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VTech InnoTab 2 Kids Tablet, Pink
Color: Pink|Size: Innotab 2|Change
Price:$124.49+ $5.49 shipping

VINE VOICEon September 22, 2012

- Both have the same screen size (2 ½" x 4 ½"), or 5" if you're measuring diagonally.

- Both require 4 AA batteries (not included).

- Both use a stylus.

- Both have a cartridge port for additional games, and uses purchased apps.

- Both have an age requirement of 3-9 years. VTech's Amazon page says 4-9 years, but the box and VTech's website state 3-9 years.

- Both have a camera.

- Both have additional accessories you can buy like gel skins, cases, rechargeable batteries, ac adapters, and headphones. UPDATE: the InnoTab doesn't have a gel skin accessory, just a screen guard you can purchase. LeapPad you can purchase both separately.

- Both can be personalize for up to 4 players.

- Both have eReaders, MP3 Players (InnoTab's is free, LeapPad's is an additional $3.75 through their App store), art studio, and most of your basic themed books and games.

- Both have a mic and volume control.

- Some people like to creatively take the tablets out of the box for setup before handing to a child as a gift. LeapPad2 was a bit difficult, but doable. The InnoTab2 is a bit more of a challenge; just use sharp scissors to break the tape and fold out the box carefully.

- Both have a parent tracker that allows parents to track their child's progress and success playing a game.


- The LeapPad2 is smaller. Actually it looks like with InnoTab2 they were the same size, but they surrounded it with an additional ¼" layer of decorative plastic with rubber corners to help protect it from a fall. For small hands I find it cumbersome. Plus it makes the screen appear smaller. But I do like the rubber corners.

- The LeapPad2 has a front and back camera, but the InnoTab2 has only one camera that rotates (creative idea!)

- The battery compartment on the InnoTab is easily accessible. Just slide a switch and it opens the compartment. I prefer LeapPad's more secure sliding feature. But if you're using a gel skin on either that helps prevent access.

- The LeapPad2 only comes with one stylus, the InnoTab2 comes with two; always a plus in case you loose or break one. The InnoTab2 uses a secure rope loop but I looked everywhere in the packaging and there wasn't one! Also, InnoTab's stylus is pure plastic, flat, and slippery. LeapPad2's stylus is what you're more used to seeing (round like a pencil), and not slippery to hold.

- LeapPad2 has 4GB of memory, InnoTab2 2GB... but, you can use an SD card to add an additional 32GB of memory. That's impressive! (SD card not included). I am finding that 2 or 4GB of memory is more than enough for our needs.

- LeapPad2 I had to setup using their installation CD before I could play it, but the InnoTab2 you can start playing right away.

- VTech has some interesting new apps that come with the InnoTab2 right out of the box, like a calculator app, calendar, notes, and clock. I don't know why, but I find that nice. I couldn't find those apps in LeapFrog's app store.

- InnoTab2 has a tilt sensor like an iPad or iPhone and will tilt the screen if held horizontal or vertical. LeapPad2 does not have this feature. UPDATE: LeapPad2 does have this feature, but only with certain apps. For instance, the main screen (home screen with apps) does not tilt like the InnoTab2 will. The InnoTab2 will tilt with just about everything, but the LeapPad2 is limited to certain apps.

- LeapPad2's store for purchasing apps is easily accessed. I went to their website and could browse their app selection right away. On VTech's website I couldn't find the app store to save my life. All I could find were the cartridges for sale, which are comparable to LeapFrog's prices.

- InnoTab2 has buttons for brightening or dimming the screen, but don't expect much, there's only four bars and it doesn't make a lot of difference.

- InnoTab2 has a "?" button that allows you to hear instructions again, or find out more information about an app (nice touch!).

- InnoTab2 comes with a manual. LeapPad2 does not.

- InnoTab2 has a "kickstand" for standing the tablet up vertically or horizontal.

So what's the overall review?

Honestly, I feel the InnoTab2 is just what the original LeapPad was: s-l-o-w. InnoTab2 takes 37 seconds to reach the app home screen. LeapPad2 takes 21 seconds. With LeapPad2 it takes almost 5 seconds from the time you select an app for it to start. It takes InnoTab2 almost 8 seconds. It just feels like there's a lot of "loading" going on with the InnoTab2. I'm nit picking of course, but it makes a difference to me.

