Customer Reviews: Vacu Vin Wine Saver Pump with 2 x Vacuum Bottle Stoppers and 2 x Wine Servers / Pourers - Stainless Steel
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on August 29, 2007
As any wine drinker, be it red or white, knows, the worst thing that can happen to a bottle of wine opened at dinner, is to not be able to finish the bottle of wine at dinner.

I'm a novice drinker of wine, and sometimes can go through a bottle with my girlfriend in one night, other times, the wine just doesn't go down as well, and you want to save it for the next night. Previous attempts to recork the bottle, or buy a cheap $5 wine saver cork at Target were unsuccessful and only allowed me a day or two of storage in the fridge.

Then along came Vacu Vin. The giftset is a blessing in disguise, as not only does it come with Vacu Vin's pump and 2 stoppers, it also comes with 2 wine pourers, which eliminates my most hated part of the wine, trying to not leak wine all over the counter/floor when I was done with a glass's pour.

The vacu vin gives me about 5 days in the wine cooler before its time to either finish it, or pour it down the drain.

I give this 2 thumbs up , and highly recommend it to all wine drinkers.
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This stainless version of the popular winesaver includes two non-drip pouring spouts. The stainless look is perhaps worth a few dollars more than the cost of the plastic models.

Looking at the reviews of this an other Vacuvin products, you see reports that are deeply contradictory. It's interesting that there is such a divergence of experience with such a simple product. The ideas behind Vacuvin are pretty simple.
First, air is the enemy of an open bottle of wine. Bacteria in the air want to turn alcohol into vinegar. The air itself oxidizes and dulls the taste of all but the most robust wines.
Second, you can remove some of the air with a simple pump and thereby slow down the rate at which wine deteriorates.

Why then, do we have both no-star and five-star reactions to this product?
Maybe the biggest source of disagreement is expectations. Vacuvin slows the deterioration of wine in the bottle, but it doesn't stop it.

Another possible reason for all the disagreement might be a question of temperature. The biochemical reactions that kill your wine are temperature sensitive. They proceed faster when the wine is warm and slow down when it's cool. Putting a pumped-out bottle in the refrigerator or wine cooler will slow down the spoilage processes and make Vacuvin more effective.
A third issue is the way the wine is handled before the Vacuvin plug goes in. If wine has a lot of air dissolved in it by being poured from decanter to bottle, there's no system that will keep it fresh.

For more info on wine storage, check out my book, New Short Course in Wine,The

--Lynn Hoffman, author of New Short Course in Wine,The and bang BANG: A Novel from Kunati Books.
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on March 3, 2007
This product is well made and easy to use. The pump makes a "clicking" sound when the vacuum seal has reached it's maximum. I have found that you still have to refrigerate your wine for best results and that this product will not eliminate the need to keep your opened wine chilled.

This product will extend the life of your wine's, however not indefinitely. It is designed to extend the freshness of the wine, not prolong it forever!

For the money - this product delivers! Made well and built to last.
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on May 2, 2010
We bought this to "upgrade" from the plastic one we had. It is easy to use and seals the bottle very tight. A tip - before using the "cork" wet it slightly and you will get a much better seal. Unless you plan to empty every bottle you open, you need one of these.
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VINE VOICEon September 14, 2009
This little wine vacuum pump serves its intended purpose wonderfully, removing most of the air from a bottle of wine easily and effectively and delaying the infiltration of flavor-killing aerobic bacteria. In these hot summer months, it easily prolongs the usable life of a bottle of Cabernet stored at room temperature to a week or more after opening, instead of the 3-5 days that you'll get without using a pump between uses. Note, you can get even longer life out of the wine by storing it in a cooler environment after pumping. The box even has the word "Click" written on it in large letters so you know that when the pump makes a clicking sound, you're done.

My only hesitation in recommending this kit is that it does not come with any means of storage of the five items in the set. The wonderful Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator is equally useful, but it comes with both a stand to rest the aerator on between pours as well as a cloth sack to store it in when not used for extended periods. This stainless steel wine saver "gift set" would benefit greatly from a small case or display stand on which the unit itself, the two pourers and the two stoppers could be stored when not in use.

