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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 23, 2015
We purchased the starter set which has just the monitor and one camera. During the day our little one sleeps in his pack 'n play downstairs in the living room, and we spend our days in the family room, but we wanted to keep an eye on him while he slept without having to move the camera every day. Fifty bucks didn't seem too steep, so I got another camera.

it works exactly the same as the other one. Pairing it with the monitor is a cinch, too.

Very happy with this monitor! Video and sound quality are excellent and the range is impressive as well.
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on January 7, 2016
This is great. Didn't want to buy into the "I-have-to-watch-my-baby-24-7" thing at first, so with our first we had a cheapie audio only monitor. Now we have another on the way and our 19 month old is in a big boy bed, which means he can escape. We knew we'd need real surveillance. We got the two monitors in anticipation of the new baby and that baby also turning into a toddler. I can compare this product to a Baby's R Us version and a version that my sister has that's Motorola. This beats both. Image quality is fine. Nice variety of settings to personalize its function how you'd like it- sound sensitivity, screen brightness, volume, talk back, and each setting can be altered individually for each camera. I wouldn't say the color on the screen is great even in daylight, but I don't think that's important. I would buy again, and would recommend to friends.
Another plus that I have noticed compared to other models is when the monitor is on, and someone is using a wifi device in close range, there is interference. That doesn't happen with this monitor; at least at my house with my network and my devices.
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on June 28, 2016
Ok, so I purchased this because I had to move my husband's grandma in. She suffers from Dementia and has had several T.I.A.'s which has affected her right side. Now, I originally gave her a bell to use but she got out of control with ringing it and started to get annoying. I decided to get one of these. And WHAT A GREAT IDEA! I now can watch her A:while in living room on couch or in recliner or B:I put in her bedroom at night so that she can talk to me and tell me she has to go potty. Instead of ringing that bell or getting up on her own and she's not sturdy enough to walk on her own. It's been such a great purchase her therapy ladies are going to suggest it to other patients that live with others. They thought was an awesome idea! Only weird thing is the screen flips from black n white to color. I might even just purchase more of the parts that go in other rooms so that I don't have to constantly plug in from living room to bedroom. And of course the rest of the family has fun with it too... love this.
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on November 25, 2015
I hope to save you all some time because it really is tough to pick a good monitor. I've used three different kinds of monitors and this one is the best. Our master bedroom is in the basement and the two kids are upstairs, with very thick insulation in the walls and ceilings inbetween. Even though our house is very small, when I took other monitors into the basement, I would lose the connection. We had the VTECH audio only monitor (which is a terrific bargain and served us well for 2 years) but it would not work in the basement and the "not linked" alert would wake us up several times in a night.

PROS: affordable, can add multiple cameras, works throughout our house including basement and yard, It lets me view both rooms by using "patrol mode" and I love the vibrate feature.

CONS: The lights on the cameras are annoying, but something that you will have to deal with for any video monitor. There is a green light and a red light. The green light is part of the power button and not needed for the function of the camera. I put duct tape over it and that solved the problem. The red light does not bother my baby. The red light does bother my toddler. When the child makes a sound, the red light comes on so you can view from the parent unit. My toddler noticed the red light come on and just started yelling at the camera. I ended up turning the camera away from his bed, so it can still pick up noise and I can see his door, but he can't see the camera.
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on December 27, 2015
I bought this as an additional camera for the VTech VM321-2 Safe & Sound Video Baby Monitor and it paired itself with the base very easily. The base can support up to four cameras, which is great!

This is useful and well functioning video monitoring system. The picture is in color when the room is in bright light and it switches to black & white when it uses infrared when the lights are low or off. I have no problems seeing my sleeping child. My only quibble is that it goes to infrared a little too quickly. It's not a big quibble, though.

One of the features I love is that the monitor stays quiet unless there's a noise in the room and then the volume comes on and stays on a little bit. The noise doesn't have to be much at all. Even a tiny cough turns the sound on.
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on August 16, 2016
There are a lot of REALLY expensive and high tech options out there for monitors. It was a bit overwhelming for me and my husband when we were expecting. I took forever doing side-by-side comparisons of features and prices, cross referencing with reviews and buyers' guides... and then said, "Screw it! This one has the features I really want, has positive reviews, and is the best price."