Also, my son just turned 3. When he tries to swipe the screen to the next page he sometimes touches an app, which causes it to load. He then has to wait for it to load before he can go back to the Home screen and try and swipe again. This happened to me a lot, too. If I lay my finger down for just a fraction of a second the InnoTab2 thinks I'm selecting an app instead of swiping. So you have to be careful to swipe in an empty space; my 3 year old isn't capable of that when the screen is filled with apps. The LeapPad2 just uses arrows to touch at the bottom of the screen.

Overall I feel the InnoTab2 is really not geared for 3 year olds (just like the original LeapPad wasn't either). The screen isn't as bright and crisp as the LeapPad2, and the tablet doesn't feel as solid in my hands.

LeapPad2 is currently $20 more; I'd really suggest getting a LeapPad2 over an InnoTab2, especially if you have a 3 year old: Older kids probably not that big of a deal, just a matter of preference. The included apps seem geared toward older kids anyway, whereas LeapPad2 apps are more 3 year old friendly with their PetPad tracing alphabet game, and the overall designs of the included apps more basic. For example, the art studio in InnoTab2 has like a million color choices, but LeapPad2 just has basic colors to choose from.

InnoTab2 is compatible with LeapPad2 in education, but I feel like the tablet needs more work.
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VINE VOICEon November 12, 2013

- Both use a stylus.

- Both use a tilt feature for horizontal or vertical display.

- Both have a cartridge port for additional games, and uses purchased apps. (Previously owned cartridges will still work with the upgraded tablets, but are not interchangeable between LeapFrog & vTech).

- Both have a 2 megapixel camera. IT3S has a swivel camera. LPU has a front and back camera. Both take pictures and videos.

- Both have additional accessories you can buy like gel skins, cases, and headphones.

- Both can be personalize for individual players.

- Both have eReaders, MP3 Players, art studio, and most of your basic themed books and games. LPU includes 10 songs, and 4 apps (Art Studio, Photo Fun, Pet Pad, and Pet Chat). It also includes a utility suite (calculator, notepad, calendar, voice memo, and clock with stopwatch). When you register your LPU you get 1 free app (pick one of 3 preselected apps, not any app in the app store - bummer!). IT3S includes 20 preloaded apps, and has a similar utility suite.

- Both have a mic and volume control.

- Some people like to creatively take the tablets out of the box for setup before giving to a child as a gift. Both tablets are easy to remove. Use sharp scissors to break the tape and fold out the box carefully. With the LPU just lift up the plastic. With IT3S pop the tablet out of it's plastic housing. Both can be returned to the box for wrapping.

- Both have a parent tracker that allows parents to track their child's progress and success playing a game.

- Both have a d-pad to toggle (you can also use your finger or stylus). IT3S seems more responsive when using a stylus, but I found the LPU was mostly good either way (like an iPad or other tablet).

- Both have WiFi, which kids can use to make an app wishlist and send it to their parents to buy for them. They can browse the Internet using "LeapSearch" and "vTech Selected" for pre approved sites, and search for images, videos, and websites by category. *Only with the IT3S can parents add other websites they deem safe and appropriate for their child (YouTube is not available). With IT3S you can also set a time limit for Internet use and block times when your child cannot access the Internet.

- Both have an ability to connect with similar tablets so kids can play games together. So if you have two IT3S you can use "Kid Connect" to chat (yes, text message), or play games together. With vTech's "Kid Connect Premium" you and your child can chat, send pictures, audio, and video through your phone (Android & Apple only). LPU uses "Pet Chat" and does not allow chatting through your phones. It also only works if you are within 50 feet of the other person, which basically means you need to be in the same house together. vTech allows a communication with anyone anywhere. Parents approve who their child can talk with, so you won't need to worry about your child chatting with a stranger.


- IT3S has a 5" screen (480 x 272 resolution). LPU has a 7" screen (1,024 x 600 high resolution).

- IT3S uses four regular AA batteries, but comes with a rechargable battery pack and AC Adapter. Tablet dims after 1 minute of inactivity, and after 3 minutes it shuts off to conserve battery. LPU has an internal lithium ion battery with wall charger and will shut off after a certain amount of inactivity (I think it's about 5 minutes). LPU battery life is up to 9 hours. IT3S is about 6 hours or so depending on the games being played.

