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on October 26, 2009
We got two of these Vtech Rhyme & Discover Books for our twins last Xmas (December 2008), and they played with these at least half an hour at a time, several times a day. At 10 months later the kids (now a little over 2 years old) still play with them regularly, anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes a day, sometimes more.
The books have been smeared by sticky hands and wipe clean well, and they have been dropped countless times without damage.
Just recently, 10 months later, we have changed the batteries (two AAAs) in one of the books, and the other one is still going on the batteries that came inside it.

The pros are:
*Price (you get lots of bells and whistles for this amount of money) and batteries included
*Visually interesting (Four panels or "pages," for a total of seven different pictures/sides to look at, plus a couple of two-sided movable pieces that make sound effects, and three light-up "tab" buttons in the shape of a lamb, kitten and puppy, each with their own sound effects)
*Huge musical variety -- some songs have a couple bars of vocals and some are just instrumental
("Ring around the rosie," "Twinkle twinkle little star," "Mary had a little lamb," "Little Bo Peep," "Hey diddle diddle," "Bingo," "Three little kittens," "This is the way we ...," "Old McDonald had a farm," "The farmer in the dell," "Rockabye baby," "This old man," "London Bridge is falling down," "Three blind mice," "Sur le pont d'Avignon")

The cons:
*The on-off switch has two volume choices, but the louder option is a little too loud for young ears. The lower volume is fine, and it would be nice if toy makers would put the volume switch somewhere less accessible to the child. My kids, and the ones I've babysat, all seem to like to crank the volume to the highest setting, and the highest setting seems as though it has the potential to damage hearing over the long term. (This is a problem with many toys, and not unique to this one.)
*It would be nice to have the entire song for some musical selections (you get only part of the song and not all the lyrics either), but it's not a huge minus considering how many songs are included

Overall, based on my kids' experience with this toy, I would recommend this to my friends and/or give as a gift.

Update October 2010: These books are still in the toy box rotation and going strong in spite of many falls to the floor and some banging on the play/train table. We changed batteries again, so in total one book has had its batteries changed once and the other has had batteries changed twice. Now that the kids are 3 years old, they don't play with these books as much, so we're getting ready to hand these down to a younger cousin.
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The Vtech Infant Learning Rhyme and Discover Book brings together two of our daughter's favorites - books and music. While the book is only 6 pages it does provide a variety of songs and sounds. There are things to grab and pull and colors that light up! Our daughter loves playing with the book, and unlike a traditional book it does not get soggy when she tries to eat the pages!


- It focuses primarily on three animals - Dogs, Cats, and Sheep
- Plays a variety of songs - such as BINGO, Mary had a Little Lamb, Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star, Little Bo Peep, and Three Little Kittens.
- Two volume settings
- Lights in Red, Yellow, and Blue
- Each animal makes the appropriate sound
- As others have mentioned it easy to clean - sticky fingerprints are easily cleaned
- Durable - it can be dropped without too much fear of damage
- Someone mentioned that the red light contains lead... but I am not so sure it poses a risk. Outside of that there is not much chance of child getting hurt from this toy.

Final Verdict - Our daughter loves the Vtech Rhyme & Discover Book - It provides catchy tunes, flashing lights, and stories - what more could you want?

5 Stars
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on September 28, 2010
Our 11 mo. old Daughter was playing with the vtech nursery rhyme book, the one with the lamb, cat,& puppy on it, while she was in her pack 'n play. I just happened to look over at her and she had a funny look on her face and was mouthing something. I thought she had a bit of fuzz or something in her mouth because she had nothing but a couple of toys with her in the pack n' play. I was horrified when I pulled a piece of plastic with very sharp jagged edges out of her mouth. I had no idea where it came from until I looked closer at the vtech nursery rhyme book and realized that the paw of the kitten button, that lights up on the side, had broken off. The piece was so sharp I know it would have really hurt her if she'd swallowed it. We are following up with vtech to let them know that the animal buttons on the side are not secure.
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on December 19, 2015
This toy is fantastic. We have had it for 5 YEARS! It still looks like new and I nave never had to change the batteries.