Two years later, I have no regrets about this purchase. Other new parents looked down their nose at how cheap it was and didn't have ____ fancy feature, but ours actually worked better than their more expensive versions! It is not connected to wi-fi or a cell phone, which was big for me because of recent reports of cameras being hacked by outsiders. It took us a while to realize that it has an antenna on the monitor to increase reception. This meant we could have drinks on the neighbor's patio or work in the yard while the baby slept and keep an good eye on him. (Doors were locked and guard dog on duty, of course.)

It has a good picture in both light and dark. It comes with mounting equipment that seemed impressive, but we didn't end up using it. I just didn't feel the need for such a close-up picture all the time. We set it on top of his dresser nearby and pointed the camera (the lens can be adjusted) at him. The monitor has a zoom feature that can provide a close-up as it sits there on the dresser.

This monitor picks up sound VERY well. We actually had to get used to the fact that it picks up every new sound that you would hear standing in the room. So it's quiet when baby is sleeping, despite his lullaby music being on. But when the front door is closed or a train goes by a mile away, you hear it on the monitor even though it's not even enough to wake the baby. As he has gotten older, this has been a blessing as we can hear him stirring before he gets bored and causes trouble. The volume on the monitor is adjustable. There is also a button on the handheld monitor that allows you to talk to the baby from wherever you are ("Mommy's coming!" walkie-talkie style).

We have never had a problem with only having one handheld monitor. My husband and I have simply always made sure to have clear communication on who is "in charge" of it. We hand it off to each other as needed. It became an extension of our approach on balancing parental supervision and housework.
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on December 3, 2015
I would have preferred a true pan/tilt/zoom feature but the included "pan within the zoom" works fine for the price of the unit. I would say that just depends on the size of the room and camera positioning. I don't use the lullaby feature. I think it's kind of silly you have to activate it from the camera and not the parent unit. I like the temperature monitoring and the method for toggling between cameras. Very user friendly. Very good price. Still holding up great almost 3 months later. I have not needed to use the antenna at all and there's probably a good 100 feet and 3 walls between myself and the cameras at night. Battery life of parent unit is excellent - will make it through the night although I do plug it in anyway.
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on December 24, 2015
Currently use this for 2 kids rooms. I can have it toggle back and forth between rooms or I can do it manually. The talk back feature works great. We don't use the music that comes with it. My only issue is the parent unit battery life will not go the full night. It lasts about 8 hours. We leave ours plugged into the wall which works for our set up but is not optimal. I also wish the brightness on the screen could be adjusted further down. At night, the dimmest setting is still pretty bright.

There is almost no delay unlike the Nest where we were seeing up to 15 seconds of delay. Not good when you are trying to keep one kid from waking up the other.

All in all we are happy with this and have no intention of getting anything different.
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on July 7, 2015
We have bought this monitor twice. The first time, the parent unit stopped holding a charge just around the 1 year mark. We called the technical support and they walked us through the troubleshooting steps (very basic ones) and it was unsuccessful. We even bought a new adaptor from them and it still did not hold a charge. We did not keep the receipt so we could not use the warranty.

We thought it was just a one-off problem so we bought this monitor again in February 2014 (and kept the receipt!). However, the exact same thing happened to us 16 months later (4 months after the 1-year warranty expired)! Again, we called and the troubleshooting was unsuccessful. And they could not repair or replace it because the warranty had expired.

We are going to go with a new brand since this Vtech monitor simply isn't built to last. I would recommend spending your money elsewhere.
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on October 27, 2015
I felt I had to add a review for this, because it's getting unfairly knocked in my opinion. Not sure why this monitor is getting knocked, but we're very happy with it. We have an older Motorola that has just one camera, for when we only had one child. With a new infant we needed a multi-room monitor, and this vtech was a nice combination of value and features we wanted. We wanted temperature readings, so this fit the bill. In general, very pleased with the monitor.

- The cycle mode is excellent - rotates between the 2 rooms every 7 seconds or so.
- Even if you shut off the screen if the kids are asleep, when sound is heard, the screen turns on and you can quickly see who's making noise
- Video quality is fine despite complaints - it's not an HD screen like we're all used to w/ our phones, and we didn't need that. If you want that level of quality you have to pay for it. We didn't want to pony up.
- The monitor is very sturdy build, has a very adjustable pedestal for multiple viewing angles
- We've had no issues with reception, and live in a 3 story townhome w/ the kids on top floor, living area on bottom

- If I have to make a complaint, it's that the cameras themselves are a bit large; nothing that you can't pack away for travel but just bigger than our older Motorola. But, it's a much sturdier build, so I'll happily accept that.
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