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on August 13, 2015
Ordered this product with great excitement, only to be slowly let down each and every step of the way.

First off, the package arrived dented to hell like it's been on the clearance rack for way too long. When we opened the package, all the contents were everywhere inside the box (not a huge surprise knowing the condition of the packaging). But so what, who cares about the box, you throw it away right?

Well, that's when we decided to give it a try. It took about 15 minutes to get our first suction done correctly on a wine bottle after reading the instructions and even watching a video on YouTube (I swear we aren't idiots). When we got it to work, it was pretty exciting! We thought, "oh, maybe it was this first time that took so long... learners curve".... nope. These things just are impossible to get suctioned on each and every time, in a quick and easy manner.

Turns out, the type of wine bottle was throwing us for loops. On certain wine bottles we were able to achieve suction instantly, didn't take many pumps at all. But on other wine bottles.... there was just no way in hell these things were staying on. Not sure if we got a bad batch of sealer thingys or what, but this little wine sealer is now sitting in our bar's cabinet collecting dust.

Just drink the whole bottle and save yourself the headache!
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on March 14, 2017
Maybe I've been spoiled buying so many things from Amazon. This may be my worst Amazon purchase ever. I ordered two pumps, each with four stoppers from the Amazon Warehouse. The battered boxes were expected, but two stoppers missing from one package were not expected. A far greater concern is that not one of the six stoppers worked and all six appear to be counterfeit. They are roughly formed and do not have the Vacu Vin logo on them. I tried the pump with an old style stopper and it works just fine, but the new style stoppers do not work at all.
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on November 28, 2015
Pro: seller provided quick response and replacement. Con: Item received not genuine Vacu Vin.
Ordered item and try to use it to preserve unfinished wine. Pumped many times and stopper does not seal, tried all 3 stoppers (should have 4 per the order but missing one when item arrived and box is torned.) with no luck. Contacted seller for the missing stopper and received a replacement with 2 stoppers and a new pump. The replacement is a genuine Vacu Vin and works as advertised. Only needed 6-7 pumps to have the stopper sealed nicely and hear the clicking sound with the wine bottle half full. See pics. Left side item in both pics (the stopper and pump) is non-genuine. Genuine stopper has Vac Vin logo stamped in the rubber seal, and the seal edge is smooth and not ragged (peel the stopper open(the grey color half and the black color half to see the logo). Genuine pump's inner bottom has a small hole to suck out air, non-genuine one does not have a hole. Give seller 3 stars because seller redeemed by resending a genuine pump and stopper and provided quick response when a complaint is received. Please check item when received.
review imagereview image
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on July 27, 2014
1, Reason why I chose :
I've tried several different bottle caps to keep the left over wine fresh. Finally, sommelier friend told me to give a try on this.

2, Like & Dislike :
Well, at the very beginning, how long do you think is a fair period of life time for a $2 rubber cap? One year or 3 years?
Before I bought this, I was told that a cap is made our of rubber and it's a consumable goods, so it will not function at some point, that is depending on how frequently I use or how long the cap is with air pressure. So, I understood that and bought it.
I first purchased the 4 bottle cap set. We drink half of the bottle (2 glasses) almost daily. So the piece gets set on the bottle every other day. Just to see how it works, I was counting how often and long it was used.
One cap was used for a little over 90 times, it started becoming weak. Then it was leaking and died. $2 cap was used over times and last for about 6 month.
I thought this wasn't bad at all. Compare to other air sealed caps I've tried in the past, it is well worth the price.
At least, while the cap was in operable condition, we were enjoying great many bottles of wines in same great taste.
After 6 month of purchase, I knew this thing would keep the left over wine fresh for at least few days, so I was no longer worried to open several wines at the dinner especially when we were invite friends.

For our usage, this would keep the wine quality great for 2 to 3 days. It is deepening on wines, but that's our average. So, I try not use this for more than 3 days.

Pumping device has been working for over 500 bottles without any problems. Top handle shaped kind of stylish. So, I've been careful to hold the handle as I pump, especially toward the end of pump when there is less air to pump out. I should say this is made pretty durable.

This may effect manufacture's marketing tactics, but they could be honest and indicate average life of rubber cap. So, buyers are aware of how long they could use in good working condition.

