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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)
Color: Orange|Product Packaging: Frustration-Free Packaging|Change
Price:$25.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 25, 2013
I usually read the 1 star rating when buying a product. I saw the issues about the wheels sliding on hard floors, being too light to support a child while standing up, going too fast and kids falling on their face... The list goes on. Well after some critical thinking and shopping around I figured that most if not all of the products of this price and material would have the same issues. Well, the reviews were almost completely wrong!
Wheels sliding on hard floors... False, there is a rubber seam on the rear wheels that prevents side to side motion. (I have no idea where this critique came from) My entire main level is hard wood and this has not been an issue.
Too light to support a child while standing up... False (for the most part), my 12 month old is average size and it doesn't tip. That's not to say that if your kid is in the 95th percentire that it's going to be as sturdy as a rock.
Going to fast... False again! There are two settings on the wheels. One pretty much locks the rear wheels (not too much so that it's immovable). The other setting is free spining. My 12 month old (recieved this for his birthday) uses the locked setting on the main floor where it's hard floor and the free spinning setting on the carpet. He has never had the toy "run away" from him causing him to fall flat. Granted he has fallen but that's the purpose right? To help him learn to walk...
This is just my two cents I hope it's helpful.
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on April 13, 2016
Let me begin with stating the obvious - Yes, my LO really likes this walker. Let me also clear up any confusion on why my LO likes this walker - My LO likes this as a toy, loves the music and sounds. Also, loves opening and closing the small door as well as loves to press the various buttons on the toy.

The walker (all pieces connect together well) complete with the batteries.
- The handle bar on top
- The legs with wheels attached
- The front body with wheels attached
- The musical unit which has the batteries already installed


- The musical sounds are perfect - not too loud to frighten the baby at the same time not too low to not be audible. Also, there are two settings available on the musical unit to control the amount of sound.
- The handle is the perfect height for a baby learning to walk.
- There are various activities that a baby can do. My LO loved to open and shut the door. Loved to hit the cow and hear the 'moo moo' sounds.
- The rolling rattle on the bottom is also great for keeping a small baby entertained.
- This toy can be used starting when your baby is able to sit up all the way up to the baby learning to stand and walk.
- There are two settings to control the speed of the walker (however, we have never used more than one which is the slowest - We have used this walker on hardwood floors - you might want to use the faster setting if using on carpet)
- The musical unit will keep your LO entertained for hours!

- I feel that this the grip on the tires could be improved upon. We have had a couple falls, not really bad ones, and while I understand that kids fall and hurt themselves, its not fun when your LO is attempting to stand with the walkers help and the walker slips and runs away. A little more traction could have helped even at the slowest settings - It would help is the manufacturer could add a silicon band or something on the tires to help with the use on hardwood flooring.
- It interlocking gears are a little difficult for the babies to play with.
- The small phone is just asking to be lost. :)

The walker is really cool but it could do with a few improvements. Also, the first picture on the listing probably shows the older version of this toy which provided a few different things than is provided in this newer version. The older model had numbers from 1 to 5 on the keyboard, this is not the same with the newer model where these have been replaced by the musical sounds. Also, there were fruits on the triangle, circle and square buttons , these have been replaced by numbers 1, 2 and 3. The farm door was different. Another thing thats different is the the rattles on the bottom. The older version had 3 rattles, the newer one has two, the one in the middle has been replaced by a sticker. I was really hoping to get the older model when I brought this product but settled for the newer version. Had this product been for me I would have rated this at 2 stars but since my LO liked to play with it so much, I never ended up returning it. LO is now almost 17 months old and no longer plays with the walker, but it was definitely one of those things that held her interest for a good while.

All in all, this was much better than the other walkers we tried. The other name brand walker we purchased was no where in comparison to this walker. Please note - pediatricians now recommend not using a walker, I feel if you are constantly watching over your LO this is probably the safest walker and the most fun walker out there - minus the differences in the older and the newer models. You can probably get a couple of thicker rubber bands and put them on the rear wheels to help with traction.
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on October 11, 2012
I was a little skeptical to buy this because of all the negative reviews this product had about not being durable and the electronics not working properly. In fact, I was so skeptical that I didn't buy it at first. A few days later, still a little sad that I couldn't find anything else, a friend of mine posted a video of her kiddos (she has twins) playing with the same toy I wasn't buying!! She told me that she loved it, her babies loved it and that it was a durable as it could be so I ordered it. It was extremely easy to put together AND the toy came with its own batteries which I thought was absolutely amazing since nothing ever comes with batteries anymore. The electronics worked great until about 2 months later. It started doing all the crazy things that people were talking about. Luckily I remembered that the batteries were originally provided to me by the company and who knows how old those were so I replaced them and the electronics worked great again. Soooo... to all those people that said that the circuit board was crap, check the batteries first and see if that is the problem.

As for durability, my daughter has rammed it into every single piece of wall, furniture and living thing in our house. It has a 90 degree square base with wheels so it is extremely difficult to tip over. In the 3 months my daughter has had it, she has tipped it over 1 time and learned that when you fall, you have to let go of the handle otherwise it comes down with you.