- VTech's age requirement is 3-9 years. LPU is 4-9 years.

- IT3S is designed for landscape orientation. LPU is designed for portrait orientation.

- The LPU still only comes with one stylus. IT3S comes with two styluses (1-orange and 1-white)! Finally vTech included the secure rope to attach the stylus. It made no sense that previous tablets didn't include it.

- LPU has 8GB of memory. IT3S has 4GB of memory, but you can use a micro SD card to add an additional 32GB of memory. That's impressive! (Micro SD card not included).

- IT3S you can import videos for viewing. This is one of the best feature about the IT3S. LeapFrog has yet to capitalize on this feature, I suspect they will at some point. So far you can only select educational videos from the LeapFrog store.


Since this is a comparison review, I think LeapFrog has put out a far better product. I feel like InnoTab 3S had a lot of potential, but the processor is to slow (IT3S uses a 400 Mhz processor while LPU uses a 800MHz processor) to achieve all that it promises. You will quickly find your blood boiling over the wait time before anything appears on the screen. Not that the LPU escapes similar limitations--it's for sure not the fastest tablet, and crashes from time to time too, but at least LeapFrog has given us a nicer looking tablet, clear resolution, and something that feels more solid and reliable.

Hope this review helps with your decision making. Good luck deciding!
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on October 19, 2011
I purchased both for my son who turns 4 in December. I broke down and gave my son the leappad already and am saving the innotab for christmas. Here are my thoughts so far...

Build Quailty: The leappad wins hands down. It just feels more soild. The innotab is built a little cheap and the battery cover on mine is kinda loose. Also the built in kickstand is a joke. There's no doubt that will be the first thing to break. Edited to add: Build quailty becomes less of an issue if this tablet will be given to a child age 6-8 as they are less likely to drop it and drag it around the house by the stylus like my son does with his leappad :) My son is rough on toys so the fact that the leappad it still going strong (minus some scratches) after a few falls is awesome. With cheap plastic and rubber corners that look super-glued, I'm hoping the innotab will be able to withstand a few accidents.

Included Apps: The innotab comes with 2 games(Pinball Letters and Ice Escape), 1 book (What's That Noise), an art studio, coloring book, calendar, calculator, video player, mp3 player, photo viewer, notebook, clock, and a contacts app. Additional apps can be purchased online for $2.99 each and when you register the innotab you get 3 free V.Coins which you can use towards your purchase of additional games. While vtech's apps are priced lower than that of leapfrog, the games available leave alot to be desired. Leapfrog has better downloadable games. And by better I mean the games are more polished. Seems as tho more thought has gone into leapfrogs apps when compared to vtech. Vtech's downloadable games have no depth. They are basically a bunch of mini games that look thrown together real quick to make a quick buck. Some seem a bit silly as well.

Another thing to note is that if you already have the v.reader the ebooks that are included with the cartridge games are the exact same. Disappointed that they didn't come with new stories. I also noticed that the games that come with the cartridges are VERY similar to the mobigo games. While this is a new system alot of things have just been recycled over with very little new content. This would have been a 4 star toy if I didn't have to re-purchase games I already own. Also only one profile can be made and there is no way to customize their educational level. While playing one of the downloadable games it quickly progresses to the next level without making sure the kids are really ready to move on. Other gripes include not being able to delete vtech's preloaded photos and video. Also it is extremely easy for kids to delete content you've added to the device. Not sure why they would include a delete button. So those with little ones be prepared to keep reloading content that has gone missing. (Not sure if locking the sd card will prevent deletes...will have to try and update later) Speaking of which the innotab will take up to a 16gb sd card compared to leappad's 2gb capacity.

My main reason for purchasing this was the video player and mp3 player that the leappad lacks. But with that said there isn't really any educational value in listening to music and watching videos all day. However at this price point I'm getting a portable video/mp3 player, so for entertainment purposes this hits the spot. (Videos must been in avi format in order for the innotab to play them) I purchased an 8gb sd card and uploaded Cars, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age 3 and Toy Story 3, downloaded a few games and one extra ebook and still have over 2gb left. I haven't gotten around to uploading music and photos as of yet.

