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Style: Monitor with One Parent Unit|Change
Price:$29.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on July 6, 2016
I actually purchased this monitor for my parents. After my dad's second fall outside and my mother not hearing him yell for her while she was inside, I thought this might be a good solution. I read the reviews on several different devices and ultimately went with this one. We are very very pleased with this monitor! They keep one outside on the back porch and one inside. The sound quality is fantastic and very clear! I cannot believe how much and how far away you can hear with this. We did several tests to make sure this would work for their needs and with over an acre of land, while standing as far back on the property as we could, the sounds of yelling for help were loud and clear!!!
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on September 21, 2016
I just recieved this and 2 seperate power cords that I ordered since they said "frequently bought together". I couldn't find anything in the description that said this came with power cords. It says rechargeable battery for power source, so assumed it didn't have cords. I'll be returning the extra cords & hopefully this review will save someone else from making the mistake I did.
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on July 12, 2017
I have had this monitor since June 5th, 2017. Good monitor for the price, although I have a possible issue with where the "parent" unit is placed in the house, maybe. It will automatically quickly "link" to the other unit, then 2-3 times a day, it will not be linked and "beep" for a while until it links up again. Not sure what is happening. My electrical meter is outside 10 feet away from the "parent" unit. The electrical meter is one which sends a signal to PG&E, but I am not sure if this is the problem. I really can not relocate it to another place outside the kitchen area which is where I want to hear the monitor. Yesterday I discovered that the battery charger was not plugged in all the way, so the battery ran down. But after plugging it back in all the way, the battery recharged. This is really frustrating at night when it loses it's "link" and the beeps wake me up! So have turned the volume down.

Update 09/22/17: Tried moving the "parent" unit closer (35 feet away vs. 50 feet) but still have a daily problem. Perhaps I have a defective unit, or maybe not, but am still losing a "link" 2-3 times a day. The unit beeps trying to re-establish a "link", which eventually within a 10-15 minute period does re-connect. Many times have been awakened by beeps and a lost "link". Last night was it!!! No more. Am tossing this piece of crap in the garbage.
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on September 24, 2017
These are fantastic. Great price, no extra unnecessary bells and whistles. The parent one has a decent battery and range, and I love that it beeps when it's running out of battery or out of range. You can toggle how sensitive or loud you want it to be and there's a cool talk feature that allows you to talk into the parent one so baby can hear you (I have yet to use that but I have no doubt I will as baby gets older, since I know I would have used that with my son when he was smaller.) I don't have a screen to stare at and obsess over, it doesn't connect over our terrible wifi so no worries there, and it lets you know if something is wrong- wrong with its system or wrong with baby. Oh, and as you can probably tell, it's SUPER portable! We take this over to my parents' house all the time and we don't have to reset everything, just plug it in and go. We even brought it to my grandparents' house, where my grandma has the exact same model to monitor my great grandma. The range is great- she can go outside or upstairs and still hear everything, and our two monitors didn't get confused and pick up each others' signals.

I have yet to encounter a single dissatisfying feature of this monitor. I'd buy it again. I'd give it as a baby shower gift. I'd get it in addition to a more sophisticated monitor setup so that I had a backup in case it failed, or in case I needed a portable one. Buy this, I doubt you'll regret it.
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on June 7, 2017
For my previous baby, we purchased the Angelcare baby sound monitor. I had no problems with that one, it had a very bright nightlight on the base, had a charger holder to just set the parent unit in, and had a good back lit display. I was happy with it, until the display started acting up. First the numbers for the temp would not all work. Not a huge deal. But then soon (within 18 months of purchase) nothing worked, so I had no indication if it was on or off. Very frustrating, but at that point not worth replacing. However, we had another baby. I was not going to deal with thta again, so we went with this unit because of all the good reviews. I wanted a parent unit with a belt clip and back lit display. Check. I wanted the base unit to have a nightlight. Check. Sounded good, and the price was great. Then I started using it. The nightlight is a joke. It is a dull yellow color, really only bright enough to see where the unit is. So we have it sitting next to the Angelcare base that we still use as a nightlight, with it's bright white light. Then I realized the back light display isn't really back lit. Maybe it is just my unit. The light turns on when I hold the power button to shut it off. That's it. At least I can tell it is turning off, I guess. So now that I have turned it off, I bring it back to my bedroom (where the baby sleeps in her bassinet), find the plug that has fallen down again (didn't realize how nice the cradle charger was before), and plug it in. And then sometimes it turns itself back on, which we don't notice (because the back light doesn't work) until it gets that horrible high pitched interference noise. That was the final straw today. That and the fact that I didn't hear the baby at all on the monitor this morning when I was downstairs, but heard my husband through it when he said the baby had woken him up.
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on May 30, 2015
We've had 2 sets the Sony "Baby Call" (NTM-910) analog monitor (not this monitor) for the life of all of our children (7 years). The analog monitors could be turned up to be crazy loud, where even a low voice comes through to the parent monitor as a very loud voice. We bought this VTech digital monitor for the range, as our analog monitors would loose connection and beep often when we were in our back yard.