Overall, an excellent product but one that could contribute toward the dreaded KCS (kitchen clutter syndrome).
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on November 7, 2011
This set is a must have for anyone who enjoys the occasional glass of wine but doesn't always drink the whole bottle before it goes bad. The system is very easy to use with a distinctive click noise to indicate it's done pulling air out, and creates a good seal - you can tell the vacuum has been maintained every time we open the bottle again (which has been as long as a week) because you hear the air whoosh back in. I have never used the crystal pourers, they're an unnecessary part of the set for me but the vacuum system alone is completely worth the purchase.
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on June 4, 2014
We have owned several wine saver type devices, and this one is by far the best and easiest to use. For anyone having problems with using it, there is a YouTube video that tells you how with the key step being to wet the stopper before inserting it in the wine bottle. Then you need to make sure you have a good seal between the stopper and the pumping device. Keep pumping until you hear the "snick" sound.

I don't tend to have issues using devices like this, but my wife is usually less successful than me. However, she has no problem with this wine saver. We just ordered some extra stoppers for it, so you know that for us this one is a keeper.
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on October 21, 2014
This little vacuum is simple and extremely effective! I drink only a small bit of wine every other night or so, so one bottle will turn rancid very quickly. But this item keeps my wine fresh and highly tasty for at least 2 weeks.

The directions that are enclosed are pictorial and easy to understand: place the plug- like piece down the bottle as far as it will go, set the larger pump- like piece atop that (it does not fit tightly - just sits there) and begin to pump. When a ticking sound begins you have created the vacuum you wanted. Leave the rubber piece inserted and store your wine as you prefer (I put mine in the fridge). To decant your wine gently push the tiny knob, in the center of the rubber insert, side ways, and you will hear the vacuum being "broken". A slight hissing noise. (If you don't hear that, then something has gone wrong!) Remove the insert, put the pour spout in, (if it fits your bottle size) and decant the wine. The pour spout fits perfectly in the wine I have and does not drip. It's easy to rinse off and dry. I keep the pieces of the Vacu Vin in a small plastic box in the cupboard.

My sister purchased a plastic version of this at BB&B, but it doesn't look as sturdy, nor did it come with the handy pour spouts and two inserts. I think the stainless steel one is much nicer looking also.

I would highly recommend this product to any one who doesn't want to waste precious wine and precious money :-)
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on February 21, 2013
I have been using the vacu win wine sealer for years, it preserves wine for weeks without much effort in sucking the air out of the bottle with the included pump.

However, the wine pourers are not the best. They accumulate a lot of grime, the plastic rim on them deteriorates quickly after a few uses, and the plastic it is made out of eventually stains when pouring red wine. They were good while they lasted, but not made to last long.

I recommend buying the vacu vin wine preserver and pump separately, save yourself the money and do not buy the wine pourer. You'll save yourself some money that way
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on July 24, 2016
I am not a wine drinker, but occasionally - once in a blue moon - I like to sip wine. Since it always takes me days to drink a bottle; most often, I pour about 1/2 a bottle down the drain, I decided to stop being so wasteful and look for a way to keep the wine a little longer.

After reading many reviews of many similar products on Amazon and searched for the best ones on the Internet, this one was listed as one of the best by a writer for the Wine magazine. I went with this one instead of a very expensive (over $100) one, because I am not a serious wine drinker.

This product came with the pump, the wine pour, and 2 stoppers. I am not sure how long a stopper will last, but this package will keep 2 bottles of wine at the same time since it has 2 stoppers.

I tested this out, and it seems to keep the wine for at least 5 days now. I like real sweet wine, and it tastes about the same as the first glass 5 days ago. It is very easy to use... I pressed the stopper into the bottle as far as I can, and placing the pump on it, I pumped it until it started clicking. After it started clicking, the more I pump, the tighter the tension in the pump. It tells me that there is little oxygen left in the bottle. When I am ready to pour another glass, I would push the center part of the stopper and I could hear the air sound which loosen the stopper. I did also try pushing the stopper on the side and it also released the pressure in the bottle.

This product is fair inexpensive and it does the job. I high recommend.
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