If I had to recommend one over the other I would definetely say go with the leappad because of the educational value, but it also depends on the age of the child you are purchasing it for. I see older children (ages 6-8) digging this system alot more than the leappad because of the features. Also the leappad, while educational is geared toward pre-k thru 1st grade kids...any older than that is pointless in my opinion. I just dont see kids that old being challenged by anything the leappad has to offer.

Edited to add: I have changed the recommended age for this toy to no more than 8. The more I play around with the innotab, the more I agree with other reviewers. However, my best friend has an 8 yr old daughter that wants this for christmas. So in the end, I guess it just depends on the child.
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on September 17, 2012
We were looking to purchase a kid-friendly tablet for our 4-year-old for her birthday. I was debating between the LeapPad and the Innotab. From the reviews the LeapPad had only had 1 thing going for it over the Innotab, and that was the camera. Well, VTech stepped it up with the Innotab2!

My only buyer beware statement is that it eats batteries. If you don't have rechargeable batteries, you will hate this toy. The battery life, depending on the quality of battery you buy, is really only a couple hours max. I would definitely recommended rechargeable batteries. You can also purchase an AC adapter for about $10, but keep in mind that this doesn't charge the Innotab. It merely supplies power.
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on October 28, 2011
I purchased two of these units for my kids (age 3 and 5) for Christmas and have played around with it a bit to get it set up. The primary reason I chose the Innotab over the Leapfrog tablet is because of the ability to add music/videos and the expandable memory. My observations so far:

*Photos- I like the ability to add photos. I am very irritated that I cannot remove the pre-loaded photos. What on earth made Vtech think we would want to look at photos of strangers?! Push out an update so these can be removed!!

*Color and Pop-My daughter is very artistic so I really anticipated she would enjoy this function. However, with 8 preloaded color pages (that are all similar) she will be over this in 1 day. I sincerely hope there will be the ability to download more color pages in the future.

*EReader- Turning the pages on this was very clunky. I have had an ereader for several years so I am familiar with the "swipe" motion and I had to try to turn the page at least 3 times each time. When you try to swipe in the upper right corner the book thinks you want to hear the page again. I had to swipe in the lower right corner to get it to work right. I am worried my kids will get frustrated if they have trouble turning pages and won't use it. I was getting frustrated. Suggestion: add a specific place to hit on the screen to turn the page as an option for kids who are challenged by this.

*Music-I was able to load music with no problem and I think the kids will like this.

*Videos- Showing as under construction in the leaning lab, which is annoying. Vtech get it together and make sure everything is ready at launch! However, I am pretty sure I could side load these, but I need to get a larger expansion card.

*Durability-overall pretty kid proof, but the kick stand will get broken off in no time.

*Size-size is appropriate for young kids although the screen could have been a little bigger. An extra two inches would have made a HUGE difference!

*Charging-My kids haven't played with it yet, but based on the other reviews, I will be starting off with rechargeable batteries. Not happy that a wall charger wasn't included.

*Downloadable games are pretty reasonably priced, but the selection is poor. I am hoping more comes out before Christmas so I put some more stuff on here.

*Age range-At 3 and 5 my kids are at the perfect age for this. My 5 year old already has a computer in her room and loves computer games. My 3 year old is just starting. No way would a 9 year old find this interesting unless they have had little to no exposure to technology. I would put 7 at max age.

*As a kids ipad- This is a toy folks, and not even remotely close to an ipad. If you or your kids are looking for a "real" tablet, then you will be disappointed in this. Whether or not your kids will enjoy this depends largely are the level of exposure they have had to technology. If they have been playing with your ipad and like it, then they will probably not be too impressed with this. We do not let our kids play with our phones or in my case, Nook color so I think they will like it. My daughter at 5.5 years old, will probably not be interested in this for a long period of time (guessing a year, but hoping for longer), but I think it is a great "introduction" to tablet like functionality. My husband is a computer technician so my daughter has been playing on the computer for quite a while.

Overall it seems like a decent toy, but it definitely could have been better. I understand the push to get it out before Christmas, but if the apps aren't available, things are still under construction, and little things need to be addressed you are hurting more than helping your situation. I am shocked that the things reviewers here have identified were not identified during the testing stage. Who was testing this thing? I am crossing my fingers that the most annoying things (unable to remove standard photos, difficulty in swiping pages in ereader) will be fixed soon with an update. I know it can be done. Please put it at the top of your list Vtech!

