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on April 22, 2014
I have come across many reputable sources stating that the Ab Wheel is one of the greatest exercise inventions of all time. Not only is the ab wheel effective but it is very cost effective. The first couple of times using the ab wheel I didn't notice much of a burn in the abdominal area but I did feel it in my back. I believe that was due to the slight learning curve that comes with the slightly unnatural movement. Not to mention, the back half of my core isn't very strong as I rarely remember to work it out.

After watching some helpful YouTube videos on the Ab Wheel, I learned the proper form and some exercise variations that stepped my Ab Wheel game up. The biggest tip I learned through these videos was to begin tightening your abs with a slight bend in the back at the starting position. Continue this throughout the entire exercise for a proper rep. As soon as I started doing this I instantly felt the burn and would have sore abs for 1-2 days after a 4 or 5 set workout (15 reps per).

After using the Ab Wheel I haven't received those 6-pack abs yet (they're just hiding I think) but I do feel much stronger and am able to gains in the Ab Wheel week after week - whether it be additional reps or an ability to roll farther out. I don't have a strict Ab Wheel schedule but hit it whenever I see it. I always leave it by my bed for this reason and try to roll out 15X in both the morning and night.
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on September 15, 2016
I ordered this ab wheel to add to my daily rotation of exercises. I have been using this product twice a day for the last 4 months.

-Durability, even after extensive use, there is no structural or aesthetic damage to the ab wheel
-Function, it was easy to assemble and rolls smoothly day in and day out

-Comfort, after using the product for a week, my hands developed small blisters that I am guessing are from the hand grips. They are plastic and can cause discomfort with extended use. I simply wrapped the hand grips in some tape and have not had any issues since.

I am extremely pleased with this product, especially given the relatively low price point. It has lasted daily use for 4 months with no signs of breaking anytime soon. I could not have been happier with this purchase.
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on June 14, 2017
This little wheel really gives your core a workout. My advice for first timers would be to watch a video online on how to do it properly. There are many ways you can do it wrong and get little to no benefit.
The wheel itself is strong and the wheels move freely and smoothly. The handles are nice and give a good grip, and the jump rope included is a nice touch. This is one of the best things you can use to really get your core into shape if you do it correctly.
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on April 12, 2013
The Valeo Ab Wheel is easy to assemble. You stick the pole through the two wheels (making sure the logos are facing out) and then you slip one handle onto the pole. You then slip the other handle onto the pole, but make sure the grip is facing the same exact direction as the first handle you slipped onto the pole. The handles should be completely snugged against the wheels, holding them in place. Once ready, you kneel on the floor (preferably carpeted or your knees will hurt) and you push the wheel out with your arms straight and your face looking down at the floor. Go as far as you can to still hold your body up and be able to pull the wheel back. It looked easy in the picture, but when I did it, it was very hard the first time. I could only roll the wheel halfway out and had to pull back in so that I don't fall on my face. Then after a few times, it got a little easier and now I can roll out further. I have to say that I had no idea the amount of energy and muscles this wheel can force you to use. As a beginner, I only did two minutes or so per day, and I felt pain on in the lower abdomen, outer parts of my arms and the back shoulders. It was good pain because I can feel the muscles developing by aching. I can see how this builds up arms, shoulders, pecks and abs. Great exercise for such a small device. The wheel is 7.5" wide and the handles with wheel is 10" long. Very light weight and easy to hold. Great workout and you feel good. Amazing and Inexpensive (around $11).
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on August 11, 2017
I am roughly 260 lbs and 5'10" and it can hold me while i roll it out, I can reach pretty far because i have a pretty good base for my abs for my big size. I was honestly scared the bard would be cheap metal, that would bend like melted butter, but it holds really well. I seen some reviews claiming it hurt their hand. Honestly if you have never used a barbell, or worked with your hands, i could under stand because you do need some thick skin when you use these. If you have delicate hands you will get callus. But if you grip it where you are suppose to, and dont over do it on your hands, you are golden.
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on October 22, 2013
I've never purchased a fitness 'gadget' before. Most of them aren't as good as well-established exercises. They're usually junk that end up in a closet.

Then along came the ab wheel. Though a slim waist is made in the kitchen, stomach crunches will surely help define your abs. The ab wheel takes it to the next level because it also strengthens your core & shoulders. The burn after using this the first time is much deeper than doing regular crunches.

The wide range of motion allows for beginners to ease their way into it, and allows more advanced folk to challenge themselves. It's a product you can grow with.

Make sure you use proper form. You can find demos on YouTube. The most important thing for your spine is to keep your bum tucked under. Arching your back might feel proper but will put stress on your spine. Keep your arms slightly bent. Locking them may cause injury & strain.

Why Valeo in particular? It's reasonably-priced, easy to set-up & sturdy enough to support this 6'1" 205lb man. It has a small footprint. Just an overall good investment. Loves it!
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on April 24, 2017
Ab wheels in general seem to be a good investment for any home gym, so I decided to buy one to try it out. All in all it does what it needs to, but I notice that the handles tend to turn such that the grip isn't always at the same angle on both sides. This is because the handles themselves sort of slip over the metal tubes and aren't fixed in any way besides the snugness of the fit itself. Sure it's easy to just twist them back, but the slipping can be a bit annoying. Also, when using regularly, i can feel the inner metal tube bend ever so slightly under my weight, and I'm by no means a heavy person (170 lbs). I don't feel as if it is going to snap or suffer permanent warping, but it should be noted. If you can deal with those annoyances, the wheel is still worth the price.
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on January 28, 2017
I work in front of the computer at home and have been using weights and other equipment around the house when I can't get to the gym. I purchased this about a year ago, I use it about once or twice a week and it's held up really well. One Note, I went to Youtube and searched some Ab Wheel exercises to make sure I was using it properly and not hurting myself. The pictures in the user manual were confusing.

Its a pretty good tool that helps break up the monotony of sit ups.
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on May 13, 2017
There's a flaw with this, and that's the handles. They are VERY rough and hard. If you get this, buy gloves aswell, like I did. I'm glad I bought weightlifting gloves, because this thing DIGS into your hands. I tested it for a minute, and the imprints it left on my hands were awful for that small amount of time. They definitely should have made the handles cushioned. It works, but you NEED gloves, or you're gonna be in for pain.
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on June 30, 2014
I got this AB wheel a few weeks ago, it was very easy to put together and I started using it the day I got it. It has a steel bar though the center of the wheel that will not bend or break. The handles are plastic and fairly grippy. They also will not break easily because the steel bar goes all the way through them to give it more strength. The exercise is very effective. I started out only being able to do 5 reps. I have been able to increase that slightly now. The exercises feel very good and they help out with the chronic back problems that I have had for years. The instructions that come with the wheel are adequate and I would not expect anything better due to the very cheap price of the wheel. Overall this wheel is a very good value. I have never seen any exercise equipment that is more effective for a cheaper price. Even a set of elastic straps will go for about $15 at the store and I would much rather have the Ab Wheel than a few elastic straps.
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