything I could and couldn't get the monitors to match in color. After that, I noticed in the white areas of the screen, like being on google homepage, I noticed something explainable. There were light grey wavy lines through the screen. It covered a good portion but not all of the screen. I may sound like I'm not making sense, but I couldn't find anything online that had an explanation for a defect like this. So then I decided to return the monitor and get a replacement. I received my replacement and the same problems occurred. It was sad that the manufacture had a bad batch like that. I can understand that there may be a bad monitor here and there but the batch that I received was basically worthless. I'm not sure how the monitors became faulty (as in, was it the manufacture or was it somewhere in between?) but whatever happened hopefully it doesn't happen again because I just bought another pair ASUS monitors, just not this one.

If I had gotten a perfectly good monitor I would have given it another star and of course I would still have it. For the monitor that has no problem, everything is great. Works like it's supposed to.

PROS - Slim bezel, excellent for console gaming, good for PC if your'e good with 60hz, 2 HDMI ports, and mostly the overall design.

CONS - A bit wobbly due to the a thin neck on the stand that connects to the back of the monitor.

Its a great monitor for the average person when it comes to console or pc gaming in 1080p.

I just wanted to post this review in case someone else had a weird defect like the ones I ordered did. I never came across a review or comment that had the problem with the grey lines.

Thanks for reading!
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on April 27, 2016
I was extremely excited to get two of these to use for general office work with minimal graphics design... (Probably 90%/10%)

When getting them I initially hooked them up to a single computer. Single inputs work fine.

I immediately noticed that the colors of the background and everything looked washed out. It was hard to discern icons on my desktop from the background image or even on the taskbar as they were faded and blended together. For example, the clock blended in completely with the background color of the taskbar.

I played around with all of the settings and eventually got it to a point where they are usable (I can now read all of the text on the screen), but the colors are still two vibrant. I hooked up my old monitor and compared them side-by-side just to make sure I wasn't going crazy (6 year old Acer that's not 1080p)

I could eventually get used to the inaccurate colors and the image is sharp enough to use for day-to-day work. But it's nothing exceptional.

With just the image and color representation I would rate this monitor a 3.5.

It wasn't until I hooked two monitors up to a second computer that I really started to get frustrated with them.. Anytime one of the two computers power Cycles or goes into a sleep State the monitor regardless of which input is being used will flicker/ turn off and cause both computers to reinitialize their displays.

This means, you could be working on one computer typing an email or doing something else and if the second computer goes to sleep even though you're not using it the monitor will flicker causing your displays to basically shut off and turn back on.
Basically what is happening, is the HDMI ports are both power cycling causing it to look like the HDMI cable has been unplugged. This causes the graphics card in the computer to reinitialize all display ports. This is not acceptable for a display unless it is actually unplugged from the computer.

I would return them, but by now it's been a little too long. I will end up replacing these and putting them on my kids Minecraft PC's. (Those blocks could use a little blending... ;) ).
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on May 2, 2015
I have had these two monitors for about 6 weeks now and really like how crisp, clear and bright they are. Sitting side by side right out of the box they looked great and there was no difference in color, contrast, etc. between them.

I did use Windows to tune them which made them a little better but I also tried to 'tune' them up a little using not a very scientific method of 'screen patterns' which I ended up scraping and reverting to the out of the box configuration. You can Google 'calibrate LED monitor' to see what patterns I tried to use, which worked pretty OK for my older 22" Asus monitors.

I did appear to have one dead pixel on one of the monitors but again used Google to see if there was a way to fix this and the first recommended option from a trusted source, gently press the screen where the dead pixel is, fixed it straight away and I have not seen it since.

I have zero complaints with this monitor and highly reccomend it to anyone looking for a really nice 1080p monitor. I am only using the on-board graphics on my MSI motherboard and am still impressed with regular use and when gaming but I will follow up on this review when I get a nice graphics card.
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on March 20, 2014
Decent picture, AWFUL setting out of the box, I set it to scenery mode, then turned the sharpness down to 30 and went into my video cards settings to turn the gamma down to .80. These setting gave me an "okay" picture. There is a thin border around the screen ( the picture does NOT reach the bezel ) but this is to be expected from a screen with a bezel this thin. The real problem I have with this monitor is the ghosting. Many people have said that there isn't any in this monitor; those people weren't looking very hard. I bought this monitor and exchanged it because of the ghosting, and now after getting it a second time; I can say that that is something this series just has. I guess most of the reviews were not looking for it, but two monitors in a row have had this ghosting problem; I have played with the TraceFree settings to no avail. ASUS customer service was rather worthless as well; Taking four days to basically tell me to change cables (which I already did) and then to send it in for repairs! A one week old product! This is the third ASUS monitor I've had to send back this month, stay away from this brand; the quality control they put in their motherboards is completely absent in the monitor department. I am probably going to return this monitor and get an Acer, or BenQ or something; three strikes is too much for me.
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on December 4, 2013
Super pleased with my monitor. I would use my 50" TV for a couple years and that was just too big. I needed it on a desk eventually and I was on the market for a sleek thin and biggish monitor. 24 inches is perfect since I'm pretty blind (I squint too much on small screens) and this one I can sit back and enjoy the colorful bright display that screams quality resolution. Lots of inputs in the back and basically it can be your TV for anything, so yes it has internal speakers too. But I will admit, that stand for it is kinda weak feeling. It wobbles if you move the monitor around... But hey, I never move it or bump into it so I don't care much. It's not like I'm at my desk and it moves and wobbles as I move or type around. I really love it and glad it's part of my joy in tech.
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