I don't regret buying this because the expandable memory and ability to load videos is huge for me. I will update my review after the kids have played with it.

*********************************************PURCHASED LEAPFROG TABLET TO COMPARE 10/29/11

Initially I had gone back and forth between the Vtech and Leapfrog tablets before I settled on Vtech. So just to make sure I am making the right decision, I decided to buy a Leapfrog tablet to test it out. My thoughts:

*Design-I definitely prefer the design of the leapfrog tablet. The screen is the same size, but it is more compact for little hands. The Leapfrog tablet also feels more solid, but only time will tell which stands the test of time.

*Picture-The resolution on the leapfrog seems much better to me, but that isn't saying much. The picture was sharper and crisper on the Leapfrog.

*Speed-Both of these are WAY slower than they should be considering the technology available. Of the two, I felt the transitions on the Leapfrog were slower. I actually thought it had frozen for a second when the screen went blank before it opened what I selected (this happened more than once). Side note, at one point the Leapfrog tablet did freeze and I had to turn it off and on. That did not inspire confidence since wasn't even pressing "wrong" buttons, which I know my kids will do.

*Downloadable Content-Both products have pretty disappointing downloadable content. The selection is just pathetic. Since I was only testing, I didn't actually purchase any downloads on the Leapfrog tablet, but Leapfrog did seem to have more variety and what they did have, appeared a little more polished (just looking at the demos). Although I will say that it appears Vtech has added some content since I see options there that I didn't see when I first purchased (keep it coming Vtech-we are desperate!). The prices for Leapfrog tablet content are much higher than Vtech ($7.5-$20 vs. $2.99)and that was a real negative for me. Kids get bored fast I do not want to set myself up for downloading much at Leapfrog prices!

*Cartridges-They are about the same price for both ($20-$25), but the Vtech cartridges are a much better value. I tested the Disney Princess cartridge for Vtech and it had 2 ebooks, a "make your own book" game that was pretty neat, three other games, and a app that let you make custom princess frames for the photos you have loaded. I felt like it was a decent value at $24. Then I looked at the leapfrog tablet game Pixar Pals. What a let down after the Vtech cartridge! There was no ebook and three really cheesy games. I didn't like any of them and I doubt they would keep my kids attention. You definitely get more bang for your buck with the Vtech cartridge.

*Standard content- Both products have e-reader functionality (Vtech gives one free book, leapfrog none) and an art app. Vetch also has Calendar, calculator, stopwatch, friend list, MP3 player, video player. Leapfrog has a camera, video camera, and standard pet pad app that I really did like a lot. I wish Vtech had a similar app.

*Overall cost-Owning either one of these products is going to be expensive. The cost of the tablet is just the beginning. You will have to buy cartridges and apps. Keeping that in mind, Vtech is a much better value overall. The cartridges just come with so much more and the apps are much less expensive. I can deal with buying the occasional $2.99 app.


We have always been a primarily Leapfrog family, although we have had a few Vtech products over the years. In the end you need to look at both products and see which is best for you. I don't think either is significantly better than the other. For me it came down to value for my money, with the MP3 and video players tipping the scales to Vtech. Not that I want my kids looking at movies on it all day, but that would be helpful for outings and traveling.
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on August 17, 2012
The new Innotab 2 came in this week and my kids won't let go of it anymore!

Unlike the description above you can add up to a 32GB memory card. With plenty of apps you can download from v-tech (e.g. learn to write by tracing letters etc.) there's absolutely nothing a kid can't learn.

My 2yr old enjoys the storybooks while my 5yr old goes through a whole bunch of games. It's not games like on a Playstation or so. So far to my knowledge there are no action games available - it's meant for learning!

My children had the Innotab 1 prior to this. And although they were playing quite rough with it at times it's still in great shape (I would recommend a screen protector though). The only bad thing I can say about it so far - one load of batteries only lasts about 6 hrs. So rechargables (unfortunately it won't accept all brands) or the wall adapter are nice to have.

