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Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars

on August 26, 2008
Post of an actual review of the water by a genuine customer sent to Ronnie on 8-7-08
Dear Ronnie,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

I am so emotional as I type this.

It has been a little over a week with our water ionizer system. And God has been so good! I haven't slept this great in decades. With each passing day, my chronic fatigue seems to be disappearing into thin air!

In the last 5 years we have spent over $100,000 in treatment, detox,
products and supplements. I am sure these were all very important in
establishing a baseline of good health. But nothing has ever "fixed" me.

I started drinking "3" water right away. With the years and intensity of
detox I have done -- I wasn't afraid to go for it. I have had no adverse
reaction. Just a stronger body and clearer mind.

I usually have to take a nap just a few short hours after waking up in the morning. I haven't had to nap at all since the water! Doing basic house chores and taking care of the children left me mentally fatigued and physically drained! I always get so depressed that I am "broken" mother and wife.

But since the water, I have been able to focus and I have so much energy!
In fact, we have a family of 6 visiting from France and staying in our home while they are on vacation in the US. These are good friends who we haven't seen in awhile.

Well, I was so dreading their visit. I am always tired and thought that
their visit would drain me even more. On the contrary! I am keeping up
with the housework! And the extra commotion from so many people in our
house hasn't stressed me out one bit. I am so invigorated and am
experiencing the greatest peace and calm.

I know that it has only been a little over a week on this water, BUT I had to share my joy! And I do pray that in one month (the real test of time) I will only have more joy to share! Thank you, thank you, thank you and praise God for this healing of my body and mind and spirit through this healing water!

Glory Forever!

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on April 4, 2009
I found out about Chanson Alkalinizer products in late 2008 while searching all over trying to find a manufacture whose products not only have reliable backgrounds, positive customer reviews but solid sales records, besides the indispensible science behind their products. I didn't like what I found out there, mostly without an available manual to check out. After reading around on Chanson's U.S. site as well as its Taiwan site, I decided to give Chanson a try, since they are a Taiwan company that is selling ionizers all over Taiwan with a seeming monopolizing popularity, and have also sales department conveniently in Shanghai, China.

I have two residences, one in the U.S., the other in China. I initially wanted this installed for my house here (hopefully this summer I will find time and a good plumber to get this done, since I can't at all DIY). I can comment on the VS-70 that got installed (by Chanson's own visiting staff) in Feburary 2009 in my China residence.

First of all, I was nervous when I talked to a lady in Chanson's Taiwan headquarters and was told that they have a 'factory' in Shanghai. I didn't like that fact at all! You know, with all the outrage about China's nutorious quality (and often safety) deficiency in their domestic as well as export products. But then my mother contacted their Shanghai department directly and found out that they are not fully equiped to 'manufacture' these machines, but only essembling the parts originated from their Taiwan factory for the purpose of lowering labor costs for sales in mainland China. Their price was slightly cheaper due to this I guess, by a few hundred dollars.

The nice thing was that they actually flew a staffer from Shanghai to Dalian (my actual location) to install the VS-70 and the H3 filters (yes I added the H3 filters although the water quality in Dalian is superior for China, but I wanted to be safer). I recommend a water softening armor if your water is hard, but neither of my abodes would need it.

The Chanson employee was adorable and professinal, flew into Dalian, brought along the equipments and installed it in a hour and a half. We actually had to remove a no-longer-useful little faucet from the metal sink and drilled its hole bigger to fit the Chanson fauset in, which took some struggle. So if you plan to do the same thing, you better seek help from a professional. btw, you do need some undersink space if like me, you want trash disposer, Chason's unversink unit (which is not huge) and a H3 filter set (of 3 filters).

Immediately after the installation we tested the water. Dalian's tap water, for China, is among the least polluted, and tastes crispy and sweet already with our old 3-step filters - but not without a metalic note. Now no more strange tastes, only yet sweeter. The guy showed us how to operate the machine, it took a couple of days of getting used to, and the only thing I don't like is that the voice is so tiny (there is only one little "speaker" - some needle holes on the back of the top LCD display) and easily overwhelmed by running water.

I drank the water daily at 8.5 ph level for 5 weeks before I returned to the U.S., I had prior exprience with alkalinizing bottles and drops, which I've back on now unfortunately without a Chanson installed here :-( but of course Chanson does it much better than the primative bottles and drops (which are more suitable for travels), with added filtering and inonizing. Since my consumption of alkalinized water 8 months ago (my first bottle is made by a venture brand by the Korean company Lotto), the most noticeable change I've felt is less fatigue (I'm only 32 but I've been "semi-healthy" for years due to stress), less breakouts in skin, and more regular bath-room routine! I also noticed faster hydration if I drink this water after work-outs versus the bottled mineral water sold at the gym.

I didn't have the need to dispense acidic water yet, but when the upper faucet was discharging 8.5 water (I had this setting locked for convenience), I would put a container underneath the small faucet to catch the acidic water, and save it for washing soiled kitchen towels, it gets rid of the grease like a charm, without the need for detergent! Know that at the biginning of the cycle, before the LCD and voice tell you that ionized water is dispensing, there is a brief 'generating' period, I didn't PH test this part of water, and think it is merely 'purified', but sine it's brief enough (for seconds) and Dalian's tap is already at 7.3 to start, I also consumed the 'generating' period's water. In about 5 weeks of normal consumption (of drinking only, by 4 people), the machine self-cleaned 2 or 3 times (whenever it 'decided' to) at the end of a dispensing cycle, all it did was by a 'reverse cycle' let water out of both faucets for a minute or so.

My kitchen in Dalian, regardless of it being in China, is nearly chemical free. I now have the Chanson, and Lotus sanitation system (sold also on this site Lotus Sanitizing System with Multi Purpose Bowl - LBU100), and when I have to use detergent, Mrs. Meyers. (Yes, a little high-maintanenced, but I do bring or ship personal supplies into China from America, but in this highly contanimated world, this is not at all too much work).

I am going to install a VS-70 in my house here as soon as I return from my vacation - in the short 3 weeks since my return from China, I've grown increasingly unhappy with my water bottle and drops.

I highly recommend this great machine, it makes life just that much more enjoyable! Check out the US distibutor's site for a manual. [...] The American seller honors a 5-year warranty, my Chinese unit that carries a 2-year warranty.
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on July 21, 2012
I bought this product wanting clean, alkaline water. The ionizer does not clean the water so I bought a Chanson C3 as a pre-filter.

First, the installation was difficult. I started with a licensed plumber who couldn't make sense of the thing. Then I hired a handyman who spent many hours getting the system to work.

After it was working we noticed that the faucet is a design mess. The digital button usually took two to three pushes to engage the filter. After the system engages, you have to wait for the blinking light to turn solid and then a voice says something like, "Clean water." Pushing the button over and over, waiting for the light and then listening to the same voice gets tiresome and time consuming. I really hated that faucet.

I could have lived with all of that if I hadn't finally asked Chanson how the water turns alkaline, something I should have asked before my purchase. It turns out, the alkalinity is achieved by concentrating the calcium from the city water into the filtered water.

Because the calcium in our city water is not the amount or form that I necessarily want and because, ultimately, I decided I simply want clean water, not necessarily alkaline water, I gave up our $2,000 system. I also gave up the C3 pre filter because I wanted perfectly clean water (achieved through reverse osmosis) as opposed to "kind of" clean water that the C3 gave us.

After doing the research I should have done long before, we bought a Kinetico reverse osmosis filter which we love.
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