This toy is fun, flashy and gets used in our house every single day. My daughter loves this thing and it was worth every penny of the $35 dollars I spent on it. If your baby is ready to start walking then this toy is absolutely wonderful but please know that if your baby cannot stand on their own, then they are not ready to be walking with this toy so just get it for them to press the buttons since it can be easily removed until they can stand and walk with it.

There are no stoppers or emergency breaks on the wheels so for those who are worried that their little one will push and it will go forward, you're right, it will and it wont stop. That is what it is made for.

I gave the educational value a four because while there are a million things on it that baby can learn from, they probably are not going to because they will be so busy wanting to push a million other buttons.

UPDATE: We have now had this for 6 months and my daughter still loves it. She figured out how to take the face off to play with it by itself and has thrown it on the ground several times. We do not have carpet so the fact that it is still working tells me that it seems to be put together pretty well.
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on December 14, 2017
At first I absolutely hated this thing. I felt like it was over stimulating and awful. But my 7 month old LOVES it. At first he didn’t really respond to it but now he laughs and dances! He adores this toy. He especially loves the purple telephone! I definitely recommend it!
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on December 14, 2017
My 11-month-old daughter LOVES this! She is learning to walk and can g all across the house with it. Plus the buttons, music and gadgets keep her entertained. I also love that the wheels have two speeds which prevent the walker from rolling too quickly, so babies who can't walk yet won't fall on their face. We have a hardwood floor so the slower speed comes in handy.
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on July 15, 2015
Incredibly annoying but thankfully I found an lower sound mode. Read the directions before putting it together. Took me less than 5 minutes so thumbs up from me. Lots to do and in my opinion, it looks better in person than in the pictures.

Update: after having this for about 6 hours, ill admit I'm impressed. My daughter loves it, it's got more to do than you realize at first and even I just realized the cow is a button too. Love the phone feature on it!
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on October 2, 2015
First I need to let the readers know that I did not buy this walker from amazon or any website, we bought this from Once Upon a Child in my city as we got pretty cheap as it was used but in very good condition. The telephone part was missing though, rest everything worked really well. So we never did any assembling or anything. Our kid was learning to walk and started to get up from floor using the sofa or chair as support and so we wanted to get him a walker. The thing we got attracted to with this walker was the dual functionality it had, being a walker and the front part which can be separated for the child to play sitting.

Now I want to address few issues which some negative reviews mention
---Too Fast -> Yes this is fast, more so because it is light in weight. But then the wheels have 2 speed settings. In one setting, the wheels sort of get locked but still move slowly. This was perfect for our kid initially so he could glow slower and not fall much.

--Lightweight -> We got 2 walkers from once upon a child and this is lighter one. The other one was Leapfrog learning band. That is actually pretty heavy compared to this and main reason to buy that was that it cannot go fast and can take weight of my child. But he loves using this Vtech one better as it has the rollers in front. So yes it is lightweight but on carpeted areas, we had no issues with him using it and yes he did fall sometimes but that is how they learn to walk right ?

This vtech one has several fun things on the front like the Moo Moo cow sound, the door when opened says “Peek-a-Boo”. My son loves doing that. The rollers on bottom are also something he likes playing with. He is too much into the stuff which rotate. If you give him a car, he won’t start playing with it, instead he will play with its wheels. The piano type buttons on the front tablet say numbers and colors. The 3 shapes on the top are triangle, circle and square and they can be removed from their housing.I like that all these “removable” things are just fastened by a wire (not harmful) sort of so they do fall apart or get lost.

This has been a great walker for our kid and he likes it a lot. Now that he has started to work properly, it is going back to once upon a child so we can get him something else from there.
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on December 27, 2014
its ok. but if your baby is strong as ours he will lift it it will be not secure.
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on May 28, 2015
Here's an idea to all of the parents who think this toy is dangerous:

Watch your kids.

Of course they're going to fall backwards or forwards with this toy when they first use it. They're an infant. They're learning balance.

Guess what? When they learn to walk for real, they'll do the same thing.

My kid fell numerous times using this when he first started. He cried. I watched him a little closer and caught him if I thought he'd fall again.

Now he walks all over the house with this thing.

Pros: Keeps our kid busy for a long time.
Cons: The music seems to NEVER stop.

Great toy. Make sure you lock the wheels when your child starts using this toy and unlock them when their balance improves.
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on February 6, 2013
A lot of the negative reviews on here are based on the fact that there is no way to slow the walker down for the babies first starting out... It was those reviews that made me almost not purchase this but I'm very glad I did. My son was starting to show an interest in walking right before he turned six months old so I wanted to get him a walker but I wanted the option to slow it down or lock the wheels. First one we bought had images of fruit on the three light-up shapes at the top but we returned it due to audio issues. I noticed the second one I picked up at the same store had a slightly different box but didn't think much of it until I got home. The new one had the numbers 1, 2 and 3 where the fruit used to be AND a knob on the wheels to SLOW the walker down. Perfect!! It doesn't totally lock the wheels but it definitely changes the amount of force needed to make the thing move which is just what we were looking for. So, if you want the speed control look for the walker that has numbers on top. I've seen them at Walmart, Target and BRU. Amazon still shows the older version here but you could probably call to find out if they have the newer version available. Hope this helps!!
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