Compared to the Leapfrog I prefer the Innotab since you can insert a memory card and load up your own movies from DVD's. Just copy and install.
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on April 2, 2015
Screen broke after three months. It fell out of my sons hands onto the carpet- I guess it hit just right. It worked perfectly prior to that. We were so disappointed. My son really loved this game and felt so grown up getting on the internet by himself. The screen was very clear and quickly changed from apps. Our Wi-Fi always connected automatically- which was great since I can never remember the pass code. :)
I will get him a 3s plus. I think it is more durable. I see a lot of people like the leap frog- but they do not have an expandable memory and have no way for you to put your own movies and music on the game. I take these games on trips and can download 5 full length movies on a sd card. I carry several sd cards with various movies/ music/ games. You can't do that with leapfrog.
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on December 3, 2015
Are you considering buying a toddler friendly tablet? Well don't do it any time soon! You have to register this tablet to even set it up, and guess what? There was a major security breach in the customer data base a few days ago, so the entire customer service website is DOWN, as in not operational. I am 100% unable to register one really seems to know that. Perfect timing with Christmas right around the corner. I can't really tell you whether or not this product is good, because I can't even use it!
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on February 14, 2014
Two sections, the good and the bad.

The good:
The games are age appropriate. Function well. Instructive for my twins (3.5 yrs old). The physical design is good, fairly sturdy, took my son nearly 2 months to break his. Yes, that is sturdy with him. On screen interface is easy to navigate. Software updates online.

The bad. This one will likely be more than a couple of lines.
First off, the processor is SLOW. It takes a bit to boot and get through the start screens. The start up noise is loud and annoying.
If you set it down, it keeps talking to you for several minutes before it FINALLY shuts itself down. The voice used will grate on your nerves. It does have a decent design. The screen is about 3"x4.5" rather small. The games look like they are about 16bit resolution.
Interface is non-customize-able. There is a button that is "New from Vtech/Innotab" that is nothing but a commercial. Thanks, just want I want and my kids need - a branded commercial that loves to play on loop if the button is hit. No way to disable this or delete it. The settings screen is rudimentary at best. The Parental controls and laughable. Pretty much you get to see what your kid has been playing, a progress status, and wi-fi setup. Very little else and nothing of use.
The games for it are very expensive at an average of $20-25 each. One trick though, if you can buy the one online and download it AND have more than one, you can load it onto game, two machines. This is helpful as if you had a cartridge, the kids would constantly be fighting over it.
Back to the noise....I cannot stress how much the start up and shut down noises will get on your nerves...and no, you can't delete or customize them. Also, they are at a set volume, much louder than needed.
The Innotab gets stuck in conversational it repeats itself endlessly until you wish your kid would leave it out for a moment while you introduce it to Mr. Hammer. It gets that annoying, especially if the software glitches (requiring a reboot). Now if you have a nephew or niece whose parents you want to annoy thoroughly, I highly recommend gifting one of these.

Recommendation: Buy a new or used full tablet (ipad if you like the borg or android if you like to tinker), you can get cheap ones for about the same price. There are numerous games out there on both market places. Just check the games out first. But a regular tablet, even a 7" one has a much bigger screen AND a lot faster/better processor. A tablet is also easier to customize as well. Most of them also have more storage as well. I've heard you can maybe get one movie on the Innotab, With one of the cheap android tablets, through a 32gb expansion card and you have good. I am not a big fan of Innotabs. They are a great concept no question, but there is so much lacking (not just bells and whistles, but the important functionality that is NOT there). The slow processor really bugs me, the fact I cannot set a max volume in the parental tabs (Apple products have had this feature for years and it is a life saver). A regular tablet will also not talk like a broken record.

Kids take: They love it. It was great for potty training my daughter. She would take her "computer" (Innotab) to the potty with her and sit for sometime playing (also think it was a chance for her to get some quiet time away from her brother).

It does seem all the cartridges are compatible (2-3s), haven't found one that does not work in it yet.
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on December 16, 2015
Since I have bought it, I haven't been able to use the parental controls. It has been over 3 weeks and it always redirects to a static page and asks me to look at an announcement. I cannot create user profiles. The cartridge I bought with it also does not work under guest mode, neither I can buy anything as Learning Lodge is dysfunctional. I discourage people from buying this product until VTech has fixed the security issues. Otherwise it is going to be a long wait as like myself.
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