This monitor holds the link great - we've never seen it lost, but ... the volume pales in comparison to the analog monitors. A crying baby would be picked up, no problem, but a 2 year old that is potty training and calls for us with her normal voice comes through, even at the highest sensitivity and volume, comes through to the parent unit as a tiny 2 year old voice. If we are watching a loud movie, or in a deep sleep, we are not going to hear our daughter call for us, and that is a problem. I'm going to try to carve out the plastic around the mic hole to increase sensitivity - I will update this review to let you know how it goes. Until then, it's back to the Sony analog monitors, which I recommend if you have a small to medium sized house and don't mind re-positioning the monitor occasionally to get back the link.

For what it's worth, we also purchased the Philips Avent (SCD510) digital monitor and it has the same volume problem. I gave a 4-star rating because it is a great monitor, aside from not able to increase to mega volume level. Perhaps there is a technical reason that digital monitors cannot increase the volume that loud, I don't know, but these don't work for us.

*** Update: As mentioned above, I tried to carve out the plastic around the mic hole to increase sensitivity. No luck. Still not loud enough for us.
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on December 29, 2014
There are a few pros and a few con's to this item.
Now that we live in a single family home, it does not loose its connection.
It holds its charge for a long time compared to others, a full night and half a day off charger while turned on.
It is dead silent unless the child triggers it. This is great to me because other monitors often have a constant static noise that gets annoying. This one is great at only turning on when the child makes noise.

When we lived in an apartment building it would loose its connection all the time. Distance wise it was not any farther away from the child's room so I am not sure why, more interface I guess. That means it would start beeping loudly to let you know. Only solution was turning it off and on again. Sometimes it didn't work and I'd just skip using it that night.
I wish the screen illuminated. Laying in bed in the dark sometimes I can't remember if I turned it on yet and wish you could see the screen to see if it said linked. (Could also be a pro, because the screen is not bright keeping you awake)

Overall I would buy it again. The quietness of it when not being trigger by baby's noise is fantastic.
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on June 20, 2015
After spending $199 on ibaby and researching all of the video and audio monitors out there, so glad we bought this monitor. All you need as a new parent is a unit that will allow you to hear your baby cry. At least for us, ibaby just texted us when he cried and it didn't allow us to actually hear the cry- and we know better than it does when a cry means I'm just making noise in my sleep or I need u mom/dad, I'm hungry.

This monitor is so simple and clear. Last night was the first night we used it. While we live in a small apartment, we can't hear our infant in his nursery over the air conditioner. So this was perfect, heard him when he cried and the settings allowed us to adjust the sound so we only heard the 'I need u' cries when they got persistent, vs the 'I'm just making grunting sounds' cries that you don't want to be woken up to.

Also you don't need an expensive video monitor! We thought we didn't and yes it's cute at first to see your baby sleeping, but just unnecessary. We decided this is great for now and at some point when he's old enough to climb, we'll see if we need video. If we do- I'm sure the technology will be much better then.

Warning- plug both units in when u open the box to charge. We just charged the parent unit for a while and it kept beeping, until we realized it was telling us to turn on the baby unit so it could sync.
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on July 21, 2015
My son is not a baby anymore, and I don't use this product for him any longer. However, while I was using it, it was great! I love how it stayed totally quiet until a sound was detected, and I could tell exactly what was going on with my son when I was on the other side of the house.

It could sometimes be a little too sensitive, even alerting me to his movements just shifting in his crib, but I'd rather that than a product that didn't alert me to proper noises.

This monitor is great and was totally clear even when I went outside with the receiver, and I never actually got it out of range.

If I still had it, I would test to see just how far the range goes to see if it lives up to the stated range, but if I need another monitor if I have another child, I'd definitely consider getting this one again.
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on March 26, 2013
I purchased this monitor for two reasons, and maybe more. I actually use this to communicate with my husband or grand kids. When my husband is working on a project in the basement or garage, I can hear if I am needed or I can communicate messages to them. This unit also has a pager which is a plus. We have an 1800 sq ft ranch home and I can be at one end of the house and my husband or grand kids at the other, and I find this unit works the distance. So far I have been very happy with it. I do keep both units plugged in, and I can take the battery operated with me (unplugged) if I am sitting at my computer and need to contact one of the family members at another part of the house. If one of my grand kids stays over and does not feel well during the night or needs to communicate, I can set this up so I can attend to them if there is a need to by hearing them call me or if I hear any unusual commotion in their room. I am satisfied with this unit for what my needs are. I did find that if you get these units too close to electronics that you might get static or a buzzing sound, so I try not to keep the units near certain appliances, etc.
I am sorry I did not get the pack of three rather than the two. I can now see where a 3rd would have been useful.
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