3, Recommend this product to :
Anyone from professionals to home users.
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on March 1, 2015
I purchased this set because you can buy additional stoppers. However, I have been unable to get the stoppers to hold a vacuum. I've tried 3 so far and don't know what can be done to get them to hold a vacuum.

It just doesn't work.

UPDATE: Nov 24, 2015

I changed my rating from 1 to 5 stars for the following reason:

A representative from Vacu Vin contacted me and explained that some Vacu Vin knock-offs got into the market place and that I had not received a real Vacu Vin product. She asked if she could send me the real product.

I received the real product and the difference is night and day. The product holds the vacuum and it does not take but a few pumps to get the air out of the bottle. It holds the vacuum very well and the service of the company is impressive.
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on October 20, 2014
I enjoy a glass of wine in the evening but it can take a week or more to finish a bottle. I used to use the cork as a stopper but often, the wine would degrade before it was empty. To solve this I purchased my first vacuum pump type stopper at a local retailer. I really liked it but it had a couple issues. When the bottle was young it only took 5 or 10 "pumps" but when it was closer to empty it might take 50 pumps to get what I thought would be good seal. The other issue was the pump was intergral to the stopper which made it difficult to store such a tall bottle in the fridge. I bought the Vacu Vin Concerto 5 piece wine saver set after looking at all the choices for a cuople reasons. 1) I saw some of the comments about the caps losing their vacuum after some use. My thought was that if I had 4 caps, even if they only lasted 6 months each I'd still get 2 years use before having to reorder. 2) I liked the design of the cap and the way it "popped" when the correct vacuum was reached (a problem with my last one)

I've had the unit a while now and I'm very pleased with the purchase. It only takes a few pumps to get the right level of vacuum even in nearly empty bottles. I'd recommend this one to a friend.
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on February 20, 2015
I bought this item hoping to properly seal the many bottles of wine we open every week. First off, there is no real sure way to judge if there is an adequate seal on the bottle or not; the directions claim that one will hear a "click" indicating a good seal. This is not the case, you just pump till you feel resistance. With that said, this first time I used this, it worked like a charm, the second time not so much. I opened an expensive bottle of chardonnay poured myself a glass, sealed the bottled--so I thought--and place it lying down in the fridge; as we always do. When I returned to pour another glass, about 1/3 of the bottle had leaked out all over the refrigerator shelf. At first I blamed myself, but after I tried to seal the bottle several more times, I realized the problem was with the pump. I tried two other bottles, using all four stopper to no avail. After only one use, the pump had failed. The stopper would not seal at all. I pumped and pumped and the stoppers would simply slide out of the bottle. Upon closer inspection, it is very clear how poorly and cheaply the pump is constructed. What a waste of time and good wine; good thing for amazon's return policy. Also, one star rating is way too generous. There really ought to be an option for no stars.
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on February 28, 2016
My family's been using Vac-u-vin stoppers for the longest time, so of course when I needed my own stoppers, this is what I sprang for. They work great in standard size bottles, not so well in 1.5L or other oddly sized bottles. Unfortunately, I think I got a dud with the pump itself. The one we had growing up never had the "click means sealed" function, so I sort of forgot that was supposed to be there, but I used a friend's pump and noticed the click. Mine never seems to click, no matter what - not sure if the little metal membrane was punctured or something before it got to me, but either way, my pump never clicks. It still works fine, I just have to estimate how many pumps it needs like with the old-school version.
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on January 11, 2017
Some of the vacuvins are fake. I bought 2 and gave one to our parents which never worked and found the stoppers had already hardened and wouldn't seal. On closer inspection we found out the stoppers didn't have "vacuvin" written on them unlike the other set we had and had very obvious extrusion marks that interfered with how well the tops of the stoppers sealed.
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Top Contributor: Campingon October 12, 2015
Not sure if mines defective or not, but the air doesn't seem to pump out of the bottle well. Never heard a click and not generating a lot of vacuum. The top doesn't fit well on two wine bottles I tried. I think seller sold me a returned item as condition of vacu vin box was not in good condition. 2 stars for now, will disassemble the stoppers to see if any built up gunk in these as its not working for me.

update: tried all 4 stoppers on a 3rd bottle of wine, not only did it not suck air out, the stoppers just dont fit the bottle well. not a very good engineered product.
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