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on February 6, 2011
First off, let me say that we ended up vaccinating our baby pretty much as recommended by APA (we are delaying Hep B and not vaccinating for chicken pox). That being said, I felt better about making the decision after we saw this video. It was informative and helpful. I do not think Jay Gordon is some "anti" vaccine doctor, and I'm pretty shocked by how much hostility there is towards him from others in the medical community. I really think he just offers an important point of view, and we SHOULD be seriously considering what we are injecting in our babies! This is serious and shouldn't be taken lightly. I recommend this video whether you're on the fence or decided one way or the other.
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on December 9, 2011
We have bought that DVD a few months ago and It really opened my eyes on some specifics I never heard of before.
The author is honest and is not scared of sharing what he honestly think, what he should say vs what he says and why. I really like his perspective and I feel like it's a good complement to other vaccine books out there (I have the Dr Sears Books and the one from Stephanie Cave).

Vaccination is such an important subject that you really want to get the most information and make your own research before taking a decision you will be comfortable with, at least this is how I feel and what I did.
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on March 21, 2009
I respect Dr. Jay Gordon and his effort to educate the public about the truths of vaccinations. After having my first child I began to dig into the issues of childhood vaccinations and make my decision on whether or not I would. I feel like I am very well informed on both sides and am still pretty confused about what to do. We pretty much have settled on not vaccinating and I am totally amazed how many people have come to the same conclusion. It seems like our government is catching on to this trend and are doing their best to use scare tactics through advertisements and media. I really need to be convinced with more solid data and studies to show that vaccinations are safe because I just am not. Having said this I would recommend this DVD for anyone on the quest to know more about childhood vaccinations and the risks and benefits of not vaccinating.
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on April 27, 2008
This DVD contained much needed info for parents wanting to learn more about vaccines. I recommend this viewing for anybody considering delaying vaccines, especially since watching this DVD only would take up a couple hours of your time. A++
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on November 27, 2006
Wow. I was glued to my tv when I watched this fabulous, informative presentation regarding the very sensitive and important issue of vaccinating our children. This is a must see for every parent in the United States.

As far as the video, Dr. Jay goes into great detail, covering the numerous vaccines and diseases for which they were created with a multitude of facts. He breaks it down easily and reinforces the value of individualizing the vaccine schedule for each child/family, instead of lumping every child into the mass.

It must be said that Dr. Jay is NOT against vaccinations, he acknowledges that most of the shots have done their job - however, now that most of the diseases are no longer running rampant in the US, he recognizes the importance of risk assessment - weighing the risks and benefits of vaccinating. For instance, it is much better for a HEALTHY child before the teenage years to contact chicken pox naturally. They will develop a lifelong immunity from it and we don't have to worry about the potential harm down the line from various things in vaccines, like aluminum, etc. On the alternate swing, if your child gets the chicken pox shot, it is not a lifelong immunity, so if they don't continue to get boosters, they could contract the disease as an adult, whereby it is much more dangerous.

Does a 6 week old infant really need the Hep B vaccine, which you can only contract through intravenous drug usage or unprotected sex? I don't think most parents know enough about the diseases and how people contract them or most parents would pass this off and have their child get it when they are 8 or 10 or 12 - when promiscuous behavior is more likely to start. This is an example of the kind of information offered in this incredible lecture.

I believe that Dr. Jay is a man "ahead of his time" and this video respects the intelligence of us parents, encouraging us to educate ourselves and then make the best decision based on our situation. My 3 yr old twins are patients of Dr. Jay and we did get the DTP shot when they turned 3 because whopping cough still makes significant enough outbreaks, especially in Southern California where there are less vaccinations given on the whole. We did a risk assessment and decided that shot was right for us.

All in all, this video is an excellent educational tool and I guarantee it will enlighten you, especially for those parents who are not comfortable with the current vaccine schedule pushed by the AAP.

And on a side note, Dr. Jay is just as wonderful in person as he appears in his columns, books, and videos. If you are a cosleeping parent, I would highly recommend his book, "Good Nights", as well as "Listening to Your Baby" (if you can find it, it is going out of print, but provides fabulous nutritional information and a breakdown of vaccinations.) Dr. Jay was the first doctor to sit for and be certified as a male lactation consultant and has extensive background in pediatric nutrition. He is a blessing to our community. Good luck to you all!
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on April 4, 2009
I am so grateful for the information on this DVD. I always new that the Hep B vaccine made no since for a new born. Dr. Gordon is not anti vaccines, but he does believe in educating yourself and making decisions for each individual child and not treating the masses. I was so impressed that I now take my child to his office in Santa Monica (we live in Utah). Dr. Gordon is extremely expensive, so we see one of his associates.
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on August 22, 2010
If you're a parent looking for quality information on how best to protect your child from serious preventable diseases, Jay Gordon is a poor source.

As can be judged not only by this video but by articles on his website and elsewhere, Gordon ignores the vaccine recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and other leaders in the field of child and public health, in favor of his own claimed experience and antivaccine prejudices.

Gordon acknowledges discouraging parents from taking advantage of vaccines and (as of August 2010) has a glowing tribute on his website to the disgraced researcher Andrew Wakefield, whose flawed research and scaremongering about the MMR vaccine led to a resurgence of measles in Great Britain.

Listening to Gordon will put your child at risk.
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