My 6 year old received this as a first birthday present and now my 8 month old just loves it to death! This is an all around great toy. It has several buttons and movable parts on each page. The music note and all 3 animal faces are buttons. Pushing them will trigger lights and different songs on each page. There are movable characters on each page as well that make noises when moved.

When you turn the page, it makes a chiming noise then goes into either a song or a nursery rhyme that coordinates with what is on each page. Pushing the music note with a page open will trigger the corresponding song to play.

There are two volume controls, low and high. The low setting is pretty much perfect while the high setting is a bit loud for my liking.

Over all, this is a fantastic toy and I am so glad that we received it and that it is still going strong! I recommend this toy 100%

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on December 3, 2009
I was about to purchase this book for my son for Christmas, but checked it out on the website [...] (where they test different products for lead, bromine, etc.) and the red head tab on this book has low levels of LEAD. Even if its low levels, any level of lead is I just wanted to give parents a heads up.
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on June 7, 2010
While this toy holds my 10 month old twins' attention to some extent, I have a similar electronic nursery rhyme book from another brand that I much prefer due to its having a stand, being more simple and actually singing all the words to the songs. This book is difficult even for me to figure out, when I press buttons I'm never quite sure what song will play and it really bothers me that there is no setting that sings the entire nursery rhymes, so either the parent has to always sing it or the child won't hear the next verse. I also don't like when the animals 'sing', I'm not sure why but I think it is just the fact that there are so many things going on with this, for the target age group, I think a more straightforward toy is better.
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on November 14, 2013
I bought this toy based on the first "most helpful review" listed on amazon. I should have paid better attention. That review is several years old and obviously not about this current toy. The current toy does not come with the endless list of songs that reviewer mentioned. It comes with only a few songs, and none of them are sung in their entirety. Rather, the first two lines are sung, and then it just becomes tinny sounding instrumental, or even worse, an animal going meow meow meow meow for the rest of the song. Personally, I think that's lame! Yes, I am capable of singing the rest of the song to my child. But if I am going to read and sing to my baby, I don't need a light up noisy book to do it. This book was intended to be fun for my baby to play with herself, and only playing half a song is silly. It's not like she is going to sing the rest of it when she doesn't even know it. Furthermore, just handling the book causes any number of noises that aren't specific to the page being looked at, so the baby doesn't learn anything about cause and effect.

If you read the product description right up at the top of the page, you will see this:
3 light-up character buttons on the tabs of the pages
7 popular nursery rhymes
4 movable pieces
Music note button
Ages 6 Mos +

This is really ALL this toy does, so don't base your choice off of old reviews that don't even pertain to this toy like I did, BIG mistake. And keep in mind when it says "7 popular nursery rhymes", it means "the first two lines of 7 popular nursery rhymes"!!
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on October 21, 2009
We already have 2 similar hard plastic talking books at home for the kids but when I was in the store and saw this one, I couldn't walk away without having it! There are 4 buttons to press and it lights up and plays music/sings songs. There are also little dials on the pages to move around and reward bonus noises/phrases.

It helps teaches Nursery Rhymes, Music, Animals & Words.

Very colorful.

Has 2 sound levels. The lowest volume is pleanty.

Fun toy!
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on January 29, 2016
I don't like the singing voice for this book, it gets annoying. Also, when my son plays with this he likes to bang on the buttons (he's only 6 months old) and when he does this, it sounds like a broken record. They should know that babies love to bang on things and constantly press buttons, so they should have fixed that issue. My son's dad and I get so annoyed with it.
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on June 7, 2012
This is one of those toys that grandparents buy and you are the parent are stuck with! The voice is very annoying and it's not really educational either. They only read half of the "story" on each page, which doesn't really make sense either. Overall, pass this one up and use your money on something else.
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